The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 8, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

'99. THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 8, LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. ( LEAD'S ' . . Two of George Tallman's little girls j have been sick several days with a mild form of scarlet fever at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. S. M. Em- ' ery on Lower Main street. The house ' is under strict quarentine and there is no fear of the contagion spreading. I A great many old watches which are considered ciselwi may b-i brHn'lt into service by taking them to t:ie Beeiuer-Orton company and luej them repaired. ' i ;i. I i 1899. )9. LEAD, S. 0. APRIL 8. t rwwwwwvr rf? www w Mammoth Department Store announcement! Our Stock3 are now complete and full in all Departments .1 AHr. Sons .VI. In A GOOD BARUAlM. S. R. Smith place! a loi of valuable articles in his window to Im given away to h.'is cash customers. Every J5.00 pur chase takes one of these articles. Andrew Peterson bought t2', entitling A. M. VanBuskirk e Prin. Tom Harry, ('. Hoskin . . I J ije:u Incohoiwe. Deailwood W. S. Siinpori. James Snell u . .Sa' li'-iu Sitting Hull Trilw Wni. A. Johns. liaritoiK iiio Sol Star. Mayor of Dead wood R.Titali- I. J. Smith, an employe of th- i : -: i U Hills and Fort Pierre, fell from ,i 'Lit ' car near Ix'ad yesterday and .-' -irk ! upon a pile of rock. His nose w.i- most severed from his face and be a- ! otherwise disfigured, but Dr. Black ' says that, he can fix lun up so that h" f Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, him to five pieces uii'l lie UMk away j just $80 worth o!' g-cxxls. No one need M i n! r-I be scared, there are several nice anil Address Dry Goods, Ciotbing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. valuable articles ili-re yet. will never know he was hunt. Mine and Mill Supplies, Song, Irish Win. Lang Step dance Archie Laird Song, Norwegian Severet Oleson "Over the Waves'' Concert Waltz Song, Itj.lian Dominie Veronda Address Tony Stanton Song, French ...J. L. Marcoux Cnc han trees Selection Thirty Minutes for Lunch. Part Second. Song, Jad Motrin nis and others, Dead- With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we as HOSK NO. 1 KLrX'TlON. Hose Company No. 1 eki itd the fj'-krwtog ofBcers at th? regular meetiiiK Thursday night: Porejknan, Dan Welch. EUrstNassistant, John Peterson. SeoondYss?istant( Henry Schmitz. Secretary, J. F. Peteri. Finance commlttoe, L. A. Fell, 0, Mochm, J. I'sher. The customary liqui 1 refreshments were served. L. R. Daily is a new arrival :i; I-a I, having come to locate pernianently. Mr. Bailey formerly resided in Sundance, but the last few months has been visiting with his wife in Iguana. Mr. Daily is a machinist ami e pects to secure work in that capacity. Mrs. Baily. who is in the ear. will soon join him in Ijead. Plans are being drawn for the proposed building to be erected by Emil your inspection of i The Largest Quantity. The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. wood. Recitation Wm.Trezona Song Clias. Hosken Faust and Cain & McAllen on the burnt Address Chas Lvans THE Song, Swede Erickson's Quartet FREE. $500.00 worth of goods to be given away to S. It. Smith's cash customers. During the month of April I will give $500.00 worth of goods to my customon; Address .'. Jas. Sneil Overture Grecian Goddess Song Win. Lang Recitation Clarence Walton corner. It is to be a brick and stone structure two stories high with a bese-ment. The building will be completed within sixty days. The old tenants have spoken for the place and 'their requests have been granted. The lirsL day J. L. Marcoux entered L '4-tiong Tom Barry and others Song, Dutch H. Kruger Song J. W. White and Joe Prin Song Harry Stone Musical selection Oscar Tellison Star Spangled Banner, National Anthem uusiiiess in ieau a water spaniel c.imc to him and put himself undiv .1. i. protection. The dog has since shared Mareoux's fortunes and misfortune.;, until the day of the fire win ;i the faithful animal drank -nine v. r . r wno ouy so. no worth or nior-j at one lime, and pay cash. This is no fake, the goods are on exhibition a! my store and will be given away. S. R. SMI f II, Lead. o OWELTY TO ANIMALS. A woodli.iiiler who makes freijuem trips into Ual with a poor, half starved team .of horses, au arnsti I y. s- ' terday char?el with cruelty io animals i and fined $7.f,o for (.he offense. Me. ides ' o - Sniil IT; for R. Al. I'A- Go to S Gates' Rock and ore crusher on the site of the bum bni';;n- Mcm ! ended its existence. Mr. M;,:-cou ,i n.l ! b.i- taken pain m i 11 in ill LTD his clerks mourn the loss of itir de- I 'Kit M. J. Harris, tlx up his residence in .Mrs. L'mon and yesterday from tin. GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH H at Homestake M Co 'nd. boy were arrivals Sunnyside mine Fully Describud in our No. 1, Ca' u i?ue. Some months ago Mrs. John Sheridan made a voyage to the old country and by an error on the part of the near Hill City. having a poor team he had added to the offense by terribly beating and neg lectlng them while In ;the city. Con-eidering overly thing the offender got off very luckily as he should have had some of the punLatment that he gave the poor brutes. p.) 8 Special Fine Crusher Copies of the Pioneer-Times will hereafter be on sale at L D. Jacob's bazaar on Main street (tf.) Get prioea on CARPETS at S. R. Smith's. Wescott Express company at New York her baggage got lost. She gave up all hope of ever receiving it, but the case was put into the hands of Theodore Geskey, the Lead broker and lawyer, and he not only recovered the baggage, but worked the company for $102 dam CASK DISMISSED. I he case of the state vs. John ReaiJ fame up before Judge Smead. Read James Jelbert was In Leal yesterday and took home wlith him a fine organ bag been arrested clu-gol with assault Our New Design will irnerot you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THKM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard. Gates, Slioos and. IDles Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co from S. R. Sjjnith's. ages for depriving the lady of the use of it. The check came yesterday, and I M on John King. Attorney George Mc- Sam Sweet, the mining man, had bus Mr. Geskey feels that he has scored Hugb, appeared In b'talt of the state ineas that took him to th-j county seat quite a victory. yesterday. and T. L. Redlon for the defense. A large number of witaMses were exam S. E. Crana of the Tribune and W. Arthur Monahan, chief cle-k at J. L. Mareoux's, would like bo know who it ined on both BkHes aud after the test! B. Perkins went down In N3braska yesterday to hunt ducks for a few days. was that aided him in mak'iig his es loony was all taken Judg? Smead declJ ed that the defendan: was not guilty Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrnd. m I cape from the burning build'ng Wednesday morning when he went in to se Get one of those new IRON BEDS of the charge. The case grew out of a crap at the Mac fremiti shop in the at IS. R. Smith's. Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining-Machinery cure some valuables. Arthur rays that he was overcome by smoke and was The new pastor for the Lead M. E. rear of Karser & Raid's establishment on Upper Main sereet. Read had at church did not arrive yesterday as expected, but he will probably be here to DATES IRON WORKS crawling along on the floor about ready to give up the struggle when he OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel day. felt the gra&p of a strong hand that m Dr. W. w. Torrenoe, the county ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS, physician, was in Lead yesterday to jerked 'him out of the back door and out of danger. Whoever did It saved hU life, ae he feels sure tihal he cjuld not have escaped the flamea tempted to enter the shop which is run T,IU?g, but King mot him at the door 4Dd forbid him coming In. At this a $ght ensued aw Re4 was struck on tfre arm -witlh'an ax. It looked as of Read made the atbo, but the Judge iftqld that lie had no right on the premises as he .owned Wh stnp and what it qontained- ' give John Grosse medical attention. Mr. Grosse is pretty bad off. Dr. Townaend of Belle Fourche was BRYAN 4 GESKEY have money to in town yesterday with a pat'ent whom he had brought to examine by the Xray First Annual Bi loan tn any Quantity on good terms. Real estate, brokerage and fire Insur at the Homestake hospital, g ance business transacted. All business Chlorodyne Opugh Mlztitr will cure attended to with promptness and careOJ OF THE that cough, or w refund too money. L. Brettoll block, Lead. 13-23-tr.) P. Jenkins. Druggists- ' tf, D. B. Welptcm and F. S. Holmes, rep S. R, SMITH Has Secured The Exclusive Sale of REDtEN DEMONBTRATIOK. JHany of the eadwood Red .Men W&nX to Lead Thursday Ugblt if lari-tation of "the upgulch braves and ed them In it he most auspicious demon-etratkm ever given by Sitting Bull Tribe No. 3, or perhaps ever given in this pant of the etate. Those in attend auoe declare that they never had such a .good time in all their lives and When resenting the Royal and Etna Fire In ThU It Tour Oppertanltj. On receipt of ten cents, cash oi stamps, a eeneroui sample will be maiied of the surance companies, were in Lead yester day adjusting the losses sustained by the recent fire. most popular Catarrh and Hay Ferer Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon-traieijjyLjmerita.ttt'ih' rmdy, lOT " ELY BROTHERS, 66 Warren St., New York City. Rer. John Reid, Jr.. of Great Falls, Mont, Job SeeuW'aaslfes to affBou nee to .,New Iron ML 1 select select io program Is seen it will A. o. u. w, bai; llfOpeTaHol Lead, Sou-.h Dakota. Thursday, April I the public that he has returned from bis trip abroad and is again ready for business. His stock is more extensive With the Malable Fastner that never breaks or gets out of order. He is soiling them as cheap as others are selling the old fashioned bed. than ever, comprising the Very latest cause no wonder that such a declaration uras made. Hon. Sol Star was the principal speaker, and that gentleman and distinguished , member of the order -never did better than on bls occasion,, and the member came a way better enlightened on the history and merits k the order. There were other addressee made, that were Just in keeping with the. event, and various songs In different tongues were very amus-' ing. 4 Xh following te the rall selected program: y. -,r $ ,' . cf ' " : ' First Part. Mjs Flowers, hand ...Medley overture recommended Ely' a Cream Balm to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a positive enre for catarrh if used aa directed." Rer. Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central Pres. Church, Helena, Mont Ely's Cream Balm Is the acknowledged enre -tor catanfa and contains no mercury bor any injurious drag. Prioe 50 aenta. o NOTICE. C. S. McMaster Is anthorized to collect aid receipt for accounts due ma ta Central City. JOSEPH HINTON. He is headquarters for all kinde of Carpets, Crockery, Wall Paper or anything in that Line. He is also a fall fledged UNDERTAKER of 19 years experience. S. R. SMITH. LEAD. COMMITTED designs in foot wear and his customei s are invited to call and inspect the goods. (4-8 -2w.) " 'The Albert Hose company met Thnrs day night to transact thj regular business, j At this meeting llqull refreshments were furnished by C. B. Jordan & Co. and 'William Feller, who took that way of showing their appreciation of the company's services at the recent fire. Trewcek, ExecAie W. Smith, W. J Symon. .Irthn II. W John ShiPJmln. , Holveg, w t a ru.iiohpr. L. E. Knealt Olt n' ."o Floor-William Harver, 1 t ttrnnfflm Mudee. A. M. VM Ultug, kirk, Ed Trevaekis. TICKETS SI INCUBATOR. The new departure egg hatcher .is manufactured by an erperienoed poultry raiser and can guarrantee his own make to be superior, cheaper ana' easier to operate than any Incubator on the market. To be seen at F. and B. lumber yard store. . . ; '-" j. a. cuMJaiNaa, uxg. BLACK HILLS 1 LaliaratfliT ai Assay Office '...IV A .. EMO'S FULL ORCHESm ,.. tHf'H u the cry of women wbose bousevork la beyond their physical powers. Such women need to know; that, all 'cleaning is made tasyby - K - X - OF i THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO i HENRY SCHNITZEL. PoatofSca Box 80S.- CITY. Is Tia O'Neill and the Pacific J Una. Connections made boo dally except Sunday. No area three hours ta each Passengers to and from Eaaum South amnectiona, aroltor W Sioux Oty. i-Jfi' r - Washing Powder . It's a good as an extra pair of hands is ' ' " Cut Flowers furnished on twenty" - four honri notice for all occasions ''from the cradla to the grays. " " Special rates ta wedding parties andfuaerals, v. Samples or bnHloa br mH or x press wffl recalra prompt attention. Tests made la Os twst adaptsd aroceas of otss." j Labontorr sad sampnng work ta ranat Bufldlag; SI Bleeksr BL the bousebold. It tares time ana worry. Largest package greatest economy. . - TI1BX K. FAIRBANKCOMFAWT, . Chicago. est. Loots. Naw York, Botoo. Philadelphia. . C.G.KNIGDT. ' Black Telephone" 1128. LEAD JQITT, Buy IoobJ UCw " Uslas loirsst sTS. tf ' South Dakota . . .. - ' ',

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