The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 30, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY EIONEEB TIMES, THURSDAY MOENINO, MAECH SO, 1899 i i of the discouragewait wad d isgust '1 "mM" f Easy to Llsfctntvc'a Assanlts. One of the best evidences of the. Talus of lightning rods up to date ha been S paniafc, people, . Qn March 18, 1899. just one year, less day, after her departure from San Francisco, the Oregon steamed 4ntr? bay of Manilla and Dewey cabled that dhe -was fit for any duty. Again she Easy to Operate "" " cfil'prouipt, healthful, satisfactory- Hood's Pills THE 0EA0W00D PIONEER ESTABUSHEH JVNaTS. Wit THE BUCK HILLS JlilES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. CASH TALKS afforded by the Washington monument It is capped by a small four aided pyra-.midUof Jnraj8ttoiwib 'iBaf, 9 cheap today, was very costly at the time of the building of the greatest obelisk tiwt the world has ever known. This aluminium tip is connected with the' ground by four copper rods which go down deep into the earth. On April 5, 1885, five immense bolts of electricity were seen to flash between the monument ami a thundercloud overhanging in the course of 20 minutes. In other words, the monument was struck fierex-)y five times, but it suffered no damage whatever. On June 16 of the name year a more PIONEER-TIMES PUBUSHINQ CO Inopportune Deaths. Julius Ca-sar was assassinated when he had almost completed the task of consolidating the administration and dominion of the Roman empire, and his death opened the way to that despotism and corruption which ultimately undid his work. Henry of Navarre was killed when he had almost healed the differ had steamed around South America, and, in addition, had crossed the Pacific. The voyage of 20,000 knots from New York to Manila was not a race agsainrft time, but was completed between October 12 and March 18. The spend of the Oregon is no leas remarkable than her mechanical perfection. A We have got the goods and want your trade TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday OH Tear 110 00 tlx Months 6 00 One Month 1 00 WEEKLY Isued Every Thursday. tremendous assault was made upon tin' ; monument front the heavens, and the result was a fracture of one of the tp- year ago she ran the 4,076 between San Franohsco and Oalloa in fifteen and a we Come and see us, will treat you right On Tear 2 00 tlx Months 1 00 ences between Catholio and Protestant, which subsequently rent not only France, but Europe, and William the Silent also fell when he was on the point of uniting the Netherland provinces into a compact barrier against the encroachments of Spain. Entered as Second-Class Matter at th Deadwood Postofflce. 1 most stones. The crack still remains io i show what nature oan do in the way of , an electrical shock, but the slightuess of the damage is evidence of man s power to protect himself from such at tacks. The obelisk is ideally located for attracting electrical assaults from the ' skies, and yet, while many times hit, it I has suffered only once, and tbat time to TI lyres & f arflin Harflware Ci half days, an average of 263 knots a day. The final run of over 5,000 knots from Honolulu to Manila was nuade in iwenty-srix days. No battleship in existence has a record ap-im-oaf-hiing this. .The Oregon was built by American mechanics in San Francisco, which less than sixty years ago was a foreign village of 500 inhabit - A London puH-r highly praise the brawn of the Amtrican soldiers in Manila but-says the victories do not seem a trifling extent. Boston Transoript. eic In English history Lord Clive died at the moment when he was the one man who could have saved the American colonies and kept the Anglo-Saxon race united, but there is the case of Mira-beau. He was literally the one man in France who could have averted the horrors of the revolution, saved and reformed the monarchy and so spared Europe the murderous career of Napoleon and all the devastation it brought. If he had lived ten or even five years longer, the history not only of France, but of Europe and the world, would have been different It is in faot sufficient to say that he would have mado both Robespierre and Napoleon impossible. Strand Magazine. 44Ht to be conclusive. With a foe that Commence running as soon as he begins to get the worst of it. A conclusive vlotary Is hard to win. If Gen. Otto can get la front of fhe stampede kind start them "milling" may be he can stop them long enough ito make a conclusive victory. r PIONEER FURNITURE HOUSE The Hour of Lincoln's Shooting-. A highly interesting story is told to account for the fact that almost every wooden clock in America has its hands painted to indicate the hour of 18 minutes past 8. It is related that most such watchmakers' signs were originally made by one man, who was at first in the habit of painting the hands to indicate any old or young hour that struck bis fanoy when he came to that part of the job. But when President Lincoln was assassinated he conoeived the idea of commemorating the event by recording the hour and minute thereof upon all his wooden timepieces, a custom ants. Half a century of American expansion there has produced a splen-lid TOjetropoliB, and one capable of constructing 'the greatest battleships in all 'history. . , o NEWS NOTES. Capt C. Rath, Who had charge of the execution of the four persons who conspired to assassinate President Lincoln in 1865, is at present a railway postal clerk, and lives at Jackson, M'Ibs. The mail system of Porto Rico will be coridudted as though the Island were an independent country. :OF ; SAM SCHWARZWALD Occasionally a dfeUingtiltihed man gets a chance to read his own obituary. Lord Brougham read two sets of his. Garibaldi read even more than that of his own. John Sherman has just had lfltitle experience of thds norrL The I ever since perpetuated. There is something striking and dramatic about this notion of time standing still forever Hardly. Cabman (sitting in the street amid the ruins of his oab and horse, to driver of the bus which occasioned the disaster) You i ii m !!!! 1!!! Constable (to the orator) Now, now! You mustn't call him such names as that. Cabman (in frenzy) Him wot smashed me cab an billed me i Vrse an left me a 'elpless cripple I Wot the do yer expect me to call 'iru a 'owlin hangelf London Judy. FfrwVQ Carrits a fu" line of UpholsJ uisunguusnea American can make a Liitiat docigna in M . large scrap book of his mortuary liter (" lplpf' fTfKjjZk Couch'8 all(J Tukish Chairs. attire. The sensaitiion Of reading that one Is dead is perhaps not altogether after an event of such tragic significance. There is no doubt about the fact that nearly all the wooden clocks do indicate the hour of 18 minutes past 8. You can see that for yourself. But if the olockmaker thought he was thereby recording the hour of the assassination his intelligence was as wooden as his wares, for President Lincoln was shot not at 18 minutes past 8, but at about 15 minutes past 10. New York Post. Our exports of certain manufactured goods to Sheffield. England, have increased 300 pw cent In three years. The soldiers or sailors of the war with Spa hi wlho think themselves entitled o any extra pay should present their claims to 'the auditors of the ureas wry for the war and navy department. Dewey commands a fleet of twemty war shape, with the Oregon at the head, followed by towo dou blent uinreted monitors. , Uncle Sam Is In shape to encourage a peaceful solution of politttcal questions conneoted with tfhe Pacific. Four more tbodles 'were recovered from the nuins of the Wiutdaor hotel fire durtng the day. The record, as it now sua ads, Is twenty-three dead, forty A Timely Brent. The bell at the parsonage went ting Strnnaelr Worded. "Some of the applications for relief sent to the local committees by sufferers from bush fires are strangely worded," says the Melbourne Argus. "Here is an extract from one by a widow: 'I have in family four dairy cows, two pigs, a horse and three children, all these being by my first husband, and two goats in full milk and a baby by my second husband. All of the animals was lost in the fire,' " pleasing 6o the subject, even though he may, as in Sherman's case, be on the blgfo road ito recovery. But aside from Its euggesMlveness of the inevitable end, ought to be comforting reading the Wan -whose Wfe has called lilt out. Sherman's care has been long and eveM-fu4 beyond Ithat of moat American fttiatiesmenV ud the Judgments which have been passed upon iilt have been In General thoroughly appreciative and Just The illustrious Ofhloan has filled a-ling, and, as the dominie was in his study and his wife getting the baby to sleep. Master Harold, aged 7, went t the door. On opening it he found a and new 1 'k 1 I Re-Upholstering couple, evidently from the country, both youDg and bashful; but after looking at the boy a moment, the young man queried, "Is the parson to home?" work to order. We re-cane chairs and do all kinds of furniture "Yea," said Harold. "Do yon want A Question of Locality. 'I'll tell you one thing, " said Mad-pop to his long suffering wife, "if Willy does not behave himself, I'll give big place la American history tn into day. to get married" "That's just what we're here for, said the prospective bridegroom as he nun me worst spanning ae ever baa He'll get it in the neok." looked fond at the blushing girl by or more mdssling and a large collection of email bones. The Injured In hospitals and other (places are recovering. Anxiety Oa the part of friends of persons who have been reporceld mliSBing bas been Increased as tt te almost oer- bis sida "Do be etirious, my dear," replied "Well, come right in, then," said Mrs. Mad pop V'The neok is no place on J. A notaible Jlgwe an Missouri niatory . lias been wsnoved (by he death of ex-Gov. Thomas Fletcher. A native of tth ritaba , Ihjs was educated and grew SAM SCHWARZWALD. the boy, ushering them into the parlor. which to span, a child. "Harper's tain ihey .ipetllshed Ha he fire. Bazar. DEADWOOD, SO, DAL 4 620 Main Street, and when they had seated' themselves on the edge of two chairs side by side be started off, saying : "Pll call pa, and ma too. Shs'll be awful glad, for she has all the marryin money, and I heard la manlhood..w4tEh!lia tts boundaries, and" The Apparent Difference, wan intrusted vrkh some of ta highest i i respondbilJittteai-jHe. . was - a, man of Johnny Pa, some of the curious people round 'here they 'call "odd" and some of the others "eccentric " What's iter cell pa this morula tbat she wished some folks would come to get married, ' Q FCTURB OF THE BICYCLE. It ie agreed by all bicycle manufact-jorer- that, the 1899 nwtela' represent ttbe perfect' ' wheel.' Improvements eeem io be impossible. (Precisely the s&m thing te true of Hortett. Stomach Bmera' 'itrcU copula the limit of cause she hadn't nough money to bay star new hat "Chicago News. -1 fii I lol - ' - - - , .marked character and unusual original ifproa Though hte parents were,,Bl&ive .40wnem t& 'inmJA jparnasi aboUtftonlst from boyhood. He delivered tihe first ..ippeeeu ever made la a repubrican con- FIRST NATIONAL BANK A French writer notes that though a science In overootaing disease, and It is the difference? Pa When a man is said to be eccentric, he usually has more or less money When he ia poor, a man is simply odd. Boston Transoript " ' Twenty-three men in every 1,000 serving in the British army are 6 feet and apward in height; 88 in every 1.000 are 5 feet 11 inches, and 68 in every L 000 6 fet 10 inches. There are 785 in every 1,000 army men under 8 imposes! to make a better medicine r Jjwj'iaiiskto taja dia4 young TenttJon held la- a slave state, During T Jl. I st Mendelssohn at 88 and JtheOsir 'wueeelr :a:tw-- Mai-- DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States depository. CA8H PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 AJ,ow Weber when be was but 40-a large atari weft, nervous and bloodless peo- number have lived to be Very old men. jwe on me raw no scrancta. regular Xhose who died between 90 and TO eouti regiments and bad an experience .ia Coaiedrate prisons as well as in Che .field. Between One years 1865-186 he OMtree of torrtmemt will brine back the ! years of age include Bach. Von Balow feet 9 Inches sink te Che cheeks and sparkle to the 1 and Rnbinstein. Living beyond 70 rwirmSmffiWffT muI .mw uincs, Uounoa, HandeL Liszt , 4WB4i gov es'iiot' of the DIRECTORS: 0. J. SALISBURY, T. J. GRIER, P. B. SPARKS, P. A GUSHUBST d. L Mcpherson. In only three cases -out of ten sight is equally good In each eya TCfreBhWahd- fcealttfsj. ! f P00 d K aill be Dyspepeda, ttdlgesfttai 'and f1 tained by Anber and others. Dying at ". be reckoned among the last of Che war governors, a remarkable group of men to whom the nation owesa great debt 1MB wia e comuieuftiy oafiKBea. aod mar. than 80 were ChemMnl. (h.. FRENCH CLASSES. OFFICERS: President.... O. J. SALISBUUY. I Cashier . ...D. A. jlcPHEKW" the Uenstags ot trueeaWh bestowed,. ' Lachner, Palestrlna, Bameau, Sohuts Tne study of the French . language forms a prominent part not only of a pert ; saa xaubert The average age of musio- Never take a aubml&ntie for ends . fee remedy. , . Vice-presideat T. J. OHIKR Assist, cashier. ..J. S. DENA v I al eetehriUM is ahnnt 7 mn 'it' " or ui-nnar. GOOD " SEWS FOa BLACK HILLS fashionabls, bat also of aa ordinary EugHah education, and aa opportunity now presents ltsnlf to those desirous of acqulrtag Parisian French. Address tnoral ooumge and Ms airiiiity and ln-(tegrfty were undoubted, la the mala his public eervfc was jwrtonoed .ink stormy Umea. He was la every way qual to them as a leader and jjatrtotx At she meeting of the Fifeshire asso- r -,.s. ; i-j. FEOPLBk - i oiation held la London Dr. Wall toe told aSSSav Mra Helen Sachs, Black Hills Steam Laundry, Pine street Deadwood. The actio at the Burlington Route tory of a pensioner who need to stand la establishing a twlos-evweek Has of with PLcra" on his breast enumerat-Tonrtet Sleepers, Edgesaoat M Kaa4 tIA'0 T beg8?1 aopuiar wlta Black HUls tsarelers. H most as good as Sir M. Grant Duff 's means a big saria la the cost at aa 1 story of the Irish beem hn RIGHT AWAY Alta Bebekan Lodge No. t meats see oad and fourth Tuesdays of each montk TlIB MOST FAMOUS BATTLESHIP. ; pa Maroa 19J& tljeUnited 3tiee fcftflttaBMa Orelson teft San Frauciaco for ter long run ... Veastward around outa America. The petrfonnanee was watphed by tJiA' wtoolp? "peopie. the la third story of city hall building. Vis I ting members eordlally lavtted to al tead. . . : s,. 1. , -1 ... - eastern trip.- A berth ia one f these ; "Tar the love of God, sir, give me a eats cost bta A DOLLAR NIGHT.' 1 cnut for I am so thirsty that I don't Take BurUngtoa traia karing Black' know where I shall sleep tonight 1" HUls poiata Wedaendaya or Saadays, .Londo olobfc y IS THE TIMiiTOBtlY A ; KATHETUNB PIERCE, N. O. j HELEN BAKEB, Sea.,,. wuj; rv uu a jkuawnoot 70a m aooara , im , : . , Tk BUh.'. avt. fHEAP. CH0E tourist car; larough to Lincoln fit j A clergyman once complained to josepa anq ainsas jiiy wimoav rsisnop tsiomneia oz London that his caanga . Close connections at .Lincoln parishioners were indifferent to his '. w atuaca or Bhe Spanttm fleet, whose , whereaboute at sea were (un-Jtaown, giving ithe kmg voyage a sen-eaulonal aspect The Oregon reached the Florida coast May 24j Thougn sbs with solid atibuld trains frv bnshs 1 ceaoaiaga . Peorts, Chicago and St Louia. L"S fP00?'" "f".1 "do I begin to n . u o n 'iJ- um ey oegia dose. JT. " 7tm " Mked bUhop, "preadi .. Tie next two months will require solid Footwear if you wish to keep any of a doctor 'bill. ; We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount in order to cut down stock, If yw waflt a good ''' " '""' : - r;" Tha real secret of Toutiful features t at" raenatmatlon. Hlit"1 "Ity of any nature ifthe menses be suppressed 0rloJlcav' to?. Pft orpall -tha trouble will show in the face! The eves will v. .if . 1 yvor own sermonsr V- -o ' ; "Always, my lord, alwava STOP-OVERS AT WASHINOTON I ' "Then, my good friend, sappossyoa had run 14,000 knots ehe Vs reported ready for dutjr and at onoe steamed for Iher place in the Oiian fleet Forty -days totoer rtie took a kadtag pari,: Ja the battle wtCh Oervera's shipa, - It was ar PPeed and t-mn fm ha,t Drevenl- AND AT PHILADELPHIA, ; J mMUV " t retortea the tiehoa Ticketa to New York allowing tea I ' 1 T isihterestina tn mkii tk. ... 1 OR $4 00 SHOE FOR 3 00. Philadelphia do not cost any more din. ,ul ""T Or any other style or price. Call and let us BllBnaiY FCIALK REC8LAT8I thaB Ocketa over Pennejlvaufia" direct rf tU WaTl was line from Chicago. Five dally trains PJMoltke wss also 91 andsmarck leavs ChScago UnScm etaOoa for -XEl but" Indeed all the most Ulnstri east this double route through. Indl- rn" Cmans of the latter half century It cares all Ok Af t.i - bit a pair on you at i the escape of the-Oolon whScb tad "r!rped the other SpanSah veseela " C Jon ta.1 run the gauntlet suc- "y t'.e M , ,ry would iave been ; a: 1 tv.g war ppQ. " r U tbev - -r obliteration " - ' v 1 Ce ffiS theWoTLeVcoT: ariaanaunio. For time, fares and fur- " "ug uvea. KankewssSl: Curtioswas 73; Mommsen ia 81.- Ths poet Geibel was 70. Wagner was 70, Lisst T5. and ths present chancellor is ther informatton address H. R. Deriag, A. Q. P. A$L, 248 South Clark St, Cticago, fiT!..neM ia the ame organs! ,M Orsanist. tST a UMrUUMMUTQM W,4-Va

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