The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 8, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 8, 1899
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The Daily . Pioneer-Times. "HI DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK II ILLS), SATURDAY MORNINd, APRIL S, '99. FIVE CENTS. year I 4 $ .j. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4j DEADWOOD AND DENVER j LOST IN A FIRE ulcua prices having been asked for hay do not appear to exist anywhere, the highaet price so far as reported to Mr. Buahnell being $8.50 per ton at Eureka T THE UP-TO-DATE today. Visits Millionaire Homes Will Soon Be Connected By a Direct Railroad The interesting event of the day was the arraignment of Bad Elk and John Good Shot, Sioux Indians, the former charged with ahoting and killing an charged with shooting and killing an arrest; the latter with killing his di-von-ed wife, both crimen having been (i:mmittf(l on the Pine Ridge reservation. When Had Elk was arraigned, upon Iteing asked to plead guilty or not guilty, he. said: "1 did it, but am not the principal one." Fifth Avenue in-New York. Ringsrude Elected. Elk Point, S. D., April 7. At the elec tion here 2Xi votes were polled. Ixeal option carried" !y a majority of Ifi, and municipal ownership of waterworks carried by 89 majority. A. O. Ringsrud was elected mayor. I not onH Tun The Work of Construction of the New Line Has Actually Begun. jen Lives uwoi oiiu i.ww alatial Residences Are Consumed. 4 4 York, April 7. Special Two t u 111 rn Qii T Mayor Harrison's Rigid Policy. Chicago, April 7. Special. Mayor Harrison has issued an imperative order that all gambling and pool rooms must close and remain closed. o Sixty Cents on the Dollar. Havana, April 7. Special. The post office has posted an order that it will accept 'Spanish coins for stamps on a basis of sixty cents on the dollar. The A Deserter From Fort Meade. John Mclnerny, the police officer yesterday arrested a man who gave his name as William Lee, at the instance of Thomas Hill, who swore that 1-ee had stolen a suit of clothes from his (Hill's) trunk in Sturgis. Lee ha'd Just come up from Sturgis. and was evidently not expecting to run against the man who owned the clothes so soon. Officer Mclnerny learned later by communication with Fort Mevla that his prisoner was also wanted at the (ODS ID Uir linn-". .venue were burned this mornrag Llrteen lives were lost. The fire C in the palaJtial home of Wallace Ljrews, the millionaire president I New York Steam Hearting oom- DRY GOODS HOUSE. Special for this Week. The rainy season is up jn us, therefore prepare lor it. 150 Lafe Dot! Teitnre Mac lofc in all the latest styles at $1.90, $3, $3.30, $5.10, $5.40 and up. Not a Garment here but what you will have to pay double price for in other places CI J. WERTHHEirJER. office has heretofore accepted Spanish Omaha, April 7. SiHefcial. General Manager Holdridge of the B. & M. announced today that work had actually commenced and would be pushed to a speedy coucluaion on the branch road from Alliance, Neb., to Brush, Colo. The new line will give a direct route from Dead wood to Denver and will fchonum the distance by present routes over 300 miles. Brush is on the Omaha Denver line of the B. & M and between forty and fifty miles 'northeast of Denver. It lays directly south of Dead-wood. Alliance, Neb., is on the Dead-wood-Omaha line of the B. & M.. The new line will bring Deadwood and Denver at least seventy-five miles nearer than Deadwood and Omaha. currency at ita lace value for stamps up to twelve cents. poet for desertion. Lee was locked up (and Mrs. Andrews and daughter, jane children of the daughter, Children of Mr. Andrews, and hi servants were cremated. The in the Lawrence county Jail, and will be held until the arrival of the officers from Meade county af'.er htm. It Girl Plans Fool-Hardy Trip. Ued to the adjoining home of Al- J. Adams, another millionaire, 1 TNI seems that he broke into Hill's trunk UK was also consuniwu. i nc at Sturgis and secured th? telltale cloth ing, evidently with a des!re to get keeper of the Adams home was Id in the fire. An explosion in something besides his soldier's clo;hts, in his desire to get out of the service Lament of the Andrews home was trlgin of the flra Mr. Holdridge is quite enthusiast! lc j o( Uncle Sam Atlantic City, N. J., April 7. Miss Belle Shane, a young woman 22 years old, a resident of Morristown, Pa., and now a visitor in this city, declared her intention of accompanying Capt. Andrews on his next voyage across tht-Atlantic to the Paris exposition. Captain Andrews, who first contemplated the building of a boat seventeen feet long, has resolved to lengthen it to twenfty feet, give it mar.; beam and depth of hold. The captain says he is willing Miss Shane shall be 'his passenger and that TH DAKOTA BOYS RETURN over the new line and the increased traffic between ithe Black Hills end Col t Interesting Railway Matters. orado. il Sick and Wounded Who Have C. H. Sharp, the railroad contractor, lor The Burlington company has i left Deadwood yesterday for Alliance the oast few days been concentra' Arrived at San Francisco. Francisco, April 7. Special. with about a dozen or fifteen laborers whom he had engaged to work on some ing its construction forses at Alliance, and the contractors have all of their transport Arizona has arrived of his rail mail hinildine this snrirte and Manila with a hundred and fifty I n kl - ... n A On-nmr ..n tt Y a crv.i rwl avauao.e mv v, v , coimlng summr. He had ln read who have been mustered out ready to commence the work. j wood for several days picking up men she has agreed bo pay the expenses of the trip. Miss Shane will go to her home in Pennsylvania and will return nt of sickness and wounds re and buying some horses and teaus to in action. f - $ f'f f f 4 "I f t f put on the same work. There were Th'i voyage following men were members of about the middle of May. great number of men at the Burlington 'across the Atlantic will begin June 17. Alt South Dakota volunteers: territory to be tra-vorsea oy tne roau is the richest in Nebraska, as most ot it has been reclaimed through gigantic irregation projects. Thousands upon thousands of acres of lit have been brought under water, and it has been converted into one of the most produc cjnnuvuvvrtAruvAJUvrir depot yesterday applying for traxtspor o fHeald, Company p; Fred tat ion and for work, but Mr. Sharp tar, Company M; John H. Pos- Wedded Near Father's Corpse, Mishawaka, Ind., April 7. At Ounpany B; Ray V. Bennett., Oam- 3 simply went through the ounch and took only what he thought were the he Old Reliable Druggist 0; Oscar I. Webb, Company C; tive and fertile portions of the west. best laborers. rO. Lund'berg. CouKxany K; Ed- Railroad building matters are be i Ortmayer, Company I; Paul o'cock this afternoon the remains Charles Zimmerman were laid to rest. At 7 this evening the daughter Emmaa was married to J. W. Walker of Columbus, 0. The ceremony was perform Establised in 1876. CATTLE RUSTLER CAPTURED. Company M; John M. Company D; L. Morgan, Corn- coming very interesting in the vicinity of Alliance, and there seems to be a race between the Turlington and the Union Pacific companies to reach some i A Man Wanted at Sundance lsk Taken ed in the room in which the father's remains reposed. coveted territory first Alliance is the in Omaha. Omaha, Neb. April 7. The county of URGENT LEADER KILLED. point of centering for the Burlington, fleers have Just effected the capture of and Sidney for the Union Pacific. The Montenegro. Next in Command to . John Conrad, who is want ed alt Sun Railway for Africa. Cairo, April 7. Geo. Lord Kitchener, sirdar of the Egyptian armly, la study- Burlington has been gathering all of its Iguinaldo Killed at Malolos. dance, Wyoming, for cattle stealing, outfits, and sending them to that point. KIRK 0. PHILLIPS. I carry the finest line of Cigars, Stationary, Per-fumery, Toilet Articles, Cutlery, Eye Glasses, Spectacles and everything found in a first-class city drug store, and I guarantee better prices than can be found west of the Missouri river. Those intending to Paint will make a mistake if they fail to get my prices on Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Glass and all Painters Supplies, which I warrant as to quality and at lower prices than Conrad ' has 'been wanted for several Three large outfits passed through April 7. Special. General . jBg tne extension of the Egyptdon rail- months, and detectives have been look who, next to Agudnaldo, ! wav , south and northeast from Khar- Edgemont Thursday of this week, each ing for him In all parts of the country. outfit occupying a train. They were 11 most Influential of the iusur- j toiim, now Ithe southern terminus. His tors, has been killed. The Diana contemolate the building of a Hoe Ithe KilDatrleks. with fifteen cars; C. H. He was finally located here to Omaha, and Sheriff Dell Storm of Crook coun Sharp, with nine cars; Holmes & Cav ty, was wired to come on from Sun' anaugh, with about a doten carloads. brought to Malolos toy the ' for no miles up the Blue Nile to A'bu who saw his dead body, j h arras, thence turning to Hheh south-WRro was noted for hte dash and I oast for another 110 miles to Kedaref, t and hla power of agreesivene8s i whence the road will continue north- all headed for AlHance. dance at once. In the meantime Conrad 'was watched by detectives, to pre P of the principal factors In the east for about 350 mdles through Kas- Honest grocers prefer to sell honest aru njnnnnnjninjvnnnnrujfw m Diamond JSgLBSfPJ honest, t the outskirts of Malolos eoonomisal, very way desirable. FWefc THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK j It "te possible that the plan may be extended bo as to include a branch from Kedaref In a southerly direction to RosereB, on the Blue Nile, to meet the projected railroad northward from the cape. Favorable For Hobari vent him from getting away. He was arrested ygrdaT Jp? LJteLh,' trunk packed to get out of town, and Sheriff Storm has started for home with his man. Conrad is charged with stealing twenty-eight head of fine steers from a Wyoming cattle company, changing the brand and selling them to a small ranchman at Moorcroft, Wyo. When arrested he denied he had been mixed up in the affair,but he latter broke down and admitted that be had sold the steers. Where he had gotten them he uMngtan, D. C. April 7 Special, toeddent Hobart. took a favorable j todty, and hte physicians express .lope thai he will recover. Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1 899, $642,815.00 Steps Out of Chilean Cabinet. Valparalai, Chile, April 7. Senor Jorge Monttt, who was president of the 1 The New Battleships. tWungton, d. C. April 7.-Declal. .republic from 1891 to 1896, and who re- rT Lomj of the navy department , cent I y brought to light a long series refused to say. . . . r uuuncea the follow! ntr namM ot nag rant rrauos 'in me juikjuji iutcu-als, has fallen out with President Erraz uriz and wtll leave the government to f new ships provided for by the eongreas: BatUe&hilps Peamsyl-r' Nw Jersey, and Oeorgia;armor F Wdjert-cieveland, Denver, Des C' Cttaiwoga, Gahreaton and The Wyoming officer is of the opinion that Conrad is an old hand at the business. Since coming to Omaha Conrad has been pretending to attend the Omaha Commercial college, but in reality he has not visited the school more than a few times. This move, shift for Itself in nartal matters. By reason of a disagreement as to the incumbent of the unider-eecretaryship of All Branches of Banking Business Transacted, ' marine. Sen or Montt has resigned the i dlrectoreWp-in-chlef of the Chilean ma- An Excellent Combination. The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well known remedy, Strup of Flos, manufactured by the the officers say, was merely a blind and ' rine. DRAFTS ISSUED oa China. Manila, Havana, Porto Rico. done in order to keep under cover. o Stick Losses Exaggerated. ; Ti Exterminate Sea Liona.' j jnclaoo, April 7- Special. 'fUfwnl ton commiasion has v4 to be,tt 1 extermination of of sea Uona that Infest L n wWch destroy thousands Africa, England, Franco, Germany and all Paris af the World, at lowest market rates. COLLECTIONS msdn carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers CALiroKJfiA Fio Strup Co., illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxative principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and presenting them in theorm most refreshing- to the taste and acceptable to the system. It Is the one perfect strengthening' laxative, clean sin? the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers gently yet promptly and enabling one to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its pe'f'jct' freedom from Aberdeen, S. D., April 7. As Statistician of the Agricultural Department, W. F. T. BushneJl has 'been making an investigation of the reported losses of auuy. responsibility or collaterals. cattle on account of deep snow. Tele . JeneflortheKIondikera. WaMn J, .. . . . . Finnish Papers Are Suppressed. Stockholm, April 7. The new Russian censor at 'Helstagfors, an officer found necessary only when Russia began to abridge the liberties of the Finnish, people, has suppressed two Hel-stngsfore newspapers. Nya Pressen must go under cover for two, months and Aftenpoeten tar one month for publications hostile to the Russianis-ing of Finland. A thousand Fins today serenaded Dr. Lille, the Swedish editor of Nya Prassen, in token of their disapproval of the act. phone messages from a number of places Way say that the losses have IS DISTTJTOTIVIDIjT S been greatly overestimated. Fort every objectionable quality and substance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver ant' bowals, without or irritating' them, make it the ideal laxative Pierre parties advise hkm that while towZ. ' APru 7. SpedaL k I!nmeDt u"mmn re-Vtr1 leT Settle aa Lrryln toad mnd medical I wflefm Kkmdikew. there is from six to fourteen inches of snow on the range, k is very light and In the orocesa of manufacturing fin are ured, as they are pleasant to the J the cattle are rustling Kheir living in Bad Elk Plpnrf. Rniiiv Accounts of Banks. Corporations and Individur' solicited. Correspond eioe Ixvirltort DIRECTORS: taste, out tne medicinal qualities ox tne remedy are obtained from senna and good shape, with practically no losses si. from lack of feed. This side of the o r S-Dprri 7-The reat- other aromatic plants, by a method kuowj to the Caufoiutia Fi Strup Co. only. In order to tret its beneficial Sherin at Water-town. river and west of Aberdeen some loss Watertown, 6. D., April 7. A. aer- . . , ' ir & fcody WM taken op with Jl h,! , j Ul&CU 41 y WIUl W. E. ADAMS. dOHMTREBER. 4 . Willfaim rv . i n Rrittnn has tiiarchased the Water- effects and to avoid imitations, please remewiber the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. has occurred, but nothing like that rumored to have taken place. The loss has been confined to very old and very young stock shipped in this spring early, hut the percentage will he very lighj; comparatively speaking; Talk of rab- CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP 00. HARRIS FRANKLIN, President. BEN BAER, VKe F'ool 7 '-::'wWL-Ktm,CmaMmrk':'::-: j111 H1 nor to the Indaans. Ths town Times plant from H. P. Horse-ttfled reurn lttdiot- irellwl asume contarol May 1st. Snst Georvs W. in t "ti mocr win be Dubliahed In the In- saw r&Aircisoo, cax. xotnsvnxn, arr. Kiwyoix, w.T. Pr mtt bj all DruKgi.-PTkx SOc per bottle, 2arged ui a imnr crtoe.' teres of the pbpuMst patrty. -r-- ' .J: r

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