The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 13, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 13, 1899. (Charter Na 239L) Report of the Condition of the THE 0EADWOO0 PIONEER One Good Turn ESTABLISHES "JUNE I. 1871 First National Bank, lowed by on of the greatest eras of na-tional prosperity. Those who are gloomy in regard to the Philippines will draw it mild If they care to toe warned by their uniform failures to make a true 'forecast of American THE BUCK HILLS TIMES-. At Deadwood, in the State of South Dako ESTABLISHED APRIL 7. 1877. Sprttf ta, at the close ol ouainess, Apru 1899. RESOURCE.. Deserves Another." It is so easy to go through life doing good and helping to make others happy, A fody who had been ill with a complication of troubles, having been thoroughly cured THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CASH TALKS Loans and discounts $396,519.90 CONSOLIDATED MAT 14. 1897. Overdrafts, secured and un freight secured 32,950.07 Bui gdge riONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO U. S. Bonds to secure circula tion 100,000. w) U. S. Bonds to secure U. S. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: deposits 100,000.00 BAJLT Eyery Morning, Except Monday S EN A TOR TAROR HAS GONE. (Denver Times.) There is something more than pa ihecic in the passing of the old pioneers of Colorado. They made history. They laid ithe corner stone of the state. They endured the hardships and privations 'incident to pioneer life, and yet they heft the state a heritage of which she is justly proud. Senator H. A. W. Tabor, whose death is announced today, was a prince among Colorado's army of pioneers. He saw Denver grow from a little spot Revenue stamps 852.45 Om Yer $10 00 Stx Months 6 00 We have got the goods 1 and want your trade, Come and see us, we will treat you right. Premiums on U. S. bonds . . 14,000.00 Om Month , 1 00 Stocks, securities, etc 123,049.2b' WEEKLY Issued Every Thursdays and now enjoying perfect health, felt it a duty to tell her friends that the specific that brought her back to health ivas Hood's Sarsaparilla. Thus, after Hood's had served her well, she felt it deserved a good turn at her hands. Thousands tell the eaiue Story of blood purified and health restored. Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses Banking house, furniture and Ons Year i, 2 00 Six Months 1 00 fixtures 23,600.00 V) all Other real estate and mort gages owned 28,241.65 ntered as fiecond-Class Matter at th Dead wood Postofflce. VtAt' Due from national banks i not reserve agents) 7G6.94 Due from state banks and on the barren, lifeless plains, to one of the greatest citfies of the West. She was to him the same as one of his own Ayres & Irian Hardware l TE' children. He rocked her in the cradle of her infancy. 1ankers 10.805.98 Due from approved reserve agents 156,304.23 Checks and oilier cash items 4,077.04 merit peculiar to itself. Catarrh "I suffered over all years with catarrh. Spent over $luo in advertise! cures, Inhalers etc., without benefit. Finally tried Hoott'g Sarsaparilla and It accomplished a complete and lustliiK cure." M A Abbey, Victor Ave,, Worcester, Mass. Cast r It Is - ''Nervousness caused by a friftht matle my wife suffer Intensely fron He furnish ed the maiteriar substance It Mr. Olney makes the race for president on the platform of "Vigorous Americanism," the democratic vote in 3900 will be smajler than ever before. : - -o If Agulnald'o has any merit at all in that moved the heart of the young state-to -pulsate;' At Elma, FairpUy, aeAj and Ieadville the name of Senator Tabor is linked wirh that of progress and prosperity. In Denver the Tabor a military sense 1t consi'sts largely In his ability to make a very good running flghit withoutt once loosing sight block and the Tabor opera house, besides many other structures, stand as Notes of other national lmnks 13,056.00 Fractional paper currency, nu kela and cents 742.55 lawful money reserve in bank, vli: Specio' 83,690 Iyegal tender notes... 13,000 96,690 Redemption fund with U. S. Treas'r (S of circ'n) 4,500.00 Due from U. S. Treas'r other than 5 redemption fund. 5,954.00 ' ' owl Lei Ii ax FIRST NATIONAL BAN cC his capital. o enduring monuments to his memory. Senator Tabor saw all sides of life .'lurpmrie whs necessary to relieve the suflerliiK. Hoods Sarsaparilla and Hood's Pills were tried after all else failed and in four days she Improved and in 14 days she was cured." C. W. T. Schmidt, Cedar Falls, Iowa. BlOOd PolSOfl - " At 12 I had bone disease and used crutches. J)octor prescribed and wanted to scrape it. My grandfather gave me Hood's Sarsaparilla. After taking four bottles I threw away crutches, am well and go to school." Chable8(.'ampbill,1S16 Ontario Ave.. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dizzy 8pellS- " After the measles my daughter had dizzy spells, which we thouht would pass off but they did not until we There seems to be a unanimous feel the eunshline and the shadow. He came to Colorado in the midst of the ing that the best result ol Che late elc DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. atmosphere of poverty. Fortune fav tion In iflhe City of Chicago is the certainty that It ends the political career ored him and soon he was known as one of the millionaire Brining magnates CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS 8160,00 J Total 1,112,156.07 of John J. Atgeld. i i. e of the great West. Then fortune frowned. His holdings, representing gave ner Hood s Sarsaparilla. In five days they disappeared and in one month she regained her usual health." B. H. Kamfer-beck, 53 Graves Place, Holland, Mich. Indigestion -" I now have a rood nn- DIRECTORS: The establishing of a system of free public hatha in Kansas Cty is not a O. J. SALISBURY. T. J. GRIER.P. E. SPAKKS. P. A. GUSHUBS millions, passed from his ownership and soon the state became familiar d. a. Mcpherson. petite, eat well, sleep well and my dyspep-Bla ami Indigestion have left me. The reason Is I took Hood's Sarsaoarllla whii h with the old pioneer as a citizen beset by hardship again. But in the midst OFFICERS: partisan measure. Whichever party shall win In the next election, it will necessarily be a cleaner sweep than usual. , entirely cured me. I am Baggage Master on the B. fc O. Railroad." Tuomas Coles 119 Carr St., Sandusky, Ohio. President.... O. J. SALISBURY Cashier D. A. AlcPRERSOl of storm and shine he was the same Tabor. The people will always keep In memory that form bent by years of Vice-president J. GRIKK Assist, ashler. ..J. 8 DEN1U.1 n HbctfoSciUa o OWUUn toil, that hearty handshake, that friendly greeting and that sterling sen- LIABILITIES. lapltal stock paid In $100,000.60 Surplus fund 100,000.00 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid...,. 5. 068.09 National bank notes outstanding 90,000.00" Due to other national banks 59,164.70 Due to state bank and bank- e ers 15,015.19 Individual deposits subject to check .' 247,414.28 Demand certificates of deposit 45,283.76 Time certificaltes of deposit. 350,180.05 Cashier's checks outstanding 30.00 United States deposits 78,430.79 Deposits of U. S. disbursing officers 21,569.21 Total $1,112,156.07 timenlt that al ways fell from the Hps of HoodmcnrllTer Ilia, tha non Irritating an a Ithe old pioneer. He was a diamond in The Ruraljst, edited by Chairman Ktad of Ithe populist state committee, Carries at its head a demand mat the veto power be abolished. There is no doubt that Governor Lea has furnished strong arguments for such a move. Mf ' only cathartic to take with Uood'i Sjprlllfc he rough. Of late years he had begun to regain RIGHT AWAY his lost fortune. About the time that he was appointed postimaster at Denver It was preltiy generally known that the fickle goddess of fortune had again won him in the mountains around IS THE TIME TO BUY A Eldora. But death must end all. The According to an antl-expanslfonldt paper Billy Mason is "telling ' some ugly trubhs about the Philippine business." The ugliest truth which the ottntry baa heard In the past twelve months Is that there is .in the United .... Stales a band of renegades composed State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, as: old, bronzed hero of the pick) and shovel now rests in peace. The voice that waa raised In "behalif of the young West in the Senate of the. United States is I D. A. McPheraoo, cashier of the above- COURT CALENDAR. April 14. Sweet vs. JCldd. April 17. Floorman vs. Lamtbertson. Glickauff vs. Smith. April 18. Garr vs.Jb5011-Beddy vs. Stanton. April 19. Treber vs. Van Clse. Tretoer vs. Heffren. April 20. Saunders vs. Holism. Ellington vs. Short. Bodie vs. Allison. May 1. named bank, do Solemnly swear that th above atatament Is true to the beat of my now stilled. The heart that beat for knowledge and belief. of Hoar, Gorman, Hale, 'Billy Mason Denver hviil beat no more. Colorado's d. a. Mcpherson, cashier. and a few others who Incited the Fill no more. Subscribed and sworn to before ma this friend, Denver's friend, is Senator Tabor is no more. pines to rise against Otfs and his men, 13th day of April, 1899. JOHN B, JONES. sum! that said band of renegades is re Q00D JHOE jQHEAP. Tile next two months will requiresolld Footwwr if you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoe at a big discount In order to cut down stock. If you want a good $6 00 SHOE FOR $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Or any other style or price. Call and let us fiit a pair pn you at LOSSES AND GAINS ON THE TURF. Notary IMUIa . sponsibls for every drop of American Comet Attest: . It is estimated that as much as be . Wood abed between Manila and Mai Hale Bra vs. McDonald Belleview, tween 1200,000,000 and $260,000,000 is P. m. gPAMpa, ?. A. O US HURST, T. J. ORIKK. seven cases. lost yearly on the turf. Australia Is loa. ,,TbiU la the ugly trurtlh which , this gang hat told about the Philippine the largest loser. No less than 8100, business, 0 o , EvlLB THAT NEVER CAME. ZOECKLER BROS- 000,000 changes bands there 'yearly. If the money coujd be estimated which miserable people spend In a. Tain en-dftrto to r3t htalth, It m':J.'t piove as appalling as the above amounts. Hoo Clark Bro. vs Connors. Clark Bro. vs. ZoelLner. May 2. D. C R. R. Co. vs. Barker. May 5. Harding vs. Smith, three cases. ' . May 8. Rebaamen vs, Rainbow Mining Co., LEADING At every stage of events in?the Phil .ipjanes propheta of Whe dtsmal order MEAT MARKET. .present the dark eMe of the situation C. E. ZIPP'S. four oasea They never seem to be discouraged r fl . the collapse of - their predictions. H eae tetter's Stomach Bitters has Cured hun dreds of people , who bad spent small fortunes trying to regain health. The Bitters strengthen weak stomachs, and thus cures jw well as prevents constipation, indigestion, bUHouaness, liver and kidney aliments, which Indicate an overworked or abused stomach. It is the only medicine to take in the spring No sooner fs one phase of affair oleav Black Hills TelephoneNo 60 Harrison Telephone No. 3. 'T ed up favoralbly that a fresh chapter of dismaWam Js opened. Three month S ago they instated that rt would take an army of 60,000 men to drive Agulnal- May 9. Savage vs. Goddard. WaHe vs. Frank. May 10. Buntbam vs. Adams. Heinsb vs. Williams. Tilly va, LawTenaon. Christ enson vs. Hanson. .,; .June 1. Board of Education vs. Mansfield. Donovan vs. Woodcock, two cases. Ramsdell vs. City of Spearflah. ' aa)a)aae) slclana rtnTiroiTSr!worki7 - But 10, GOOD THINGS CONGREGATIONAL J&RCWjJ0EET 000 proved enough. Then expenditures la the Philippines were estimated, by opponeniu of the treaty at hundreds of millions a year. The real figures ar There will be a meeting of the Con That Arc Useful About the House. AN EASTERN TRIP quite moderalte, with, some revenue as an offset. Eveii the" annexataon of Hawaii drew forth a warning "sr that it t grtgational church and society ' on Thursday evening, April 13, at 7:30 p. m.Tn the parlors of the church, for th of considering the advisability of calling a pastor for the ensuing year. All persons who are In the babit of attend AMATUER PHOTOGRAPHERS For Cam -ra'g' Films Dry . Pistes. Printing Fapers, Moan tlog cards and photo supplies send to Lincoln Pcotorapli Snpply Co. lioooln. Neb.. VIA WASH INQTCM. Good Books r OPDortui) Ity f jt a visit to in nation- 4 I would be necessary to manftn there al capttaj is afforded by ticket via wasnmxo n at same fsrea ai stsdIv lag the Congregational church, or wno Jtronf army; and , fleet-A tfewsol. Clare sufficed mud the presence even oj over direct Pennsylvania Short Lines By Giod Authors containing many of the worlds classics lor only 15 cents. phia and New Yorhff Au sd tc PhdladeQ contribute In any way to Ms sup;ort, are 'entitled to a. voice In this matter and are earnestly urged and requestel na cruiser is not required. There has ver of ten days at Phil- uruonai scop-o : been talk of a spirit of revolt, in Cuba adelphte As granted on tickets (o New to corns put and take part in the meet and Porto Rico, out an that baa nap. I Good Stoves ing. ' It is a matter of vital importance to the church, and everyone interested I pened, is distinctly wxooragtng. i v York whether the read via Washington' or direct. For further information apply to H. R. Dertni, A. O. p. ageac, 218 BobbS DoaX, 'Am k. OaoMc, Dndwood, a U. WawaiaglOB, K O. should be present. ' ' South Clark etrest, Chicago. DOAN U GEORGE , A favorite assertion of the peesimls- tic class Is that the Philippines ean not I Qeted for yearn. But the. change The Best Heaters, most modern Ranges, and Cook Stoves at 25 per cent Discount ,n6ood Water,at Usfe ', George B. Porter at the-r American o . Beo'J arlle Skill. t Master Um again, tiandyl Can't IttonEj. aii CoDFSflors at Law, lor the 'better within two weeks I has been remarkable. The natives w4ll be Express office and M. . L, Day -j. bars Tou mauape to fttt ben in time? mads arrangements whereby they will be able to supply water from the Kid . baudy with a doleful headache -! Waahlawton, . C. aaS Dud wood. m. O, Traapiraomea Boo Ho. SSSradloat Block. rrMOra 1. , U Mtu. tBd tVdTl Coon.. HiBlnt. LaadL Ihah and t. . New Furniture given aB the borne rule they can main tain auooeBSfully, and many are Had- tanua alerp c richia sor, and so I'm ney springs at Hot Springs and from arlaltw. ' " " loam to get op io the ntornin. ' .; 3ng out that they, hare no reasoa for tvio ' t f aiaht. and a the beautiful spring at Piedmont to all Master th. mau. IenleiMl Whv parties desiring it. Our city water is ui uux- uauag, -; i ne calamity proph dontyoaoonra Its doctor and get at very choice line at baran and will be tor many mootba, at feast. .... :rr r prices at IVaverley Bicycles mucky and unfit for use. Hers is an opportunity to place your orders and receive pure spring water which will -et wEl not down, however. If aere tad been anything retiring In hi ture he wouM bkve quit after the presidential .campaign of 1891 That was SOp GSQSSr . . .. - i Ssndyl i get at tha osnas weal snench, bat it'll no shot np. 'It's 9 weeks sold aud an swfol yeller. Glasgow Times. x i - -r - The polar enrrenu contain leas salt than those from tbs equator. , ii DEMOUTH'S "ARF not endanger your health, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your throat, ai is the case with the water Special bargains on the '98 wheel. truly s culmination of dreadful fore, boodlngs of universal ruin if. the gold standard prevailed, Tot the decision to stick to the lOOe'dolkr has7 been fol- you buy of the crty."" Orders may be placed at any time with Messrs. Porter Other wheels at low prices.- .'Afghan women an never jealous of saclt other. , ; -i . : 7n Shprmian Street. . ' te Day, and will be promptly filled, - .s 693 Main St. G. P.BAGGALEY ' l-T-

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