The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FKIDAY MORNING, APRL 7, 1899. 1 -:r THE TWO DINNERS. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. I .LEAD'S Mammoth Department S 1899. t LEAD, S. D. APRIL 7. TORE ANNOUNCEMENT! MISSIONARY MEETING. The Ladies Missionary riociety of the Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments Tammany invites. Fi lends and fellow citizens At ten dollars a plate, I ci me here to '.alk. i am asked what yo" are Going to get out of me For your ten dollars. Lend me your ears; I'll" lay you odds That all the goda In their stipremest ecstasy Have never struck a feast like me. There will be Union on the half shell, For instance Real union and real half shell; There will be Harmony a la Maitre de H'el, Which is the kind we always have in large quantities; There will be peace, Congregational ihurch In-ld a meeting at the reriideiwe of Mrs. George B. Col lins yestejrday afternoon and discussed the Mortyon question in all its phases .1. I,. Denman visited Lead yesterday. His office in the May block was somewhat injured by fire, but not sufficient to interfere with the practice of osteopathy. Many of the Lead business men closes! up yesterday afternoon in honor of the dead soldiers and sailors, the schools also closed, and the local papers did not issue. In obedience to the mandates and requests of President McKinley, flags Mrs. Russell read a paier on the "Broad Skle of Mormonism." Mrs Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, TVTi n O onH Mill a.. Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses and House Furnishings. Pinkerton had an inut ruetive paper on "What Mormoaisni Is," and equally as good one was presented by Mrs. Collins on "Mormonism at Present" A great deal of interest www manifested in the were hanging at half mast In the cflUy una ouppiieg, yesterday in honor of the nation's dead meeting and the papers were discuss ed at considerable length. With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we as soldiers and sailors. A great many old watches which are WILL REBUILD. considered asele?3 may bo brought Fortunately the men who own the ground in the burnt district are men into service by taking them to the Deemer-Orton company and have your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. able Do begin at once the erection of a fine. bkck. Mr. Cain, tvIio owns them repaired. (tf.) Temporary windows are being plac one of the lots with Mike McAUen, stat Lamb and peace; You all know how fine that is; There will be the tijne honored Haaih of democratic principals, Without which no party dinner Can be complete; There will be Africassee of the Chicago platform, Fricasseed on both sides; There will be a Ragout of Tammany Served with Irish potatoes With their jackets on; There will be a Bryan roast Done to a turn; There will be Silver punch, Everybody taking a whack at it; ed 1n W. R. Dickinson's drug store to ed that they would be able to go to work at once and Mr. Faut is not dis posed to delay the matter at all. They will most likely build a two story struc ture of brick and stone, with all mod 1 ern Improvements. It has been sug gested that it would be a fine locatlofl serve until the new French plate glass arrives. It is understood that the store will have an entire new front, and the old pillars of brick will be removed. BRYAN & GESKEY have money to loan in any quantity on good terms. Real estate, broKerage and fire insurance business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Bretitell block, Lead. (3-23-tf.) Prof. Windolph, who works at the Highland hoist, was struck in the face for a hotel, but these people are not And the drinks will consist Of 16 to 1 smash And gold seal. yesterday with a hot iron and his There's a lot more To be chewed up, hotel men and do not take very kindly to the Idea. It will be safe to assume that before the summer is far advanced that one of the finest edifices in the city will stand on the ground that la now covered with ashes and ruins. o . HAPPILY MATED. Mr. Walter W. McKay and Miss Gertrude McLeod were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the residence of the bride's parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. A. countenance is pretty badly disfigured. Gates' Rock and ore crusher m m I A bruise on the nose and a gash un der the rig'hit eye were dressed at the Hospital. GREATEST ORE .CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co The dog case in which John McWill- Friends and fellow citizens. Hut this is enough for a tip. The only thing there won't be 1 3 soup. If you want to get into that, Go to the Dollar Dinner. That's all, gentlemen; Step right this way For your tickeits. Don't crowd, please. iams and Joseph Roasal were involved was called in Justice Smead's court and after hearing the stories the Judge decided that there was not enough evidence to hold Rosaal the accused dog thief. Fully Describ.'din our No. 1, Catalogue. ? Special Fine Crusher Our Nt-vv Design will invcrest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls McLeod, on Wall street at 8 o'clock Wednesday night. Rev. W. S. Peterson of the Prestoy-H&n church pronounced itiheh solemn jjg &t made them man and wife. The marrW was flatly, but very prettily celebrated nlv b relatives &klmxA. intimate friend con-(tmetinar ratrties ibeintf nreaanfc. The The bachelors give a banquet In the Congregational church tonight from 5 to 8 o'clock. The bachelors -will re fel "pLsr II. Oh, Dinner of the Daddiies, About your board we aee The modest grace Of imany a Iface Of sweet simplicity. ceive the guests and wait on the tables Chicken Pie will be served, and after supper ithey will have a 'musical and NO OTHERS EQUAL THKM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard, Gates, Shoes ctnd Dies Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co literary entertainment. Sjl fpAA ) m i ifa. writer being a warm friend of Mir. McKay is glad to announce these nuptials, or Walter 1s one of the beat of fellows and what Is still better, has gat a Wife who is deserving of him. No nuan in the city or country ds better known than Mr. McKay and 'he, therefore, needs no introduction to the people. The bride if. a Black Hills girl and FOR SALE CHEAP. Two hundred acres of land, one mile from Sturgia, three miles from Fort Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Friend. Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery, Meade, Meade county, S. D. A good house, 16x20, "L" 14x16, all one and a-half stories high, with cellar and wood i 1 ' BATES IROfJ 1701)11$ OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt Fer fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel Oh, Dinner of the Daddies, How much your dharms enchance The modest means Of men in Jeans And other kinds of pants. Oh, Dinner ' of the Daddies, Your appetizing smell Of pork and 'beans And Jowl and greens Is more than verse can tell. Oh, Dinner of the Daddiies, Your toothsome corabread hunks ' Applaud Whe plan Of every'Jnah To save thereby nine plunks. ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO. ILLS, generously endowed with accomplishments and womanly graces. The couple start out on the matrimonial highway under the most favorable circumstances end there Is every promise of happy life for them, but no bdtHeT &aa the Plomeer-Tlmes and a host of oth friends brofottndly wish for them. The happy, pah- have begun' housekeeping" in their own bouse In South Lead which the groom has'had elegantly fitted up recently tor his bride'? reception. -'.; ' J Si Si 4 B First Annual Oh, Dinner of the Daddies, Lead Romoa Sharpe and iwife were OF THB S. R, SMITH Your piirtt'realt!hs a prayer And betiisoti 'FW everyone Who liappene to be there. lied, stable and other building. Onough nnculled Umber tor 500 cords of wood, two springs, good wsuer; 120 acresj under fence; 40 acres broke. Terms easy. T. Q. COOK, Terry, 8.D. 'i O ' ' 1 FOR SALE. , - .- ... ,- , One thousand three hundred and twenty " (1,320) ' acre Irrigated stock ra&dhf on Sand 'freak, Wyo-l JlH miles of creek tauxJugh! oenterj W31 eell m one two of three ranches. Call on or address E. L. BENTON. Beulah, Wyo. (3-25-lm.) N0TICB. C. & McMaster is autnorlxed to collect aid receipt for accounts due me la Qentral City. JOSEPH BUTTON. o "' Blaterf e. "I snppose, " said the frequently dls- , appointed politician, "that I may refer i to my latest experience ss 'a historic defeat" "Yet," answered the somewhat satirical friend, "in the sense that hiitory repeats itself ' Washington Star. visitors yesterday. The Tuifoune btock fairly glistens o. u. Oh, Dl finer of the Daddiies, The Exclusive Sale of Although you give no pie, Your eaDters pray To And a way To get ilit by and by. ' ... Ss Opera Ho Jim Iron Bed.. Oh, Dinner of the Daddies, Lead, Souii di With the Malable Fsstner tlmt never breaks or gets out of order. He is selling them as cheap as others are selling the old fashioned bed . He is headquarters for ah Mode or' April Tlmrsday, One dollar does not buy So-much the feed To fill a need, As you would typtfy. LIBRARY r.yriCE. Until further notice ths public li COMMITTEES Treweek, brary will be open on Tuesday and - Carpets, Crockery, Wall Paper r an thing that Line. He is also a fall fledged TJNDKRTAKER of 19 year experience. S. R. SMlTk; LEAD. Executive W. N Saturday Afternoons and Saturday , Joiin H. Smith, W. J. Symons, evenings, as heretofore. By order of ths board of director. John Shlramin. Reception George MRS. A. J. SIMMONS, See. er, J. A. Gallagher, L- Smith. wdiu a. wrau vutut. 01 paiui. Mrs.' M. V. Peters visited her daughter,. Mrs. Frank Corey, yesterday. Copies of ths Pioneer-Times 'will bereafter be on sale at U D. Jacob's bazaar on Main street (tf.) F, J. tJreen, Ha old Leadtte left for his home in Hot Springs yesterday. Chlorodyae Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund tn money. L. P. Jenkins. Druggists ,8 t-tt Mr, and Mm William WalschmUk were In Lead yesterday viewing th Are ruins:?- -fjc ft. .:!. Sec:lt!v Foreman Burns ci the D. C. Is laying new fifty-six pound ralte to the yard at Lead. Dick Bullock leJlajrfghtfor lakes in Nebraska t spend a week hunting ducka and geese, '. f . tit 1 understood thait,' J. V. Parker, the ex-newspaper man, rnlbsnds going to Mainlla In h near (future. . ' "J. & Marooux, the CuroJturoi ioa&, has begun business In the vacant store room "Ja Ithe AUneralTndoa toulklln. Tl(m?Blnovel1)r company W-t In Lead tonight wUx the wttntXkm of dogs end birds, maglo aad Jujfgiiagr , George W. Marks, oreman at the HomeaUke 'bridge gang m - tile Fort rietrre-was in Lead dor two days tills week. ' f v. ' V , ; . - . .' " W. P. Randolph, delivery clerk at the Dacy grocery, was not around the store much yesterday on aeowmt of the arrival of a sweet girt baby at bis bonne. lie GexmaEJa club did not lose tt.elr charter fcy fire as reported, as that article was secqred before fire or water reached the quarters. Floor wiun"" u yd INCUBATOR. ,ia i The new departura egf batoher . ! Lack hills nianuf aclured by an axperienoed poul Lang, wiiuaui kirk, Ed Trevaskia TICKETS try raiser and can Warrantee his own make to be superior, cheaper and. let to operate than any iacubatOT on i " tkf. .;,-.( Analytical Lata EWO'S FULL ORCHESfi fory aiCislf Oie ., BcaeSt ( Pee rasa. Every one may not know what tbe term "benefit of peerage" implies, A peer can demand a private andienoe of the sovereign to represent bis viewi on matterp of pnblio welfara For treason, 'oFfelonv he can , demand to be tried by tur peers. He cannotj be outlawed in any civil action, nor can- he be arrested on-1 less for aif iitdioiable offense, and be is exempt from serving on jnriea He may ait with his hat on in courts of Justice, and should he be liable to the last pent aJty of the law he pan demand a silken cord instead of a hempen ropa - 4 f '' . - f, Praetleal Ratr - : " Caller (with manuscript) Then you can't nie the poem? ; Hay I: ask what ails itf; ' . ' Editor Well,- it lacks What . might be called the trne poetio fin. Caller Couldn't that be ah imparted to it some wsy? . Editor Well,, you might try sticking it la the stova Chicago Tribune. Nearly 1,200000" pounds of colors are used by tbe United States government annually for piinting paper money, revenue and postage stampa Oat of the enormous number of women in Constantinople not mare than 8,000 can read or writa the market To be seen at F. and B. lumber yard stors,- - . Jt A. CUVDtXNQS, Ufa ' - a OF THE SHORTEST BO CITY. . ... j h. Pd4 P ants and Cat Flowers HENRY SCHNITZEL. ; '" . Postofflos Box SOI 8mple or bunioa ly man or ax press will receive prompt attention. f Laboratcry aa sampring Work la Fanst Btflfflafc ax Bleekar flt'. Is via O'Nelu auu Una. CoanecUon- dally except Sunday. -w sayes three hour. itajj" Eastern Dakott ooimeoUonfc j SlnlT dtr. MSlC Out Flowers furnished on twenty four bourt notice for all occasions from ths cradle to- the grave. 8pcial rate to wedding parties and funerals, . iocal ticket, to M--T Black Hills C. G. KSIGBT. lead;;city, Telephone 1 128. South Dakota

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