The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 13, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), THURSDAY MOUXIXd, AT JUL 13, 1899. FIVE CENTS. l.u ncnnilC CCDIMIQ 4. . . .j 4. 4-4 4 4 $ 4) STOCKMEN'S COUNCIL the question of the supply of money, ani leaves t!he silver advocates with- at a leg to stand on. If DlUUhiu uluiuuu THE UP-TO-DATE Baby Roasted Alive. i Detailed Report of the Proceed Terrific Battle at Samoa and Carmel, 111.. April 12. Special. Mrs. Martin Sorenson's laby was roasted alive today. The mother stepped out DRY GOODS HOUSE. Several Marines Were Slaughtered. ings at Rapid City Tuesday, or the house for a few minutes, and it I PHENOMENAL SALE! While changes may be made In th manner of conducting the business, the range cattle and open ranges will re-J"ain. It is a fixed and permanent txisiness -and will endure. John Clay, jr., of the Clay- Robinson Live Stock company, followed Mr. Wood and teggcd leave to disagree with Mr. Wood. The range business, pure and unple, he thought, would soon be a thing of the past. South Jiakota is at present the only place whre there is a large open range busi ness left The obvious remedy for this is for the government to .turn over to the different states the grassy ranges and let the states lease these to its citizens. Mr. Clay thinks that o far as the uiai ket is concerned thus country is in a prosperous cendiition and will continue to be so if not over boomed. From this prosperity, the cattle business will derive great benefit. The big herds which aje passing away are giving, place to be analler ranches, and A Number 1 Important Matters rty oi Americans and British Are Taken Up and Disposed of. is believed that the child found a niau h awl set Are to 'its clothing. o . Pope Fully Recovered. London, April 12. Special. A Rome di:-patch says the pope is fully tonva-lesn.i, and his former health has been almost completely restored. o Insane On Equal Suffrage. Columbus, Ga., April 12. Special Miss Alien Howard, an educated and re Ambushed fey Mataafa's Followers. Dress Goods, f The ctwulemen owned Rapid City n wla Samoa. April 1. (Via Auckland, '.. Zealand, April 12.) Special. A lTuethijf They came on .Monday night tinal young lndy, highly connected, has t l, force of British and American Lpes was ambushed today by tie Wars of If ataafa on a iJerman plan Uqb, and forced to retreat to the leen pronounced insane. Her insaadty is traceable to over study of the eual suffrage question. from tie north and west, from the south -and east -on. Tue day morning, and with them came the s-tock inspectors and railroad official in their private-cars, wlbJle all day long Monday those from the surrounding country and the cowboys looking for round-up Ms will result in better bred cattle. Mr. -Clay agreed with the other speakers that considering the great severity If the word Bargain has any meaning we are going to do the Dress Goods retailing business of Deadwood this we for we are going to sell, BEGINNING MONDAY MORNING m mi of the winter, the losses were very light In the territory covered by the New York Wants It All. New York, April 12. Special. This city has entered the jfield for convention honoris, and will endeavor to se- lire bo;h national eoaventions in 1900. -wMiciation, they have not been neatly work, drove or rode into town on their little branch! The town was full of people; the hotels wer crowded beyond ithtfiir loapaci' ttie restaurants and the ladies of ih3 Episcopal ciiurch Lansdale -and Ensign Ijsn, of the American. cruiser liiladelphin, and Lieutenant Freeman lt)w British cruiser Taunangia, who mill command of the marines, were Jed. Their bodies were afterwards Dud headless and otherwise mutilat-j, Two American and Two British (Ion were also killed The manager Ltte plantation has lieen arrested, rbe British and American force--Lnteted one hunlred and five and ii MataafaiteM numbered eight bun-fed. Tfee fighting -was terrific, the , who were serving supp r. reaped a rich tit) imeat as repwted. Mr. J. C. Dablman, eif Ithe Flatj cctn-mission committee of South Oioatta, itipoJw brielly on the advantage of mem bership in the association and iltus-ltatl lus speech wiJ.h very happijy ;ho"n and well told stories To Go Round the World. New Yojk. April 12. Special Admiral Henry I- Howitton of the United haivet; and the streets hal the appearance of the old io-)ni day. The. States navv, will loave next week to circumnavigate the glol. with the cruiser Chicago. The purpose of the trip is to show the American flag Xo the people of tie world. Of High Class Dress rtoods at the lowest prices Deadwood has ever seen. We are showing all the latest Novelties that are worn this season such as Crepons. Cheviots, Surges, Poplins, Venetians and Coverts, and invite the ladis to call and see them. U. J. W ERTH II El ER . Routine business of the asso.-'a.tioc was. atlt ended na, reports of 'omnii.ttees read and approved and officers clesteu for itiie ensuing year. The old officers were re-elected and 'but one cluiuge was made in tihe executive con.taittee. W. II Driskill leing appointed in plac Rapid City band, .vuiili presented "A Texas Stetir" for th en'citainment of the strangers, dressed themselves in orthodox rowboy eustum'-.-, bruacU white hats, flannel shirt gay colored handkerchiefs around their throau,. top boots with high heels, and spuri, and played in fronit of the hall where the meeting was held, as though it hacL been a theatrical attraction. When Ltm band wnemt inside io open the meet- r 4 injg with music, the onuii-present small hojr turned himself inro a music, rack KKrkaaB and British makinx a pal- it&od and infilling heavy luef I thtfr assailants. The natives lost fcy kilted and twenty wounded. fiaign Monaghan perished in the at-pt to save Lieutenant Lansdale, in had been badly wounded. The na K brutally dispatched both officers. V American and British saiilors are toratxnazy to avenge the death ot I officers and oamradwi. Juliington, D. C. Ajril 12. 'Spec-. r-Thejxews from Samoa today ou-jlmed ideep indignation here, and I lis tie same feeling in London, i f A J. Day. One hundred and (twenty new memibers have been added: to-ttke Afrsociatitm dtbring the pa-sit year, snaking a total membership of aver luxihuudred. fa -rfard te the leg'islation eonasrn-&ng Jhe sliipment of strays, it was ie elided .to have sHps printed authoriz- t- ! .. 4. a 4.-4. .4. 4) Promotion of Schley and Sampson, Washington, D. C, April 12. Special. The commissions of Schley and ivanipson. a rear admirals, were signed by the president todety. o For 4he Sioux Range. Pierre, April 12. Seda,!. Among the heavy cattle purchases which will lie delivered .on the Sioux itange this summer, are .2,500 head which .have !een pu.rhased at Tucson. Arizona, by f- otty " Philip, and 1000 iiear of jpar- and looked as proud as though be had nn tnrtnnnjxruinnnruuinArtr winnjtnnn been conductor of th band. In the crowd! lobby of the hotel. nn r -w-v a 1ai and requesting any member of the weias prosperous looking eattle mJl. radlroad men, stock ya(U and live association finding a matured animal IHE ULD RELIABLE DRUGGIST stock representatives asked each." oLhe wk5tih.a marketable, beai'ilng the brand of ke signer, to ship name to Chicago, What have you heard from tb) ranger Waat ito you lbidk xne wktw Sotatk ifhnaha or Sioux City and for are?" and "Jio ' do you think the mar IfcMMnmoa belief ffliat Germany! ling h-eufert-'whWi have teen purchased lb held to account for 'the outrages by George fi. Maithieson ia the San grated upon the American , and 1 ramon vaMev, Arizona. Several iiher W offlucrs and sailors, a It la evi- j large stockmen :fiwm the range w ill gf - ward ureceedB to the owner. This la ket wiill be?" typical cowiboys, taciSiiro made necessary by the act of the leg Btabllsed la 1876. KIRK O. PHILLIPS. I carry the finest line of Cigars, Stationary. pr. and, sbaoJ in little groups by themselves: an Inlu.-i cattle owner Ifliat Gwmany 1s BbaatHv to blaane I ure bunches in the market ft. ' 1 and pur, them on Xbe ranee early in tfee islature reKarding a written order from the owner of the animal before it can pe shipped by anyone else. All mem snason. ' bers of ihe association are requested ta from JLhe reserve- i stalked through the crowd witi the caJan jUBured dig' nityofaaciou ol the famlliet; and a wolf .hunter wi'n curls and fumery, Toilet Articles, Cutlery, Kye Glasses. Spectacles and everything found in a flrst-clas city dru star mu m THE OFFENSIVE. 6ign these flips, and a Lint of All those The City Ticket Who have done so will .be sent to every JVccuin. jJona for aldermen and men member of the associaltkm before tne ihie brocaded ?Uk lapel?- on his ooat. sought out ij trieudf and AC jiiaiiit- beginning of ihe shipplag seaeon. tx-TS od the schood board are nonv complete in the several wards, ano only aunces. It was coamopomas a well .is Aegardlng tii action of the Railroad one set of candidates have been nom picturesque. BBO ifuaraniee oetter prices than est be found west of the Missouri river. Those intending to Paint will make a mistake ii they fail to get my prices on Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Glass and all Painters Supplies, which I warrant as to quality and at lower Drice than Traaaemiasouri Freight association The ' meetJuaji w.u vill : t. onler inated. There was .a tuuion of repub abolishing the feedlng-in-translt prlv ilegfe, resolutions were drawn up de licans., populists and democrats in each about 2 o'clc j in Cadet hall ly C. K. Horard, of 3ni.Jvib, presi-leutjo! the b Still Pursuing the Natoes Toward! .the Interiar. April li.9peciaJL cOneral still pursuing the insurgents tie Interior, and tie latter are t? retiring and making but UtUe tKt to th onslaught of Gejer-ntoa' eoanmand. ! Lawton had a narrow es-ftwn death today while passing l008 of a supposedly friendly wV mamiinfc that the present feedVinc-rB- of Cue awards. The First add TkJLrd wards .nominated last weejk; the Sec utsoriat'ion. Ctt accmut of serious traaslt privilege ipe continued, or, U c oan be purchased elsewhere in the Rinrk urn ond and Fourth last night. The Sec ;ilne from w.'i -a h just '.ten, Mr abrogated, that tbe railroads may so reverse lie present rates that cattle Howard hu -J .Ul-.- ,r..rc.: UB I u"iruriJtruiAAxnrtiiri ond ward met at City Hall. S. C. Pol deJ'vensd on y a hr. tjiec .. ly, the republican comnaitteecnan, call (CMrfJfiued on Page Five.) Fifteen yet s ago, he .ud, "A roj'u ed the meeting to order and Dan Diltz, : ar end knn paper in t..e t the populist committeeman, was made THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANI(1 announce! Hiat iln g. n-rjl w im l up chairman and W. H. Bon-ham secretary was now in progress and would proba h. Av MCPherson was nominated tby ac- bly , be tne 4ls1 ..ever. held In the Hijjs, tTamOT6TrtoT?QTtwd-itfmaeJfrfrWi Deadwood, South Dakota. as ihe cattlemen would give place to the farmers; that on every one hundred tatter flred upon him, but hit ' bad and the twallet wemt wide wrt The offendw was pnaiaab- SSedTaJe death. "V- Whealton, who retTniorced ""wsot volnateers yesterday on awmed tbe offensive tihi lB and chased the en my eight "to tne interior. Santa Maria, trong hold, waa captured. Gea-Vlretton brousrhlt a OaCltng gun 'th terrific effect. The reb- and sixty acres of land honest farmers rian, as na Mr. Laiwrenso'n to succeed himself on the board of education. W. L. McLaugaJLin was endorsed for member of the school board at large and Mrs. Gaston for treasurer of tie hoard. ould be making for themselves home. However, the cowboy was as much in RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1 899. $642,815.00 n evidence today as he was fifteen ears ago, and the siock man more in Thirty-seven vduers of the Fourth evidence." Mr. Edmond Smith, acting mayor of Rapid City, made a short adtkess of rae hiil from th. deadly tor Tour Biaute. and the Ced. dead and 68 wounded. welcome, in which be said it wae un ward met at the court house. Frank Dennis was made chairman and F. P. Ward secretary. Freeman Knowle and Joe Garland were nominated for aldermen. The vote stood. Garland 19, Knowle 18. E. W. Martin was nominated by acclamation to succeed himself as member of the school board. All Branches of Banking Business necessary to turn over the key of the ,.hv aa n-ktK1nfi- was locked up and if Transacted, An JExclIont Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the w.ll Imovvir reined v. they wanted anything they dWn't see, or saw anything Chey didn't want, tby Bahwt Quay Strengthened. "kWita, April 12. -Special. ""I for Matt Quay nuu) a bit- had only to press the button and Rapid ijyain or'. mai.Ji. tured bv tne 't today against the admission of ' CALiroitNiA. Fie. iSrniii' illusti-ate the value of obt:ii,inP' t.f luiuid luxa. DRAFTS ISSUED on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rica, Africa, England, Franco, Garmany and all Pwrfa of tha World, at A resolution wn adapted endorsing W. L. McLaughlin for member of the school board at large and Mrs. Gaston for treasurer. tive principles of piant itno'vn to be medicinallv laMtivi an' presenting: the defunct People's Bank. ovrrulei the dbjeotion, and re admitlteaV This ruling oart Uvea a decided strength case, them in the iorm t.-.s, , , Ve b!"fr t'i the City would do the rest. Mr. Chauncey Wood, attorney for th" association, was then introduced, aDd spoke on the "Objects of the Association." He spoke of the many benefits derived by the stockmen from the association, where, aJthoUgh individual ownership was represented, there waf lowasi markoi rates. COLLECTIONS mad carefully and accounted for promptly. We are pr pared to Furnish morry at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warrant? d by borrowers taste sod -ca:";i U w il . -t i. It is the oi.e -.-'fc. !irtlv ;r. tivf, cle:.nii. ' " " . tci.i t. n. il' ". Circuit Court. The Jury in the'ease of Williams vs. i r. i aa nn t Ma I th greater responsibility or collaterals di ;pellin coTrls. liridnche: :ind ' gently rei '.rormt!; ind n Miiip , :.e to overcome i'l.-bitiial cunbt 'ration per H neaacy, 'i.ui. " v'" n senator Electcrf i ha dav Tuesdav. brought in a community of interests. The object and manently Its js'iivit j'i.'ei'..i from fcP.. Ari,l 14 n-rf.i ve-rdtct tor the defendant yesterday, THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY -A. nt tha association was similar ; QT waa short ' aeventeen I on all tne issues. yxxi to that of the United States govern Rvorv catl owner, large or ' ballot today in, the sena- The case of Reagan vs. Whittaker. in aI the beMet rs gener- equity, was on trial-yesterday, and ttr will be no leotion j some voluminous arguments were lis- Lii t ' small, a member of the assoriatron, re every onjetionabic qimlity substance, and its acting ..u the kidneys, liver an- bowels, A ithonfc cak i in(f or fTitu'.in; 'bena, inukr- it the ideal laxative In the of manufacturipf flps i-c ured, nn they are pleasant io the taste, but the medicinal qualities of the remedy are obtained from scrna and Individuals! Accounts of Banks, Corporations and solicited. u tened to. The case involves some min Brnan p-i j ih ground. ceived the same proteocion from and enjoyed the same rights In the association. For the people who understood it and know how to use it. Western Correspond ence Invited . w,a rrJOUCUOn, Judge Moore has conUnued the term C April 12--Spec- at Belle Fourche and Sturgls, and ln- other aromatic plants. y a nethod i . i. - i. .. r r-. . t. South Dakota Is the best country in the Co. only. In order to pet its beneficial effects aad to avoid imitations, please world, but it is distinctly a grazing DIRECTORS: W. E. ADAMS. MHNTREBER. remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. country and those who have learned to understand the character of the coun HARRIS FRANKLIN, Pre.ldenL BEN BAER, Vice Prosuani. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. T the Mint Roberts hM ! vsnds to go ahead and finish the busi. ' lSOft tb Jd Prad,K:tkn' iar ness in Lawrence county before taking 'j0 exceed the corobln up the calendars In the other counties. a "er TToduction ot 1896, o " hypotheels that the Gold plated Cabinet Picture Frame grease In the prodacUon of with an easel back free for IOC Dia- ' oalntatoed. Thia solves mond "C" Soap wrapper. . ' try will not waste time and money try SELBIE, Cashier. I IAR FRANCISCO. OA! LOUIS VILLK. XT, KXW TORX, JT. T. ing to make an agricultural country , , . J IKln For sale by al) Droggi. Prior 50c. per bottle. where nature nas ma a 3 11 udmi. j l

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