The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 14, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THEDAILY riONEEB TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, APBIL 14, 1899. 4H (Charter No. 2391.) , Report of the Condition oHhe THE DEADWOOD. PIONEER No Pain ' t ESTABLISHES. . XPNB I.' 1171 ' Oi discomfort, no irritation of the in First National Bank, testines but gentle, proknpt, thorough healthful demising, when you take THE BLACK HILLS TIMES At Deadwood, In the State of South Dako finds hdmeelf out of the race -when the year 1900 arrives, and it begins to look as If he would, he has only his vocabulary to blame for it. The people want a man for president who represents the thinking classes and not the talkers. It looks too much as it Mr. Bryan ha5 no profession aside from talking politics. The people of Denver rid themselves of two of this class at the recent j ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. Hood's Pillo Sold by all druggists. 26 ceo La. ta, at the close of bnslness, April 1899. RESOURCES. THE OAILY PIONEER-TIMES CASH TALKS Loans and discounts 1396,519.90 CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. COURT CALENDAR April 14. Sweet vs. Kidd. Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 32,950.0 U. S. Bonds to secure circula MONEER-TIMES PUBLISHINO CO city election and that vote was simply the expression of an idea that prevails tion 100,000.w) U. S. Bonds to secure U. S. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: the country over, bo far as the death ol We have got the goods and want your trade. ,00 deposits 100,000.00 BAILY Erery Morning, Except Monday the professional politician is concerned Revenue stamps 852.45 Om Tear $10 00 Premdums on U. S. bonds . . 14,000.00 SU Month S 00 One Month 1 00 Mr. Bryan would make more friends and retain more of those he already Stocks, securities, etc 123,049.2t April 17. Floor-man vs. Lamibertson. Olickauff vs. Smith. April 18. Garr vs. Johnson. Beddy vs. 9tanton. April 19. Treber vs. Van Clse. Treber vs. Heffren. April 20. Saunders vs. Hoi lam. Ellington vs. Short. ' Bodle vs. Allison. May 1. WEEKLY Iaaued Every Thunday. we Banking house, furniture and Ons Year 2 00 Come and see us, will treat you right. bas if he would give the people a need ed rest." SU Month 1 00 fixtures 23,600.00 Other real estate and mort gages owned 28,241.65 th Bntered as Second-Class Matter at Dead wood Postofflce. Due from national banks ( not Teserve agents) :. .. 766.94 o THE BOND QUESTION. Editor Pioneer-Times: Are you doing your full duty in explaining to yoair readers the proposition to be voted on next Monday Ayres & Warflman Hardware Co. Due from stale banks and Hale Bro. vs. McDonald Bell bankers 16,805.98 vlew Due from approved reserve whether Deadwood shall issue $50,000 The selection of Bartk-tr Tripp to re present the United Sta'pi on Che Samo an commission is a well deserved compliment to an alble Sooth Dakotan agents 156,304.23 bonds to buy a waiter supply? Re a- Checks and oiher cash items 4,077.04 member that the majority of your read Nctes cf other national He la a democrat, but he is also a Big ers are not canaiioaies ana mertnure banks 13,056.00 seven cases. Clark Bro. vs Connors. Clark. Bro. vs. Zoellner. May 2. D. C. R. R. Co. vs. Barker. May 5. Harding vs. Smith, three cases. May 8. Rebsamen vs, Rainbow Mining eeeeeM will have no opportunity to handle the American, and hia app j;ntaec: will te V Fractional paper currency, nijf'kels and cents 742.55 appreciated in ihis state. proceeds of these bonds, or vote upon any tempting propositions tihe Black Lawful money reserve in bank, Hills Canal & Water Company may Co. The report that the natives of San Tit: make. Remennber also the majority of four cases. Specie 83,690 FIRST NATIONAL BANK your readers are not lawyers and have tiago province burnei for firewood the Stakes which were set to mark the Leal tender notes .. . 13.000 9d.690.00 Redemption fund with U. S. not seen the law of last winter under which this vote is to be taken. What Craves of American soldiers is not im TTeas'r (1 of clrc'n) 4,500.00 1s it? Whatt does it provfde for? Tell probable. Wnen bowtiiitiea were in DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 3100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 Total 1,112,156.07 LIABILITIES. The contract w'itih the Black Hills progress they looked on with indifference and did nothing but eat the ra apit&l stock paid in (100,000.90 Canal & Water Company expires June 30th, 1899, only two and a half months May 9. Savage vs. Goddard. Waite vs. Frank. May 10. Burn ham vs. Adams. Heinsh vs. Williams. May 11. Tilly vs. Lawrenson. Christenson vs. Hanson. June 1. Board of Education vs. Mansfield. Donovan vs. Woodcock, t wo oases Ramsdell vs. City of Spearflsh from now. There is nothing in It tktna -which were issue 1 to them by well meaning but mistaken American commanders. Tn?y could not even be DIRECTORS: J. GRIER.P. B. SPARKS, P. A. GLSHURST l). a. Mcpherson. providing for a sale of 4ts franchise or O. J. SALISBURY, T. property to our city at appraised value, or upon any terms, but is it the expectation to touy at whatever price may be asked? Are the bonds to be issued to OFFICERS: hired to work, and officers tried in vain to engage tbeni for it uratlest kinds lf camp dubles. The truth is thai around Santiago the soldiers formed a much hlg.ior opinion of the Spaniards than of :ue nat!vu. Cashier D. A. McPHERSON Assist, ashler. ..J. S DENMAN SALISBURY J. GR1KR the Black Hills Canal & Water Com- President O. Vice-president. . LOSSES AND GAINS ON THE TURF. Surplus fund 100,000.00 Undivided profits, less expenses, and taxes paid 5.068.09 National bank notes outstanding 90,000. 0D Due to other national banks 59,164.70 Due to state bank and bankers 15,015,19 Individual deposits ' subject to check '. 247,414.28 Demand certificates of deposit '., " 45,283.76 Time certiflcaltes of deposit. 350,180.05 Cashier's checks outstanding 30.00 United States eposks 78,430.79 Deposits of U. 6. disbursing officers 21,569.21 tny? Or Is a private company to be organ It is estimated that as much as be- ween $200,000,000 and $250,000,000 is ized and furnish the water? Or a new contract to be made with the Black Hills Canal & Water Company? Or lost yearly on the turf. Australia is the largest loser. No less than $100,- 000,000 changes hands there yearly. If the money could be estimated which are we to have municipal ownership? If a purchase Is to be made or an ex RIGHT AWAY miserable people spend in a vain en- pensive contract e altered into with) j A fatality gemu ;o tur-rand the position ofugler of Company F, First SoK'j Dakota volunteers trow in active derios In the Philip- 'ganea. There apparency is nothing ip tae positiai to cause more than the us- mei amount of sickness and death, but late appears to have ordained other-!wtee ia this company. Ray Tenaant. the Black Hills Canal & Water Company, are experts to be consulted as to c,.faor to trot health, it m';.f.'t piove as appalling as the above amounts. Hoe-tetter's Stomach Bitters has cured hun the value of their plant, especially of the pipes now twenty years old, arid IS THE TIME TO BUY A Total $1,112,156.07 State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, as: I D. A. McPheraoo, cashier of the above named bank, do solemaly swear that the dreds of people who had spent small fortunes trying to regain health. The Bitters strengthen weak stomachs, and many of them too small for the service thus cures as well as prevents constipation, indigestion,' bilMoueness, liver ol tne company's ' first buglers, above statement Is true to the best of my they ought to perform? Do the candidates realize the importance of the responsibilities that will rest upon them in the settlement of the knowledge and belief. eat home seriously ill. His plu.e and kidney ailments, which indicate an d. a. Mcpherson, cashier. overworked or abused stomach. It Is Subscribed and sworn to before me this Q00D JHOE QHEAP. The next two months will requiresolld Footwear if you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount in order to cut down stock. If you want the only medicine to take In the spring 13th day of April, 1899. JOHN R. JONES. and is recommended by all honest phy slcians. Netarr PsbUa Correct Attest: Good Water at Last. P. at SPARK. ?. A. OUSHUBiT. T. J. OKI TO, a good George B. Porter at the American Express office and M. L. Day have made arrangements whereby they win be able to supply water from the KM water question? Do they intend to settle it at once and for all time, and settle rt 1n the interest of Deadwood? Or ie there any danger of some private Interest being served? Do the voters of your city realise the importance of this question of voting bonds? And will you tell ue how to vote on the question, and give us reasons? I confess that I and my neighbors want some -light before we w 111 know how to vote. Bonds means Interest annually, and that means taxes. Wni they bring as a good water supply or a continuance of the oM system? Now do tell ue, for many in utter un-eertaiaty will not rote at all, and will then feel free to criticise hereafter. CHiien. e was filled by Whiterklge, who souu , succumbed to disease, and whea put ,-aboard ship for home waa la an un-7- -txmscious condition. Next came Wlll-' '. whom the hand of death, quickly -?,. seised. He -was followed by Otto Berg Who had acted as bugler for only a 7 he, .too, wa stricken with dlaeaM and died. At thi: rate J buglera of Company F will be hard to Aaln,ano on will bav the courage 7 , accept ,th position. Madison $ Leader. , 4 . ' n I PASSING OF BRYAN. k ; There la growing netfetaa among rtbm Mttls remnant of ateen to wumner vt &)M..llk artaJa historical pol $6 00 SHOE FOR $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Or any other style or prici. Call and let us flit a pair on you at ZOECKLER BROS LEADING ney springs at Hot Springs and from the beautiful spring at Piedmont to an parties desiring it. Our city water is MEAT MARKET. and will be for many monThs, at leaatt,' mucky' and unfit for use. Here to an opportunity to place your orders and receive pure spring water which wB not endanger your health, ruin root C. E. ZIPP'S. I Black Hills Telephonello 69 Harrison Telephone Wo. 3. disposition or make sand paper of your throat, aa Is the case with the water eeeei f-Jf i,f IM ee INFORMATION WANTED. placed at any time with Meesra. Porter tt Day, and win be promptly filled. f llcane and democrats' hare long since NO. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD. taeai wood would like to hare the mayor and cVty coundl enMghftexi them a to what their plana are and how they propose to expend the fifty thousand dollar received from the sale of bonds. recognised the not Chat the inflated Nebraskan has collapsed. It Vatf W ouragln sign to find the following la : -a -white-winged paper tike the Denver GOOD THINGS The modern woman is developing phyaJcally as wen as Intellectually, a qowerful looking-oameel waa beard the other day to complain cf an Insult offered to her by a yokel, while she waa taking a conn try ramble. Have they got any matured or fese- 7 Times: , JeJWe plan whereby they can assure the tfltfcwna and tax qeyer that they will gl them a supply of pure water suf "What did he do to you?" asked a ficient tor the requirements of the city, t "ympajthetlc friend. or do hey propose to dribble away the j Chucked me under the chin." AMATUER PHOTOGRAPHERS For CamoraV Films Dry Plates, Printing Fapera, Mounting cards and photo suppliea send to Lincoln Piiotopl Sipplj Co. Lincoln JNeb. nrsr taoueana oouars ana gxre us nuue , AUU wiui aw you aor That Arc Useful About the House. J Good Books I By Good Authors containing "Chucked him over the fence." or nothing In return for tt. Th writer does not beVere the sum of fifty thousand AiLlsjna 4 a h n ttt THIS BOOTH DAKOTAS. "William .Bryan la now writing letters. Something over a week ag J was flooding" the country vdch later frkwa, The people df th United '.States oeHeve to the freedom, of speech nd) the freedom of the presa Mr. Dryaa; baa U' right to talk' when he pleases and tine newspapers nave the J-ight to publish his talk where they please, but ft would seem that Mr. Bryan woujd desist in the name of .urrTa numanity." The Mwspapers fcave been filled with hundred of let-ters and Interview on the $1 dinner necessary wrm to Insure a upply of w Vt them to tJwi open, good water for Deadwood. and there. I . T"? ODnt mlgfrty good. , many of the world's classic8 lor only 16 cents. I ; And werVetfonght them like the devil. fore to opposed to voting bonds, tofj It Is only like pouring water In a tat hole. 4 Jv" must bar witter, and that very ana wer fought thhem mighty good For we charged their block bouses, With a yell and a run, Good Stoves lamt OtttM, So let as go aft Jt tight and In-, a supply, not. wast money on iuai a, Oaoaaa, IXadweod. a D. And the whole wide world is certain. rvA aa t . - The Best Heaters, most mod plans that are not feaeaWe,, and leave , w" "run. us no" feetrf t off. Give us " assu'raace ' There was Frost, our iron colonel, 1 4kw w eerusta swwwnt we w . ern Ranges, and Cook 8tovea 1 and the 110 dinner.' Whfal do die' faaoll Die of thta eonrtW ..v. 1 WPfr food and pure water ter , There were men trm nM rw DOAN & GEORGE Atternejs and Ccoa'selch at Law, WitinoB. D. C sad ftsaewood. a P, Ttoipprmrj otto Boo Ko. H tnitmf Btea. ai kjo per cent uisconut One thing to certain under the present the year around and we wtll .rote for J . Tall a any Black Hills pine; the measure If it costs two hundred f Yelling., chargUag, fearless teroes, thousand dollars, bat we are opposed! From the prairie and tAelffiSr' to frtttertng away fifty thousand at a J From the desk and th . administration of affair In the natiaa $ New Hurniture 4t is easier to procure a plate at a fiv ' dinner tianft was to get apaA at' a ( From the fih&ft uw) fwm rKV-m. w .That, is out of sight, and a : very choice line at bargain : prices at . - Tea. wefougU them ta tae open, And veM ftwght them In U -wood. tame aod getting little or aotlilng for iL . . ' Business Man. . : ;',-' .7. -'. o. : .-. . , ; a I" ; - Acquaintance: l hear your sister lias a new piano. Is tt like the oUterf" - (Little Botr: "No; tMs one is piano-fort. ; Toa fret oagbt to hear ber bombard.P v .7 And WTe foagbt them like the oerU. lavorley Bicycles 1 dinner under a democratic admtnls-txalioia.' iW4t2i proeperity blessing the jiation from ocean to ocean why should tie busy people be bothered with these letters and (nterrlewaT Give th something a Kttl more optimistic. . Tell uj Something about the nSse of wages en-Joped ty over half a million of tollers la the United States. If Mr. Bryan ONLY S40 MOUTH'S "ARK"' am we vt taught them tofghty good, They tare tfcnlahed in the shadow, And they atlU are on the run; And the Philrppines are certain " ' That a a was tn the fan. ' v . ROBERT V.CARR, ' " " Oo. M, let Reg. & D. Vot Inf.' Dentist? ."Will Toa have gasr V Ole SI Tattle: "Wa-al, I mrowl; We Special bargains on the 'o8.w.heei. Uther wheels aj low prices. " ' ? - ' roShermari Street. donX knoir tntkih erboot ga V num. I guess tooM better fire me kertene." : Manua, P. L, Feb. 5, im 69a Main St. G.F.BAGGALEY f Y T 1 1 1 Y 1 1 1 1 1..H..H-I..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f,,H i 1 .

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