The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 8, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

-1 1 i i n THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 8, '99. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. C. W. (Watson got back from Custer. R. M. Maloney went down to H1J1 City. Henry FYawley returned from his trip to Nebraska. EXAMPLE IS BETTER THAN PRECEPT. Those sententious proverbs, or old saws, w hich are used as prefixes to ail of Hood's SarparilLa advertisements in thousand of papers throughout the country, are evidences of a new and original style ,4 display advertisement both pleasing and effective. The Hood firm is to ! congratulated on so cleverly adapting su h w isdom as has filter ed down through centuries. Another charming thing about this'Hood advertisement is the unique typo they are using. Have You Seen Them? If Not You've a Pleasure to Come, O. Strom.sness left f r Rapid City and other places down the road. Mrs. R. F. Tackabury of Jxiad left for her old home at Vermillion, .his state R, Flanders and wife left for Omaha the former on business, and the latter for a short, visit. At Present the Best Sight in Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which includes the H. E. Seaman, representing the Car penter Paper company of Omaha, left Pick of the Market., .. for points down the Elkhorn. Miss Hay Clough returned from City, where she had been to assist BISMARCK'S IRON NERVE Wu the result of his splendid health. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels are out of order. If you want these qualities and the nuccees they bring, use Dr. King's New Life PilU. They develop every powder of brain and body. Only 25c at Kirk O. Phillips . in a concert given 'Wednesday night. James Conzett and wife returned, after a two months' visit in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and Other states. Ir. Verbryck and wife of Newcastle NEW TIES Bright, Fresh, New- Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. parsed through the city o ntheir way to Spearfish to visit Mrs. Verbryck's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David ixxiglas. R. A. Mooncyham of Belleville. 111., a mining man who has been quite prominent in certain districts of Colorado, arrived in the city and will probably remain in 'the Hills for a short time. i Ted TEN DAYS' STOP-OVER AT PHILADELPHIA. Tickets to New York over Pennsylvania Short Lines are good for ten days' sojourn at Philadelphia without extra charge. They may be obtained via Washington with ten days' stopover at national capital at same fares as over direct Pennsylvania line. Applications for particulars will be promptly answered if addressed to H. R. Dering. A. G. P. Agent, 24 South Clark street. Chicago. ztrru. , Pr New Hats, New Styles of Caps "IT'S TOO BAD." Is what all the ladies said who heard The Mikado" aJ. the Opera house last !f Dot had played' with common soap What wreck there'J be to-morrow! Her hands all chapped, her dress past hope, Her toys a tale of sorrow . But mother lets her play like this And wash whate'er she chooses, For not a thinjj will go amiss When Ivory Soap she uses. IVORY SOA P 99 foo PER CENT. PURE. COPYRIGHT ISM SJV THf PROCTtR 4 OAMBlt CO CINCINNATI evening as presented by the Lead Singers club, under the direction of Mr. Tcgarty, while the men qualified their opinions with more expressive ad- Men's and Boy's Clothing IX) NOT BE FOOLED With the idea that any preparation your druggist may put up and try to e'ives. This unanimous expression was calhsl out by the fact that the oth ill the nilllllMM' iiml wln-n ihf disparity sell you will purify your blood like iITIONAL LOCALS. (it Urll ! 1( 'lilt II Id til number of ladies Hood's Sarsaparilla. This medicine is as great a it was last night, the f I- has a reputation it ba.s earned its rec Ertckson & Folstad, the Doad- ord. It is prepared under the personal supervision ot emicaUM pharmacists who know the nature, quality and me brs, for ;i spring -suit. FOR FINE SHOES. ,EY, THE TAILOR, LEE ST. To Spend Miney and be Happy at the Same - Time Go to - The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. IT erwise, HKXSt. pleasing and meritorious ama:eu: pet form;. nee ever given in the Ulack Hills was spoiled by two persons w ho asuineil important roles they were 1101 capable of filling, and even though they lunl ability, were 100 indolent to Miuly their parts. The Nanki-Poo o' last evening can sing a very little, bin has no conception of aeiing; the Ko-Ko can neither sing nor act and this, added to a severe cold, rendered his efforts positively painful to the au goods at the RED 'f ICurran, the loan ana insurance dicinal ettect ot all the ingredients used. Hood's Sarsaparilly ansoiutely cures all forms of blood disea-v when other medicines fail to do any good. It is the world's greatest spring medicine and Che one true blood purifier. money to loan in small or lows who tuku the girls -the good-lo-iking fellows have to play billiards or In' w.ill-llowei-s. The Olympic has been trying all kinds of legislation within the last few months; why not legislate against this evil'.' The Presbyterian and Congregational churches in Rapid C'ny are taking a very sensible step in effecting a consolidation. There is not a held for' the two churches and they propose to make one strong church rathe." than have (two weak ones. Comirnt'ee of conference on the consolidation have been its, and no ('elay to get. 1 1145 old l'ne. Lead, S. D. 647 Main Street. dience. Thetie are harsh words, nut are id "C" Soap is a wash-day Cultivate Its acquaintance. more than justified by the great injustice done to the ladies and gentlemen suffering to have teeth of the company who were sacrificed Dy you take gas or vitalized air. these incompetents. They spoiled the lias administered ft for enjoyment of 'the entertainment for the appointed from both churches and these illy. Call on him. Lead audience Wednesday night, and their failures having been commented Knowles is teaching school have reported a plan hich is to sell off the Congregational churca property, pay off the dwbt of the Presbyterian READY FOR BUSINESSI FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, Bottom, in the Gunsolly upon by the many Deadwood people bouse, having commenced the church and unite 041 lerms of equality who went to Lead to hear it, was the sole cause of the small audience last in the new organization, the officers to of the week, to finish the term r Miss Mabel Louthan. be chosen equally from the two evening. I! only one soap in the world (or Mr. Tegarty as Poo-Bah has few equals among the professionals who Have re-opened the Geddes Barn with a complete line os branches in the future. The Congregationalism have voted to accept the plan and it is expected the others will soon. assume the role. His acting is fault Is, P they call the Diamond less and his singing masterful; Mrs. Wade has a wonderfully rich and mu FOR SALE CHEAP. Two hundred acres of land, one mile from Sturgis, three miles from Fort Meade, Meade eounity, S. D. A good house, 16x20, "L" 14x16, ail one and a-half stories high, with cellar and wood shed, stable and " other buildings. Enough unculled timber for 500 cords of wood, two springs, good water; 120 acres under fence; 40 acres broke. Terms easy. T. O. COOK, Terry, S.D. o FOR SALE. One thousand three hundred and twenty (1,320) acre irrigated stock ranch, on Sand creek, Wyo., 2V4 miles of creek through center. WM1 sell rn one two or three ranches. Call on or address E. L. BENTON. Beulah, Wyo. (3-25-lm.) . o INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS OF DEADWOOD. The undersigned has located for the purpose of washtog and renovating feather beds and (pillows, making them1 as good as new. Special aittenltdon given to mattress work. Work taken in the forenoon will be delivered at night. Place of business 59 Sherman St. Respectfully, F. W. L. PIHPER. . Syndicate restaurant on Lee iiain in the field for business, sical voice, and sustained the role of DAINTS UNOSRIE. A line of lingerie whWh la dalntinwe Yum-Yum in an easy and graceful man Ian ever prepares to take care Mb the war mo ;t place in the New Carriages and Buggies. The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAT WKBK OB MONTH a specialty. : : : : and low prices will appeal to every wo ner; Mrs. Tegarty was a most pleasing surprise as Katisha and was frequently Liod the cool as: and mw: invit- man who sees it, is displayed this week at the Ladies Bazaar. Everything in I tie summer. It is a first-class KAN Restaurant, conducted by cambric and muslin, both lace and em , who won tthe tttto of col- L.w-. encored; Miss Pond and Mies Honey as Pitti-Sing and Peep-Boo were irresistible; Mr. Newton as the Mikado was all that could be desired. The choruses were exceptionally fine, reflecting great credit upon the director. 1 uurcy years ago. sx I broidery trimmed, ia shown. ' A few prices quoted be'ow will show how surprisingly low are the prices but to appreciate the quality and beauty of the e&ueim Wi hrhv nailed tol l fire ward Firemen's hall 4....g...fl .11 1 1' iH-fr-H-'H-i'il I H lit 1 1' MEY SAVED! goods, it is necessary to see them: as well as the singers. The custumes PWlay evening, May 8, at 7:30, (purpose of placing in nomina- were all that had been claimed for them and the stage settings were both counollraen and one member appropriate and artistic. icbool board from said ward, Oamlbric nightgowns, trimmed in valencienea lace and insertion, f 1.50. Skirt to malttdh, $1.45. Chemise to match, 75c. Corset cover to match, 45c Drawers to marten, 85c. Cambric nightgown trimmed In em- Had the troupe been composed wnouy I her business as may proper - of Lead talent their appearance in Dead Wore said meeting. A. H. 0LE80N, wood would have been greeted by a full house. We save money by Buying Goods for CASH. Taking Good Water at Last. George B. Porter at the American jmroltteeman. bfoideryUL.i i. " It miss seeing Reno Saturday Chemise to match, 75c BOB DALTON13 JACKKN1FE. made arrangemenrts wherehy they will I the Opera house. This is his tfieCasJTDISGOUNTSr I appearance in Dead wood and i of magic will be pleasing We' also Save money in buying goods in 3 ' We. Tin traiineri does and both the old and the large quantities. TLis 18 made possible since we X Deaav Dorian. h rrkntnnbton- have six large stores in wmcn to piace mem 1 give a pleasing act In bend always fdvB a good show, Our customers receive the benefit of our cloae f Skirt to maicn, i.zo. Corset cover to match, 45c. Muslin nightgown embroidery trimmed, 85c. Skirt to match, 85c. Corset cover to ma tea, 35c. Drawers to match, 50c. Cambric skirt trimmed with torchen lace. $1.35. Drawers to match, 40c. The Ladies Bazaar also shows a beautiful line of Infants short and long slips in cambric and nainsook, plain and elaborately trimmed and a large variety of underclothes. be able to supply water from the Klc ney springs at Hot Springs and from the beautiful spring at Piedmont to all parties desiring it. Our city water is and will be for many months, at least, mucky and unfit for use. Here is an opportunity to place your orders and receive pure spring water which will not endanger yotir health, ruin your disposition or make sand paper of your throat, as is the case with the water you buy of the city. Orders may be placed at any time with Messrs. Porter & Day, and will be promptly filled. fl the people everywhere he purchases and cah discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only 1 Price of admission will be before, 26c and 35c. ' 12 years. I5c Seats on- sale for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other 4 akin', drug store. peoples bad accounts, Consequently you win ' harper, the BurHngton brake- 4 find big oaa been laid up for the past with pneumonia, has eooe l UE&ht atwl Ho li John Gorum has on exhibition in ihe show case -in his saloon a murderous-looking weapon that had been taken from the body of the celebrated Bob Daliton, of the dreaded Dalton ang, at the time he was killed at Coffeyvilie. in 1892. The weapon combines a knife, a pistol, a corkscrew and a hook tor cleaning tr.e noofs of horses, all of which fit snugly against the handle, and may be closed up until it takes no more room than a large jacktolfe. The instrument was taken from DaUoTs body by L. Ford, who is now in this city, a traveling musician. He was in Coffeyvilie at the time Dalton was killed, and was one of the first tJ reach the body. Other men were busy at the time appropriating portions of his wearing effects, but Mr. Ford fortunately got hold of the combination tool. It was evidently manufactured by some member of the Dalton gang, for it is rudely put together, but strong and of good material. The pistol barrel is about six Inches long and lies along the back of the knife. It la a muzzle loader, or cap-and-ball, and was undoubtedly intended for emergencies. &l-though it would probably not be very effective except at close quarters. Mr. Ford says he has been offered ten dol- I.. , uu lO IDCUUg lW"ough he still ha a bad cold. MONEY SAVED CIRCUIT COURT. All that. was heard in circuit court yesterday was the case of the Troy Min lae company against the estate of I1" that would scare a man In Ha began -work about a Thomas White, deceased, for the recov fK and baa been making regu-' Edgemoo to Dead wood since that tA t tt rant. Clothing Shoes, RHEUMATISM CURED. My wife has used Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism with great relief, and I can recommend it as a splendid liniment for rheumatism and other household use for which wj hare found tt valuable. W. J. Cuyler, Red Greek, New York. Mr. Cuyler is one of the leading merchants of this village and one of the most prominent men In this vicinity. W. G. Phlppin, Editor Red Creek Herald. For sale by all druggists. ery of some thirteen hundred dollars alleged to have belonged to the plaintiff company, and to have been in White's custody at the time of his 1 Ottdnetor. Who has also beau ' " maM ihoeut. Is itlll Dry Goods and I BY BUYING death, and a certain surveyors outfit If R. It ts not Bkelr tiial he also alleged to have belonged to the mmnuiT. The testimony was all tak , t work before a month or so be Hi . . . Notions a en In the case, and at the close of the I a case. F Otymnk had a dance laat night V all . - process of getting in the evidence Martin & Mason, attorneys tyt the defendant- made a motion for taa. court to in- - -woae y perhaps ( fifteen OUAOIT'O WHERE THEY -weniy.nTa, gentlemen, and waa ram no. m. iu liirv for the defense. This for the implement, but would not dm v I isi a ivt 'vu motion was being argued alt the time oaaBlA it lors UllMOC U SELL CHEAP Carr & Berry Block, Deadwood. OYSTER SUPPER wiH he served at the Salvation Army hall oh Main street on Tuesdav evening, April 11. Music will "be furnished by the officers and comrades of Lead, assisted by the Deadwood band. Every body welcome. Oyster 26c. Coffee, sandwiches and cake 15c court adjourneo, ana wm m i TT ea Toang men who i s danca, bat wfao would J? uoand rather -T V1 TiHA tn the 91 v " "yrangtni Ukto forenoon. Edwin Van CIse and w Lady's Lorgnette rolled gold chain free by saying Diamond "C" Soap wrapper. Aak your grocer. Steele are attorneys for the plaint- H'f ffffflllTIl I it I I I ' HT tneiR. they tot to the dance. lff. R. I f '---:-y I

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