The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 11, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1899
Page 1
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The Daily -Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, 8. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 11,1899. FIVE CENTS. LAWTON MAKES A HIT His Division Captures a Rebel AN UPRISING EXPECTED Pioneer ' THE UP-TO-DATE The Carlists Are Bestirring Themselves and Spain is Uneasy. Stronghold South of Manila. DRY GOODS HOUSE. PHEMINAL SALE! Corruption in Official Circles is Responsible For the Situation. he Attack Was the Best planned of Any During the War. of Dress Goods, t liondon, April 10. Special. 1 he I'all Mall Gazette today prints a letter from Madrid which says that the long deferred Carlist uprising is now ixs- Manila, April 10. Special. General Lanrtons expeuraon na-s aireaay at- uoanplisJwHl gratifying results, and General Lawlou'n superior guaiiLii.'.s as soldier have been demonstrated in If the w 3rd Bargain has any meaning we are going to do the Dress Goods retailing business of Deadwood this weals, for we are gDing to sell. tie manner in which he began and naiatained his advance. Hia division sible, as a new grevience, which prom-ihtfl to gain many saipporters, Is found in the iisappe&ran'e of the loan of Cliirty million pesetas, which nab borrowed to pay off the repatriated soldiers. The soldiers still remain paid and the Carlluts allege that the government officials embezzled tTte money. The Spanish government is aware of the delicate state of affairs, been held south of Manila, and he ben the aggTessive movement the litter part of last week. He has kept Ui command In excellent order and "Please, Mr. St. Peter, mayn't I have a new halo?" Ins maintained the greatest precision, md at the same time a remarkable dispatch, ever silica. He has captured Santa ("ruse, the reliel stronghold, jlong the soii'tlna-st shore of Luguna- de The Filipino? made a strong re- DEATH OF AVERY D. CLAPK. FRANKLIN BEGINS A SUIT. Bar T t fltene, imt were rou'ieo witn great i ' i- taking every i-et:iu: if: to iiiell the revolt when it starts, but it is fear-ed that it will have attained such mo-momentmn by the time it appears )ii the Mij-fa-e that it will be a hard matter to overcome. The situation is belt t: regarded with great concern by the cider Kuroppun powers, as it is an evi-len; belief that a war is xming. o Internal Revenue Officials, A eoupile of internal officers spent tne greater pant of last week in Dead- They were unable to withstand BEGINNING MONDAY MORNING goo 2PiLcs Of High Class Dre. s floods at the lowest prices Df ad wood has ever seen. We are showing all the latest Novelties that are worn this season such as Crepons. Cheviots, Surges, Poplins, Venetians and Coverts, and invite the ladia to call and see them. r.l. J. WERTHHEIIM Seeks Hills Pioneer to Recover Money Loaned on Grant Gillette's Cattle. the terrific onslaught of General Law Well-Known Black Suicid s. ton's men. The number of rebels kill was (JS . while 40 were woundei Tb Americans had no men killed, ar, tot six were wounded, none of them Iowa Falls, Iowa. April t. Colonel Avery I). Clark shot himself through the head Jtodoy, dying instantly. He was an old resident of thij city, and was formerly engaged in the newspa-ler business. In ypvent years he has dangerously. The American fire engagement showed remarkab! wikI aud vioinity investigating the affairs of the department. They found that the government was getting the frecision, and wan the m4 deadly of Kansas City, April 10. Spurial. Harris Franklin of Dead wood has com menced suit here against the Hocker Arnold, Woodson Brokerage company for, $10,500. The action grows out ol the famous failure of Grant Gillette of this place last fail. Mr. Franklin, as president of the Franklin Live Stock company, took a mortgage upon some three hundred and fifty head of cattle alleged to belong to Gillette, the transaction being ike war. been identified with mining 'interests in the Black Hills contry. Financial reverses are assigned as the cuse for !-$ ft fr fr 4 - .fr Jfr Jfr Quay's Trial fe;un. the deed. Philadelphia, April 10. Special nn innnATixruinxixruiriAvrLr nrLVUinjiruuwvinjuwvir IM trial oj Matt Quay and son was SBmenced this morning. The case is Avery D. Clark referred to i'u the male through the brokerage firm men above telegram was born in Iowa Falls Braeting great attention , and tihe worst of it in the matter of the payment of revenue taxes in several branches of business in this part of the country, and they were up here Do regulate matters. For instance, a saloon that runs an orchestra must pay revenue tax for keeping a concert hall, which was noh known before. The officers who were up here were J. N. Gamer of Omaha, special agent for the department, and H. W. Matthews, deputy col lector of Chadron, who pE l)LD RELIABLE DRUGGIST ui being largely attended. and was also educated there. When yet a boy he learned the printer'c- tioned as the defendant in this action, the cattle to be delivered this spring. It transpired that Gfillett never had the trade and from Iowa Falls he went to Railroad Strike in Havana. cattle, and Mr. Franklin is holding tne Sioux Gity where he held cases on the Estabiised in 1876. Havana, April 10. Special. All brokerage Arm responsible. Journal until he came to Dead wood in Itroads out of Havana are at a stand - ill, and no trains are running ex succeeded W. B. Eastman, who made pt those carrying the mail. The em his headquarters at Broken Bow, Neb torn have struck and demand the Mr. Garner received a telegram Satnr Hospital Improvements. The new surgical operating room at St. Joseph's hospital is now com-pleite, and the surgeons are permitted aay night from Mr. wheelock, agent '77 or '78. He was a compositor on the Times and P'.oneer until 1880 he established Itihe Custer Chronicle with Joseph Kubler, the present owner. In 1885 he established the News at Buffalo Gap iwtilch he sepended a few years thereafter. In 1887 he represent ed Custer county in the territorial legU lature. During hia first years in Lawrence i wages paid previous to the war Bart'elt Tripp Chosen. for the department at Omaha, stating to avail tthemselves of its conven that he (Mr. Garner) had just been ap KIRK 0. PHILLIPS. I carry the finest line of Cig-ars, Stationary, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Cutlery, Eye Glasses, Spectacles and everything found in a first-class city drug store, and I guarantee better prices than can be found west of the Missouri river. Those intending to Paint will make a mistake if they fall to get my prices on Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Glass and all Painters Supplies, which I warrant as to quality and at lower prices than pointed agent for one of the depart iences. The room is in the south wing of the butildlng, on the second floor, that was formerly a large ward. It ments of the east, with orders bo report WasMngton, D. C, April 10. Spoe-M.-Bartlett Tripp of Yankton, S.. D., ai been chosen a member of the Sa at New York immediately, He accord is reached by a wide passage, with ingly left for the east on the first train county he did consldierable prospecting wn Joint hligh commission to re pre-Mi the Un ited States. doors exceptionally large, in order to Mr. Matthews going wBth him as far as and among other locations made by admit stretchers and the wheeling ta Chadron. Mr. Gamer was feeling much elated over his promotion, as it bles. Connected with the room by Riot at Pana Again. this passage are several private noma would place him right at Ms home. him was the ground near Terry in which the Stewart Mining company was organized. He retained a control of the stock which he sold about tea years ago for $35,000. After making . 01., April 10. Special. The He said he had been in the service for for patients, bath room, and a dlspen 2 K txcitlng and perilous times Pana sary. completely eq-udpped- An asep tic substance has been applied to the the sale he moved his family back to nineteen years, and felt that he had worked hard enough for it,, bul it was nevertheless a maltter of no HttTa pride to him. walls and oeiling of the operattrng room Iowa Falls, ibut spent a consMeralble portion of his time in the Kills devel- so tihat it may be thoroughly cleans. fxnr unnrniniu uiTinim mini with water and acids if necessary. s !ptTig6HW ppeperfciesr a4- fee The operating table is of the mos the past few years had given his time witnessed ware those of to-M A pitched battle broke out at 10 'clock this morning between Sheriff .Bowueyi deputies and negro mffijre. rTHroilers befiOrini on the treats, and before the firing aed two whites, three negroes negro woman were killed, bc-JVj"0y re m"hb were wouided. ""M of the disturbers nave been ar-."tf. nd peace has been restored. approved design, all metal, with to opening up coal mines on the Chey glass top, capable of being adjusted to enne river below dgemont. He spent any poeUiom. There is a large, wneei considerable of hie fortune on the I nC UIVIlIIIUhN llAI IUnML dAIIIV Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 4ng table, to be used in conveying pa mines and some of his loans and invest tienlts from the bede In their rooms to mentis at Iowa Falls were not succesf- the operating table ft U on mbbtr ful. tires, and moves over the floor witn He was companionable, honorable ah n moime. The ooerat! ng table is and a man of very attractive personal also on rubber rollers. Linoleum rty. No man was more popular with going to be placed on the floor as soon the printers and newspaper men than as the workmen can get arourd to I "A. D." as he was familiarly knwn and tihe room will be complete then. to them, If he had alns they "were Mother's Heroic Sacrific?. ftttersoto, N. J., April 10. Special. -MaJr Everbach was killed yes-7V fcy a trolley car, In saving her r death. The dhttld ran In . 12,8 car. and the mother, see-.anger, grabbed the child and r rt of harm's way, "but she as crushed into a shapeless "J! ner head was completely from her body. Several other improvement are also All Branches of Banking Business aaainst himself and not his feltaw to progress about the hospital building, man. His sad ending will be deplored Transacted, An Excellent Combination. among otlhers being a dumb waiter, to by all who knew him. The pleasant method and beneficial be used in raising rlctuate for the pa Fred Fuller of this cfty and the 'ate effects of the well known remedy. tients, and other articles from the first Strup of Figs, manufactured bv the A. D. Clark, who suicided at' Iowa Falls were both born and grew up io floor. Califokima Fio Sybdp Co., illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxa manhood in that town, went to the tive principles of plants known to be The Steters m charge of the insti-tutlon 4eBlre to again extend thtlr thanks to the people of Dead wood who medicinally laxative and presenting1 Car Strike at Wheeling. v-. April lO.Spec. DRAFTS ISSUED oa China, Maalfa, Havaaa, Porto Rica, Africa, England, Franca, Germany ana all Parts af taa World, at lowaat market rafaa. COLLECTIONS mad caraf ully and accounts1 for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers same school, although Clark was ser-eral years older than Fuller. As a boy Avery was as popular as he afterwards was as a man. them in the form most refreshing to the taste and acceptable ti, the system. It is the one perfect strt-ngthcninp laxa- have assisted them. The new operat lng room has been fitted up and equip j,00 on a strike and traffic is lve, cleaosin? the system effectually. ped with the proceeds of the ball glv responsibility or collaterals- an .tor th benefit of tihe hospital in dispelling colds, headaches and fevers gently yet promptly and enabling one to overuome habitual constipation permanently. Its pellet freedom from "asperated. , Killed His Stepfather, kW ApfU 1(--pWial.-Mich. Distinguished Railroad Men. A number of Elkhorn railroad offi IS DISTINCTIVELY the Dead-wood Opera house severa months ago. N every objectionable qnalit and sub stance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver ant- bowels, without weakei insr - vT wa Shot nH nuvw. ana The hospital has no regular staff of physician, and patients entering may cials arrived In the city yesterday in a private car and spent the day looking over the company'sbusiness at tnfs and Individuals gjjj. instantly , atepson, Richard Bonaany jZ (rJarrel thito morning.' Mar bwmg hia irife, t!he boy's Accounts of Banks. Corporations solicited. or irrjtat.inp- them, make' it thle ideal laxative. In the or o less of manufacturing figs are nrcd, rw they -are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal qualities of the end They were J. R. Buchanan, general passenger agent of Omaha: C. C, Correspond ence Invltod. uy w ujv quarrel. Hughes, general superintendent, Oma ha; F. A. Harmon, division superlnter. be attended by any physician they desire, as all physiolattB are permitted to practice there. There are about twelve patients in the care of the Sisters at presen-, seven of whom were admitted las we. New patients aire being admitted every day or two, and old patients a.e being discharged about as fast as new ones dent, Chadron; L. A. Garner, super DIRECTORS: intendent for the American Express f ft,"0 ne executive board inwr' - which was to oMwnw has been )trTr by Jdeht Clougfa of Obis tT.8 the nine of Abe Van- W. E. ADAMS. JOHM TREBER. company, Omahf ; A. H. Merchant, remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants, by a method kuowa to the California Fio Stbpp Co. only.- In order to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. AN FBAHCISCO. CAI LOUIBVTLLX. XT. MXW YOKJC. IT. T. For sale by all Druggi. Price 50c. per bottle. general freight agent, Omaha, and HARRIS FRANKLIN. PrasidaaL BEN BAER, lca PraaldaaL come in. There are at pres ? t no een John L Brady, of the wholesle grocery firm of McOord, Brady ft Co., also SELBIE, Casalar. t, fe?Bt A ID..c-! oua cases in the hospital, and all of the I

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