The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 6, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1899
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEEB TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING APRIL 6,1899. THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHER JUNE S, 1878. company can doubtless be purchased by the city on liberal terms and an additional supply of water can be had rom.OKy creek, or by pumping. This is only by way of Introductory. Before Che election the views of the mayor and council will be given and a., the in A fier Dinner . To assist dilution, relieve distress after eating or drinking toq heartily, to prevent constipation, take Hood's PillG Sold everywhere. 25 cents. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. fares and the uivperty will be returned to private ownership without loss to the city. The matter has been the subject o much discussion In the city and state, opinion seeming to be much divided. One feature of (the recently signed act wbich has excited much opposition in 'the provision authorizing the city council to appoint a commission to purchase the roads without ;3 ikot a TT TCUT7n APHtf ". 7 1 877 - THE OAILY PIONEER-TIMES CASH TALKS formation obtainable will be placed be got! OP CONSOLIDATED MAY 14, 1897. fore the voters so that they may vote intelligently. We have got to have PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHINO CO water. perm ft t ing the people to vote upon the for the purchase of the roads are understood to be under way. . o The mugwump Springfield Republi We have got the goods and want your trade. rieses on the wall In such a manner as only to require that it be set by one workman. The paper, as it unrolls, is held flat against the wall and an elastic roller follows on tlhe outside, which presses it firmly and with exact smoothness to the wall. The final operation is when the paper reashes he top, the workman now pulling a cord, w hereby the paper is cut off from the roll. A BRILLIANT CAMPAIGN. vvTea days ago Aguinaldo's army was fit) J V Hit TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday Om Tetr $10 00 U Months S 00 One Month 1 00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Year 2 00 ttz Months 1 00 can, which tuw been scolding nice a we within a few miles ctt Manilla. It was drawing recruits rapidly from northern Luion on the strength of a promise that the city would soon be attacked. virago over the war in tfye Philippines, Come and see us, will treat you right. and wants the wrath of the nation to Entered as Second-Class Matter at to Deadwood Postofflce. yi'ICKR CHRISTENING (TSTOMS. Chinese, Despising (iirls, N'umle Them Instead of diving Them Names. Ayres & farflman Hardware Ci, Today that army lias teen forced out of all the successive lines of earthworks that cost it monthis of labor. Its so-oalled seat of government has fallen. A dozen attempts of the Tagal to make a stand behind strong defcnc smite tho repu'blioau party for not refusing to accept annexation when it was thrust upon us, is now weeping over the impossibility of organizing an effective party to beat President McKinley when he comes fur a second term. "The folly of their opponents, Henry Wat'terson does not approve Of Colonel Bryan's sacrilege in calling the dollar a plate dinner something In some countries curious! customs pre vail in regard to sel'x-trng the name of es were useless. Our heroic army akin to the Ixrd'8 "supper," and yet if a baby. A Hindo baby is nanml when it walls, "has long been the strength of quickly carried them by direct assault. Bryan will have it that way Watterson cannot help reminding him that the it is 12 days old, and usually by the mother. Sometimes the faither wishes for another name than that selected by Lord's supper was also a "last supper." the republican party. It is so now in the rather small matter of the Jeffer-sonian dinner alt $1 a plate. The labor men and the wx-alled Chicago plat-formers are at odds, and the treasurer the mother. In that case two lamps o are placed over the nannies and the line extent to which a little news Several rivers were crossed under fire. Without delay the advance pressed upon the town that Aguinaldo had Chosen for civil and military headquarters. Of course he was expected to give battle there, for he had been boasting that he would soon be strong enough to name over which the lamp burns the 'item can be magnified by repetition is FIRST NATIONAL BANK brighter is the one given to the child of the dinner committee declares he In an Egyptian family the parents shown by a statement in a Rochester paper Chat Jerry iSLmpeon 1b writting a won't turn over the money if the committee of seven changes the dinner in choose a name for their baby by lighting three wax candles; to each of these take Manila But he burnt his capital and retired. If the Tagals have accept to a labor demonstration and destroys DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN $IOO,000 - .SURPLUS $160,000 they give a name, one of the three be its free silver significance. The demo longing always to some dignified personage. The candle that burns the ed hlim as a prodigy they see him now life of Washington The original Item was that Jerry -would 'write a book concerning life in Washington and toapily be has abandoned even this. o Senator Clark, who resides in New York, but represents Montana in con cratic party Is unfortunately without a as be is, an upstart braggart who is ooherenlt purpose." o DIRECTORS: J. GR1ER, P. E. SPAUKS, p. d. a. Mcpherson. j longest determines the name for the baby. The Mohammedans sometimes write desirable names on, five slips of paper, and these t hey place in the Koran. O. J. SALISBURY, T A. (ILSHURST It was a cruel thing for Mr. Bryan's desolating the country be cannot hold and bringing untold misery upon his dupes. The Tagal man of desltiny and resounding proclamations finds safety only in fight. OFFICERS: Cashier gress, is said to be possessed of bo much prudence that 'when his family crosses the ocean for a little foreign tour all of the (four go on different Teasels. When this plan Is followed it would take an unprecedented lot of . . . .1). ashier. President. .. .0. J. SALISBURY Vice-president T. J. UKlfcJR A. Mi-PHERdON . . J. S DENMAN national executive oonnmitloee to read Carter Harrison out of the party on the eve of All Pool's day, just as an election was coming off in Chicago, at which Carter expected to .be re-elected mayor of the cilty. It has been but a Assist. The name on the slip first drawn out is given to ithe child. The children of the Ainos, a people living in northern Japan, do not receive their names until they are five old. It is the father who then chooses the name by wuich the child is afterward called. With the fall of Malolos the main obstruction of the campaign is attained. Not that the town Is a great strategic pont But it was the deliberately chosen capital of the enemy, andits fall is sufficient proof to it'he world that the revolutionists can not maintain RIGHT AWAY themselves successfully anywhere on the island. The Fabian policy is not a good one for pretenders. Aguinal-do's only clallm to the sovereignty of i The Chinese give their boy babies a name in addition Ito their surnames, and they must call themselves by these names until they are twenty years old. At that age the father gives his son a new name. The Chinese care so little for thelr glrl babies that they do not give them a baby name, but Just call them No. 1, IS THE TIME TO BUY A the Philippines was armed seizure, The sovereignty, by every internartlon ocean horrors to wipe out the Clark family. ..- Was Washington tine author of his farwe address? That Ha the question iwfitabJMr. Bushrod C. 'Washington (a rteoeraflant of the general's brother, Johrf Augustine) answers in the April Forum. Imtereatllnig extract from Washington's letters to Madison and (Hamilton relative to Itihe address are rooted; and the "eminenit servAoes" rendered by these two statesmen are Impartially and critically estimated. One fylng stands out very clearly; viz., that to the preparation of the address Wtm author thought only of the bene- Sfedal ffect it might have on the naXAoa, ntd sank ail thonghita of any personal renorn t might bring to "him. No. 2, No. 3. according to their birth. al right, was vested in Spain and for Boys are thought so -niuch more ol mally ceded to the "United States ra umna uian girls that if you ask a He clutched at It and lost His policy Chinese father who has both a boy and a girl how many children he has he of retreat may mean a harrassing form of warfare, but the natives, who are an will always reply, "Only one child uermam parents sometimes change agricultural people as far as civilized will soon tire of harboring and feed few short months since Mayor Harrison was considered one of the biggest men in the Bryan partly, ana ever likely to contest with the chief, the honor of the next nomination Ito the presidency. He had always 'been a sixteen-to- wunmer and an and -monopolist and consletanit enemy of the money devil and its oldest child the octopus, but these things have not saved him. His vaulting amtniblon 'has been his undoing. Bryan will tolerate no rival and Harrison's re-election as mayor will avail him nothing for the bull of excommunication Issued from Bryan bwadquarters disqualifies htm for any-thftng bigger. ' ; o It seems clear that the director of the twelfth census -will be entirely unhampered in hie etchnlnistratlon of Ids office as tar as the direction of the census work proper to eonoarned. Attorney General Griggs has just adv1:s-ed the secretary of the interior that the act or coBgresB proving" fx the taking of the census makes tie director Independent In all respects execpt in the matter of accounts, which' are made subject to the regulations of the secretary of the interior. -Under this the name of their baby If it is ill, and QOOD H0E QHEAP. The next two months will requlresoltd Footwear if you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount in order to cut down stock. If you want a good $5 00 SHOE FOR $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Or any other style or price. Call and let us fiit a pair on you at the Japanese are sure to change the ing mere guerrillas. When it comes to lighting in the Indian style the er American army is well qualified to name of a child four times. o SCHOOL APPORTIONMENT. Apportionment quarter ending March take core of itself. The regular regi Craker would do worse than adopt 31, 1899: District ments at Manila, and those under No. Pupils. Amount. order to go Khere, contain thousand 1. Crook City 21 P 17 25 of men thoroughly trajlned in Indian 729 80 wartarsj and 'whose, equal . in this i 51 75 412 50 speot can be found Jo, no other army.. tSaat project wtth which (be Is credited, f forcing Oen. Miles on the democratic national convention of 1900. Miles, cf eoiseV'ls a republican, But so are aJ3 tibia military and BAvsi men - "who haans been "mentioned Ka '"connection nrttfc democratic cajwHdacy recently. Ot course Mile would be beaten. This, ioo, to true of any democrat who 2. 'Detfwaba , 890 3. Gayvllte 63 4. Spearfisi 503 5. Dniglewood 27 6 Lead . ..L1 1308 7. 0".':..' 27 C. E ZIPP'S. 30 43 The breaking up Of Agutnaldo'a follow. 1072 60 ers inu irregular oocoes mil oe a confession of topotence. J ees ssaeee seeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee sees 22 20 105 80 64 00 8. Central Clity 129 9. Galena 78 10. Pluma ..'. . . 43 11. CentenMBj :t.. .n2T Our army can now choose the exact positions wanted within, thirty miles 35 35 oould Te put up. Among , all h tsTTaSiaia. Wlffitese key points se- a&ftla understood, the director to 14 Chsmotgatsr 17 35 28 75 136 20 12. Cheyenne 35 13. Terravllle ... . 168 oured the city will be relieved of its in coripectton wtth the nomination by dally tremors about what Aguinaldo any element of the party George Fred IQOODTHINGS 14. Boulder Park 17 15. Hathaway's ... ... 26 13 95 21 45 intends to do. We hold Interior lines, WtEBatos.Bryan, Bailey and the rest-cot on has (he shadow of a chance to authoriied to make all - appontments and to perfect plans for the taking of the census independent of the secretory of the interior. This ruling would seed Ho confer upon the new head ot the' census office very complete control 16. Reed's 51 17. 'Ragged Top ..... , 40 Including a railway, and control the navigable waters, artow far it may oe 41 90 32 85 6 60 carry mors than a third of Uhe elector' considered advisable to follow Agulnal- 18. Big Bottom 8 19. Grow Creek 14 20. Well's 35 ml colltge. ' It would, on the whole, be just a credited for lie democracy to' dos retreats is not yet known, but 11 55 28 75 27 85 there is nothing in northern Luzon 21. Bench Mark S4 25. Bdan , ... 5 march too defeat under Miles' banner as it wbuM be under that of any of 3w of v -the personnel and of the management of the work. He will thus hare an opvortitasty to give the kind t; of administration promised by him im 4 10 35 35 St Onge .... ..... 43 war borses of 'the' party. "ThJa la old whose possession a an urgent matter, and nothing that we cannot take when It is wantetd. The stragetic results of the campaign are complete as they 82. Uuue False Bot'm, 44 36 15 when every democrat who baa mediately after his appointment. This 88. Champion ... ..... 62 50 90 That Arc Useful About the House. Good Books , By Good Authors containing many of the world's classics ior only 15 cents. Good Stoves ',' 7 ( The Best Heaters, most mod i, or thinks, lis has, will Sorn- futUW freedom should make for totter work 39. Crow Peak 37 30 40 20 55 stand. II the Tagal army had made a 42. Todd's 25 un wiwuui m careioi ana i- puflouscr for th shun tils' party's nomination Kt i . . - J - ' ' presidency. K : r M "v 47.FalrTJew ij 96 energetic man, and it is to be hoped teteTOlned . tt would bare been C 65 48. fiprhig Creek 49. Merriitt's . . . . . An lik that the director will be quick to avail sula8ttea " v1- w taioose to run himself oi the opportunity before him. W rather flgM a general bat- eresting experiment Is : about 50. Middle False Bot'm. 8 20 17 35 30 40 to be tried In Detroit. Mich-, namely. e ' i ,U8 proceeding tnat no generalship the owiershrp and, operation , by. the mnripeJlly of street railways.. A bin a .u- .WATPB BONDS, oan prevent, and tor which, awarding The proposition to authorise the If M 01(1 a bridge of gold should ern Ranges, and Cook Stoves A 'i'- A. rt rr j - 1 - providing for the awjulrement of , the : uance of 150.000 worth- of inter be provided. Our aoMlers (have done 8 10 21 37 25 ' 51 16 10 159 20 . 30 21 . 32 304 rail road try the city was pawed a short bands', wlU be rated on. at the ( com- "PlendM work throughout, and the kn 5L Chicken Creek 54. Perry 65. Laflln 57. Asbury " 58. Carbonate 66. Whtoewood ..i.. 71 Beaver Creek ..... 73. Poison's u.. ..... 74. Ek Creek .... 75. Portland a..- ..... 76. Tetry ... ... r4 ... at 6o per cent uisuouui. New Furniture time age by the legislature of the state 20 65 41 90 13 30 8 20 130 4o 16 40 24 65 17 35 26 25 249.30 law, manacrpaa . eleoCJoowj Wnat plam : j?0?01 p"t he3r vlctortous ad-the mayor and city council' have, 4f win soon appear. and. In feplte of strenuous opposition on the part of a number of interests, That is out of sistht, and a T muy osw Deen maiurea, is not known, but toe amount H none too great' and the governor has sfgned the bGL In NW PAPERHANOINO MACHINE. A Orman tUTentor wltn the mgeno- V r- e. . - very choice line at bargain a en open) letter announcing his : Inten those, who believe ta.municipsJ own- tion to take this course,Oovernor prices at ershdp- should mrk ior the iiSSf MMMW. rrr?: J:. . 1 ranging machine. It eonatsta of a rod ringree declared that Che peopls :'of cne propontion.r The -contract 1 'wftliVmwm hu.K i ... . the watr.o3iapany will expire in less and a paste reoeptacle, with a bmshinx DEMOUTH'S "ARK than, three months amf k! is doubtful ' convenience la attached in such a man- X)otrolt I were fn favor of municipal ownershrp-of street railways, and that I! the proposed experiment should not rrove a success, the people wflL mean- rotaTr ;.418 3707 Sl . KATE S. MURRIN, ' Comity Sarertatisndent. COAL1 COALf COAL! Ptthaeerc of Sheridan eoal wffl Sad R to their advantage to consult wtth Paul Rswrnea, Deadwood. before buy. lag eisswbera :., ; .-Z. whether the company Vin renew the . Ber Uiat P8 to PP111 antoraatl-' contract. even were it desired. The Z7Jv . ; i .. i . end of the wall (naner 1 tx f.-r,e, have deprivexf tie benefit of low- V;:iIfaSherinaii Street. reserrolra and xnalnabelonglnf; to the bottom ot the wall, and the implement i

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