The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 8, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

THE DAIL?FI0fl.EEJi TXMUST iJ H-tUklll a B.PTT. g QQ I ONE GENT A WORD STABLES. Cook Remedy Co. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR Crafle-Clnrcll Co., Advertisements under this heed ONE CENT A WORD each Insertion when run less than one month. Three lines $U'5 it month. 'Payable in niLOOD POISON PRIM AS Y, SECONDARY or TERTIARY BLOOD POISON1 PERMANENTLY CURED INT 15 TO 35 DAYS. Y'ou can be tereated at home for the niu ... Manufacturer and Jobbers ot ... Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. W TtfCPt Sunday 0 1:35 pm . i t , iii -vn,"V If t aii niwfai e vim a Kara IDA will l)t Suo- J rice uniler same 1. 1 Aiia i i. " fr. o ,.i v raih txid fare and hotel bilU anct no charge lt we fall to cut. WANTED HELP na AireDt for. . 8 -. 00 a m Wanted -Men to learn barber trade, i"".. folio l ;?. nally.l2:30pm If vou have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, and still have aches ana ' L MUCOUS PATCHES in mouth. SORE THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPKB COI ORFD SPOTS ULCERS on any part of the xly. HAIR or EYEBROWS KM I I NO OUT it is this MJOOU POISON that we GUARANTEE to cum We Elicit the met OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE E WOMjD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. This ditfeaac bu always UAH-LED Lrf . i .iiv. ex .11:05 am HO L YOKE DEAN AND MARSH STEAM TUMPS OMAHA and SIOUX CITY . Eight weeks completed. Two year saved. Best season to begin. 300 posi-1 tiona to fill in Mav. Students from dis t dun 11 : 00 am - 6:52 p tance assisted with transportation. L-lM arrives N. t. WUUU, A. m., m. w., r.ra,.i. Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, .uSTHE SKILL OK THE MU i r..i to. f., - Write today. Mjler Barber College, Rallwa baggag Minneapolis, Minn. gi udanwDiiuvi , (lUlftkiUaieiltaCbiC&foSlaee Bj UU l) v . ... -.. .Hnnaaftll Dr. J. A. Paddock, Dr. Louia Bow f . lntS. tmr W The Old vt, iirgrmu bumsi mnwir e dl,l,. I.... i il" Jl'lT1. . . T (Vmu"''11"1 I ri i ruuiB. ,.,r unwi-.- . . erarraent-y. urs7l.-l operatluns prf.ref 1 tfce .' ?" .-?: , nn Club - PADDOCK & HOWE ,RBRTSCiN. Several of our most prominent public men Kings and hmporen or lore gm lands have succumbed to this disease von vhen under the treatment of th lest talent unlimited weaith of nations culd employ but EC- PYTV REMEDY known only xo ourselves During FOURTEEN EARS o our existence no la than twenty different concern have staged up to lm-rI ou; treatment, prompted hy our unprecedented -ece, to-day not on. of them remains In business. "Ll2r.:'. ? ' We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor. Wanted Your carpets to lay, also carpets cleaned on the floor. Household goods crated for shipment. Harrison Phone No. 148. J. a FLETCHER, 43 Centennial. fu'- . I'll I r n renin it "u it-i -i wiui D Feet, (Jurvalurt ..r Ihe Spine. rile. Tuin.,rs. "- dt-r Kvb Kar, Skin ami l"l HlseaMi". and all siiilfioal ,.tratlt;. He.t fa.illtle. ara.u and remedies PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, ,irtrcM DEAD- I ...e 1 1 VV I., I the BUIWW-1UI neanoriivv. .. - We abaoluU'lr ' c"r ererj eae oi Offlcei Not. 8, np B Syadlcate Block, First Floor next.door Western Onion Tel., otBce. and of Youth and Majiiiwid , Kpersiaior- 8:05 a m Wanted A waiter girl at the Only restaurant, Main street. Dead wood. Office Houn From 9 a. m. to 9. p. m .. PhlmoaU. et., .. i liare Kwpble-Airs " J .i -v,. io.t fr-Sn work or business 9:30am U Sunn-' ..10:30 am Both Telephones at offices and resident. Wanted Good eonpotent girl for .... 12:13 p .... 2:00? general hoiusowork. Enquire at 3'6 fsilireW unknown t ui. .we -ore Ui-ufaiMl- " 'M,' We hare tet. thousand te.timn al letter, on n I, cmlerui natlentK permanently cured. rite 1.J tJ' W te H- " a dl-tanee treated l.y mall- CJlr. "I "v ory"Tter-l Si ..e B.K.U .11 Cfcro;!. ; Mention lo Washington street. THE COOK REMEDY CO. nas pe rnmueuu, world-wide reputation for speedy cur .. honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR CO. D, METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES XlfoFnS" GE3 sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. T Mflrcss COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Mastnic Triple, CHicagoJU. 2:15 pm r ....j.v WBUU" - .4:20pm Lt Sun d:uiui .. 7:00pm Mrs. Helen Sach Pianoforte Lessons AND French Classes Daily. ,1 .. 8:00 pm Man, middle age, with integrity, tact, business ability, large experience, wants -work to do. Capable of tilling creditably almost any position. Salary secondary consideration Address Mr Dawson, general delivery. DeAdwood. '" ..10:30pm swioay - '.:-'''" 'r."y::,': fu,rJ UvLKAD CITY. .1 . r-.-l- I ! 1 ' I 8:35am WlthoKlTl-".,l. Hi"'"' -;. si. nt' Al.l. r l '('. Hot aOSl-New York, Iroquois Bicycles jljS ,75 For terms apply at the Blacfe II ill Steam Laundry, Dkadwood, -:- South Dakota Wanted- Work by the day by a woman. Apply to room No. 16, U Sunday . . ,. 9:55am ..11:00am W. a ... I aas & W aTTV -sinr .1 sue ifUUUUIS mUUCI o mm Diririaw ..12:50 pm LoU with Eastern The Millard, JAMES P. WILSON . tf V Monday" 3:40pm fm rmm told at $ L ?&r h Jl -third tbir r i iAV IROQUOIS CYCLE WORKS FAILED r. , Vj I lH 1l'l,- '"lJ built, an d we htvr IxMighl the atirpkJit t m forc l WsM W j M . Vf M N VO erntioi (kidullar. Y ill, it we ( t ttAl HMel A liuquois Hi Vf-lW 1m tJr",Kr'1 conii-i-te Made to sell at $60. t.j Wjj Ka2)0P 1 ur '',IBI1' t af mini t aril 'lir'te 4tH tat juet mIi.i'. 3liJZfr 13 ti.rv Un-l lie ii. d make the nurvrloui mtfvv of Mo4l tlb7rrvf IROQUOIS BICYCLE a. $16 "hiieih.jiMi. ThwhU VtilrwL r ijM are air irtij (' 4-daL, f.injoiis evei ) where f'f butv Mill fuMl gnallty 1 WaX7 I ''W nCCPDIDTtlM T1"" '")""' M..J.1 3 wltiu well knuwokinnil 'WeV A ' UCOUnlr I Ull iUUl aeacni.tiun. Shelby 1 in itaBlaw Val:'B tutniif ininniveni two-piere eianh detmi lialile tmtoekmtt, mrch crowu, mmmjmSTSEmmmmVPItsz rtel hub auid hangar, J S, m ilmp, fint nickel wid nantl , color, tfk, mar no 11 n-l r..n. h p-reen Onti' frame 11, 7 an.l If- in Ladiei' Tl In . bet "Itccurd." uaru-d lirei n'l hk(h-irrs-le enn.i ment throughout Our Written tittBrantre- with ry bicrrle D (or your e-xprrii agent guarantee tr mmy slate whether ladW or (dU , color tmd .All heii-ht of wmle.i, a.iI we wiU thi D for the balance Iftlft 76 tad eiprwft oharfw). ubjct to ei.mintmn n-1 npm?l. If you don't find it the mot wvattUrful ltleyl Offer r m4; Mod it bmck ml 4Mtr -perrne, OKDFK T-l K V if yn" 'n"t wunt to he diapi.ind. &U centi ducouirt for twsh to full writb rdar. WE HAVE BICYCLES T. ii'Am in reery town I. reprint u. Hunlr eftrned thir bicrrl lut yer Thil yew w offer wheeli ud Mb for work doM for tw ; alio XTa of aunple wheel to agents. Write for our liter. r) (). W art knows twyw - .... sr Wt-.l k. smrlit and are narfaMtl reliatala era refer to auw bank ar liaain kotMUl ttorney-at-Lciw, 13th anl Douglass Sts. OMAHA, NEBRASKA. i.kaimm; iiuij i. of mi-: wkst. . Wani.-.l Two .! tin. v ronm., for light li.)ti-k.-cpi:m'. Address l'ionitr Times. Want. il House cl. fining, l.iuirliy work. l..".ti per day. OS Miller St. Wanted Girl for general housework Mrs. Goldberg, William street. pt Sunday .7: 22 p ni .8:22 p m 9:22 p m Ltpt Sunday Olympic Club Building Corner Sherman and Dead wood Streets Lt Sunday 10:55p.m DEDWOOD - - South Dakota. American Plan-2.6u per day ana up. European Plen-,1.00 per day and up. StrVotly fli-st-clasa In every respect. j E. MARKEL & SON. VX. t M. V. R B. Qucato, to any axpraaa con pax y and to our eui'omrn everywhere J, Lm MEAD OYOLE CO.. Ohhtmao, ltU4 Mon-rtur illustrated caUlogue ex NORTHWESTERN LINE, 'tween Deadwood and Tin plains how we teach the barber trade In eight weeks, mailed rree. mu.c. M. H. LYON. ZObCKLER BROS- LEADING Barber College, Minneapolis. Minn. W. H. MOORE Blacksmith and Arrives. Departs. iBlni to Omaha jt Paul, Mln-ittB close con-,n ,11 polnU wanWiPlaoe in a dining room. PUBLIC ASSAYER Laiitb. at Fre- li n-,-v. ttiwek v.nnuire at Mrs. L. E. Miller's, 41 Lee Uwer Main on tev. street. Sturgu. Hp-n Inter- MEAT MARKET. BtackHillsTelephoneNo 6 Harrison Telephone No. 3. ton Maker. AND sampl er. "7... ih-4Sam 8:25 an SEie '3:3&am 11:00am Wanted Good glirl for dining room. $20 per month Belle Fourche Hotel. g.T :au a m -.iu v HORSESHOEING AN GENERAL RE ooanwriOD 8QOTH DAKOTA teeselr-a witin' mn Tmm a iifiiia w i naa m i PAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE m FOR SALE. GO TO . . iRET SOCIETIES. Na 654 MAIN STREET. J)EADWO0I" All Kinds of Carriage and Waon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. U and 13 Pine Street, Deadweod, a. D. Desirable building lota on Lincoln ELY'S CREAM BAT.M la a positive cure Apply lim the nostrils. It Is qui. kly M ,,ts at Dra-eista or hy moil : ..mplee 'Ik-, hv mail Lea & Pcrrins' I , n vt o AiiTlliary to avenue, Ingleside. Lumber furnlanea FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh and Salt Meats, a"Lf-."' Friday IL, BU cwu - to build. Edwin Van ise. kMth In reading room oi me . jff J14aH I saH f S7S?f5s S. u.J. m, tSjlll b it 1:10 p. m. uuveuia -"qiFM. U. A. Bewa, Corps See. No. too Sherman ot. A bargain In an elegant upright i vivc man Oil Call on the piano. Enquire at the n-.. SAUCE usr ORIGINAL VuBEKAH LODGE No. 8. meets lmt fen!, Timuiava of each month office. Blacfc Hills Wer Capanj, awry ot city hall building. Vlslt- f MUOjginE CLEANUP Mrs eonnaiiy mviiea w Kere, N. O. Helen Baker, Sec i.eif W r J jV jA star aa el Pin nee. Turkish, ;t mi i a i a r Before Buying Lumber, Lath. Shingles, Sash Doors, and Moulding ... . vpa ft I WORCESTERSHIRE Gives a moat dellcloua flavor to Hot and Gold Heats, Tinnv v 1 r at H.. A. O. .11 Nerroes Dlseee. .1 Jir (MAWIUI WV. , ' -.k .! hoii Kutiriinff- flrst ana Lots B'or Sale Howard's Addition, his addition to Deadwood. beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoin-ing the Dudley Spring, in the First ward, la now open for settlement. Se plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Clse. o Tflkp P Hot or Cold Bath I ORG O vl shave at U,.. rj a.K month VUUtlnK 0T 5i 'J Xsiiold or fflSf. ran,. jr ---- .i.,. prieasi.w.p- fiasllr eameo 17 a urrittw. auu " Main St. Deadwood, ED- HARTS- 138 Sherman St. G. w. mu. Mgr. f DIB IUf . . -v a ui-i 1 f vneir rlmaTlflsfV BMB sWaw inaiat. on h.TillS loyo.Mr , BlTlaJWJ 11. 'is- ' Gravies, Salads, Soups, Game, Fish, WILCOX PHARMACY Deadwooa a. SlirUed to meet with us. Mary K4C.M H. Frank Dennis, Rec. n.l,,,....,. JEY LOANED i fforytWag pertaining to '4 of unredeemed pledges of FOR RENT. j. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public e rHELOERBY ' Kicely furnished roofnB at reawua- Welsh Rarebits, etc. i tiiila fnr U. S ble rates Noble block. Til wain Is Headquarters For n ..rsntv Co, All kinds 01 Mrs. Garr. Wines, Liquors "and Cigars, The ElicKicrfcr Typewiter Received the only Gold MedaX Awarded any Writing Masnlnt a.1 Oka Omaha Exposition in 1898. Can be seen at tie office, at BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. This signature on every bottle Fidelity uu , written guarantee and . y rate8 before without delay. "5 g , ,our bond. , "king your r ends "Vncea. Four nicely furnUned rooms at 41 Ue St. Board If desired, Mrs. Maud R. Porkins. No. Maio Street. ID TJ TARTER PrOD I desoriptions on hand. Uinslmees atrtctly confiden-il . . . . . . . MM Loan Office w tumnder Orerland Hotel ;.C JEWE'lT, Telephone.: Harrison w - ii e - M. H. LYON. Deadwood. S. D John Duncan's Sons, Agent. Nw York. Wanted Cheap-One tubular or loco-motive boiler about 40 horse pow ln good oondiUon. Parties tn Black viont, uch for aale aend price X. J. DOWU. PRACTICAL The Henshaw . . European Hotel Lead Steam XIUIO and description to E. D.. lnyan ivara. HCHITECT. : CO TO Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. .. (JH AS. C. BO HL, Prop. Watchmaker, Jewelei Wyoming. COMPAKY LAIDBI :!m 19 Syndicate Block, LOST. Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room. AndOPTIClAiN Black Hills Jiwln M t0 m ! DEDWOOD, 8. D. WatchEmln.rforth.F:E.M v . . , i win Lost-A triangle-shaped rule between the Bullock hotel and Lee street. Tha finder will be suitably rewarded by call tog at my office. D. C. BOLEY. T. J. O'BRIEM, irrop. ,no P.rnam St. - Omaha, Neb 81T e k and prio mass Altera lavww- n. PnttofllCI. OiadOO. IWVW aa xtiiii. uv .--.- 17 South Gold St. All Orders by Tfelephfne will be Promptly Attended to HARRISON TELEPHONE 254. Our Wagon will Call on Deadwood Customers Dail? rdwara ComnanY. LIBRARY NOTICE. Until further notice the public li L I lLJI ii i "pnjJ' ' ' - j.-o w . -..t , r Uolesale Hardware, cycles and Sjbrtikj Goods. brary will be open on Tuesday ano "CUPIDENB . ( T T .1 513 PIECES f2VimM. 1 1 llviuuaer.tbepreecrsa 1 qaicaly cure you i of al loe Saturday afternoons ana - evenings, as heretofore. By order-of the board of dlrectora. i14 BaJUm --' - OMAHA yr"l J. w.l,lr fwo nali u. "rr--Jr-il a . r MRS. A. J. suiaivo. In8orn'ii , i to Marry . fcinansjna u c-"li,, rmm - - - .: . ...i-.j Bloek. U. CmnN. All won boaranieeu. tack .m :t ".''t lk,'a qoKklr J. !. mALl COAL! COAL! C BOBEBTS, Manager u i in -nd aa MHt. iitt J r Poichasen. of Sheridan coal irUl tod . OKannUI CtJHi Waa ae w FinCM?rv w . " - Aw Zt 7X7 - -.ih?,. .Vr-i c a. aaiiinf. add R" - i rorranrfenrs ibHr AoW it to thlr adxaatacato oonault JtfJ Wa J m 0HN W. GIBBS, ED. H AK l , Agent, - - twi -MS.i desk 'hflSi,;, a-3a?a5r 4J.Vew Paul Rmnan. Deaawoou. i fi a. Dirt, jds B r. leerwhere. I elsewhere. -..iiisrasi ing eatk Dakota I J , .jj. m j;) ii.n. iiaeii

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