The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 6, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES THURSDAY MORNING APRIL 6,1899 teJct of the proclamation. States Issued Tuesday by the United Philippine Commission. P T y Tenth EffecOlve provision will be made for the establishment of elementary schools, in which the children of the people may be educated and appropriate facilities will be provided for a higher education. Ek vena h Reforms in all departments of i,he government, all branches of the public service ana, all corporations i h.sely touching the common life Have You Seen Them? Washington, D. C Following is the full text of the proclamation: issued by the United Stat comoiission in the Philippine islands: "The commission desires to assure the people of the Philippine Is-lands of the cordial good will and fraternal feeling which is entertained for them If Not You've a Pleasure to Come. (tt Present the Best Sight in Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which includes the by the president of the United States and by the American people. "The aim and object of the American government, apart from the fulflillment ofthe obligations it has assumed to- ward the family of nations bv its ac Pick of the Market. : of tlie pe.ple will be undertaken without delay and effected comfortably with r.glu and justice in a way to satisfy the wei founded demands and the highest sentiments and aspirations of the iv-ople. Such is the spirit in wWich the people of the United States comes to the people of die Philippine islands, and the Presidi-m has instructed the commission to make this public )y known. PROCLAMATION In obeying his behest the commissioners desire to join the president in expressing their good will toward the Philippine people and to extend to the leading representative men an invita eeptianoe of sovereignty over the Phil ippine islands, is the well-being, pros perity and happiness of the Philippine people and their elevation and ad vancement Ito a position among the most civilized peoples of the world "The president believes that this felicity and perfection of the Philip NEW TIES Bright, Fresh, New. Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. tion to meet them for the purpose of pine people is to ibe brought about by the assurance of peace and order, by the guarantiee of civil and religious personal acquaintance and the ex change of views and opinions. TO CLEAN CARPETS. If you have a carpet that looks dingy and you wish liberty, by the establishment of justice, by the cultivation of letters, science and the liberal and practical arts, by the enlargement of Intercourse with foreign nations, by expansion of industrial pursuits, by trade and commerce, by multiplication and improvement of 1 restore it to its original freshness, make a stiff lather JACOB GOULD 9CHURMAN, United States Commissioner. GEORGE DEWEY, United Studies Navy. EJLWELL S. OTIS, Major General United States Army. CHARLES DENBY, United States Oomimiisaloner. IBAN S. WORCESTER, .United States Commiiissioner. If Ivory Soap and warm water and scrub it, width by New Hats, New -Styles of Caps the means of internal commiunioatlon, idth, w ith the lather. Wipe with a clean damp sponge, jnot apply more water than necessary. The vegetable oils of which Ivorv So;ip is maJe, anJ its puritv. fit it for by development 'with the aid of modern mechanical inventions, of the great Lny special uses for which other soaps are unsafe and unsatisfactory. natural resources of 'the archipelago, and, in a word, by the uninterrupted devotion of the people to the pursuit Men's and Boy's Clothing. COPYRIGHT IBM BV TMi PROCTER B GAMBLE CO CINCINNATI THE NEW CUP DEFENDER. The new cup defju ler now being of useful objects and the realization of bulilt in expected to b? thj most remark those noble ideas which constitute the J)DinONALLOCALS. higher civilization of mankind. able vessel ever turned out. Its construction has been kept a profound secret, but it is whisp'i-cd that it will easily hold the cu;j. America is rap Tnfnrttinaiiely these pure aims and TOR FINE SHOES. purposes of the Vmeriean government and people have been misinterpreted To Spend Money and be Happy at the Same Time Go to ' ' : The Pioneers of 1876. MLEY, THE TAILOR, LEE ST. idly coming to the fro r.. A good ex to some of the inhabitants of certain L.C. V. Gardner of Piedmont as ample of this is hv fanioiu household remedy, llostetter's .couiah Hitters, In. which has defended hsilth for half a islands, and as a consequence the friendly American forces have, without provocation or cause, been openly attacked. And why these hostilities? Wing goods at the RED ANVIL. tf century. In spite of many imitations f, Curran, tte loan and Insurance has money to loan in small or ZOELLNER BROS. CO. What do the best F.lipinos desire.' no other remedy has been able to supplant it. It holds the championship for ithe defeat of all stomach ills, such kurwunts, and no (May to get. Can it lie more than the Unite! States Uom 1145 old l'ne. Lead, S. D. is ready to give? They are patriots as indigestion, constipation, nervous s set saver plated knife, fork and want liberty. 647 Main Street. ipoon free for Diamond "C" Soap In the meantime the attention of teen. Ask your grocer. I Seaman of the Carpenter Pa- anpany, Omaha, arrived and will k trade I twfforing to have teeth gniflly, "There, now, go on, and don't pet her excited. She feels badly enough now." Prof (.eorgo will give a free concert ::i th Methodist church in 'this cny next Tuesday evening. preparatory to organizing a class in niiinir. Mayor Star Jes'ires tin people of Dpadwood to pay their respectful trilj-iru-. t'day 10 t,ho memory of the dead soldiers anil sailors of the present war, and. requests that those who have Hag staffs and flags to raise them at half mast. I). A. Dorsett of 'Redwater valley, who was in the crity yesterday, stated that the Winner had been unusually severe in his part of the country, and the spring is the most backward he ever knew. Ijast year ait this time the farmers had most of their seedling done, and it Is not unusual for them to be doing some of their planting at this time of the year, but none of the plowing has been done yet this (year. The ground is covered with five or six inches of snow and It can not be in shape for plowing for two weeks under the most favorable circi um fttances, as lit will take a week or ten days after the snow goes off for the ground to dry sufficiently to allow 'working. Mr. Dorsett has been feeding nearly all of bis cattle this winter, and will not have any losses, but he has made a great inroad on his feed supply. iten you take gas or vitalized air. Suu has administered ft for iKoeesfully. Call on Mm. READY FOR BUSINESS! FULLER BROS & McCUMSEY, Have re-opened the Geddes Barn with a complete line of . ness, billlousness, liver and kidney troubles. It is also an excellent pre-ventiure and cure for malaria and fever and ague. It is strongly recommended to every one at this time of the year. o Immoral Houses Closed. The movement for higher morals in Rapid Oily has resulted in an order from the City council for the closing of all i mimoral houses. This order was Issued at the regular meeting of the councdl Monday night, on petition of a large number of the residents of the city. The petition was granted by a unanimous vote. President Smith was iu the chair alt the meeting, and the Journal states that he issued an order to the cdty marshal to enforce the ordinance In regard to such places. At the same meetUmg of the council a committee was appdlmted to make writable arrangements for the coming meeting of the cattlemen's association, whldh Is to be held at Rapid City April 11. The outlay for such preparation Is not to exceed twenty dollars. New Carriages and Buggies. The Best Driving and Saddle Horses. BOARDING HOB8ES BY THE DAY WEEK OR MONTH a specialty. : : : : pION. The public la hereby W not to trust my "wife on 'my ao u she has refused ito live with Stout just cause or 'provocation, II win not Irresponsible for any Ita may contract. Whrood, & D., April 4, 1899. I L. B. CHAPMAN. i ttrlal will oonvlnce yoa that Wall "C Soap Is best tor laundry I " i Syndicate restaurant on Lee kcato In the field for business, "San ever prepare! to take care ft the warmest place In the .totf (he ooolesi and mor lnvit- to summer. It Is a first-class Restaurant, conducted by Iwrican who won Hihe tltl-3 of colas; thirty years ago. the people in the Philippines is invited to certain regulative principals by which the United States will be guided in its relations to them. These are deemed to be the points of cardinal inrportanoe: First The supremacy of the United States must and will be enforced throughout every part of the archipelago and those who resist k can accomplish no end other than their own ruin. Second -To the Philippine people will be granted the most ample liberty and self-government, 'reconcilable with the maintenance of a wise. Just, stable, effective and economical administration of public affairs and ootmpatlfole with the sovereign and international rights and (the obligations of the United StaJtes. Third The civil rights of the Philippine people will be guaranteed and protected to the fullest extent; religious freedom will toe assured and all persons shall be ec,ual and have equal standttng in the eyes of the law. Fourth Honor, Justice and friendship forbid tthe use of the PMlrppine people or the Islands they inhabit as an object or means of exploitation. The purpose of the American government Is the welfare and the advancement of the Philippine people. Fifth There shall be guaranteed to the Philippine people an honest and effective civil service in which, to the fullest extent to which it Is practical, natives shall be employed. Sixth The collection and application of all taxes and cither revenues will be placed upon a sound, economical basis ard the public funds, raised, justly and collected honestly, will be applied only to defray the regular and proper expenses incurred by and for the establishment and maintenance of the Phil-iDoine government and such general a ,t.,g, i ,f ..H""I"H"H Ws'i-l-'i'i1 1 11 1 1 H' MONEY SAVED! BISMARCK'S IRON NERVE Wu the result of hi splendid health. Indomitable will and tremendous energy are not found where Stomach, Liver. Kidneys and Bowels are out of order. If you want these qualities and the success they totes, use Dr, King's Nw I,lfe gillst They develop every powder of brain and body. Only SSe at Kirk 0. Phillips. RHEUMATISM CURED. My wife has used Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism with great relief, and I can recommend It as a splendid" itnlment for rhjeumatism and other household use tor which we have found We save money by Buying It valuable. W. J. Cuyler, Red Creek; New York. Mr. Cuyler Is one of the leading merchants of this village and one of the most prominent men in this vicinity. W. O. Phippin, Editor Red Creek Herald. For sale by all druggists. INTEREST TO HOI SEKEEPERS OF DEADWOOD. The undersigned has located for the purpose of washing and renovating feather beds and pillows, making then? as good as new. Special attention given to maOtress work. Work taken in the forenoon will be delivered at night. Place of business 59 Sherman St. Respectfully, F. W. L. PIEPER. Goods for CASH. Taking all the Cash DISCOUNTS. ... We also 8ave money in buying goods iu large quantities. TLis b made poesible since we have six large stores in which to place them Our customers receive the benefit of our close purchases and caeh discounts. We loose do bad accounts, since we sell only lor CASH. Our customers Deed not pay for other peoples bad accounts, Consequently you will find big MONEY SAVED Hook and Ladder company this Ht o'clock. All members re-W to be present. . s . W. H. MOORE, Foreman. -foor years ago on the 9th day Prwent month Gen. Root E, ""rendered to Gen. Grant, and In ""wnUkm of the event the W. R. rf a grand supper In the H room of the M. E. church. As to Sunday the supper will be 1 Friday evening, the 7th. "to seeing Reno Saturday ' Opera house. This is hit. Wearanoe 4n Deadtwood and ropv of magic will be pleasing Tie trained dogs and 1 bUro both the old and the oy Dolan, he contortion- give a pleasing act In bend atwajy' given a good show, ttae" the people everywhere he ' Price df admission wdD be fctoe, 25c and 35c. Chil-Uyeais, 15c. Seats on sale 3tti Corey; perhaps six or i1 was a passenger on the fj"1111 yesterday, bound Ma'. She was going to trip ii alone, and she wore DAINTY LINGERIE. A line of lingerie which in daintiness and low prices will appeal to every woman who sees it, Is displayed this week at the Ladles Bazaar. Everything in cambric and muslin, both lace and embroidery trimmed, is shown. A few prices quoted be'ow will show how surprisingly low are the prices but to appreciate the quality and beauty of the goods, it is necessary to see them: Cambric nightgowns, trimmed in valencienes lace and insertion, $1.50. Skirt to match, $1.45. Chemise to match, 75c. Corset cover to match, 45c. Drawers to match, 85c. Cambric nightgown trimmed in embroidery, $145. Chemise to maitdh, 75c Skirt to match, $1,25. Corset cover to match, 45c Muslin nightgown emlbrcrldery trimmed, 85c Skirt to match, 85c Corset cover to match. 35c Drawers to matchnifiOc ; Cambric skirt trimmed with torchen lace. $1-35. Drawers to match, 40c The Ladies Bazaar also shows a beautiful line of infanta short and long slips In cambric and nainsook, plain and elaborately trimmed and a large variety of underclothes. . DR. WELD Has returned tram his eastern trip aa Ms patients eaa now and him as office la tbs Smith block. UOTHER'S FRIEND, takes married women through the whole period of pregnancy In -ifts ,nH com- Clothing: Shoes, Dry Goods and improvements as the public interest may demand. Local funds collected will be used for local purposes and not to be devoted to other enda With such prudent and honest fiscal administration it 1b believed that the needs of the government will, in a .short time, become compatible with a considerable reduction In taxation. Seventh A pure, speedy and effective admrndstratlon of justice will be established whereby may be eradicated the evils arising from dehy, corruption and expliotatlon. Eighth The construction of roads, railroads and similar means of communication and transportation and of other public works, manifestly to the advantage of the Philippine people, will be promoted. Ninth Domestic and foreign trade and commerce, agriculture and industrial pursufits tending toward the general development of the country, In the interests of the Inhabitants, shall be objects of constant solicitude and fostering cars. . BY BUYING fort. It is usd externally and it relaxes the muscles so that there is no discomfort It prevents and relieves morning sickness, headache and rising breasts, shortens labor and preserves the mother's girl- , Notions at isn lortn. SI bottle at drufjejsts. tfnd for 3 FFI AM AG CO WHERE THEY UlllOL U SELL CHEAP Carr cfc Berry Block, Deadwood. . "wnag ths name of her destl- htthi tratomen would Jk,beaangeB. Her moth J. , J to say good-bye to ftUa'cirl felt terribly vV" Prospect rf parting :cotir tartea out at the car "B good girl, Lottie.- T. and tie jtw, bat t genaenmn who tlniady, wad, ' rather copy of our illus trated booklet about MOTttOrS ITBDiD. The BnuMeld Bcgriatar Cc.Atlaata.Ca. tu m n i i f 1 1 ii iu M.i i n 1 1

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