The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, APRL 7, 1899. Ton street, for a Have You Seen Them? YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. Si Hi Dotson of Spearflah was in the city. Fred Haines left for point down the Elkhorn. C. H. Sharp arrived in the city from Newcastle. Or. A. Howell left for Hot Springs to v'jU bis family. SHOES. Deadwood Opera House TO-NIGHT Sullivan & Gilbert's COMIC OPERA MIKADO If Not You've a Pleasure to Come. instruments. It la rather a delicate Dinner to have to r?fue your friends thd vf of your m hiiie, but he may now bo referred to the prepayment cei re. The Black Bills Presbytery closed its quarterly session at Sturgia Wednesday of this week, after having disposed of the business before the meeting. W. H. Jennings, whose posCofflee address is Rapid City, and whose charges lie to the east of Rapid City, was elected moderator and C. H. Foland of White-wood temiporary clerk. Rev. B. E. P. Prugh was dismissed from the Rapid City to some point in Ohio, and Rev George P. Beard was dismissed from Whiitewood to a Nebraska point. There was a fine meting of the Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church Tuesday night, and the same society Frrd Whitfield, the attj i: ?ywa5 up from Fanid City, accomoan '.-1 by '.l'a wife. tthe At Present the Best Sight in Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which includes the from Prof. F. L. Oook, president of state normal school, was over S pearneli. Pick of the Market. Mrs. W. Ford of Leal left for Jack 1 sin Mk b., to visit relatives for a short ; 40 Voices 40 Voices i i!rie. F. W. Bower returned from the South ...CAST.... em Hills, where he had been visiting . THE TAILOR. LEE ST. Gartner of Piedmont was .satthe RED fran tie loan anil insurance iTIney to loan in small or 'and no relay to get. jJSoldl'ne. Lead, S. D. of the Carpenter Pa-tfy omaaa, arrived and will to have teeUx irootakega or vitaUzed air. .administered It for ,,rfoUy. Call on Mm. tas returned to Dead-permanently and re- -rtice, anl will occupy his er Deetken's drug store. B).-Th public is heireby ut to oust my wife on my ac- has refused to live with n, just cause or provocation, U not be responsible for any i may -contract. ood S. D., April 4, 1899. -L. B. CHAPMAN. restaurant on Ie jgaio in tha lie !! for business, Drenarr! to taV care relatives. Mikado Geo. Newton Nanki-Poo, his son Milton Baldy Bright, Fresh, New- Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, A. J. Day and wife of Spearftsh arriv Ko-Ko,Lord High Executioner, al from Teras. where they had been NEW TIES Wm Brady spending the winter. Poo-Bah, Lord High Everything Else, E. H. Johnson, a well-known eaotle John Tegarty Ascots, Bows and Strings. man, arrived from Miles City on his way to opearflsh to spend a few days held a sunrise prayer meeting Wednesday morning, at which there were over thirty present. The big damage suirt. of the Dunns against the DeKay Brothers, publishers of the Waukegan Gazette-Register, is being tried this week at Waukegan, and the result will probably be made known within a short ttilme. It was started last week, and the plaintiffs finished their part of the case, with the exception of the rebuttal. After the plaintiffs had rested the case was put over until Wednesday of the present week, from Thursday of last week, and the jury was dismissed until that time. Pish Tush, a nobleman, Tegarty and Newton Yum-Yum Wrs. Wade with friends. Ed Towne arrived from Rapid City I Pitti-Sing Mabel Pond Peep-Boo Nellie Honey and other points down the Elkhorn, where he had been representing Park (Three little maids, wards of ins Brothers. Ko-Ko. ) New Hats, New Styles of Caps Katisha, an elderly lady in love with George O'Donnell, a brother of J. C Nankl-Poo. Nee Ban, the Mascot . . .Theo. Marshall O'Donnell, the proprietor of the Dead-wood foundry, arrived from Sheldon, Iowa, and expects to make his home in Nobles, Guards, Coolies. Act I. Court yard of Ko-Ko's official Dead wood. The DeKays' paper has never had much to say of the case until within the last few days, but since the case has come tii tin- paper is full of it. and is virtually trying the case out of the court. residence. Dr. A. H. Bowman and son, Potter Aot II. Ko-Ko's garden. rptumwl from Soem-er. Iowa, where they had leen for several weeks past visiting the doctor's father, who was used repeatedly in hauling heavy loads reiKM-texl nuite ill at the time they left lr. A. H Bowuiaa and little on Potter rctunHMi vitorday from a trip and it was regarded as something re for his home. markable that it should break at the - o- time it did. The matter occupied but Men's and Boy's Clothing To Spend Mjney and be Happy at the Same - - - - Time Qo to - Tbe Pioneers of 18T6. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. 64T Main Street. BISMAHCK'S IRON NERVE a fraction ot a minute, aim n was au jthe warm'J.t place in the ud the coolest and init-k summer. It U a llrst -class iS Restaurant, conducted by Ho won the titl-s of col-r thirty years ago. Eastbam, of Broken Bow, Neb., been deputy intern.-! revo-n-.e lor this district for the l.': wre, has been succeidi-J fo. not by J. N. Ga.-n.-r, :.nd the teadquarters have been ie-:,TB Broken How to Chadron. jnisoQ Telephone company HOfits laige pl"s yesterday, leElkhorn track from the post SUng, on Deadwooa street. A od several tackles were neces raise it; bait it went up all right, iitt to the hole thai had been Hor it. Was the result of his splendid health. over before the people fully grasped the situation. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not fqund where Stomach, Liver. Kld-Deys and Bowels are out of order. If you KNIGHTS TEMPLARS ELECTION. want these qualities and the success they At a regular ;onclave of Dakota to the cast, bavins been gone a little more than a month. They visited the doctor's old home-. Spencer, Iowa, vhf ro his father lives, but remained in Chicago the greater part of the time, l he :ctor attending a clinic, and replenishing his store of knowledge of surgery and the treatment of the ailments of women. Potter also underwent an operation to overcome a partial paralysis of the arm he had broke;i during the month of February, while out coasting. It was found that Hhe nerves were imbedded in the callus, the tomy tissue that forms around bring, use Dr. King's New Life Pills Commandery No. 1, Knights Templars held Wednesday evening, April 5, 1899, They develop every powder of brain and body. Only 25c at Kirk O. Thlllips. the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Sir Albert J. Malternex, E. C. MIKADO IN DEADWOOD. The Lead Singers' club, under the di Sir Theoruis R. Stoner, generalissimo. Sir Eugene F. Irwin, C. G. Sir Edward E. C lough, prelate. ration and management of John M Lour years ago on the 9th day Tegarty, will present Gilbert & Sulli raent month Gen. Robt. iv Richard M. Maloney, S. W. READY FOR BUSINESS! van's famous onera. " Ph Mikado," at VmAmrA to Gen. Grant, and in the fractured ends of a bone in process of reuniting, and it was necessary to liberate the nerve, which was dene successfully, so that the arm Is now get- . j . - Una Sir Stuart T. Turner, J. W. the opera house in Dsaiwood tonight, LratJon of the event the W. R Daniel M. Gillette, treasurer. by special request. , Th: op-;ra was giv- lore a grand supper In the Sir George M. Reeves, recorder. ting along nicely. me uww. n in Lead Wednesday night by the Irmm nf th M. E. church. A18 FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, kOmufav ho sii.nnir will be now returned to Deadwood to remain, and will gata take up hla practice in the city and vicinity. club, and was without exception the best amateur performance ever given in the Black Hill3. The company will Sir Thomas E. Burns, Sw. B. Sir John Esterbrook, warden. Sir William R. Dickinson, sentinel. The foregoing officers were then duly Friday evening, the 7th. Have re-opened the Oeddes Barn with a complete line o be able to present th i opera much bet h Smith of the valley lot a t( torses a few days ago, and he installed by Eminent Sir Wm. R. Dick PANHANDLE OF TEXAS. Iter tonight than it did Wednesday night, as many of the little defects in p liajr were stolen. He aoco.d- inson, assisted by Past Eminent Sit J. 1 1 NfiW Carriages and Buggies. a .1 Dav. the cattle man, accompan Un out a warrant yesterday. M. Brelsford, acting grana marauai. Hotoii -nrtil have been overcome, and ied by his wife arrived yesterday from A vote of thanks was tendered to Sir tat tha sheriff to mak3 & those taking part have a better under The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. Texas, where he had ibeen spending tne Wm. R. Dickinson, retiring anunwm. Metrtaln premises tar the miss- atATidin of the demands upon them commander, and to ir Geo. V. Ayres, Sheriff Phmkctt wai out TihP mrntniiT la codtimeil elaborately, winter. Me was in the Panhandle pare - .w rtn his old cattle ranch. . . . J I Hit matter all day yester retiring recorder. Ill UITl LTIA- w Deadwood . ... u. . Kland a geatieman s'.ru in BOARDING HORSES BY THE DAY WEEK ri month a specialty. o- He says the past j ye9terday that be hai seen the opera most severe be ever Knew in . . i INTEREST TO HOUSEKEEPERS OF pen' caucus is hereby called to and the thermometer at one time reg- - - DEADWOOD. ptorire: ward Firemen's hall Jfcy realng, May i, at 7:30, The undersigned has located for the Istred 20 degrees below zero a, ; companies might have been ranch. The co.d wether and enow e expen8ively. he had t,o. hun verr severe on the came, i rr (m rtf waahim and (renovating FPtrpoae of placing in nomlna feather beds and pillows, making theflf I Vwuotlmen and one member riwol board from said ward. . . . i ., , m mimn I selected with but the loss win noi oau"""- omKmr. or MEY SAVED I: , . n r thu firm OT I """ as good as new. Special attenitaon given to mattress work. Work taken . . . . , - 1 1 A at Mr. Tegarty, the favor- Mr. uay is a mu.u .M. iotiet fcuaine&s as may proper Day & OreseweH, owners of the Turkey- u hajpWone. always popular in Dead Hn the forenoon win oe uivroi - poefjora aid meeting. A. H. OLESON, track outfit, whose ranch Is an wana I night. Place of business 59 Sherman wood, te conceded by every one wno ,.. that. of fcbiis city. He statea . . ,tt nl&t tn have St. Respectfully, Committeeman Lccuiau. i " ' l-tnir S4W U1IU nwumuoj , . vterday that he was going to bring mWo tvi nt mU8ic to F. W. L. PIEPER. polaiwemg Reno saauuroay i - . ... . . omw I ioaim ui "i'- he We save money by Buying north, but how many some cattle which he is especially adapted, his in- tlktOtwra bouse. This Is hte t he high prices. Goed Water at Last. had-no Texas ranoni ,u. m.. anrt his u. i 000 head on bis Wearince dn Dea3woodnan-I tm of magic will be pleasing TU trained dogs and fVrtre B. Porter at tne Amei that he Taised, that he is going to ship Lora rllgn ejvoi juiius voice and stage presence being fault- office and M. i-. " leia Mrs. Tegarty has never uecu made arrangements whereby they win l34t ooth the old and the to his Grand river range, but ne thought he would make some pur tamy Dolan, the contortion heard in Deadwood. and it is not too mncli to say that she is ab. ve criticism be able to supply water from tne n-iu-ney springs at Hot Springs and from chases. UBfiTt a Dleaalnx act in bend th beautiful spring at Piedmont to an ahntrs gives a 'good show, in the part of Katisha, a character that iwimiTM rreat skill. Mrs. Wade as nAiNTJ LINGERIE. namies desiring it. Our city water is a line of lingerie which In daintlnMs WlV, V- , V. . J ' " jrioe of admission will be and will be for many months, at least, Yum-Tum, and Miss Pond and Miss Honey were also excellent, and are sure and low prices will appeal to every wo w nA unfit fnr use. Here is an before, 25c and 35c. Chll-Tears, 15c. Seats on sale n mv irreat hits in Deadwood. 1 m man who sees it, Is displayed tna w nnnortunitv to place your orders and ... mr taadine masculine parts a. tak at the Ladles Bazaar. Everything in receive pure spring water wMcn win -Uii drug store all the Cash DISCOUNTS. .. We aJao Save money in buying goods in large quantities. TLis s made poesible since we have six large stores in whjch to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and cah discounts. We loose no bad accounts, since we sell only for CASH. Our customers need not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED ... hv M L. Baldy and W. A. Bradv cambric and muslin, both lace ana em not endanger your health, rudn your Egtte has receafly been get two Deadwood vocalists who are well disposition or make sand paper of your I t new colllej for bis f". Since he went into the broidery trimmed, is shown. a k prices quoted be'ow will show how surprisingly low are the prices but to appreciate the quality and beauty of the known. Seats for the opera are on sale at Franklin's pharmacy. throat, as is the case with the water you buy of the city. Orders may be placed at any time with Messrs. Porter i sKaeu naa baf.n a harvtrtt who raise oU'.es, and It is & Day, and will be promptly nnea. " has secured no less than goods, It is necessary w see Cambric nightgowns, trimmed m valenctenes lace and insertion, fl.50. seven does. He Is get . o RHEUMATISM CURED. W. . . . Skirt to maltdh, 11.45. Mv wife has used Chamberlain's Pain - - wuaaiBuer on sneep aogs. aoln has a fina old painting -.r50 yt Russell ft Hlgble't sa- Chemise to match, 75c. NARROW ESCAPE FROM INJUR IT. Henry, the nine year old son of B. A. Homberger, escaped senous-perhaps fatalinjury by a margin so small yesterday forenoon that the persons who observed it felt creepy all day. nl&vioz around the store, and Rflim for rheumatism with great relief, and I can recommend It as a splendid Corset cover to match, tc. Drawers to match, 85c. Cambric nightgown trimmed in em- J" ttwutea by Haielton. the Mda figure, in an up- luimmt far rheumatism and other household nee for -which we have found Wi Che arms extended mU xtenae1 seeing some men and a team dragging I it valuable. W. J. Curler, Red urea. UiZ ,7 broWery, l-5. rT1 104 Wdlng a Turkish ci to match., 75c Clothing Shoes, Dry Goods and fimr York. a large telephone pole that wero - ada It is certainly an rat,h. 11.25. tha Harrison company, he Mr. Curler is one ot the leading mer BY BUYING " 3"S ft WOrk. . .. it nxr.r tn match. 45C cover to matchc chants of this village and one of the Corset v strode It far a ride. He nightgown embroMery trim went most prominent men in this vicinity. TUeBhone company is 1 jjuslin mpayment tekphone med. 85c. Muslin Notions at to roll, and he fell off. The huge pole 'Kim and ft look- lnfrt tv . . , . . I ... nr. W. G. Phlppin, Editor Red caeea Herald. For sale by all druggists. s . w wj, ana ono oi i Skirt to mauca. o--. ""SI Disced in p,nuii 1. 1 nrtVAT to match, 35c Placed RiimaAll 1c. ,r to match. S5c kept roirm . wv. , I A f K WOU1U ooruaii" - oT5 ag bel1, drawers to match, duo. chance to rtop the ?'iSSLdMlrWl "d 1 d11 8kW Tim inTme to save him. and the wit- CHASE'S wc :i Si, .J iot a per- lace. ... aaaa wre nowerless. Just as m OYSTER SUPPER will be served at the Salvation Army hall on Main street on Tuesday evening, April 11. Music will be furnlshea by the officers and comrades of Lead, assisted by the Deadwood band. Every body welcome. Oyster 25c Coffee, sandwiches and cake 15c suascnoer on Drawers ro , . was about to cabch htm tne cnam JjJfck InstmmenV 1. going Ladles Baxaar . tnl tte team was released, so ito ,pa ttLaVttP..S! iZyLn ationary. It Carr & Berry Block, Deadwood. nHiiiiitiinffttniiiiiit-, eooatn-r .t, I and nainsoox, uk " . w.. at "rr:"m : m. , Md 4 targe looked Uke an act 01 pronueu. .-- witaiaeri running ina - i h chain, that had- been 4 ,(fta9ntooAetr of undtdoht. log the heavy chaan. tna

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