The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 11, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1899
Page 7
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iTHE AILY PIONEER TIMES, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 11,1899. PR0P08AL8 FOR PRINTING SUPREME j COURT REPORTS. I (Frawley & Laffey, Attorneys.) SUMMONS. siture. wrlf-K OF .. .nJ whom It ed proposal tor printing, binding and sel- or South Dakota, County of Law- ling all supreme court repsrta published j rence, SB. for the period beginning with Uie date . . . . " , hereof and ending October Ist.ltfO. at In ium ". I NartJian Cole-oertatn rate per volume to be stated in man, jugbioe of Hie peace. . .eren new. (R. C. Hayes, Atty.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Urban Gutting, deceased Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, Daniel Gutting, administrator of the estate of Urban Gutting, deceased, to the credftors of, and all persons having claims against the sail deceased to exhibit them with the neo essary vouchers within six months at- W v-recy notified ttat 1 h " jToS ,v!r jjd improvements, tw VA.nrs (a0 00) -pon the Saaaw. f-Lj dollar wlA. -i.tai. .u. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Alex Peterson and John WuooeM You are Informed that we have spend In labor and Improvement apoa the Silver Queen. Ground Hog, Ground Hog Nubs bera 2, 3, 4 and 5 lodes or mialag claim situated In Bear Butte mining district I Lawrence county, South Dakota, at lea $100 per year upon each of said claims to the year 1898. All of wuich was done to the purpose of holding the said claims o lodes under thep rovistous of Section 2S24 Revised Statutes of the United State, an acts amendatory thereto, the perlo ending lecember Slat, 1898, and there due from you thereon the sum of $33, ' upon eack of said claims, ur 3200.00 la all said proposal, not exceeding tne mazimum panl te,w:man Diainiiff price fixed by law ($3.00 per volume) in ; ""lu' i""-""'"- NOtlCE OF FORFEITURB. To Lueetta Hlldreth and Leon Godfrey and to whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that I have ex pended la labor and improvements the aura of one hundred (J100) upon the Blacktal fraction lode claim situated in Blacktall gulch In Whltewood mining district, Law, rence county, S. D.. In order to hold sals Blacktall fraction lode for th year 1898 under the provisions of section 2324 of th Revised Statute of the United Statu, being the amount required to hold said lode. if, within ninety (90) days of the aerrle of this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute as co-oner your portion of said expenditure on said claim, your interest la said Hlacktall fraction claim will become the property of the subscriber, under salO section 2324. vs. jnd subbern divide between lilacktall u 1 08 v cbe, In White wood misting true un- accordance with Chapter 156, Session laws of 1893, as amended by an act approved March th,1899, entitled "An Act to Amend Sections Six, Eight and Ten, Chapter 156 of Session Laws of 1893, in relation to the letting of contracts for publishing the Supreme Court Reports of the State of Sontr Jane I)oe Van Wagenou, whose christian name Ls to plaintiff known, defendant To the above named defendant: I t Awrenoe county, bouto Dat. kold one-fc-inh (1-4) inter! "'wJ i for the yews of 1897 and 1898 L!2 Mr each yar) under the pro- C t'ae first publication of this notice. 17 1L. in 2324 Revised Statute In the name of the State qf Souiiri to the said Danfel Gutting, at the office Dakota." Said proposals shall be addrt-e.i You are hereby notified that If within '. ed to the Secretary of State and marked Dakota, you are hereby commanded to rroposai ior ruousmng oupreme wmi 1m1 , , . , Reports," and will be opened at the office 'ind aPPar before the undersigned CHRISTIAN OODFRBY. SI being the amount reulrC "f,Wo.e-?ogKh (1-4, interest lu 10 for the above mentioned years. ninety days of the ferric P14 'Mine you fall or reus to eontri- ner your part of said interest t vour -art of saf d interest la of Robert C. Hayes, Lee street. City of Deadwood, In the county of Lawrence, South Dakota. Dater at Deadwood, S. D., Feb. 28. 1899. (First ImI.Ic of the Secretary of Slate on Tueeday May one of the Justices of the peiwe In and mi) l. w ?Li T7, J.,, ,k ,1, otJ,tAUM- said county, on the 31st day of Each bidder shall deposit with the State Treasurer the sum of Five Hundred Dol-i Ma..' . A. D. 1899, at 2 o'clock in the ninety (JO) days from service of this no ttce you fail io contribute your portion each endlture as co-owner with the un derslgned during each of the years above mention, your interest in said claims will become the pi-operty ct the subscribe! your co-owner, vtHo has made the require expenditures an required by said Section 2224. STEP-HEN B. SHAKPE. MARY E. SHARPK. (First Publk-atlon Jin. 8, 186.) (John K DANIEL GUTTING. lars l.etore making his proposal, to be for- aft nioon of said day at my office at ..,..,1 ... .1... i., .,.,.. , hall T, n i r1? r. will become the property ol tne U?JnL saH sectlro 2324 "Ii .V. 'orney. ) KKHI I lilts. l-.ivMvn. Cjunty, NOTM'K I In County Coin: Administrator of Instate oi .-.ieu ni siir ill i cot utr outi " vj . , , make a contract according to such proposal m .saul county, to answer to mcnwi john UNUisn-Ku. (Flrf- Publioa'.lon Jan. 4, M99. St acceptud and according to the require- tne ;ilM,ve nariKnl plaintiff in a civil ac 1 i ll. i n ( !',it i me.. 1 1,., t -, , (First Pub. March 1. 1S99.) nients or law, anu suan taKe a receipt iroui tk)Ii f,,,. ,he re,)Very f ?10 00 aa a bal I he treasurer and detoit the same with his South Dakota 'n tho matter of the f-ta! of K Child, deceased: .a T. proposal, and uuon entering into the con nt dlid owir.o ?nn defendant to -nTirE OF LEASTS. ul" , .v.,, h Roll 48 her NOTICE OF LJ3ASE. Notice ls hereby given that the Dakol Maid Mining c-ripany. a corporation, na Notice im ana un uiuib NOTICE OF ELECTION. tract aforesaid or upon the proposal belug plain: iff for eletric light, coal and rejected the said sum shall be returned . . , , i , i No bid will be cousidertd unices accom-; sl'r" ' - flushed plain ft de-panled by euch receipt. The sueoessfLi fen km t at defendant's -pedal instance kVi". nu the east ferk of Spruce leased uuto several different parties the blot southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of the Ugiltre m.trial for use up bidder shall at once enter into a contract and request, fo. whicn defendant prom with the slate to nuhlish deliver and I n oerformlng -labor tlwreea Dakota Maid lode mining claim in Straw berry gulch. Lawrence county. South Dakr. ta. All parties furnishing material for ua TIL notified that the Mien M keep for sale in accordance with Chapter lei. and agreed to pay plaintiff, and F uirns will not be reaponsiuie m fcor u-Uhed at the 1. upon said Dakota Maid Mining claim, or 15ti. Laws of 1893, as amended, March 6, that inle ,s you 9-, a: i ear and answer, 1899, the said Supreme Court Reports Of . , . . ,, , , . . south Dakota, and shall at the time of the saj'1 Plawtdff will take Judgment making such contract execute and file with again:-" you for forty dollars, attorney's perlormlng labor thereon, are hereby nou fled Uiat the owner ot said mining cialr will cot be responsible tor any -'erlal o CoiiiK-il Chamlxr, Dead-wood, S.R April 3, 1899. Notice is hereby given that the annual municipal elexnion of the city of Deadwood, Soultih Dakota, will be held on Tueeday, the 18th day of April, A. D., 1899, for the election of the following officers of said oity, for the ensuing terms, viz: Two aldermen from First ward, one for a term of one year to fill the va the State Treasurer a bond in the penal NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned cxeei.toi of the last, will and test! meat of Edwin T. Child, de-ee;uod. to the creditors of and all persons having cliims against said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within clx months after the publication of this notice, to the said executor at the office of Cue & Edmonds, in the Syndicate block, Dead' wood, Lawrence County, South Dakota. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, this 9th da," of March! A D. 1899. WILLIAM W. CHILD. Executor (First Pub, March 1(L 1899.) fees and cwts of this aooon. . H. A. TORT AT. lWr8t Publication. Die. 85. 1898.) labor furnished at the lnsta.. of any ol Given under my hand 'his 25th day ,f March, 1'399, NATHAN COLEMAN, Justice of the Peace. the lessee. Dated Strawberry Gulch, Lawrence eoun ty. South Dakota, August 13th, 198. DAKOTA MAID MINING CO., Gwne; . By Joseph King. Pre NOTICE OF LEASE. NOTICE -OF FORFEITURE, u Lin Walker , Selma Meesuer. and to wS? of Wbert Gay. deceased, and to claiming under them: sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) conditioned to fulfill such contract In evey particular, with at least two sufficient sureties, residents of this state, to be approved by the Secretary of State. The right to reject any and all bids Is hereby reserved. Specifications may be had upon application to the Secretary of State. WILLIAM H. RODDLE, Secretary of State. Pierre, S. D., March 10, 1899. 3-16-w The ;ime for defendant's appearance ' hereby notinw inm cancy caused by the resignation of Dan I .j trnnoo is laDor anu huijijh I ' .v.! ,iinwin mining claims. iu the above case and tAe trial thereof llu ";: ik, and the Pbroala O'Connell, and one for two yeans to fill vacancy caused by expiration of Lrit: Tne on- - T7...taA n ttlfi on is postponed until May 20, 1899, at 2 p. jno., in order to obtain service of the rid mines being situatea To whom it may conoern Take Notlc That the Survivor and Jumbo claims s! uated on the east fork of Spruce guh are being worked under lease and that Uu undersigned owners will sot be responsible for any labor performed or materia term of James Meyers. Cw-i slope or tneepiau.. p . - mlnlni aistnci, for tach of fact owny.. 1897 an 1898, in i (Edwin Van Clse, 1895, 1896 L8b, Attornev.) SALE BY AC One alderman from hte Seoond ward. One alderman from the Third ward. One alderman from the Fourth ward. One trettsurw of the board of edu eummona on defendant by publication thiF day ordered. Iate March 31, 1899. NATHAN COLEMAN. .1 tit ice of the Peace. '".Ton furnlskd upon said premises, "ld.c,.alm" J. W. ALLEN. f the United . 1 J .K A NOTirrc OF SHERIFF'S TION. ' .ir, statutes r. . bold Pa;ur ' ,k amount reoulred U, AARON DUNN, (First Publication pec. 30. 11 18.) State of South Diikota. County of Law- De.,U6.: ...ILur December 31 cation. fence. In circuit Court. F-ighih Judicial Circuit. Mary .lane Youngs, plain! iff the y.i aforesaid. Yo the W - .. -j uni,r have One mem ber of the school board Li Inhn WalKer auu - -- Ltt contribute your share toward. from the First ward. Sith Hulloek. Hector Wilheliny (o, Wil One member of the school board & expenditure for tne year j CL, si 1898 and the heirs of Albert N' at .rih.,t their shares I'KOl'USALS FOR BONDS. The Auditor nf I.wrence County, South Dakota, invites sealed proMa!j up to May for the purchase of $140,000 of its bonds described as fullows: from the Second ward. liam c. Kingsley. Julia A. Woolev, Laura J Hi 'owning. Merchant National Hank of Dead w ool. Kdwarri Relili y , assignee, and Sol Star, defendants. The Lady of the Hoauae. "Tbe lady of the house," onoe esteemed a highly polite and conciliatory form of address, is now, said a city dweller, "ancient aud obsolete with those who pursue business by modern method lu advance practice tbe custom is uow to address tbe lady cf the house by name, a method vaFtly uior impressive aud one susceptible of varied application ThnKan establishment with which we already have relatione send out u new circular, and this is left ,".t the door by a man who sayi not 'for th lady of tlio bouse, ' but 'the So-and-so sends this to Mia Blank.' This beats 'the lady of the house' ont of sight aud marks the refiunmunt of modern methods of doing things. " New York Sua. rh expendlte for the years endinr One mcrolier of the school board Lber 31, of ea-n oi uie from tne Third ward. Date Ju'y 1. 1899, payable !n twenty years nitb privilege of paying after ten him and 1898. . day t One memlx-r of the school board I i F:awley & Laffey, attorneys.) SUMMONS. State of South DaJxota, Eighth Judicial Circuit, ss. In the Circuit Court in and for Law- rtiiie County. Gus Keller, Plaintiff, vs. Joseph Henzie, Defendant. THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA SEND!', GREETING: To Joseph Henzie. defendant: You are hereby summoned and re from the Fourth ward. W the service or i-ms uohlC dbute your portion of such expend- t?.. ..owners, your intent In said One memlie.r of the school board alt tlwttl wonr fthe property of the sub large. Cinder sectian 2324 of sUd statutes w ., 1 AVI V years. Denominations $1,000 earn Interest f per cent, per annum, semi annually, principal atid interest, payable New York. Object of issue, to refund the balance remaining outstanding of an issue of $375,-VO0. 10 per rent, bonds due July 1. 1899. The county halving heretofore retired $235,-OMI nt said is,ue. Witness my hand ami oflli ial stal this JHh day of March, 1S'.!. .(.Seal.) W. A. Zl.NK, County Audi lor. The following places have been dee-wl by the city council as reg-U NOTICE IS HEKE1IY OIVEN, That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure anil Kale in the above entitled action on Ihe-jth day ol March, A. 1).. IMH'.i. and an execution issued iiM)ii said Judgment, the subscriber. Matt IMunkett, Sheriff of Lawrence County, State of South Dakota, for (bat purpiwte appointed, will sell at public auction at Ihe front door of the court house, in the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, on Wednesday the 2Gth day of April, 1899, at 10 o, clock in the forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premises, situate in the County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, and directed In said Judgment and Execution to be sold, and (First Publication Jan. Li, 1899.) tiatlon and polling places, and the following persons as boards of registration and Judges of election of their re SOnCE OF rOHFEITUHE. fcPatnr Neiltin axd to n'hom 1 World's Lars-rat Workhoait, The largest workhouse in the world is at Liverpool, where the workhouse spective wards, viz: fcamcern: First ward polling place Hose pa !are hereby notUfled that I have quired to answer the oompladnit of Gus Keller, plaintiff, which will be filed in the onVe of the clerk of the Circuit Court within and for said Lawrence i Counity, at Deadwood, South Dakota, and serve a copy of your answer on the subscribers, at their offce in the city ot Ieadwood, South Dakota, within thir vilion. has accommodation for no fewer than 6,000 minutes It is Dot, however, often filled, as only half of its many dor heded In labor and improvements therein described as follows: The southwest quarter of the southwest Jodgee-Iames Foley, W. B. Ander iudred dollars (100) on ea li ot son and Joe Schwtng. NOTICE OF LEASE. To whom it may concern: TAKE NOTICE. That the Omaha lode Two Bit district, has this day been leased to George H. Stevens and Ben H. Welch and that the undersigned owners will not be responsible for any labor performed or material furnished upon said lode. Wkwing miinding claims, tiwit: mitories are occupied by the permanent pauper renideuts. There are occasions. Second ward polling place Syndl luaee fraction, Harrison lode quarter, of section eighteen (18), in township five (5), north of range four (4), east B. H. M.. containing forty (40) acres, in Lawrence County, South Dakota, or so much lliereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment and costs, amounting in all to Three Hundred and Forty-six (346) dol- ' cate block, Lee street. ty dayts after the service of this sum Lij lode, Wall lode, Morton lode W situate on False Bottom, Ida Judges James Rogers, John Glick- mows, exclusive of the day of service Quartz Mining district. Lawrence or the plaintiff will take Judgmen CHAR R. EVAN'S, CHAS. H. LEWIS, F. J. WASHABAUQH, December 14. 1898. Owners. auf and Green Ervin. Third ward polling place Oity Hall , South Dakota, to order to hold against you for four hundred dollars, lars and ninety (90) cents, with interest thereon from the date of said Judgment and all accruing costs of sale. J Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, March such as a labor strike, if long continued, which cause it to fill up rapidly, and then it provos none too big for tbe re quirements of the union. Liverpool has a large number of poor, but it is specially munificent in its charities. Of these the chief are the Blueooat hospital, maintaining and educating 850 children; tbo Orpbsu asylum, the Seamen's Orphan asylum in Newsbam park, containing about 400 boys and an Judges John Mansfield. Samuel with interest at the rate of 7 per cent cairns under the provtadtoos of sec 824, Reviaed Statutes of tihe Unit Cushman and J. T. Glllmore. per arnutm from February 17, 1899 Fourth ward polling place Sherman law, tetog the amoumlt required to besides costs. hotel. NOTICE OF LEA8E. To Whom these Present may Concern. We the undersigned ave this day lease the Waggoner and the Oro Bella lodes an mining claim situated on Hoodo ruleh. 1 Datwd Deadwood, S. D.p March 16, 1'5. 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County EDWIN VAN CISE. Plaintiff's Attorney. (First Puplieatlon, Mar J6.) M to same tor the year 1898. 'lad, a irttliin ninety days of the sier Judges John Ickee, H. With am and J. C. Stout. equal number of girls ; schools for the VcftUa notios you fall or refuse to er Butt mining district, Lawrenc 38. FRAWLEY ft LAFFEY. Plaintiff's 'Attorneys To the defendant above named: The boards of registration will meet blind and tbe deaf and dumb, industri County, South. Dakota, to John P. Pluakett Ptttte, as co-own c, your interest taJats will beoome the property al schools, and a uomber of hospital. (John R. Wilson. Attorney.) London Tit-Bits John Hahr and J asses McKelvey, and du notlc is hereby given that we will not b responsible for any labor performed, material. r moplUB tarnished, or for othe A. ii v I A aanllkfl at their respective piolMng places on the 1th day of April, 1899, at 9 o'clock a. m., and make a registry of the legal NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY Pleas, take notice that the summons and oomplaviut in the above entitled caee were filed in ttjne office of the clerk ACTION. State of South Dakota, County of ahl Law I Switserlauad. If a child iu Switzerland does hot at debt contracted by said lessee In the op t rati on ot Mid mining claims. voters of their respective wards. They I FRJ2D BROOK ER. WILLIAM BROOKER. (Ptr Pub. April 4, 1&99-) of the above entitled court on March Dated August 26, 189&. BARBARA WAGGONER will meet again on Tuesday, Aprdt 11, 1899, at 8 o'clock a. m., to complete In Circuit Court, Blgnth Judicial Cir tend school on a particular day, the parent gets a notice from the public authority that he is fined so many franos. The second day the fine ii increased, said registry, and on this day will re ( 0TICB Or LBABE. FRANK HALTER, DEADWOOD ft DELA WARM SMELTING CO EDWIN R. COLLIN. 1C. 1899, in Deadwood, S. D. FRAWLEY & LAFFEY, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Firot Pub. March 17, 1899.) main In swfwlon until (8) eight o'clock p. m. of said day. h hereby drea that the "Thus i" Mining company( a corporation, sa into K. B. Van Hon "' Wal Brraa. a nart 4 th 'Asohor" The polls will be open continually and by the third day the amount becomes a serious one. In caw of sickness the pupil is excused, but if there be any suspicion of shamming a doctor is sent If the suspicion proves to be well found - upon the day of election from nine (9) tini claim, Lot No 1S8. situated ta NOTICE OF LEASE. Notice Is hereby given that 25 feet NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. Notice is hereby glrnthat the an Butts mining district, Lawreno o'clock a. m: until four (4) o'clock p. cuit: Mary E. Oasey, plaintiff, vs. John C. Clanceyaad Hannah Oberg, defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. T hat by virtue of a Judgment of ForcTwure and Sale ta the above entitled action on the 4th day of April, A. D. 1899, and an execuiCion issued upon said Judg merit, the subscriber. Matt. Plunkeit. nual meeting of tbe 01yp4 associa eiL,.tha,rairejet. js reqg ired ta, py4b ateB;-Abe-wrt-ldeie-tHTiofTir"Iiarr 0 Wrtlss furnishing 'lnaterlatf for -m4- cost of the doctor s visit. Auditor of tile City of Deadwood. (Seal.) tion will be held at the club rooms on Tuesday evening, Apris 11, 1899, at of the Belle Eldrldge mining claim on the east fork of Spruce Gulch has been 8:30 o'clock, at which time the associa The Bead I th Road. 1 don t count death anything. It's the subleased to E. P. Hadly and assoc m aw Claim or performing labor Wr ' ' "i Weby notified that th owner f tolas kum will not b respooalht 'or ntrlal or labor furnlsheO st th t toy of th leases, laulda Hinlag Company, Owicr. U - V. R. CARPENTER, IT Jood, 8. D., December 16. Itia tion will elect a board of seven direct iates. All parties furnishing material main traveled road. Death is not the BOND ELECTION. Whereas, the contract of the city of end of thi road ; it'i only a bend aronud for use upon said claim or performing shetlff of Lawrenee County, and State labor thereon are hereby notified that ors and perform such other business as may come before the meeting. (SEAL.) H. A. CABLE, Secreary. March 27. 1899. Deadwood for furnishing a rjpply of water for the use of 8tid city will ex the lessee of said mining claims will which people pass out of our tight Death is only au incident. Man ia a bard thing to kill He can't be killed. A drop of water cannot be destroyed. When energy goes irom here, it persist pire June 30, 1899, and whereas, The not be responsible for any material or labor furnished at the Instance of any city will be without an adequate supply ot the lessees. water upon the tjerrrtinatiiin of said ISAAC DOWNING, Lessee. (First Pub. Mar. 8, 1899.) of South Dakota, for that purpose appointed, will sell at public auction at the front door of the Court House in the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence and State of South Dakota, on Monday, the 8th day of May, 1899, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of thru, day, the real estate and mortgaged premises' situate In the County off Lawrence and State of South Dakota, and directed in said Judgment and Execution to be sold and therein described as follows: contract, and whereas, it appears to the city council tfhat ft in necessary to pro I fOTICl OP FORFEITURE. HlUa 'WlMams." as administrator CTsoma U McKlnnon, and ?tri. representative and assigns J1 U McKlnnon, deceased, and to ?oicern: kby noUflsd that I hare ex- iSir8 th 1898 on hundred JP-W)) In labor and ImprmencnU ""Nlefcl Plata Na 4" lode and .Vr' ""ted In Two Bit Basin, I JJlalng district, Lawrenee eoun- Dttota. In order ta hold said o th provisions ol seoUos 1324 . atVUed Statute n ,. T1nlut (Martin ft Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE. State of South Dakota, County cf Law rence. In Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. Bank of Spearfish, Plain-tiff, vs. Ragged Top Gold Mining Co., Defendant. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That by cure a supply of pure water for the use of the oity for domestic and o:h-j- pur NOTICE OF LEASE. To all Dartles performing labor or fur poses, therefore, be t nlshlng material upon the Mormon Chi Resolved, By the city council that Led, Lot 139: takb NOTICE: That said claim is be virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and the following proposition be submitted in ttlA AtlVOA cntltlAd ftitlnn . Oil thS tlsewbere. Myron W. Reed II'k Bllaa Par Her. Mrs. Wicklins You and your hna-band and Mr and Mrs. Caddslej seem to be very g' xi friends. Mrs. Dinipleton Yes. Yon see, Mr. Cadil.-ltfy ami I lined lo be engaged. Mrs. Wicklius But I don't nader-stand why that fact should make yua enjoy each other's society now. Mt. Dinipleton Well, of course, I can't tipeak for him, but be married a woman who is at least five years older than I am and not half as good looking, if 1 do say it myself. You don't Lnow what a comfortable feeling take possession of me when we are togetner and I see him glancing first ta her direction nd then in mine. Cleveland Leader. . . . .4 ; . i J 1 A . I. 1 1 v-I ' ju ujkjiv'iwu uue-iuuiiu iulcitoi ju uie 22d day of March, A. V.. 1899. ana an exo- lng worked under leas and that the under signed ottiert will not be responsible to any labor performed or material furnish upon said premises. Phronia and Bessie lodes or mining cution issued upon said Judgment, me subscriber. Matt Plunkett, Sheriff of Law I J?Tln annual labor upon mln-UmT'. , the amount required to vti . tor th period ending Deli fcJrAf' 1898 : 4 " wl0 ninety claims, an undivided two-fifth (2-6) lo rence County, State of Sou nth Dakota, for terest in and to the Dalton lode or min- that purpose appointed, will sell at public HENRT tiBUSSENBACH, Owner. ing claim, an undivided one-third (1-3) to the qualified electors of the city of Deadwood to be voted upon at the annual election to be held In said city on the 18th day of April, 1899: Shall the city of Deadwoou incur an indebtedness and issue its bonds in tn sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or so much thereof as may be ne. e-sary, bearing interest at noi exceeding six (6) per cent per annum, to furnish a supply of pure water for the use Ji interest In and to the McAtane lode or auction at me rroni aoor oi ine couri house, in the City of Deadwood, County of Lawrence, and State of South DakoU, on Monday, the E4th day of April, 1899, at 1) o'clock in the forenoon of that day, tbe real estate and mortgaged premises, situate in the County of Lawrence, and State i m T" w uius awn, wZJ2 u e tribute yonr por-h.rMlltaM eo-awaw. yur tt. said claim will become th WHJerrtgTMd. your oo-own- "r andtur i taid. seotloa "'JOHN ' WALKER, VvCar of Kama Mason, . DeadwooJ. 8. D. OiTT! IX. Jaa ' ta lea mining claim, all of said mining claims being situated In Sheeptall gulch, Whitewood quart mining district, NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Thomas L. McKlnnon, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Thomas L. McKlnnon, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased. Lawrence countty. South Dakota, and JuJf.ment ud ElecuUoa to be sold, and iwiwmr - sciEimHc tnerein described as. follows: being more fully and particularly de- 'IPU.. " """anon, Jan, scribed in the Location Certificates ix. un.) The "Iva," "Gossan," "Iva Fraction," "Gossan Fraction" lodee, all situated tt Kapgi-d Top, Lawrence County, South Ba seid ofty for domestic and oher purposes. And be kt further Resolved, that an election is hereby thereof duly recorded, or eo much there NOTICE OF LEASE. of as may be sufficient to satisfy said iTiimmippcec THTETT-yTTTH TIAB. j ilJk. 7a J 24 Pages t Weekly' I THustraUd. INDISPENSABLE ke ta. To the location certincates of which lrries reference ls made for a more particular di ascription of said lodes, or so much ordered as provided by an act of the to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to 4 Ten th Two ?Cl,ft(V corporation, hat .W a0' B. 8am Morrow J"4 Star 25? aod A. P. Garrett. thereof as mar be sufficient to satisfy said legislature of South Dak OlO, approved March 3, 1899, for the purpose of sub Judgment and Costs, amounting In all t the said administrator at the office of Judgment and costs, amoumlng in all to four hundred and twenty-nine ($429) dollars and ten (10) centos, with interest thereon from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of sale Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, April 5, 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. JOHN R. WILSON, FlaferUire Atty. (First Pub". April . 1899.) I Nine Thousand, six Hundred and -Mnety-three (J9.69J.) and fourteen (14) cents, with Interest thereon from the date of said Judgment, and all accruing costs of sale. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota. March 23. 1899. ' MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. Ric & Policy In the Syndicate block In the city of Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence. Dated at Deadwood March 6, 1899. WILLIAM WILLIAMS. Admlnierxfttor ot the Estate o mitting said proposition to a vote of the qualified electors erf the city ot Deadwood to be held on Tuesday, the 18th day of April. 1899. . Approved April 3. 1893. , 80L STAR. Mayor. Attest: W. A. ICKES, City Aaditor. (Seal) TO MINING MEN. $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID, asro'roa S-anrLs oorr. JIBIDiG SdentilJC PRESS 130 iLiixrr.rr, iai reAvascc cax. . a Un wuo uu m pan oa '5 K'"1"1 1 Btrawbec- 'tunEuS"- 800111 W!1 rLrtonnlng labor there. Lu'lSI1- Wnslbl n Not. a, t :, Thomas L. McKlnnoe, deeeased. icu)OJAAjb Plaintiff's Attorneys- (First PUDUcauon, aaarco J. ki (first Pubi lOrUS)

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