The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 5, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1899
Page 8
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING APRIL 599 4 4 frfr Calumet C0I1TAIII NOTHING INJURIOUS Try Happy Bill dear. Zipp can fit an foot to perfection. The newest and roost comfortable rooms In the city are at the Holioer Insist upon smoking a Happy Bill cigar. IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHERMAN ST., YOU ARE LOSING MONEY. THE NEW CUSTOMERS ARE INCREASING DAILY. Baking f'l' 'fr fr I t t t 4 YEA Smoke appy Bill cigar. Blockade over. Rock Springs coal at Stearns St Company. For elegant slippers go to Zlpp's. "A word to the wise Is sufficient" and a word from the wise should be sufficient, but you ask, who are the wise? Those who know. The oft repeated experience of trustworthy persons may be taken for knowledge. Mr. W. M". Terry says Chamberlain's Cough Remedy gives better satisfaction than any other In the market He has been In the drug business at Elkton, Ky., for twelve years; has sold hundreds of bottles of this remedy and nearly all other cough medicines manufactured, which shows conclusively that Chamberlain's is the most satisfactory to the people, and h the best. . For sale by all druggists. Powder none so I COOD J Furnished rooms at reasonable rates THE CITY. Ranges? The Majestic? At the RED tf. ANVIL. iHens by the day, week or mon-that the Hoi iner. J. H. Aran am, D. D. 8.. aenUl parlors over First National bank, Dcadwood. Crown and bridge work a special ty. There may be some just as good, but none better than the Happy Bill cigar for five cents. I was reading an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in ithe Worcester Enterprise recently, which leads me to write this. I can truthfully say I never used any remedy equal to It for colic and diarrhoea. I have never had to use more than one or two doses to cure the worst cases with myself and children. W. A. Stroud, Popomoke Ciity, Md. For sale by all druggists. Trimmings for evening waiats and ribbons at the LADIES BAZAAR. The more you smoke them the more you will. We epeak of the Happy Bill cigar, the best for five cents on the market. W. R. C. supper Friday evening. Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. Gloves, Corsets, and Hosiery at Ackermann's. For a nice sweet, mild smoke try a Happy Bill cigar. The entire stock of silks, suitable for waists, skrlrts, dresses, linings and trim mlngs and draperies, will be offered at greatly reduced prices at Chase's on Friday and Saturday of tnis week. You will find the Happy Bill cigar for sale at all first class cigar stands. EVERYBODY who really understands the "Angeles" the people's own piano player is enthusiastic over it. "Nothing ever before brought here excites such astonishment. Don't you know? It is one of the greatest things of the day. It is for you for your solid enjoyment everybody in your home. Co see it at Hawley's, No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. I. E. Albright, the Black Hills piano tunr, can be had by telephoning 1044 old line, 221 new line, at S. R. Smith's Furniture Store. Has had 22 years experience. P. 0. Box 416, Lead S. D. Everything new and neat at th Holzner. Dr. Oants, dentist, over Rosenthal's clothing store, CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK. Supper by the W. R. C. in readdng room of the M. E. church Friday night. Not onenild dies where ten formerly died from crosp. People have, learned the alpe of One Minute Cough Cure and use it for severe lung and throat troubles. It immediately stops coughing. It never falls. Fo? sale by Kirk O. Phillips. Now is the time to take advantage of the cut rates offered by the Burlington Route to Portland, Seattle and Taco-ma. You can purchase through tickets from Dead1 wood to the above points at the rate of $30.35. BY SAVINu i-HE NICKLES AND DIMES YOU ARE EARNING DOLLARS DURING THE YuiAR YOU ' ...N DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE STA-IDARD CASH STORE. SHER- By a secret process a large per cent of the nicotine has been extracted from the Happy Bill cigar. Try one. J. J. Feldhansen, the transfer man, has moved to Nos. 7. V. and 13 Main street, old McGill stand, where his customers may find him hereafter. All accounts due the Ay res & Ward man Hardware company must be settled at once. Pay up and save trouble and expense. GEO. V. AYRES, President and General Manager. GIGANTIC SALE! Tremendous Reductions! FOR THIS WEEK. 30 in. Novelty Dress Goods, former price 20c , onw 12. 34 in. Checked Dress Goods, former price 20c, now 12ft. 36 in. Dress Flannel, former price 5fa, now 35c. 100 Pieces Dress Calico (10 yd pieces) 60c. 100 doz. Ladles Black Hose, 75c doz. 50 doz. Turkish Towels, worth 6,00, U per doz. , Home Made Comforts, to close, at J1.60 Jersey Ribbed Union Suits, 55c t suit. The very latest Brocade Novelty Silks in Black and Colors, 77c. Call and see them at M. LIEBMANN. ' Rooms to let at the Holzner. CHARLEY, THE TAILOK, LEE ST. Special sales of silks on Friday and Saturday of this week at CHASE'S. Thai finest line of ladies' gloves, hos lery and corsets In the city alt Acker -manm's. Do you eat? At Qua Kellar's meat market on Main street, you can get all kinds of good meats at the lowest prices. Quick sales and small profits keep meats fresh and good. Don't forget (he number 642ft Main street Stransky Steel Ware ? Yes. Warranted to test five years. At the RED ANVIL. tf. Experienced sewing girls wanted at onoe above Werth helmet's store. For Hot Springs Kidney Spring and Piedmont Springs water, delivered In car-boys, fresh, telephone Keith. 140 r 99. A patent issued by the United States to C. W. Carpenter for the Massachusetts, Oneida, Brown and Drown fraction mining claims, In Whitewood mining district, was filed yesterday in the office of the register of eeds. The Harrison Telephone company is W. L. Neil. D. D. S.. All kinds of dental work carefullr done by the lat est methods. Office and residence over U 184 You can no doubt get it art. the RED ANVIL. REMOVED. Take Notice Citizens.-Your headquarters for genuine' pianos is now at No. 639 Main sit., by Bullock hotel. Come right in and be at home. C. E. Hawley will be .there all he can, and always SOMEONE. FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AND DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD C&SH STORE, SHERMAN ST. THAT IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH. Rock Springs coal to burn at Phillips' drug store. Open evenings until 9 o'clock. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOn IT. As the season of the year when pneu monia, la grippe, sore ihroat, coughs, colds, catarrh, bronchitis and lung troubles are to be guarded against, nothing "is a fine substitute," will "answer the purpose," or is "Just as good" as One Minute Cough Cure. That is iie one Infallible remedy for all leng, throat or bronchial tioubles. Insist vigorously upon having it If Something else" is offered you. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. preparing to raise one of the big poles near the office on Dead1 wood street, and a capstan was being seft yesterday between the F. D. Smith block and the Elkhorn tracks. Stearns & Company. MA.I STREET. The ladlies ojf the W. R. C. will give a supper in the reading room of the M. E. church Friday might The sujiper will be given for blw beuefl . of the relief fund of the corps. Good tidings for you. If you need Col. C lough has called a meeting of the board of commissioners of the soldiers' home to meet at the home April 12 io perfect plana for completing the hospital and constructing the water 'Works for which the legislature made a special appropriation. Regular conclave of Dakota Com-mandery. No. 1, K. T., this, Wednes 1 A11 kinds of fresh cut flowers on hand WHEN TRAVELING, Whether on pleasure bent or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as lit acts most pleasantly and effectually on the kidneys, hiver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, and other (forms of sickness. For sale in 60 cent bottles by all leadiog druggists. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup company only. the indipensible medium of exchange at Mrs. M. Liebmann's. DR. A. Ft. NAULTEU8, PHYSICIAN. SURGEON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main BtreeC Dr. Glume's Celebrated Trasses on sand day, evening, April 5. 1819, for annual known by the appellation of money. leoUon of officers. All air knights re- '.The Loan Office is now In its $ e$ fy -fr - new quarters, 21 Lee street and will be quested Ao be present By order of K. C. GEO. V. AYRJSS, Recorder. pleased to advance you money on everything pertaining to personal proper - J. E. Billings, who suhmlkibad to an rofi ,k. t j ty at a moderate rate of interest Be- Dr. Oohura a couple of jaonths ago f or tore HQrtnln in the line of ea abscess that had formed on bos ewelry' 11 to interest to hings, is able to be out xf the hospHtall CBiU U m Deadwood Loan mce and He is ration the street part of the time xamlB tbe bl Btock of unredeemed novr. i pledges which you can buy at almost unnvnv . ,!y figures. W. E. LOWE, GBAND FASTER QASH QALEj Yea. Well call at the Ackermann hundred yards of heavy hrooad- Parkrs and Miss OTCeeHs will not only ' ISinch silk will be offered at Chase's now you a few of the latest shapes, m Friday and Saturday of this week brightest Jtrimmings, richest colorings, I 20 oea Pr 7&r4 'worth 40 cents Theh Wg BEE HIVE was never so thoroughly prepared to supply the Da ster wants of the people as it is this se aeon, both in point of style, m and price. The stocks are gorgeous and varied and embrace everything that Is new and stylish; showing everythi ng that is beautiful to wear in Ions; new est garments far men. women and children: in unrivaled modes of MTU.TNRBv .m. .a o. nir waists, oorseti k must atyUeh hats, bat a great variety anywhere. and Miss .Teton and tier assistants Col. Ssone of the Syndicate reetau Mill sua ka - i,.. I . - --w m. t vuvw niiv vsaJKasa Ktsvsava nuu iym, " ' ty hngtalre, men's and boy's clothing, etc, (from the finest to the cheapest You will find them here In profusion to suit every price, every fancj. -- w.ur wuiimnt, ta having his "spring opening" tts most charming effect No worn or after be vestaurant has gone through la fosttee to yourself you should inspect this incompambls exhibit If only to post yourself on styles and values. Astonishingly low prices "1 "CTWUU "-,worea over ana sow tJve manifestations of tbe painters and thing for spot cash is the ordw of this week's business. w paper hangers. Everything Is made to so Star, mayor of Deassrood, Mon- ahine and the table fare Is second to day received a warrant from the Unit- none In the iclty. Ladies Suits and WrafisL fEaster-IYIillineryr , w on Monday afternoon a meeting of rent for .the Ctty Hall budldtag, which Black imu Confer, TWrt nf '"VETSi MkMs at 11.85, wortth 2.60 ajsHjweiujiwuiJur noioing cburch Extension was held In J. P. ASSUREDLY CORRECT HEAD WEAR. Dead Wood's premier styles from Paris, London and New Tort. 10.00 iweniy-Dve aoack calk capes at J4.65, worth Twenty-five ladles' tailor made suits, all colors, for this sale go at $5.95 - TT lvruB mowus Hymer's affice-Rwy. TCV. D. Atwater. Mm. Vu( ending April 1. The warrant to tOT president, la the chair X which an with the unique conceptions of our own skilled designer, DOW in charm rtf fha M Nlnnr nomrtmunt -aril! make the worth iHIVlkt 11.50 Bol appropriation was recommended to- 41:500, and ta rvn In favor at Stair, mayor. Twenty beautiful tailor made suits at 112.25. worth ENERY DEPARTMENT more than ever headquarters for 3hw HD" 20.00 toward building the Trinitv Methodist - 1 "" d.w ssvuor nuute suns, special price 19 75 Fifteen beautiful new golf capes, $9.00, $12.00 and $15.06, worth double! CstlA IaJIu . - - - . . flVl rvrilAaa 4iA VutWVvw .Ja. Ml-tnzxrv will hp flOUt 0& v u-w u waiBca. your cnoioe, 2.45,worth $4.60, $6.00 to necesBarily asked by exclusive millinery houees. Do not think i 7.00 We are jfcstrlng the most complete Mne in neckwear In the Black mils. on your spring hat until you have seen the BEE HIVE MILLING"1, The county ocnnmisB toner net yes- church, r Uia7 forenoon In letftbr aarteriy u Bernard and Mies Bessie De-- -session, and the office of tbe county onge, were married Mob- ffltor was aeoaramgly about ik bus- Buttx, the priest ta e nlace In town. The -'-mmlsiUonern charKt) of ssrikmB - and auditor were busy a.l day eck-'T an4 sp They wfll make ang p the aouests of the treasurer thelr bom4 fct et. Onge near where Mr. .aidttor. and this task wHl nrobt-i -0 : i v d!L0dy' 10 tt WX- peopte are higUy spoken of stlonalliithertartneaa. ,, , t!he YaJley prt. -wliere hey are Monday evening - Presiding Elder known, and they are beginning their Men's and Boy's Clothing. One hundred mea'a fancy satin-lined, all-wool audita at 1150, worth $11.00. 20 pieces 40-ln tlack area px worth 50c per yard. 20 pieces double-fold 25c. 2.000 yards beautiful Scotch gingham Twenty-five dosen ladies white hem- , Ht90 ?f T WOrtai stitched handkercfaJefs, 5c, worth 15c aMc Per yd. Best crochet and knitting cotton, all i,oot yards novelty cfcambras at 4fte colors, 5c a ball. .TZ1" . B kW hair curlers at 6e a bunch. One hundred men's alPwoal saJbs at $S.50, worth flMCL 20 oieces 32-in taffeta U, ' One hundred snen's alPwonl autte at ',wv Twins inuigo nme figured dress Five hundred pair scissors at 25c 45c WO Priata, 5i4c per yard. worth 85c. 10 pieces brocade silks, $5.50, wortk $116. One thousand pair ladies' and ohil- -wuga new Ore talrtf quarterly can- married career under the moat tavora- Wfty joys Scotch wool wait, at 95 ctav. toed organdie, drens hose at 12 a pair, worth 20c to t llc, worth X5c row $1.75. 35c per pair. Carpets. 6 pieces heavy ingrain ctrp WW H1 sell yoa etothlng. hats and W flannel at 5c per yard. Five hundred hm . . all cap. at one-third lea. than the prices 10c- e color., 5c a bott. usual hr asked Ika t a we are Bhowlnx ti asm mnUo.. . . f " "8t T. Frre hundred children', ohlmise and ,7 nZ 47. "IL" drawers. 15c each. 10 T,' worth 60c per yard. Black ...11. s.lA mt RSc goods. U.. ci. EMa. ( 2einoS(Ss!theFomthsrardandOeatimI ble drcomtstances. -j4n-tpertty was approved n aU Ai d. uarOa, charged wCk aduH-llnea ; Already there are : about tl 4 OTer w Jadg jnemhera to the First ward urch-; Monday, to e ia notion of the lMta the Sunday sohosi and a large MXt jury. In she sum of J 500. Epworth league. The church wis ,a Uea j M to aed and will hereafter be known as te ttoerB .,1 -tte Trlntty Joethoddst Entacopal church b, ngpa The case -was staclad U redwood. Much Important work Saturday, and most of the evidence was done and great enthualaampre- w i ..ttorney. to the de-: " J ; " feaJan. W. 0. RJce and Coi. W. a It 1. a matter of Interest to know Parker, moved to faave the case otsmla- 25 pieces yardwide BtussbI cstP , i-h t1 55 OUUC5 Flvo huadred men's uulsindrted Twenty cases men's can and Macrwhte shirts at 45c. usually sold ot 75a. calf ahoe. at $L25. $1.M. $1.75. worth 7 76fc from $2.M to IS.50 per pair.- LadiS 2A& CWldTCn'S ShOCS. Domestics and Linens . One rmi, uw a yaru, www jf 20 pieces new Brussels 7 1 "BrthWe- Three hundred odd corsets, 50c each, worth $1.00 to $1.50. Dress Goods and Silks. 10 pieces 4Wnch black serge, 12 cts., worth 60c 20 pieces 444n black firurrd briman- Unesand novelty goods, Sine, vrorth C5c - 1.000 yards bleached muailn. 5e vard. drea'a ahoea andL aiiwrwn 6 crates crockery a -7 thissala .. n.r latsi ihat the excellent music rendered In sed, on the ground Chat the defendant St. John Ephwopal church In this dty couM no ptJBy be rKy of adultery 10,000 rolls of WW ITmi-. $00 yards Turkey red table linen at French kid. at 95e per pair, worth from irorth40c. - J fl-W to $3.50 par pair. -, Biens, at one-hall wu oruI?aslr Ba?r Monacal wKh except the other party, Mrs. Reader, be was rtrpoena MLr ne-pieeopal gnH had been tak- churchea in Ctlcago on that day, and en to eecure her arrest Justice Early ; . V? toBinfai money'savtng opportunity you most not miss. Wa are ooth burtor and msunr n -h-iv snot cash, which i us to offer these unheard of values. Tie BEE! HIYB is the Horns ot 13m Genuine Barcaln. it is douixxm u u was renaered more was undecided at to correc4"prbcedur beautlAtl th ifce.'latter churches than under thai coottngoncy, so he took the right here la Deadwood. It was the case under advtoeroea untU Monday, same anthem by Sfcainer, the same Jo- when he denied the motion to tim , bilafte, the same arrangement of "Christ He then went ahead and finished the Our Passover,- and the hymn, Tha- case, holding tbe defendant over at Strife la O'er." :....;:,..-... ... just stated, -.-Vv-,;. I' HIVE DEADWOOD. S. D. W. E. LOWE; "BEE

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