The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 2, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 2, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY FIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 2, 1899. LEAD'S LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. Ed Harding came In from the Hornblende district yesterday with soiu9 copper specimens that are the best yel en He gives Hie trifofmatiorrTfl.. i here are extensive iKxiies of the o: In that vicinity. Ea.;-r .it the M E. church will be . i'm.I in the evening by a cantata ' ill.- Smi'lay school . hildreii under i Mammoth Departments LEAD, S. D. APRIL 2. 1899. j TORE ANNOUNCEMENT! 1 ;.e ral Our Stocks are now complete and full in all Departments what before ' many months pass they will 1m shipiking ore from the Mark llanna. '.-.n of Miss Evan.-, who has giV :i l.i.-.- her aiieniion for la;. All tli-a: Hel till serv: ie duly repaid, the Congregational iuirch iV- will ! At Morn f SONS ()!' ST. UDORGE. The third annual celebration of the Son a Of St. George in bcid will occur on the everting of April '-2. The The mmbers will arrange a fino program and werve a, nice suiier and am-Jle am u semen is will ! furnlsh'sl to en (Lertatn the crowd in the best way Call J. W. TulKv.s of the Evening ng l'a--tor .mhiock plani:. i ,i -iH'ciiil service ;il which then: isit.'d De.:d wood y -t .-rilay . M. (l mi' s Ta k;iburv and Hai 1 infant bapti.-tn and the r-;cepii-)n off Pry Goods, Clothing, Millinery, Wraps and Suits, Carpets, Trunks and Valeses Groceries, Meats and Fish, Hay and Grain, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Class and Oils, Mine and Mill Supplies ..ill'-d in Leadwid ye;teilayS Sol Rurns. the (Janhn Ci'v mining man, was it) Iedd on busine.s. Mr. John Roach is a recent arrival In Ijead fixm Oornwall, Eng'land. Copies of the Pioneer-Times will hereafter be on sale at L. D. Jacob's and House Furnishings. J CHEWED THE PONY. . Nick Troweck, siiirin tend ant of the Bam minie. keeps a oouple of dogs in! v My. They ai-e monsters and come as near hcing kings of beasts a-s any creatures living. The oither day they got away someihow and began to Ml.lreii in.o iiieml.t I -h i p of the so. . -ty. hi The exening an Ivister cant.c, will be Kiv,'n which will be .if a very ,n '!. rest ing. .and approj.i'i.i t e nature. Charles Pache and brother, with other lead pitrties, own ten claims near the famous Uncle Sam mine, have been developing claim No. 6, which is just 300 feet south of the Sam. A vein w.h struck at the point which they thing is the Sam ledge and they will continue ojieratfons until they see -what they have got o FARO BUILT THE CHURCH. bazaar on Main street. (tf.) Prof. Reno, the magician, will ap poar in Lead again, but the date has not yet been made. With unequalled facilities for buying and selling we asfc your iLspection of The Largest Quantity, The Best Quality, and Lowest Prices. the; Mrs. Dan Shea, Miss Thayer and Miss make a feast of thie little Shetland pony that is the pet of the Treweck b4 O'Brien children. The pony was terribly chewed up before tlie dogs muld deriiat. t Blackwell of Spear-fish wore visitors T.ead yesterday. John Collins has a foiv of three men developing the Hedgehog ground in Strawberry gulch. Chlorodne Cough Mixture will cure HOME FORUM BALL. Bear in mind thait the flnrt. annual ball of Golden Summit Forum occurs tomorrow night In Miners' Unlion hall. It "Will be first-class in every detail for the com milt teas have done excellent that cough, or we refund tho money. L. I P. Jenkins, Druggist.. tl. Bishop I'ut I n a (.ixi.l Klicht, and the "porta hl)x-il In gl.HOO. Bishop Worthiugt.iu of Omaha is now a utrict churchman. His sermons are severe in doctrine and hold out little hope to sinners unless they repent. However, the bishop knows human nature. He learned it in the begt school for an education of that kind the far west. Years ago, when Mr. WortbinRtnn was a recent graduate fiom the theolutf- lan Darlington, the miner, has been work and they understand their business perfectly. Emu's peerless orchestra has boon engaged tjo make cure that the music will be first-class. The trap drum will accompany the orchestra, a.s this addition is becomini; indispensibk at balls of high order. incapacitated for duty by the kick of a mule, but is able to leave his room. A load of wood that had tipped oveT blocked the road on Lower Main street for about an hour yesterday forenoon. Judge Sniead ha' moved hla office from the Smith. Cotton i; Amlivws ioal seminary, he bepan hie gospel w rk in liutto, Mini. The town was then a : mining camp pure and fcmiplo. It ha.l "1 he in. tii ! .'- guaratittM- thai all will I)ave :i m i lime. saloons, dance halls and gambling room?, but neither church nor i-choul. uaics kuck anuorc crusncr building to a room opposite the Uriel-St OR'. HHVAN & OESKEV hae money to i Its inhabitants wet.) rouh, tuuL'h and I Lfi) ready manliness was their god, and it -GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EAR1H 14 at Homestake M Co Fully Describfid in our No. 1, Ca: ilDue. THE NEW (TP DEFENDER. The new cup defender now being built is expected to bo the most remark able vessel ever turned out. Its construction has lean kept a profound secret, but 'it i whisjerel that It will easily -hold the cup. America is rapidly, coming to the fron't. A good ex loan In any quantity on good terms. Real estate, broKerage and fire insurance business transacted. All business attended to with promptness and care. Breittell block, Lead. (3-23-tf.) Rev. H. C. Harmon writes that he ? Special Fine Crusher i was this manliness which made the west what it is. At college Worthingtou was a boxer and an oarsman. In Butte these accoiu-plishmenta served him well, for they gave him a gtrong arm and a quick eye. His gospel services were held in a tent. There was no money to build a church. One day as he was walking along the principal street the bully of the town approached him. I reached Ms new charge safely and flll- If I fnUl T i A' ample of this Is her famous household ! the pulpit last Sunday. He is well Our Xevv Design will inierot you. Gates' High Grade Rolls satisfied. -Rev. F. C. Schenk, the new pastor remedy, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, (which, has defended (health for half a century. In spite of many imitations uo you want to fight?" asked the desperado. for the Lead Methodist church will ar T.ive from Altona, Pa., on Thursday of 'jo other remedy has been abbe to $lant lit. Jt holds the championship next 'week. lor the. defeat of aLl atomaoh Ills, such NO OTHERS EQUAL THE.M- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard. Grates, Shoos -xxca IDlea Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co Mrs. Harris and daughter Katie who "No," replied the clergyman. "Then take that!" But "that" never came. Worthingtou warded off the blow, and with his good right flht sent the bully to grass in scientific fashion. That night the affair was talked over have been vialting several months in Oornwall. will return to Iead on the m llril Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrnd. 12th to remain permanently. Ben Treweck, a atudent ' at the school of mines at Rapid City, return Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery ed 'to his studies yesterday after spend in Cy Henry's gambling house. "I like that chap Worthington, paid Bill Johnson. "He strikes a good blow. Let's all play for him tonight." The proposition was agreed to, and the next morning 1 1,800 won at faro was presented to the minister. That money built the first church in Bntta Chicago Chronicla Ing his vacation at home In Lead. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Stanley have returned to Hot Springs. Their little niece, Miss Lucl'le Wade, accompanied GATES IRON WORKS OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt Far fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel them and will remalin for a month or ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO. ILLS. First Annual Ba FtaaneUUr Weak. "Madam, you've already overdrawn your account. " "Wbai's that?" " Yon haven't any more money in the bank." , "The ideal A fins bank, I think, to be ont of money became of the little I've drawnl- Well, I'll go somewhere else. " -Chicago Record. - : -o- more. Beemer Orton are now tettlsd In their place of business. No. 16 Mill west, with r full line, of watches, Jew-airy and silverware. They want your rork, as watch repairing is their. specialty. i-4-tf, A great many old watches whicii are Considering useless may be brought into set rice by taking them to the Bfteinet -Orton company and having them repaired. (tf.) a Indigestion, ponsttpjatjon, nervousness, bJlliwuwness, liver and kidney (troubles. It is aLo an excellent pre-venture and cure for malaria and fever and ague. It Is strongly reoomuDend-ed to everyone at thlis time of 'the year. o : " - EASTER AT ST. PATRICK S CHURCH-. Communion, mass at 8:30 a. m. Short sermon, on "Leseona from the ireast" Juvenile chdir will 'sing appropriate hymns for 'Oh season, high ma at 10; 30 a, m. Sermon on" the Feast. Bordeae's Mass In F nffll be accompanie.. by Emo'a orchestra and the program Is tm follows: iVlde aquam Choir Vocal o'.o, "Lartdamua" Mies Emo iVocal Duet, "Domtne" .'4Mis G. Herlihy and Mis Emo Vocal solp, "Quonim",Mr. NormandUn Quartefc, '"Et in mam" , Misses Marcoux, Heriihy and J,. loesses NljJlSia-ndlia, B. 06oirIgT IVocal. nolo, "Ave Maria," Miss Marcoux "Vocal eok, "Sanctua" . . Mr. B. Coolldge Choir. "Agnus." Vocal solo, "Salutarks' H ..Mr. A. Normandin "Regina colie" ...... Miss Cunningham . and Choir, , , Quartet, "Jesu Die ViVi," Misses Emo, . ' Mjocojx and Hrllhy, Mr. Cool-Idge. "Hec Dies" Miss Marcoux . Vespers, sermon and 'benediction at T:30 p. m. OF THE EASTER IS COMING! AllllPfl nni nrn Hill UUtUEHoUli Dr. C. B. Olark of Deadwood will i ' preach in the M. E. church thte fore-nootu His address will be appropriate Forum No. I455H.F.B. See the Bargains at Smith's Big FURNITURE to the occasion and the house should FOR 9ALE CHEAP. from Stargla, three miles from Fort Meade, Meade county, 8. D. A good house, 16x20, "L" 14x16, all one and a-half stories high, with cellar and wood ahd, stable and other building. Enough nnculled timber for 600 cords of wood, two springs, good water: 120 acres onder fence; 40 acres broke. Terms easy. T. O. COOK, Terry, S.D. Opera Hons be full. Several of the citizens were peculiarly Impressed w8th the fact that yesterday waa April 1st, and it was a amart person Indeed Dhat was not made a "fori" before night. The Bapttists will have a chapel exer CASH! Bouse and meet nature halfway, by replacing the old with the new. We want to lower our stock before Invoicing and 'will make special prices for LeadSouh Dakots. EASTER TALK8 WITH US. cise at 7:30 1n the evening. There will Oomo and See. FOR SALE. One thousand three hundred - and twenty (1,320) acre irrigated stock ranch, on Sand creek, Wyo., 2ft miles of creek through center. Will sell in one two or three ranches. Call on or address E. L. BENTON. Beulah, Wyo. (3-25-lm.) be 'singing by the double Quartet and' at the close of the exercises their will be baptism. , Miss Leila Higgtos will open a priv- April Monday, S R. SMITH. LEAD. ) dje fchoot in the Oayville school house commencing Monday, April 3. Twenty s. Executive Committee. I yd have been enrolled and she hopes the number will increase as the work eon- tlnuea. Prank Heitler. Robert rraia"' EMO'S FULL ORCHESTRA LIBRARY r.DTICE. Until further notice the publlo library will be open on Tuesday and Saturday rtsrntMns and Saturday STsnlngs. as berstotors. By orser of Us board, of director. ' CRSL.4 J. 8IMMON3. See. iv THE MARK HAKN ' In the shaft on the," Mart Hanna group of claims"was frk M the depth of 55 ftet. It Is proving to be the" most important strike that lias ever been nmde to the Two Bit eoun-urr, ,a jtb (Juartxite.ln th bottom t)f tfc tthait:' assays p6A Jf.sjf. a $20 per ton. The mines adjoin the Well ftnown Wonarcih bine froiflT wliich ore i ' being - ship pel i. regularly. The rock 4s of the same chairacter and the owners feel oonflden that ttrey.are on the $ame' ledge.- A anertfcaLiO achflB thick was struck to the shaft, the ore from -whlcli aaaaya i ireiVL ' Ths : vela run iKWQiwerterly and southeasterly, w1 BLACK HILLS . ; . . . ' Analytical Lalioratory aM Assay Office Many of the Knlgnts Templars and their iwlves will atend the Easter services in the tMethOdlsti church in Dead-wood today at 11 a. !m. Dr. Clough wfil preacb ttie sermon, which Is the at tract km' that calls then Ctown. , . ki a meeting of the Woodmen Circle Friday might Che officers - presented Mrs. L. M. Richeeon with an elegant Black Hills gold ring as a token of NOTICE. a 8. McMaste Is anthorised to collect aid receipt for accounts due ins ta Central City. JOSEPH HINTON. THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO CITY. I.TU O'Neill and the PM Lia . Connections "J "J dally except Sunday. awesahrebjn Passengers to and from rd OF i the good BENrTrSrWTZELT Eastern South D-connections, aToidln . Plants and Cut Flowers Postofflcs Box 80S. r. : . Sioux City- . trrttCf&i Buy local tickets to - ... . ' : Samples or bunion toy nan or z press win recelTt prompt attsntkrn. Testa made La ts btt adapUd vroceas pi orss. ' Makes lowest rare- she had done In bringing, the circle into existence. , ' ;''- - ; ; W. P. Taylor, the genial and accommodating conductor on the Deacrwood Central, will leave today for Phillips, Tennessee for 4 month's rltrft wJth hla parenta Mr. Taylor left tSa borne elxteen years ago ud xoost nattxratly longs' for tlhe friends and scenes of lit boyhood. l - ' The ground la, owned by Mra Joseph . Treweck and .others' " of Lead, It Is U now the intention of the owneri to cross cut along the Quartxlte In search of larger bodies of ore which they have good reason to beHers an f sot far away, as the bottom of the shaft appears toWia" Cisttm oteaore body. Tte'aiaft to well timbered for perma cent use, and there to no QTieatlon but CutFlowe'ra furnished on twenty fonf honrt notice for all occasions from the cradle to the graTS Special rates ta wedding- parties ; andfonerauv ? '. iijt n Utaratorr cad ampttnf rorki la Tanst Brrildlng. U Blseksr St. btopatlsnbjcaaso. - LEAD CITY, C.t KNIGHT. i i. i -"".v. ; t "i South Dakota. Black Bin Telephone 1120. i

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