The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 12, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MOILNING, APRIL 12, 1899. FIVE CENTS. Ik praise of lavton M OLYMPIC ANNUAL J 4- 4. .1. ,f. ,. J Q HALF. THE UP-TO-DATE Yearly Election of Officers and HiS SUCCcSb Myamai inc ncucis DRY GOODS HOUSE. I Even Greater Than First Reported. Regular Business Meeting of the Club. f HALF AUD Iflie Insurgents Attack Mac- SALE! Unprecedented Interest Shown Arthur's Lines and a Battle Follows. and an immense Vote is Polled. oF1 Washing-tun. D. C. pril 11. Spec- 4 jj it is t-vidcnt thait Gentiral Iaw- ton's suoeesK f yesterday and the day (ufore was of even greater importance g g extent than was at first supposed, It Is seldom that a city flection in Dtadwood excites mre interest, or greater enthusiasm than were shown at the annual meeting and election of officers of the Olympic association for tu coming year, in the club parlors I a --st r? ght. It was the largest meeting ever held in the parlor?, and deeper concern was, manifest. A number of k appears that he has been everything before him. The following dispatch was received today (ram General Otie: General Iawton's success at Santa th more enthusiastic workers had been out for a week before hand, pro Cruse was even more complete than re-rted yesterday. The enemy left Binetythree uniformed men dead on t selyting for thir favorites, and there Dress Goods. If the w jrd Bargain has any meaning we are going to do the Dress Goods retailing business of Deadwood this weak for we are going to sell, BEGINNING MONDAY MORNING Of High Class Drees Goods at the lowest prices Deadwood has ever seen. We are showing all the latest Novelties that are worn this season such as Crepons, Cheviots, Surges, Poplins, Venetians and Coverts, and invite the ladies to call and see them. a. i ramiiEra. were a number of tickets in the field. A hundred and sixty-nine votes and proxies were cast last night, and the tie field, and a number seriously wounded, one of whom has died since resterday. The enemy retired to the directors were elected as follows; ' astward, with General Lawton in hot pursuit this morning. Thlf gentleman Is out for an alrinr In his half and half costume, aocoa San led by his better half in her half and half. The insurgents attacked General UacArthur'i) line last night in consider W. L. McLaughlin. George B. Porter. Ban Regan. k . G. Allen. H. A. Cable. Anson Higby, Frank 8. Peck. k. was apparent that Mr. McLaugh t 4 i aN force, and attempted to c lit oft railway communication for the Ameri can troops, bait they were repulsed with i heavy loss. General Wheaton's cas Alger to Succeed Porter. Chicago, April 11. Special A Waili ington special to the Record says it is not unlikely that Secretary of War Alger will succeed Porter as ambassador to France. lin was the chief favorite, as his name 1 ualties were three killed and twenty wounded." Manila, April 11 Special. The na- was on both tickets, ani he received 15 oufC of the 169 votes, ine votes wflri cast in the old way. each man Fish Wardens. Pierre, April 11. Under the same law passed last winter, the fish wardens of the state are also given the duties of game warden, and the appointment which in the past amounted to buit little, now has considerable importance to it. Several such appointments have been made within the past few days, among them bedng Edward Barrow of Canton, for Lincoln county; J. V. Neivefuler, Wetoeter, tor Day county; L. C. Haw ley, Sioux Falls, for Minnehaha county; T. W. Taubmao, Phmkinton, for Aurora county. rves attacked the Minnesota and Ore-ion volunteers at Bocave. who -were parting the railroad, today, and a diarp conflict ensued, in which the f ! fr fr $ f f fr $- .. Jj Peace Officially Declared. WVhi lgton, U. C. April 11. Special. The peace treaty was officially signed this afternoon by Secretary flay representing the 1'nited States, and M. cam'twin, representing Spain, and penr Inericans lost Ave killed and fifteen winded. The insurgents were badly wsted. stepping up to the desk of the deletion board and casting his vote as his name wis called. Each man was entitled to vote one proxy, and quite a number oi proxies were cast, although more than a majority of the stock was represented at the election. The new board will organize at us first meeting and elect its own officers. The Olympic association is becoming a remarkable institution, as shown last ItjE 1JLD PLIABLE DRUGGIST The Dead from Manila. has been officially declared. , Alger to succeed Porter. Btablised in 1876. STOCKMEN AT RAPID CITY. The Annual Meeting of the South night by the reports of the various officers, embodied in the report of the secretary, H. A- Cable. The receipt of the assoclaitlion for the last year, in San Pranctoco. April 11. Special. jlto Morgan CKy arrived thas after-xm from Manila, bringing the bodies if lour hundred and fifty dead soldiers rto had died in a.n'on or succumted t) imm In the Philippines. o- Discovered Canned Beef. San Francisco, April 11. Special. hw and for stock, reached a mtie Dakota Stock Growers. Rapid Oity, April ll.-Special. The annual meeting of the Western South Dakota Stock Growers' association convened here this afternoon, The more than 15,500; disbursements for the year, a Kittle over $4,800. There Is still on hand in the treasury something Water in Abundance. Pierre, Ap.l 11 Repouts from the prairie north of this city would indicate that all the-lake beds will be agaan filed with water from melting snows thik spring. After .he heavy snow fail of two years ago the whole prairie north of here was dotted with poinds, and the crop yield was immense. These help to keep the country supplied with moisture from evaporation, and -when they are present the probabilities of crop failure are very light. KIRK G. PHILLIPS. I carry the finest line of Cigars, Stationary, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Cutlery. K y O I asses , Spectacles and everything found in a flrst-claes city drag store, and I guarantee better prices than can be found west of the Missouri river. Those intending to Faint will make a mistake il they fail to get my prices on Faints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Glass and all Painters Supplies, which I warrant as to quality and at lower prices than Amy officials here are much agitated tnr the discovery of fifteen hundred meeting was attended by a hundred i more than $700. There is at present and fifty stock mn from various parts a total membership of 19S. six of whom of the country, by live stock commis are non-restidenft meimlbers, pnds of canned beef, similar to that "red to the soldiers In Cuba. It was Mnf loaded on the supply ships and Th AAriretarr recomtmendeJ in bis sion men, by railroad representatives, and others who are interested in the live stock business. President C. K. Howard called the meeting to order. ... 1 l -1 l. t U TlU.k Lalll report that the Olympic association endeavor to AH the offices of the old Dead'wood Business Men's club witB regard to the upbuilding of Dead wood, inasmuch as the latter club had sus r obu uo puruuaaeu bibow uuio iu uig aouja -u 1-11 Securing Granted Lands. mm rumjjrun rvnnnirinnnriruvuinri rnjinruj rinnnvvrLn AvrLnnnuvrti s Carting briefly the object of the meeting. Acting Mayor Smith of Rapid City Pierre, April 11. The state Land De pended. The assembly voted a . w, 1 OXSCKTUWtJ - was Introduced and dieMvered a shott , nwohuion of iTiir inflrninin iiirinuii nam - - address, staging to the visiting cattle tJ Han Freeman Knowles for Int AlVltnluMJiMJUNAL DHiilv mw jBfttr people ..t-W-4t -eH4 THTBranlpeTjr rr theef- toon to -hare been eh lipped to Ma-iflafor the consumption of the Ameni-in army at that place. u Under MiliU ry Law Tta. III, April 11. Special. The jjsejjuDdeverytMng Is l"kt today. The stores have, reopen-but ttttle business has been done ' excitement over the tragedy of d&y refuses to subside. No fur- trouble is anticipated while the lW m "here, and Governor Tanner wtlfled the heriff that the troops "HI stay w long as the latter feels that presence to necessary. partmenit ia taking advantage of cancellations in the various land districts of ee-tete- to- .ecTOft-ih.flronjinjL land yet due the state on grants from the general government. In this manner some good land is to be secured. the department has Just filed on 14,653 acres in the Aberdeen district, the tracts being scattered alt ever that district, some of them being located tn every section of the county, flcial report of the war of the rebellion, to be spread upon the minutes of the meetings, and to be delivered to Mr. Knowles. After the meeting the members of the newly elected board and a number of thelT admirers repaired to a banquet graunea over' tneair presence, ana assuring them that they were welcome. Chauncey Wood, the attorney for the association, was next listened to, while he spoke upon "The Objects of the Association." John Clay, Jr., of the firm of Clay, Robinson & Co., live stock commission Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895. $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 te'WJons being made in every county of the district. Chief Juitice Field Dead. Washington, D. C April 11. Spec All hall where there is an v'.ennnf! supply of sawdu-t on the floor, and an hour or such a matter was passed very plfcas antly with refreshments and cigars. There were a number of toasts, and the Boss Croker of the association was the lion of the hour. He was hugely complimented upon his excellent generalship, and upon his precision and execution. Although there was some hard work done on both sidw to secure the election of candidate, and a number were Branches of Banking Business Transacted. JaI Ex-Chief Justice Field of the Nancy Guilford Pleads Guilty frttepoit, Conn., Aprfl 11. Special. Nancy Guilford pleaded gnilty to-V to manslaughter for Jie killing of OUL Prosecutor Fessenden H" to accept the plea, in order to " Mother trial, the fin trtai having j1 to disagreement of the Jury. " wt ccordnnjriy pronounced sen- United States supreme court died Sun day night after a severe illness, start- in with s. cold that was contracted men, and owners of herds in different parts of the country, spoke, and Mr. Pax ton of the South Omaha Stok Yards company was called upon for a speech, but excused fcdmeeK. An address was also listened to from James Dahlman The reports of the various commit tees were heard and adopted, and the election of officers was then proceeded to. This resulted In the re-el e 'tiou of all of the officers who had serred for the past year, as follows: President, Charles K. Howard, Rapid City. Vice president, H. J. Dawson, Pine Ridgo Indian Agency. Treasurer and secretary, Frank M. Stewart, Buffalo Gap. On the executive committee W. D. Driskill of Sjearflsh was substituted about two weeks ago. m, cowpiea with the trouble resulting from his ex "f 0I the -woman this afternoon, DRAFTS ISSUED mm CMm, Mastta, HavSM, Prts Itlcs, Africa, Esglsnfl, Francs, QerMnv mm4 all Paris sf fhs Woritl, at Iswasl awrfcaf rata. COLLECTIONS mass carsfslly ass accawRtatJ for proiaptljf. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers treme old age, produced his death. Judge Field was over 82 years old and he bad serve! on the . supreme Bench of the United States longer than responsibility or collaterals any other man. Since his retirement fmm tha Aimrecne court in 1897, after disappointed by the defeat of their favorites, the election nevertheless passed without a single ruffle, and hard feelings were not thought of. The new board takes the wheel of administration wtfcth the assured co-operation of every member of the association, and will be supported in the effort to keep the association what it has always been. "the will serve ten years In the pen-Bftlary. , ' . ' u Another Millionaire Home Bums. "j ,. April ll.-6pecial.-W. JiaderbiK'a magnificent country V " We Grove, Long Island, was "jtlifa morning, and s a complete - P Was injured. " u . thirty-four years of service, his condi IE,' DISTEVOTIVEIiT -A. TTTT9 tion has at times alarmed bis friends, k., m wrmWful vitality has over- I HOME for A. J. Day, also of Spearflsh. IS u. uij r -- corns all the .disabilities of age, and hoiurh feeble of late years, he has and Individuals The programs for the regular spring Accounts of Banks, Corporations solicited. round-ups were adopted, and were $ Protest. since his retirement enjoyed fairly good health. Oorreapondenoe Xxi.xrl'te3. about th Fame as those followed last yeir, in the matter of the time of start ine and foremen of respective ranges. WHEIN TRAVBLJNO, Whether on pleasure best or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as W. acta most pleasantly and ef- i . vtma rd his (retirement two It is estimated that the attendance ,.,h.mHM wtM hav. bee-i'larger ' feoCuaBy on the kidneys, ttvw and DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. JOHHTBEBER. JJCD. C. Ajwil il.-Spec-jT Qnna aribassador, Von TT "rtered formal protest BUry1 Hay agiirit theilMtaJ- Halkftoa as king of Samoa, wn1can and Brttteh gorern-2 t vTiolattan aoa ll7 1llct requires unity of A VUV MIH" " years ago he had been tn bad health t;or, pome time, hut bin am bit ion to serve on the supreme bench longer than Chief Justice Marshal had Induced him to refuse, retirement, although on past the legal age, until after his th.n t w nw-funVa hundred persons bowels, preventing fevers, headaches. S had il not been for the hlgi waters ! HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrasMaaL BEN BAEn, Vies rraai-aw. apd other forms of sickness. For sale in 6Qb.eent bottles by all leading druggists. Manufactured by the OaiUornia llg Srnro comipanj only. SELBIE, Cashier. of the Belle Fourcbe and Cheyenne rivers, which made t Impossible for term had exceeded that of the first jorrnju,nnrirrinnii"r - many ctockmen to come tn. x tta aam action te London. I chdef Justice.

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