The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 11, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEB TIMES, TUESDAY MOBNIKG, APBIL 11,1899. trass Hot Springs la anticipating a better at He will be an Important factor. "Honesty is the THE 0EAD.W0OD rPI0HEER Visions of a week's board at the Bui BSTABUSHJCR JVNB I, 1S7S. lock aa the price of his vote have van- trade this coming summer than it has known lor years, and the business men and cJtisens generally are making elaborate preparations. J KEYSTONE. Ished. While there is nothing the THE BUCK HILLS TIMES, cHevcr was a. more pointed Pioneer-Times enjoys eo much as healthy scrap, it will willingly forego saying put into print, and Easter week opened gloomy and cold the gratification of its desires thi yet to be honest only be- ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1OT. THE OAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14. 1897. CASH TALKS but notwithstanding there was a really fine display of hats and gowns. cause tt is poitcy ts a poor year for the savage pleasure there is in seeing the disappointed rounders and grafters. The nominations made Frank Graham returned from Alaska kind of honesty. Better and will stay at home now. change " policy " to "prin PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO by the First ward caucus for aldermen Miss Blanche Dickson of Terry is ciple" and the 'world will and member of the school board Satur here to visit her sister, Mrs. Will Mor We have got the goods and want your trade. ton. day ewming leaves nothing more to Ching Arnold and Geo. Bale passed be desired in the way of candidates TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday On Year $10 00 U Months 6 00 One Month 1 00 through town on their way to Custer from that ward, and it ytsaot likely like you better. In the medical world there is one medicine honest for principle's sake and that is Hood's Sarsaparilla. and back. o that any other nominees will be mailt WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. we Mrs. Poterfleld arrived this week to Come and see us, will treat you right. One Year 2 00 Mx Months , 1 00 Mr. I'nrah has made an active, efficient member of the school board and spend the summer with her sioter, Mi'-Henry Pool. It ia the specific of the age fur all blood troubles. The liver, kidnevs and Mrs. J. Lamport of Hill Oity visited Entered as Second-Class Matter at th his re-election will be satisfactory all over the city. Irons and Sen wing bowels are all toned in bv its action as with her daughter, Mrs. Kay el, one day Deadwood Postofflce. Ayres & Warflman Hardware Cij have each served terms in the counci this week. a cleanser and thus good health ensues. It never (lisniuinl,s. Mr. Albert Evans, a druggist who and have given satisfaction. in the In the Chicago mayocility fignt Mr. formerly lived in the Hills, has return Fourth ward the populist and repub Alteeld wai oniy a tertium quid. Ant: ed and established himself here. lican committeemen have united on a Altgeld la Alt-silter, too. Abe Bolan of Rapid Cilly is putting up a new and substantial building call for a nominating caucus to be held at the court house tomorrow evening. Col. Bryan, In hla capacity as grand which he expects to occupy as a hay and grain store. trenarch to the Jeffereonlan protagon ists, naa proved mat peace nam vic The Stone-Fayel store ds being en BLACK HILLS DIGEST. Scrofula-" After 2(1 years of suffering with a cancerous sore on her nose and having it removed by jli sii ianti, my mother Is happy for being completely cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It took II hottles to accomplish it. Her face is smooth, no scar." Miss K. A. Stokes, KppiiiK, N. H. "The statement of my daughter is exact. Joseph Stokes, Kpping, N. II. Malaria-" I was very low with malaria. My doctor did not help nie and scolded because I would not stop wurk. Took Hood's Sarsaparilla and got sound and well. Can eat, sleep and work well." Mrs. Ji'lia Stocking, Bath, N. Y. Eczema - " My mother's face was covered wlthjczema, face, hands and feet were swolifti. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured her. We keep It on hand and recommend It highly ." Rkv. E. E. Jenkins, 407 Governor Street, Evansville. Ind. 8ick HaadaoHa " I am now ? sin tories much greater than any he ever larged to some extent; its present quar fp2 ters being somewhat crowded for their achieved at the head of bJs Nebraska mmense business. regiment FIRST NATIONAL BANK WHITEWOOD. Will Highley and Harry Vroman left The Black Hills Telephone company the fore part of the week for Wood is placing instruments In the business houses, residences and mills this week. Lake for a short duck hunt Daniel Webster used to declare to every am bl Clous youth of hia acquaintance that Ithere was "plenty of room at Rev. Beard, who has 'been In charge DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 The main office and switch are still to remain in the hands of John Fall. of the Presbyterian church at White- Howard Kenyon of Cripple Creek, wood for several years, left with his I was 8 years old I suffered constantly with impure blood, biliousness atid sick- head the top." There probably is yet, though the young men of today are all who was in the Hills on mining busi family Thursday evening for Warrens- ness, came over from the railroad and burg, Mo., where Mrs. Beard WJ1 re aches until I took Hood s Sarsaparilla by doctor's advice. I owe my life to it." Klvia A. Ki'mkill. t'laremont. N. II. 8totnach Trouble - Two years suffer spent a day with W. D. Parker of the ceive treatment for rheumatism. DIRECTORS: (). J. SALISBURY, T. J. GRIER.P. E. SPAHKS, u. a. Mcpherson. 1'. A. G I' S HURST Holy Terror-Key stone company. The Plaindealer says an extra from ing huh siomacn trouble made me weak. run aown, witn severe headaches. Life A mistake occurred in our last wriU'- the east on the Elkhorn road ran into was a nuraen to me until I took Hood s Sarsaparilla which cured me. It makes my a bunch of horses about a mile east of p in the name of Mr. Lintz who was OFFICERS: struggling to get In on the ground floor. o At last the rival Jeffersonian dinners have settled alt least one of their differences. One party, we forget which, has agreed to surrender the 19th of April and go back to the 15tli, thus making their odiioua rivals the waiters. town, billing two and so injuring two t.n.uicu ouuiiK ana neauny. Mrs. M. Bach, (ill 2d St., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn. J. SALISBURY ... T. J. URIUK President. . . . O. Vice-president . Cashier I). A. McPHERaOh Assist. as'iier...J. S DENMAN others that It was necessary to kill them, last Sunday. Two of tihe horses 3fccd6 Sauaba ma belonged to E. C. Gtbbs, and another Xi l-k ll II II I ii J to George Lawrence. recently married. Mr. Lintz is a partner with Messrs. Krupp & Jones in the Lucky Boy and other mines here. There was a beautiful service held at both churches and a ball given Monday evening. So taken altogether, it seems as If tiie people in a mining camp take upon themseves a good many city airs. But then we western HjmcreJWeMn., the non lrriutiiiK and eeeeee-se CUSTER. Hawk Wright is reported to be tak oniy cmnartic to Ult with Hoi.d'i SarnMparllf RIGHT AWAY ing out ore for shipment on his mining property in Friday gulch. John Julius to James Julius, a ha people are Just ordinary folks and not such as are read about in cheap novels. Herman Rein bold, the Omaha chem interest in the Crlspi No. 1, and Crispi No. 2, a half mile west of Poorman ist, arrived In Custfcer Wednesday, ac LOSSES AND GAINS ON THE TURF gulch. companied by his family and will spend Col. Bryan urges his admirers In thla city to give two dinners on different nights. He feels that he could not honor the Immortal Jefferson, by eating two banquets the same evening -without doing a gross injustice to Me t own digestion. re o . Now that the proposal from Berlin for a Joint high commiisslon Oo consider the Saraean affair has been prompt It Is estimated that as much as be the summer at that town looking after tween $200,000,000 and $250,000,000 is lost yearly on the turf. Australia is OYSTER SUPPER will be served at the Salvation Army the largest loser. No less than $100 IS THE TIME TO BUY A Q00D JHOE HEAP. Tile next two months will requlresoltd Footwear If you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. hall on Main street on Tuesday even 000.000 changes hands there yearly. If lng, April 11. Music will be furnished by the officers and comrades of Lead, the money could be estimated which miserable people spend in a vain en-cVaor to trot bxalth, U mitf.'t prove as assisted by the Deadwood band. Every body welcome. Oysters 25c appalling as the above amounts Hoe- Coffee, sandwiches and cake 15c tetter's Stomach Bitters has cured hun ly accepted ,by England and the United States, It remaiua to be Been what Germany will do next. She Is face to ce with a great opportunity to show OWy she actually wants the trouble dreds of people who had spent small fortunes trying to regain healith. The Bitters strenglrjhen weak stomachs, and thus cures as well as prevents consti ZOECKLER BROS- We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount In order to cut down stock. If you want a good $5.00 SHOE FOR $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Or any other style or price. Call and let us flit a pair on you at pation, indigestion, Ulliousnesa, liver his mining Interests. Frank Buroh. the attorney, who has been at HM City for the past several years, expects to leave wlithdn a short time with his family for Vermillion, this state, to remain Under the Harding bond we understand R. M. Maloney will develop the Blue Lead at Sheridan. Mr. Maloney Is a successful miner and hie taking hold of this property Is at least guarantee that he will demonstrate whether there Is a mine that , BJountaln, as every one beheves there 4s, or not The property will be opened from the foot of the bill wh 1,000 foot tunnel, from which three eras , cuts -win be run. Hill Ctty Newn BELLE FOURCHB3. Operator Dickey, who has been assisting Agent Reed, of the Elkhora, has been transferred to RapM City. T. B. Rollins has resigned as county Justice of (the peace, and the cosunis- LEADING and kidney ailments, which indicate an Reports from Ohio are to the effect that the Bryaultes propose o nomi overworked or abused stomach. It to the only lnedlcane to take ta the spring MEAT MARKET. nate aa out-and-out tree silver man for and to reosmmeowted by all honest pky- , Governor of that stabs on a square in-, 4arsement of the Chicago platform, and. that 4t 4s expected 4he campaign will have an Important beartni upon C. E ZIPP'S. lack Hills Telephone No 09 Harrison Telephone Wo. 3. Presidential contest of 1900. This arrangement means that the year's NOnCB FOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior, Land Office t Rjf&d CKy, & a, April 8, 1899. , Notice to hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intent ton to make final proof in MM crop of politics In Ohio will be some NO. 654 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD what above the average. X' s Vi - ,v ' ', " 'a a .i.i. w, -.a-a,g' ? 1 a t I sloners have appwnted R.ullenger and ttint. ssJbd AMATUER mooted the fiendish plan of putting forth a ticket next year of lt4 own reading "Augustus Van Wyck, for PHOTOGRAPHERS GOOD THINGS Tiat Arc Useful About the House. president and Carter Hanrtaon for rice preswenv' Dut, X will hare to be proof will be made before clerk of circuit court of Lawrence county, S. D., at Deadfwood, S. D., on May 20, 1899, viir Henry Hansen, H. E. No. 4159, for the WV4, NE and Wtt, SEu Sec. 82. Twp. N. R. J E. B. H. M. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation o said land, vli: A. T. Adams, of Spearfish, 8. D. Edward Dunn, of Deadwood, 8. D. , John Breslln, of Spearfish, 8. D. John Redmond, of St Onge, S. D. A. K. GARDNER, Register. turned the other end to before It ,wlU CirouK court will convene at Belle Fourche a week from Monday, with Judge Joseph B. Moore on the bench. The Times says there la a small calendar, consisting of three -criminal cases and several unimportant civil cases. , The county commissioners have before hem a petition asking for the appointment of T. D. Pryor and J.. 8. Kerr of Camp Crook Justices of the peace, and St to stated that the appoint be mods before the board adjourns. The Wyonalaf A MJesourJ River Rail road company has secured the contract catch the Imagination of the CaJthfuL Carter Is 'the cock of tthe anti-Bryan ? Good Books For Camera's' Films Dry .. Plates, Printing Papers, Mounting: cards and photo . supplies send to Uflcob Ptitomji Sippli Co. Lincoln, Neb. walk now. and -will brook no It wit war, but poor poliUca to read him out of the Just; at that Junbturer FILED FOR RECORD. The Deadwood 4 Delaware Smelting for carrying, the mail between Belle I--. r .' . j ... - .' . . It te a roseate' prospect. M not of poe-Mre municipal' reform. aVtoajui Fourche and' Aladdin, to begin on the company to Theodore Knutxen, miner-. Good Authors containiui many of the world's classic! lor only 15 cents. Good Stoves The Best Heaters, most mod' era Ranges, and Cook Stove! at 25 per cent Discount. BoasvtB. DOaJL, 27th of the month. Ie road has asm al surrey no. 1208, hi Whitewood mdn WMStagtia, St. C. Dwdwood, 8. b. negative prevention of corruption, secured the cantraot for hauling the ng district ' American Express company's business. Chrto Godfrey to William and Fred-People Jiving J along --4he Belle eric Brucker a sixth tnterest in Ku- that is extended to the long-eufrering citteens of Chicago. t A xwn-partfcwn "cognation of tAWmenbaa been formed on the basis of honeBty.pledged Fourohe river ant expecting high wat- Ku fmctk)a' Harrison, Morton, er when the river 'breaks no ; this - ' mun nwmnsr ciaims on enrintThe stream Is aatd to be full . paJ8e Bwttom. DOAN & GEORGE Attorneys and emission at Law, Wvktactoa, D. a sad DmOwmc, a D, Tmap-mj oOw moo's No, M Sysawst Bloek. Lnd. "WW SJIiS lw, tfTt ttttt MttSSMttSM of Ice for several miles above the town " JOBeva Kamsoeu to William W. Par- ? New Furniture of Dslto Fourcha and In addition to ker outh h1' of t 17. blo.k 2, in to defeat all meauree tainted - with "boodla If this combination can be held together, the evil power of such nien as "Bathhouse JofcjiX "Hinky fhi. noB rtn,irwnvf.tM n .m be Spearfish cemetery. : be covered srtth enow to th depth of ; wlLliam o William W. Par- several feet, and when It goes off V a block 70. cHy to naarM that the waCera Wltoulm rf,Lii1 . ' u WilHam H. menee amount of osanata it la well ' wvwmhw m - Austin McMaster iayerley Bicycles rUw Mabbs. all hit right and tlUe to parte to be on the right aide of the That is out of sight, and J very choice line at bargau prices at DMOUTH'S "ARK" . : . . TO : Sherman Street. once tt does come op. : - ; tt-i 77. . ym i vw ww wm ne checked. But to be eftecUva ' this coteL??- ePte,4. noneartX-irtaJneed the co-operation of the Mayor. , The prospect tor a scrap ,' In' the -lag tounlndpal and school board :J'oa la not encouraging, and the : ' -J rounder mourneth there- 4- ot iota M. 40. 41. 140. 139. 133 and 1J7. i.ita block 18, fronting on City Creek, J city of . Deadwood; 11.625. ONLYj $40 T- . . HOT SPRINGS. : " ! I John A. PIttt to Lh r. Archie W. Rolrdon hs. imrchased an . ZZZ .v! Specjal bargains on the '98 wheel' ;. Other wheels at low prices. wwjui Jesse Jamea on r Trrw creek. . sncwuuu WOTk8, outhweetof theL-a. , ; ' 092 Main St. 6! F.BAGGALEY

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