The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from ,  on March 31, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from , · Page 5

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Friday, March 31, 1899
Page 5
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 31, 1899. Circuit Court GRAND jjDlflONAL LOCALS. 'There was no business in open court yesterday, and it is not expected that Millinery Opening Spring "oal to burn at Company- ' r AT her,w4H, be tflday Judge MdareMfe 1ng adjourned Wednesday night until Monday morning, April 3, at which L .amentary were ueuwu vlcted and sentenced to pay fines, which are to be available before the' next regular meeting of the company. The aggregate fines were: Two kegs W beer,Twb Doxes of " SgarS,'andr' "" a. lundh, and the meeting was hugely entertained while the trial was In pro-gresss. A. A. Moodie of Box Elder, ctounlty as sessor for Lawrence county, is at work in the office, making out lists and pre of f! August Kari in the estate I deceased. Karl ACKERMANN'S PARLORS save ga was VZ sum of $1,300, which time the trial of Jury cases will be resumed. Tomorrow will 'be motion day. Following is the calendar of causes: APRIL 3. 1899. Thursday and Friday evenings of this Have You Seen Them? If Not You've a Pleasure to Come. week. Iadiee of Deadwood and vicin Troy Mining company vs. Wilmot O. ity especially invited. ittfvood Ioan Office will bo in !r darters, No. 21 Lee street, on ri,,rrnn the loan and insurance White. Mount Terry Mining company vs. DAINTV LINGERIE. Wilmot G. White. paring the rolls, in anticipation of the season's work. He will not besin this work untJil the first of May, but it will require some preparation, a.s it will be necessary, under the law, to have the assessmente complete by the first of I hit nwney to loan in small or A line of lingerie which in daintiness Security Trust amd Life Insurance Loud and no Celay to get. and low prices will appeal to every wo company vs. F. M. Vrooman, et al hose U45 oia - man who sees it, is displayed this week C. W. Mather vs. Challenge Mining July. Mr. Moodie'a deputies are Erik At Present the Best Sight In Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which includes the at the Ladies Bazaar. Everything In company. Utention of the Ladies Revndal, of Elk creek, and D. L. Hart;, cambric and muslin, both lace and em C. W. Mather vs. Challenge Mining L t0 Aokei maiin s stylish Easter Pick of the Market. zell of Englewood, and the former is at work in the office at present becoming Land patterns. Opening rnurs-L) Friday evenings of this week. broidery trimmed, is shown.- A few prices quoted below will show how surprisingly low- are the prices but to appreciate the quality and beauty of the familiar with Ms duties. Mr. Hartzell is well acquainted in the Bald Moun building under course Of tain and Ruby Basin diatrictsrand he Loon on Charles Waite's lot op- goods, it is necessary to see them: will likely have that part of the coun Cambric nightgowns, trimmed In try. Mr. Moodie himself will assess , lu-jck work is concerned. Mr. k in yet .stvured a tenant for the property in the valley precincts. Ut floor of the building, but the NEW TIES Bright, Fresh, New. Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. He was not aware of tlhe necessity of performing the work in So short a tim when he appointed his deputies, and rnr will 1' rx'cupiea Dy jewett company. J. E. Sweet vs. R. Z. Kldd W. E. Williams vs. James J. Beaky. Chas. Stay man vs. John Elmer, et al. John Reagan vs. Thos. Whittaker, et al. M. Lanaberry vs. W. i. Steele. APRIL 10, 1899. F. Floorman vs. A. Lambertson et al. APRIL 12, 1899. John Glickauff vs F. X. Smith. Joseph A. Tilly vs. Job Lawrenson. Jofbn Treber vs. Mary Heffren. APRIL 13, 1899. J. Chrlstenson vs. P. W. Hanson et al. H. W. Ellington et al. vs Edwin Short, et al. Thomas F. Saunders vs. Charles A. loent, Hhe enKineers and archi- he is now of the opinion that he Will valencienes lace and Insertion, 1.50. Skirt to match, $1.45. Chemise to match, 75c. Corset cover to match, 45c. Drawers to match, 85c. Cambric nightgown trimmed in em broidery, $1.45. Chemise to match, 75c. Skirt to match, $1,25. Corset cover to match, 45c. Muslin nightgown embroidery trim have to designate another, ailthough he ky mod' naUs latest designs, has nttt yet dec1d1 who it shall be. da FIFTH avkinuh; tuiiLjiN-New York, will be , received I at S-e)bick s opening to- YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. med, 85c. tflee of incorporation have been Frank N. Potter went to lUpid City. New Hats, New Styles of Caps Lj (OT toy the First ward M. E. Uollani. Skirt to match, 85c. Corset caver to match, 35c. Drawers to match, 50c. of Dvadwood. The church Lg have .secured an option upon U for building purpose on Burn- Cambric skirt trimmed with torchen lace, $1.35. Mi, opposite the Longfellow R. M. Mai one y returned from the Southi'iii Hills. Mrs. H. D. Hioock returned from down the Elkhorn. Chauncoy Wood of Rapid City spent the day in Dead wood. Prof. Reno and his company ui U'aiu ed Uoga left for S;arii.-li. Drawers to match, 40c. BIDS WANTED. Bids will bo received up to noon, April 10, 189, to run a tunnel 150 feet more or less, and to upraise from the house, and fronting on William Men's and Boy's Clothing. The Ladies Bazaar also shows a and it is hoped to have 'the beautiful line of infants short and long building started before long. 14 slips In cambric and nainsook, plain and elaborately trimmed and a large variety of underclothes. To Spend Mmey and ba Happy at the Same ter three years of work Chambers ir bas succeeded in getting enough iers of the Sons of the American button in South Dakota to organ-chapter. He has called a meet-ii Deadwood for the 24th of April tunnel 150 feet, more or less, on the lime .stone quarry at Dumont. Cash payments will be made as work advances. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. For specifications, address ED HANSCHKA, Deadwood, S. D. SOMETHING NEW Time Go to W. W. Bradley and C. A. Scott of Speariirfh were in the city. V. A. Hampton return! from Chad-ron, Neb., whither he went Wednesday night. R. B. Hushes, .superintendvnt for the Cieopatra Mining company, went down The Pioneers of 1876- ZOELLNER BROS. CO. rjaniie the South Dakota chapter n the meeting of the national so-rin Detroit the next month. Mr. rt application was the first that Wt in from this state, and the nail aaciety immediately appointed 1 organizer for South Dakota, its in December, 1895. to Rapid Ciiy. A. E. Hodges, of St. Louis, who had been in the country on business, left for the east. IN THE BLACK HILLSN ELECTRO - PLATING ESTABI JSH-MENT. We do Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper brass and Bronze Plating. First-class work guaranteed at a reasonable cost. TABLEWARE A SPECIALTY. Why buy new silverware when you can have your old knives, forks, spoon a etc, replated equal to new? Come and visit us on the lower floor of the Black Hills Steam Laundry. MESSRS. MULLEN ft BEERS, Managers. Miss Birdie Trayer returned from 647 Main Street. THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Would quickly leave you, if you used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their match-lees merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. They make pure blood and si long nerves and build np your health. Fasy to take. Try them. Only 25 cent. Money back if not cured. Sold by Phillips It 8teensen. Drumlsta Nebraska, where she had been visiting for several months. h George Bews and Mrs. William Uimidt of this city have received John R. Wilson arrived from Rapid iBoouncinK the oeleforalCian of City, where he had stopped off on hi a jfen wedding of tfhletlr parents. return from Chicago. M. K. Arnold got back from Netorae Mm Sad ma Rogers, alt Viola, ain, April 22, 1899. A number i Mends of the couple in this ka, whither he was called last week by the death of his wife's mother. 'km also received tlhe same cards. 4 Mrs. Berws and Mr. and Mrs. Mica Miazta Lamonlt. one of the kdmkK expect to part Del pate in. teachers of tine Lead pmbllo schools left for 9turgis for a short visit. Miss Florence Keats at Spearflsh who had been visiting Misses Bate! line and Helen Bennett, left tor home. MUss Nettie Evans of Spearflsh is vis- W. E. LOWE, GBAND EASTER QASH fiALEI Theh Wg BEE HIVE was never so thoroughly prepared to supply the Easter wants of tihe people as lit te this season, both in point of style. Quality and price. The stocks are gorgeous and varied and embrace everything that Is mew atnd stylish; showing everything tfbJat Is beautiful to wear In fashions; newest garments for men, women and children; in unrivaled modes of MILLINERY, suites and skirtB, Jackets and capes, silk waists, corsets, dainty ltnguire, men's and boy's clothing, etc., from the finest to the cheapest You will find them here tn profusion to suit every price, every fancy. In justice to yourself you should Inspect tibia Incomparable exhibit if only to post yourself on styles emd values. Astonishingly lew prices on everything for spot cash is the order of this week's business. 1 "r".!) Jttng the Misses Knowlea hi this city C. C. Moody returned to Sturgis. R. A. Haynes, traveiing auditor for the Burlinigtan. who had been alt this end of the tine checking up some of the company's ageolts, left for down the road. CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDTf This remedy is intended especially for courts, colds, croup, , whooping cough And Influenza. It has become fa tuous for Ita cures of these diseases, Ladies Suited Easter Millinery. aSsTjredTOT over a large part of the ci rillxed Fifty black street skirts at $1.35, wortth $ 2.50 Twenty-five black silk capes at $4.65, worth lO.Oi) Twenty-five ladies' tailor made suits, all colors, for this sale go at $5.95 worth .' 12.50 Twenty beautiful tailor made Suits at $12.25. Worth 20.00 Fifteen highest class $35.00 tailor made suits, special price 19.75 Fifteen beautiful new golf capes, $9.00, $12.00 and $15.00, worth double. One hundred ladies silk waists, your choice, $2.45,worth $4.50, $6.00 to 7.00 We are showing the most complete line In neckwear in the Black Hills. Deadwood 'a premier styles from Paris, London and New York. Thesa with the unique conceptions of our own skilled designer, Mm a. MangatUL now In charge of the Millinery Department, will make the BEE HTVE MUJL. ENERY DEPARTMENT more than ever headquarters for 3 tack Hills correct dressers. Our prices on the highest grades of millinery will be about one half that necessarily asked by exclusive millinery houses. Do not think of deddlnc on your spring bat until you have seen the BEE HIVE MILLINERY. rtbratkm, and wtlll leave for Vio-fcv days before the anniversary. ai lira. Rogers visflted tlhtelr ten la this cHy Ih 1890, and tweo mcartina While here they iout Mends who will share with Ou (tarJes of their fifty years of adMfe. as tried in Justice Early's titoiicJCy yesterday from Spear-Km an adtion brought by C. A. to woover from A. S. Froggett a o( 60 that the former bad H Wter for wintering some cat-rhtm. An agreement was enter-!o between tihe rwo men whereby tttt u to pasture a certain cf cattle for Scott, but before ctUU he was Trryut"wa.ter 1 Mure. In order to help him Mf. 800U advanced hitm the sum !. but Froggem Is alleged to Me4 to have put the water into and Scott accordingly on aim for the money that had 'fauced.. Judge Early gave decision. 0. C. Moody and party left CSy Tuesday morning for Los nd the Judge was reported fHnx fmely. The party did not fioldrege private ear any raa Kansas Cfty, all though ft tendered for the entire trip. 1 fcnnd that by taking a state e Santa Fe limited tihe party through much eooner than $ tn the prtva car on another tang impossible to haul, the fast train. At Kansas City r Koody left the rest of the par-rtedbck to Tale college, to tudlea again.' He ha Yl for three yean now, about a month or six to fca at th bedside of tils Wo mm that time very 0L Ita sioat aortibosSaBtflc meet- The most flattering testimonials hare been received, givine accounts of it good works; of the aggravating ami persistent coughs it has cured; of severe colds that have yielded promptly to its soothing effects, and of the dangerous attacks of croup it has cured, ot-ten saving the life of the child. The extensive use of it 'or whooping cough has shown that it robs that disease of all dangerous consequences, bold by all druggists. 20 pieces 40-lu black dress goods, 17H worth 50c per yard. 20 pieces double-fold novelty dross goods, 9c, worth 25c. 20 pieces 32-in taffeta silks, 47fto yard, worth 85c 10 pieces brocade silks, 45c, worth 85a. Twenty-five dozen ladles white hemstitched handkerchiefs, 5c, worth 15c Best crochet and knitting cotton, all colors, 5c a ball. Best kid hair curlers at 5c a bunch. Five hundred pair scissors at 25c. One thousand pair ladies' and children's hose at 12 a pair, worth 20c to 35c per pair. Five hundred bolts crepe paper, all colors, 5c a bolt. Five hundred children's chimlse and drawers, 15c each. Three hundred odd corsets, 50c each, worth $1.00 to $1.50. Carpets. Men's and Boy's Clothing. One hundred men's fancy satin-lined, all-wool suits at $12.50. worth $18.00. One hundred men's all-wool suits at $8.50, worth $15.0Q. ' One hundred men's all-wool suits at $5.50, worth $12.50. Fifty boy's Scotch wool suits at 95 cts., worth $1.75. We will sell you clothing, hats and caps at one-third less than the prices usually asked for the same grades of gOOdS. Men's Shoes Twenty cases men's tan and black calf shoes at $1.25, $1,60, $1.75, worth 2,000 yards beautiful Scotch gingham at 9c per yard, worth 20c. 1.000 yards light cambric at 4c per yd. 1,000 yards novelty onambras at 4Hc per yard. 2,000 yards indigo blue figured dress prints, 3c per yard. 1,000 yards beautiful figured organdies at 12HC, worth 35c. 500 yards outing flannel at 5c per yard, worth 10c We are showing the most complete Tine of wash goods ever brought to the Black Hills. Five hundred men's unlaundrled white shirts at 45c, usually sold ot 75a. Ladie's and Children's Shoes. One thousand pair ladles' and children's shoes and slippers, ' genuine French kid, at 95c per pair, worth from The Success of the Season The opening of Seeblick's millinery establishment In the Olympic building was a brilliant success In every way. His artistic parlors were filled to overflowing with the finest people of our city and the surrounding towns, attracted there by the many rare and beautiful creations Mr. Seebick and his assistants had prepared. Mr. Seebick and hts entire corps were kept busy every moment and then were barely able bo attend to all. As Mr. Seebick baa arranged to have NEW PATTERNS AND DESIGNS arrive EACH DAY OF THIS WEEK, ft 6 pieces heavy ingrain carpets, 83a, worth 50c per yard. 10 pieces wool ingrain, 47 He a yard, n- ually sold at 85c 25 pieces yardwlda Brussels carpet, tH a yard, worth $L25. 20 pieces nysw Brussels carpet, 63 worth 85c 6 orates crockery at actual cost, during this sale. . 10.000 rolls of Wall Paper, latest 4 signB, at one-half what others ask. Dress Goods and Silks. from $2.00 to $3.50 per pair. 10 pieces 46-inch black serge, 32 cts., worth 60c 20 pieces 44-!n black figured brilllan- tines and novelty goods, 3214c, worth Domestics and Linens. 1,000 yards bleached muslin, 5c yard. Is quite Hkely that Mr. Seebick and his fe 00 yards Turkey red table linen at felavaraatetants will have their 18ttc, worth 40c full In attending to the- wants or tnew many patrons this week. . .. . ii -eri-iv snot cash, wtich !a enabling This tremendous money saving op portunity yon must not miss. Ws are Dotn ouying w . us to offer these unheard of. values, TherBEE HIVE is the Homa of the Genuine Bargain. ; .. . - - - FOR TOUR ACCOMMODATION. TO-hon wi btm need of a friend of fa First wtk It waa M7 meeting, and the I ooordWr taken It was afterwards that the L!SlInTOOed- mock court ?w esBlon, and fewr tnem-o eoapaay were tried . . for . ,!5 ;ea. They were Mr. !T-1In..W.FWaJd tt they were glren a longest suX namely money, the Deadwood Loan Office will reliera your want and hi order to toaka It Iad7 for 70a, on April 1. K will mora koto torn ww charters. No. 11 Leo otrwC oppoatta Chw weatora Union telegraph ofltoB. k.E.LOAM,IB DEADWOOD, S. D. 'uiui mini M ar accordingly can v.

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