The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 1, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1899
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--. T-. -r -,-r-. . j.r v Fhe Daily Pioneer-Times. i DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 1, 1899 FIVE CENTS. 23d YEAR. 4 4 4 4s 4- 4s 4 4 4 4 4 4 t t. THE SEASON SUMMARY APTURE OF MALOLOS of the National hotel last night The head and upper portion of the body aremlswlng, with the exception of one arm. There Is no clue to the identity of the tody, or to the manner in which it came to be -where It was found. i Muslin Underwear! A Revise of the Games Played Lneral Arthur's Division T The nw thla mnirnlTMr 1 of a erw-xllv t nf I'nHarmncliTio in OVER ONE HUNDRED PERISH By the Olympic Club League. which came to us by chance. Included are many garments t of the aristocratic sort made for one of New York's ex- I Takes tne lown Aiier Some Resistance. elusive stores. There has to be considerable price con- T It may be of interest to note in connection with this resume of the first league season of indoor base ball, some of the facts relating to its Introduction in the club. While in Chicago, having. seen the game played, Geo. B. Porter, the then pn-sMd-ent of the club, early in the year 1N9H, suggested to the board of direct-ops that the game could be played in the club rooms and would be a drawing card. At first he was laughed at and thi idea considered to be entirely Impracticable. ,Vith Ms usual persistence, however, Mr. Porter finally induced the board 'to approve it a small expenditure for a few balls and bate. When the balls came and were taken up to the clu'b rooms ( on the canvass covering the floor of Which a diamond etc., had been painted) the boys could hardly await the arrival of the screens Comments on the Games and iThe insurgents duiu iug mnn the Work of the Players. and Fly Towards the interior. cessions before we would touch them. ROBUltl Here are the best and most luxurious lots of llngeri? we have ever offered on such a low price basis. Empire Gowns. Made of good Cambric, embi oidevy trimmed full sizes and lengths at 50C value $1. Empire Gowns, a handsome garment 75C valuo $1,60. An elegant Empire Gown at$1. value $2.00 One lot of odds and ends Ladies Gowns at from 75C to $1.50; real value $1.60 to $3 THE FLAG PRESENTED. Mr. Porter then Introduced Mr. Washington. D. C, March 31. Spec- 4 4 y -General Otis has cabled as fol William L. McLaughlin, who had been to protect the windows, and the game low: requested by the single ladies to pre soon became the rage young and old, General MacArthur captured na- sent the flag to the three losing teams. which he did In the following character members of the professions all became, and still are, victims to the epidemic. In the 'month of August or September, after consulting with a An English Boat Sinks Off the Coast of France. London, March 31. Special. The steamer Stella struck on a rook off the coast of France this morning and sunk in eight minutes. .There were almost two hundred passengers on board, and over a hundred are still missing. It is feared that a majority of those missing have perished. ' The steamer was crowd ed with English excursionists. : O : '-rn Letters From Adutart lien. Sioux Falls, March 31 Special: Adjt. Jonas II. Lien, of the first regiment. South Dakota volunteers, killed Monday in the brilliant charge of the regiment at Manila, was an iatemtting writer;" and some of the best accounts of the battles tm mediately following the opening of hostilities with the Filipino insurgents received in South Dakota from the boys at the front were from his pen. He took 'an active part in the opening and succeeding battles, and letters received from his comrades speaking terms of the highest praise of his tire less activity and fearlessness in the face of the foe. He concludes a recent letter too his brother, Moyor B. H. Lien, as follow : . "The night following the battle (Sub- iBtic and spirited address: "Pope says somewhere in his essay number of the "red hots," Mr. Porter that he never In all hia life met a inaa who could not bear the misfortunes of Umbrella Drawers: Igloi tt 10:15 this morning. The enemy retired after same resistance, est-tlU ftre to the city. General Hale's lgufe had a severe engagement" maila, March 31. Special .The inerican troupe are taking a rest after rjnopture of the city this morning. Am operations today consisted principally of skirmishing, although a detachment of the American troops jursued the rebels towards the north. attempted, and finally succeeded, in get ting up the series of league games another perfectly like a christian. The friends of the three defeated teams fee! Handsomely trimmed in Embroidery and Lace at 35c, 40c, 60c, 60c and 66 j, which has just closed. Some difficulty was experienced in that they can bear with composure the disasters with which the vanquished Skirts gfttting captains to get up four teams; have met. But the ladies whose gen but finally Mesrs. Daweon, Regan, tie province it is to minister not alone to physical suffering, but also to mental da insurgents fleeing into the interior ajidiy. Their tactics seem to indicate M there is a longdrawn out campaign Franklin and Hereley agreed with Mr. Porter to get four teams and begin the games, 'the result of which has been already told. That the game, which injuries, desiring to soothe the tender sensibilities of the conquered and t. was. at first (before its introduction) testify their gratitude for the many pleasant evenings' entertainment af itaul for 'the American troops. SOUTH DAKOTA CASUALTIES. WisMngton, D. C, March 31. Spec-iL-rb following were the casualties poo-poohed, is now a tremendous suc The newest styles, full widths, nicely trimmed at 60c, 60c. 96c, $1.25 and $1.40, better grades equally low. Chimise At 20c, 46c, 65c to 65c, U. J. IVERTHHEiriR, forded them, have presented the losers cess, and has drawn members to the with this flag. clnh. there can be no doubt. (Mia-South Dakota regiment yester- The vanquished should remember During the season, as often happens day, February 5) was a good deal like war. I went 'to town to get some supplies and incident'ly discovered that that there 4s no diishoner in defeat. In In ball games, some unpleasant things . ' T all manly sport, wnere contests are. have occurred, but they were forgotten there must be losers. And where sports-. Bat the close of 'the game, and no malice manlike ideas prevail1!, there As as mucbJl. remained; but only a beuier understand Ing between the players. f T ? ? 4 T t "? f f f ! This article would 'be incomplete if aj.' ; KILLED. OSCAR F. ALLEN, private Company I y WOUNDED. Lewfe F. Barber, private Company C, & eevere. 4ka Benedict, private Canrpany C, m tevere. bauel Rtckman, private Company &t severe. IBawker, private Company D, leg, fink Ferguson, private Company D. ..were .closed without mentioning the oin wxnnnnru inn nnnnmvw ruvu uu mnnnnnru vuvuinnvvuvuxrunnn courtesy and gentlemanly influence of the Filipino 'striker' "whom Mr. Bur-dk-k Hazel and myself had in co partnership, had opened my trunk with my keys, w h,ich I had convenenltily left, and appropriated all my money. Then be asked permission to go'outt atia buy some cigarettes, and has not yet returned. The quartei-miaster undertook to got me a fresh horse, and he gave me one that I had to drag into camp by tihe bridle I aill but loslt my way and dkrnt know half the time whether I was within our lines or the enemy's. I passed our outposts, which had been the president and board of directors of the club; and that the season has been honor for the defeated asJor thesuc-ceasful, if the loser has coniffended fairly, earnestly and Imibfully. '"The best Ohlng is of course, to win, but the next best is to lose. The love of the sport, of the manly exercise, is the incentive n the game. Success or defeat 1s but an Incident. "The benefit of such games as we we have 'witnessed this winter are various. Not only the physical man is im proved, but his mental qualities become bettor. The discipline whiich is en brought, to its close with no grudges between the players is the best evl dence of the great respect felt by evry mmber for the desire of their officers iuk that, even in the intense excitement of Win Ottman, private Company L, the game, nothing ungentlemanly hUft, severe. abandoned and moved forward. The i twit Peterson, private Company L, feeling of lonesome ness that took pos- should happen in a club of gentlemen. (THE END.) o Uptod thigh, severe. session of me is Indescribable. I went he Old Reliable Druggist Estabilsed m I8r6. KIRK Q. PHILLIPS. I carry the finest line of Cigars, Stationary, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Cutlery, Eye Glasses , Spectacles and everything found in a flrst-claas city drug store, and I guarantee better prices than can be found west of the Missouri river. Those intending to Faint will make a mistake ii they fail to get my prices on Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Window Glass and all Painters Supplies, which I warrant as to quality and at lower prices than ... V- -I A 1 1 V n XaiatV Villi Wa Donnelly, priva 3 Company M, from our quarters lin the city to the i Boderately. ! ibrockhouse -wltlhout being challenged forced by the rules of the game teach obedience to law. The self-restraint exercised by all at exciting moments teaches players to control themselves at other times. The habit of deference for the opinion of Others is fostered and Good tidings for you. If you need w jonnson, corporal C tttpany H, 1 once 'by a seattnel. I arrived tired, the indlspensibte medium of exchange ".aught than an not having slept - more known by the appellation of money The Deadwood Loan Office is now in Its hour perhaps best of all the retention of K. . . . I Saturday morning, again sleeping on rernian i improvement IS 5I0W. : and I tried good temper when often the player is new quarters, 21 Lee street and will be pleased to advance you money on ev flWiington, D, C. March 31. SDec- the ground without a blanket. A trop- sorely tried elds a habit of mind which Is of the highest beneut. All of these erything pertaining to personal proper Sherman continues to tan- , leal night lis damp and chilly. The htt bis convalescence is slow on : ground was levered "with sleepinng ty at a moderate rate of Interest. Be advantages are attained by the defeat wat of Mb advanced age. men. No fires were permittied. The ed in perhaps greater measure than by fore purchasing anything In tihe line of jewelry, ft will be to your interest to native pomes were quarreling and 430 vtctora. call at the Deadwood Loan Office and nfcM4gjJ8gdeTjatn lavejwoundod CubarrteelrfhwrVpr - , "Swoot aro the uoco of odvanrity. dvui examine the big stock of unredeemed fnruinAruviruvisvinjinninr Filipinos, adding their groansto the Hwana, March M. Stneedal. Ouban Which, Hke the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious Jewel in comfort of the situation. This may pledges which you can buy at almost "AtOtA Stocks hamt in Iran . your own figures. not be much of a war, but there are tan. ham Uuhai-v a -u his head. fnir innrniniu 11 ATir.ii a i riAiiiI "Why the ladles should choose this beautiful flag which we all love as an mt AlVltnlUrlN HAIIUHAL DHHIV emblem War a defeated team, I cannot IbfTork iT T ZT Jn ""is like this tihat will TZJ.' JT reciate what war when "off- 4e-.t P,W,fl,-e 016111168 I have an opportunity to read about it again. Goodby. Love to all tine rnj ...... - boys; are now better off here than Jn unnedy Will Be Electrocuted. v. Everybody satisfied, i amfeei- J Tort, March SI. Special. The lag as if I were young again. quite understand. A less appropriate symbol of defeat could not be -Imagined. From the time th'. It rwas first Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 w7 returned a verdict of guilty I o- flung itio the breezes until now, a century and a quarter, ft has never met final defeat. (Applause) It has at Kennedy murder case, and entenoed to be aln the hwt week In May. times been repulsed, and those who Wedding In the Klondike. George Weare, of the banking house of Weare ft Allison, has received from the Klondike, news of the romantic bore ft In tlhe midst of battle been driv en back, but always It has been finally Confirmed By Official Advices. carried forward by triumphant hosts to 1 dClvwMk.! XJH I 1 T7. 1 Tl 1 1 . Uahum. T. Art A Vl 4 J glorious victory. The reason for this is dear. Et la that bo far tihe aim of All the people whose flag ft 4s, has been Branches of Banking Business Transacted, Jt"18"! the pree reports of ' nephew. Ely H. Weare. of Cedar Rap-- tllWe on the Island of Samoa. Ida, brother of . Porte B. Weare and Hf la veneral la official circles. Mrs. EM Gage, of Chicago. The wed- 1U ,W ail amicable ettfler ding took place February 15, and Ua for Justice and higher and better things An Excellent Combination. and so long as that spirit animates us. The pleasant method and beneficial "ecweea those ravernment that ' aidd to have been tlhe greatest Boclalr our beautiful banner can never meet effects of the well known remedy. defeat. Srarjp or Fioa. manufactured bv the Te"tl ' event In the history of the Yukon re- "" ' gion. It was Dawson CStya flrat lade a Good Haul. ' great wedding. Following the wed- "According to Rlchter recollection is Cauforxia Fie Syrup Co., illustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxa the only paradise tflrom which we can tive principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative and prescntinir DRAFTS ISSUED oa Chlaa, Manila, Havaaa, Porta Rica, Africa, Eaglaad, Fraace, Gersaaaj aad aU Paris af the WorM, at lowest market rates. COLLECTIONS nsaea carefully accountee for araatptly. Weare prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers tnem In the form moat refreshing to the taste and acceptable i- the system. It 47 modaco, March II. Special. ding ceremony there was a largely J atalnin $2,600 in oorreocy tenried reception and banquet at Che from the Walla Fargo Ex- Hotel Healy, given under the manago-T "Ptoya wagon to front of the mettt proprietor. T. C. Healy. vx triirlali rm, ..... p r Wafi described hla brothera is the one perfect strengthen in laxa i tive, eleaosintr the system effectually. dispelling1 colds, headaches and fevera not be turned out The members of the losing teams may forget what team they belonged to, they may forget who played first base on the Franklin team, they may -even forget wfoq 5ras the worst umpire of the season,-but they can never forget the pleasures of the SOS and. tdust of -auTS ftand gentle ladies whose em lies and applause cheered them on and whose m v. - unsa B I M , m -.w responsibility or collaterals. , . ; . ' 'wto took In. marriage to Miss Fellows as a "genu gently yet promptly and enabling one to overcome habitual constipation per ine old fashtaaed love match," He IS DISTIKTCl'l V HajTS" manently. Its pef?ct freedom from 9 HI 1KMtnTr'fimIIy hadbeen goodTfries sub every" objectionable qnaiii j anc oDlectlonaole quality and JflTIon' D- C., March 31.-Spec- foe rears. I 13 I Accounts stance, and its acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, without weakening or irritatino; them, make it the ideal laxative. It 1a said that despite the rigors of otepnena of mwm and Individuals kindness now seeks to bantsh any sting a er tt preeenC. thai will-, the climate and the distance from the of Banks. Corporations solicited. . KM.. - which may come from defeat. civilization of the states, that the cere- TWnwlU Amid the applause which followed Oorrospondonoo TuvltocL Mr; MclaugMin presentped the nag and resumed his seat. . The American Bag which goes to the In the process of manufacturing figs are nred, ns they are pleasant to the taste, bat the medicinal qualities of the remedy are obtained from senna and other aromatic ' plants, by ' a method Vnowa to the CAUmRXiA Fro STftur Co. only. In order to get ita beneficial effects and to avoid, imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. aair raair Cisco, cax. . lou lav ILLS. XT. jrsw Ton, sr. T. DIRECTORS.' C V.E. ADAMS. aOHMTBEBER. : 4 Vrr-i UVSUUmbUlT DO Uiteaoarjtor mr w Invested with mucn eclat. omTT107 "00. on a platform Thl Mde gowmd la oonT'!nttonBl fc-ZT wUl be anti-ex-- ttnJed br1teemaldfl " wtl-troBt and free aflver: " : Bd n1' Balaon weddln - - - ' . march -waa played, presents were.num- "vu7.u ' I .' eroua and beautiful and Khe time hon- , "ecf!apel Rivalet orai bkwKJmaTrBwnot wanting -. . ' lUrca SL flpl ,w mrm Jiaving been forwarded "for the rd remain, of a woman occasion Groat, Seattle lr. apacdal mee- questionably be .. '" .... b. a -M m 1 tihree losing teams, la the handsomest In the state and, together with the pennant, will adorn Che walla of the club room as a pleasant reminder of the graceful appreciation and thoughtful- HARRIS FRANK LI M. Prealda4. BEN BAtH, WW rrowee-vj I? SELBIE, Casblar. .- , i For sale by all Drag!. Prk 50c. per bottle. neaa of the ladies.

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