The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 9, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 9, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIKES, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 9, 1899. CHARLEY, THE TAILOR, LEE ST. Try a Happy Bill cigar. Zlpp can fit any foot to perfection. Tne newest and roost comfortable ZIPP1S FOR FINE SHOES. 4 'fr fr Sporting goods at the RED ANVILtf rooms in the city are at ute Holzner Call at Ertckson Folstad, the Dead- wood Tailors, for a spring suit. Insist upon smoking a Happy Bill cigar. . &. Calumet jg) Balling Powder IF YOU ARU NOT BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHER New arrivals of spring fabrics are surprising us by tbe!r novelty and freshness. In rich combinations of col or and beauty of pattern for ' suitings and trouserings, in oheviotB and worsteds. Call and examine them at Ertck MAN ST., YOU ARB LOSING MONEY. THB NBW CUSTOMERS ARB INCREAS- Smoke Happy Bill cigar. Blockade over. Rock Springs coal at Stearns a- Company. For elegant slippers go to Zipp's. "A word to the wise is sufficient" and a word from the wise should be sufficient, but you ask, who are the wise? Those Who know. The oft repeated experience of trustworthy persons may be taken for knowledge. Mr. W. Ml Terry says Chamberlain's Cough Remedy gives better satisfaction than any other In the market He has been in the drug business at Elk-ton, Ky., for twelve years; has sold .hundreds of bottles of this remedy and nearly all other cough medicines manufactured, which shows conclusively that Chamberlain's is the most satisfactory to the people, and i3 the best. For sale by all druggists. ' INO DAILY. Furnished rooms alt reasonable rates son & Folstad, The Dead wood Tail ore, 671 Main Street. by the day, wk or month, at the Hoi zner. Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. Gloves. Corsets, and Hosiery at J. H. Oranam, D. D. 8., dentM parlors over First National bank, Dead wood Crown and bridge work a apeclalty. THE city. Ackermann's. For a nice sweet, mild smoke try Happy Bill cigar. There may be some just a good, but none better than the Happy Bill The entire stock of silks, suitable for The new patterns for top oats are beauties alt Ertckson & Folstad's, The cigar for five cents. waists, sktlrts, dresses, linings and trim Deadwood Tailors, 671 Main street. I was reading an advertisement of mings and draperlfe, will be offered at Mr. Wyman of San Francisco is visit Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and srrcatlv reduced Drices at Chase's on Friday and Saturday of tnis week. Diarrhoea Remedy In the Worcester Enterprise recently, which leads me to You will find the Happy Bill cigar write this. I can truthfully say I never for sale at all first class cigar stands. "C VERYBODY who really under- used any remedy equal to It for colic and diarrhoea. I have never had to use more (han one or two doses to cure 1 stands the "Angeles" the people's the worst cases with myself and chil own piano player Is enthusiastic over It Nothing ever before brought here 4 dren. W. A. Stroud,' Popomoke Clity, excites such astonishment. Dont you ML For sale by all druggists. ; know? It is one of the greatest things Trimmings for evening waists and Ranges? The Majestic? At the RhD ANVIL. tf. By a secret process a large per cent of the nicotine has been extracted from the Happy BHl cigar. Try one. J. J. Feldhansen, the transfer man, bas moved to Nos. 7, 11 and 13 Main street, old McGill stand, where his customers may find him hereafter. All accounts due the Ayies & Ward man Hardware company must be settled at once. Pay up and save trouble and expense. GEO. V. AYRES, President and General Manager. W. L. Nell, D. D. S., All kinds of dental work carefully done by the latest methods. Office and residence over Phillips' drug store. Open evenings until 9 o'clock. ANHEUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS A NO PABST WILAVAUKEE BEER IS MADE NEW GOODS Arriving: Daily. We will show you the largest and hands! mest line of skirts in the west. Our skirts consist of Plaids, Stripes, Cheeks, Brocades, Plain and Crepon (all colors). We also received a line of Tailor Made Suits (Silk lined). The newest Novelties In Jackets. Come in and see out beautiful line of Carpets and Rugs before selecting elsewhere. M. LIEBMANN. of the day. It Is for you for your bo! ribbons at tne LADIES BAZAAR. Id enjoyment everybody in your The more' you smoke them the more home. Go see it at Hawley's, No, 639, you wilL We speak of the Happy Bill by Bullock Hotel. lng bis brother, S. P., of this city. Rooms to let at the Holzner. CHARLEY, THE TAILOK, LEE ST. Special sales of silks on Friday and Saturday of tils week at CHASE'S. Special cash discounts on everything at THE ARK. Thii finest line of ladles' gloves, hos iery and corsets In the city at Acker-manm'a Do you eat? At Gus Kellar's meat market on Main street, you can get all kinds of good meats at toe lowest prices. Quick sales and small profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't forget the number Main street Don't scratch your life away, but use Dr. Sawyer's Witch Hazel and Arnica Salve for enema, piles, hives, burns and cuts. Wilcox Pharmacy, Dead-wood. Stransky Steel Ware? Yes. Warranted to last five years. At the RED ANVIL. tf. For Hot Springs Kidney Springs and eh ebcar. the best for five cenfs on the We nave the goods, tf you have the market. cash, we will Interest you, at THE ARK. You can no doubt get it at the RED ANVIL. I. B. Albright, the Black Hills piano tuner, can be had by telephoning 1044 REMOVED. Take Notice Citizens. -Your headquarters for genuine pi old line, 221 new line, at S. R Smith's anos is now at No. 639 Main St., by Bul Furniture Store. Has had 22 years ex perlence. P. 0. Box 416, Lead S. D. lock hotel. Come right in and be at OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENUB Everything new and neat at th Holzner. CALL FOu IT. home. C. E. Hawley will be there all he can, aud always SOMEONE. 4 As the season of the year when pneu If you want a nice Job of engravrLg monia, la grippe, sore ihroat, cougns, FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DELIVERY AT THF STANDARD done take It to Snyder, the Jeweler. For diamoms go to A. F. Snyder's. colds, catarrh, bronchitis and lung troubles are to be guarded against, nothing "Is a fine substitute," will "an Dr. Oants, dentist, over Rosenthal's clothing store. CROWN AND BRIDGE CASH STORET SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH. swer the purpose," or is "Just as good" as One Minute Cough Cure. That id tne Rock Springs coal to burn at one infallible remedy for all lung. Stearns & Company. Piedmont Spring water, delivered. In carboy, (rein, telephone Keith, 140 or W. At the Congregational church today Mrs. John W. Westphellng will render a solo, "Just For Today." The conrect place to buy your bouse furnishing goods is cut THE ARK. Low prices for cash, I wish to sell my family horse "Rodney," my two seated carriage and my boggy. J. F. EDMONDS. The very latest and moat taking shades in gloves and the very best makes, at Ackermann's. Horse Wanted Must be a good driv WORK. Not one hild dies where ten formerly died from croap. People have learned the value of One Minute Cough Cure and use it for severe lung and throat troubles. It immediately stops coughing. It never falls. Foe sale by Kirk O. Phillips. "Little colds" neglected, costs thousands of dealtbs yearly. People who WHEN TRAVELING, Whether on pleasure bent or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of throat or bronchial troubles. Insist vigorously upon having it if Vome-thing else" is offered you. For sale by Kirk O. Phillips. All kinds of fresh cut flower on hand at Mrs. M. Llebmann'a. DR A. FT. NAULTETJ8, PHYSICIAN, SURGnJON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street. Dr. Gimme's Celebrated Trasses on and Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, and other Bonne of sickness. For sale I have used Dr. Sawyer's Wild Cherry and Tar, recommend H even for con-i sumption. Wilcox Pharmacy, Dead- "f ! f f T H in 50 cent bottles by all lead&og druggists. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup company only. wood. If you want a nice lunch at anytime, stop In and see Cacy. at the Bodega, Coffee and rolls for a light lunch In the morning, 15c Now la the time to take advantage of the cut rates offered by the Burlington Route to Portland. Seattle and Taco- er and eadoter. Address or call up Bryan, No. -273, Lead. The ladies are invited to inspect the new goods -at tthe Ackennann millinery parlors. The choicest to be obtained. Austin Matob has purchased a residence on City creek adjoining Jars. Porter Warner. IMhen Mr. McDonald move into his sew store lis will have the smallest harness shop In the Hills., W. E. LOWE, GRAND FASTER CASH SALE! ma. You can purchase through tickets from Deadwood to the above points at the rate of $30.15. BY dAVINu THE NICKLE3 ANP DIMES YOU ARB EARNING DOL Then Mg BEE HTVB was never so taoroughly prepared to supply the Easter wants of the people a it fe Chla se asan, both In point ot style. LARS DU&1NQ THE YniAR. YOU , mxB are gorgeous ana ranea ana embrace everything that 1s new and stylish; showing everything that is beautiful to wear to i DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE . Do not tail to see the latest millinery received this past week at Acker: mann'a. Prices to eullt all , The Ackermana millinery paxlori .have a beautiful line of new gloves, .tar Mil wear, and the very best quality. . The Ladies' AM society of the Con- ohs, newest garments for men, women and children; in unrivaled modes of MILLINERY, suites and skirts, Jackets and capes, silk waista, ooraeta, STA-JDARD GASH STORE. 8HER- MA.l STREET. TTS. W"aWUa'' nnest to the cheapest. You will find them here to profusion to suit every prtc. every fasey. fto?rrrmAtotnC0 AalKmlshingly tow price, on thing for spot cask is the order of this week's business. If your wanton wants fixing take it to .gregatlonal church will meet with. Jata, 7- Jeweler. JTreA .Haloes Tuesday afternoon. No constrpaled person can look Us FIts hundred yards of heavy lOnch silk will be offered at Chase's Ladies Suits and Wraps. on Friday and Saturday of this week or her best or feel perfectly nrelL for EasteMVIillinery, Tthat inactive D var at JO, .gents aer yara worth 40 cent BN(W . ... . iH anywhere ASSUREDLY CORRECT HEADWEAR. . '3 U Dr. Sawyer's Little Wide Awake Pill. nd they will cure you. Wilcox Fhar-fmacy, Deadwood. Twenty-firs black silk capes at $4.65, worth io.oO Twenty-firs ladles' tailor made suits, all colors, for this sale go at S5.5 . Deadwood 's premier styles from Parte, London and New TflriLj6DJ with the unique conoepttone of our own skilled designer, ZJd Col. Stone of the Syndicate restaurant, la having his "spring opening" worth The ladies of Trinity church. Ftrat after the restaurant has gone through now an cnarge or tne Millinery Department, will mak " " ENETRY DEPARTMENT more than ever toeMipg" to 3lM reot dressera V . ward, will bold m bazaar and serve sup the mandfestatfons of tbe painters and 12.50 20.00 19.75 ff AA Twenty beautiful tailor made sus, at $12.25, worth Fifteen highest class $3$.00 tailor made suits, special price Fifteen beautiful nsw golf capes, $9.00. $12.00 and $15?00. worth dotfbte Onsh US mi rlarni 1 WIIV 4la. i . per on Thursday night, April 13, in paper hangers. Everything made to Our prices on 4h btghest grades of ntUlmery will be about el .. ... . .... . tv t hiTik of osl Far go's hall, adjoining bis store. The shine and the table fare Is second to wm xit waisn. your cnoice, Z.45,worth $4.60, $6.00 to -i ' - ' ' yw.vv w ttt. . I.W neeessaruy asKea oy exoiusiTe maiunery nouses, w menu will be excellent, so come and en- none In Che olty. " wwm most complete hne in neckwear In the Black Hllla. on your spring hat until you have seen the BEE HIVE u,B"' Joy yourselves and you will find bar- STRAYED. Otoe dark iron gray horse branded on left jaw witJa . the men's ana Boy's tloinlnir. m tifui sttch gwbam 20 pieces 40-in Diaca , figures 2 and 4 connected. Information One hundred men'i fancy satin-lined, 90 peryard, worth 20c. worth 50c per vj-7 mrvrJlJr, rf Twenty-fir dozen ladies -white hemstitched handkerchiefs, 6c, worth 15c Best crochet and knitting cotton, all all-wool sufta at $1150, worth llt.00. 1'wo T cambric at 4c ner rd. w JZZTt 25c. leading to the recovery will be rewarded. Call or address , Pioneer-Timea, Deadwood. On hundred men's all-wool snJta at 1,000 Tarda noreky obambras ait iyta colors, 5c a bail. . Rev. J. W. Barron of the Congregational church at Rapid City, arrived In (Deadwood yesterday and will hold ser-Ttces In the Congregational church la this etty both morning and evening. The Sunday school will be held at the usual hour. IS: IK. , , i . , . -m ouncb. $8.60. wortti $16i P yard. . Beat kid hair outiert 20 pieces 32-in taffeta silks, 4 Wj worth 15a. . .. . .a--iikn. 45c, on 1 ' scissor at 25c One hundred mens all-wool sash at" 2' Tarda indigo blue figured dress Dr. Bowman bas returned to Dead- Five hundred $5.60. worth tlltO. One tho""1 P7 and cbU- wood to remain permanently and : prints, su per yard, salts at 95 ota, 1,000 J11 dutiful figured organdW Fifty boy's Scotch 10 pseces www Carpets. hose at 12 a pair, worth ZOc to suns his practice, and will occupy bis worth $L7t If you bars urinary troubles or pain 4,A a. t- i at ai ; old office ever Deetkenls drug store. at ue, oHt 600 r-tx4 oodnc flannel at 5c per yard, . .worta 10c , . S5o per paJr.( Fire hundred bolts crepe paper, all colors, 6c a bolt. - . . terrain Cn W win sell yof etothiag. Smtmm 6 piece neaT dere. If there tne a xeneral toss of en-' Some of the young men of Deadwood cP at one-third less than the Swtoes worth 50c pT- 1 We sr showing the most complete usually asked fortW Five hundred children's ohlmlse and trades of -ergy, we ask you in all fairness to ass lon enough on mental resources Dr. Sawror'a - ..TikaiAn.' (Thousands waen emergency appears, but a eer- 10 pCwet wooi uut" - a -a. OCit goods. IjBne of wash goods ever brought to the drawers, 15o each. twar the evidence to tha fact that H Ia boarding house gang in the ony Is Three hundred odd corsets, 60c each. Men's Shoe J5 piea yarawjuo tKjQ nonorea men's nnlextndrled whtt shirts at 45c, usually sold ot 75a. cure Wilcox Pharmacy, Deadwood. ,OUed to the hollyhock. About fif- - The new window dresser 1mported,teen JT"'! i.m , , 1LJ C are all bachelora That is not the rest cam a yard, wortn 20 pieces new Brass twenty cases neat's tan and Uaek calf shoes at $L2t, $10, $L75. worth from $100 to $3.5J per pair. . Domestics and Linens. Ladle's and Children's Shoes. of it: some of the more influential ones jj i. a, iA(m urn mu uih no uivin Just how to make an attractive display .nal c1 have evidently taken alarm and have worth $L0Q to $1.60. Dress Go6ds and Silks. 10 pieces '46-lnch black serge,' 82ft cts., worth 80c. ' 20 pieces 44-In black figured brilllan-tlnea and noreky goods, 22c, worth 65c. and abow conda to the ttfst mAvaftiAri t One thorisand pair ladies' said ohil- 6 crates orocaerj -this sale. . cajoled the others' Into a scheme to tvi yard bleached muaUn. 6 rard. Area's shoes - slhmera. cenntne the .window, in the city styl. !S 0 rards Turkey 'red table Hnnat French kid. at 95c per pair, worth from , signs, at one- . . worth 40c, . : ; . . . .. . . $L7f to tM par pair. , . haa eontrtbuda b "It has "been- decided to resume F the this forms a common pooL This is an evening services in St. John's church. Inducement to the young ladles to both buying and selling aB good for strtotly spot blcJl This tremendous money sarin opportunity you not miss. W ar us to offer these imheard of taloesVTheBEE HIVE Is the Bom of the Genuine Bargain, For some time this has been -out of the show these fellow some extraordinary question owing to the tact that Arch- J consideration foe- this pool goes to the deacon Ware had no assistant and was wife of the first member of the gang to cV. S6d to give this service to the Lead 'get married. She get the whole shoot-I .'a. From this time on evening. Ing-match: and tt is not a txmua to be tt a. ... I i.i oe Bm ty the Rer. E. R.'. passed up. SonMOOngahotadJhaBpen ," 'r.nlng tonight at 7:30. pretty soon. ' KjEAowooDTsror

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