The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 29, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 29, 1899. - I ss THE SEASON SUMMARY ! MINING AND MILLING INDUSTRY Sherman Street &vuh tup Livery Barn . . 55 L A Revise of the Games Played By the Olympic Club League. TBLB PHONES: HARRISON 93. BELL 17 THK NORWICH LEASE. H. S. BROWmT"! W. E. LOWE'S THI8WEEK 36 Inch Heavy China Silk The Golden Reward employes who have some mining ground on Lexing Shaw, Stokes amxi Garrolson rtor' ton Hill, bet-ween Spruce and Two Bit have disposed of their In'leresta in the lease of the Norwich lode In strawberry 1 gulch to C. M. Swan and B. H. Kinks gulches, have some good looking prospects on their ground at present. The shaft is being 'onitlnued by Trotter & eeeeeeeeeee bury of Sioux City, who arrived in Comments the Bead wood Monday. Mr. Swan U on the Games and Work of the Players. brother of Mrs. Fred T. Evans of this DiStz, and bias reached a depth of 245 feet. It is expected that quartzite will be reached within 25 feet further. The city, and the two gentlemen, in com-o&ay witih Mr. Evans, 'mutie a trip to in all colors that sell for men at pisent are worMing in a 9par. The hointing is done with a Whim, and ;i 47k the mine yesterday. snocs With a Reputation. and 85 cents regular, at this there iH a liticle water to be baled out The men wno nave Hie now sale we offer them for have abundant means for fully devel although not enough to interfere with THE REGAN'S. the workmen: ovine the ore win, and they intend to John Medill, superintendent of the carry their plant) into effect at once We will continue our Black Dress Goods The property Is looking finely, and the essays thflJt are being obtained are American Mining company, was in Deadwood yesterday. He stated that the shaft had reached the depth of 490 Dan Regan, the captain of this team, began the season as tts pitcher but after one or two games 'went behind the bat and finished the season there. Was weak in catching at first, but finished Our Boys Seal-Skin Seamless away up 1n figures. The ore eonltain feet, and was still in the limestone. 32k He thought it was about to get through SHOES! 46-In Satin Domassey Brocades that are worth 60 cts., at this sale certain amount of free gold, and the test of the values lie in the concentrates, iajt about eight and a-half to one. One sample that was brought in the sieason strong and well up wttih the best of them. A fair baCer, and stood the lime, and the next formation will base runner. Managed his Iteam in the be the mud shale. Then will come the "worm eaten" sand stone, and then the Are noted lor their wearing qualities sell same manner Hurley managed ihlis; al 17k Also 38-ln Brocades that for 35 cents, at this sale not long ago gave a value of $22 to the ton, t hat 'was saved by amalgamation, red sandstone. There is a Uttie water ways came up miuUimg after defeat and excellent for school wear. in the shaft, but it is not In quantities and the oonoanitir&tes ran above- $200 Ito was a very popular captain. At all tllmes courteous alike not only to mem the ton. The leasees are now negotl filing for a lease on the Union Hill large enough to mention, and can be baled out with a bucket, which does not have to be used more than once or bers of his own team, but also to those 10, 15 and 20c Embroideries L. C. VERPLAST. fftamp mill, near Galena, and will treat opposed. the ore from the Norwich themselves, twice a day. - Harry H. Miller played in various po N"o. QO ilierman st eaaaas . o earing what they can with quicksilver, sitions but finished the season at third. and 12 cents, at and concentrating the rest for ship where to put up a crack-a-Jack of a " hhW this sale. meat, thereby trunk i ng a great economy game. Probaibly the best in that po sition. A good fielder and fair baseman in the matter of hauling the ore. o ' and one of the most dangerous propo THE BOOM IN COPPER. DAINTY LINGERIE. A line of lingerie which in daintiness and low prices will appeal to every woman who sees it, is displayed this week at the Ladies Bazaar. Everything in cambric and muslin, both lace and embroidery trimmed, is Bhown. A few prices quoted below will show how surprisingly low are the prices but to ap sitions in the hitJtlng line, the pitchers u ia is nonaoie xor noinung else in had to meet. In the Clothing Dep. Men's fancy Mored collars j'Vp that sell everywhere for 20c., at this sale Frank Peck played at short. Played the mining World it will be remember -for the boom in copper which evident ly is to charactecize it. You wil hard .mm j a good game but was not steady; had a tendency to hold the ball too long; was one of the heaviest batters in thf- iy piK up a paper puiomanea in a re preciate the quality and beauty of the gion where copper may be found in goods, it is necessary to see them: which the new) concerning mlining for Cambric nightgowns, trimmed in ONLY 30.35 all-wool suits at this fJQ Men's sale valencienes lace and Insertion, $1.50. It does not oontii'tuiie a prominent feature. This la tiie case in every State league; but unlucky in bane running. Quick and active in his work, hie phenomenal stops wore equalled by but one other. Brought in more runs than any other man on his team. W. T. Graham, for the greater part where this mineral is among mining possibilities. Of course the cause of Boys Overcoats Skirt to match, $1.45. Chemise to match, 75c. Corset cover to match, 45c. Drawers to match, 35c. of the season, pitched a good article of that are slightly damaged for ball. Fielded and ba'Oted well, and cambric nightgown trimmed in em broidery, $1.45. a flurry which lis more than temporary 4n its ohiaracber lis found in the unprecedented boom in the price of theme'al. For this reason mines in 'which operations were long ago suspended again aw being worked and new ratines are being developed. A correspondient of the Plumas "Independenit" says of the Chemise to match, 75c. Skirt to match, $1,25. Corset cover to match, 45c. Muslin nightgown embroidery trim 25 and 50 Cents to clean them out. AT ...XL E. LOWE'S To Poitland, Taccma, Seattle and intermediate points, second class erm mber; tourist sleeping cars run tbrouj' to Seittle every Tuesday and Thursday. , ONLY $49.35. To San Francisco, Sfan Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oolton and Redding California and inter mediate points, second class. Remember, Tourist sleeping cars through to destination eveiy Wednesday. W. T. ROBERTSON. Ticket Agent. De8w med, 85c. wtiuattan about Taytorvile: "Many ran bases along witih the beat. Had he played with the team oftener, the final results might have been maiterial-ly different Ben Sheppard began the season at short stop, but was soon shifted to right short; was the fastest right short In the game; a good batter and base runner. B. W. Martta played ta vartouB po-sitiions during the season. Pitched a good game for about six darnings; but usually let down aifter that. A good copper locations (have been bonded and many more Kkely, may be. Copper mining and smelting were carted on in the sixties in Genesee by John C. Chap Skirt to match, 85c. Corset cover to match, 35c. Drawers to match, 60e. Cambric skirt trimmed with torchen lace, 1.35. Drawers to match, 40c. The Ladles Bazaar also shows a beautiful line of infants short and long slips In cambric and nainsook, plain man and others, Mr. Chapman being the loading spirit n khe enterprise, and 3so the taHelitier of the or. Many Miller toe Hairdresser safe batter and fattr base runner. Al tons of Che metal were shipped from the ways cool, and fielded well. Fred Ptock played In but five games, and elaborately trimmed and a large but played a good second base; was a variety of underclothes. o good battter and base runner and good fielder. THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Would quickly leave yon. If you used Anson Higby was in Ave games; was weak in hJs first base pftay, but put up It. King's New Life Pills. Thousands Cook Remedy Co. Hairdrssin?, Shampooing, Manicuring. a good game in his later position in Wines in Oenesaee, but owing to the price of tabor in those days and h tjtjt that charcoal alone waa ob-.tainaole Jtar fuel, Whdoh proved too flOBtity under the then ruling rates, copper mining was abandoned. But now since Che discovery of coal, or rather, natural ooak in Cenessaa valley, there can be but little dodti: that copper min tag m .tlim vU be an important Industry in Plumas." - : And he etoryti.'i9 corespondent, tell - is slmilav 'jo that . '2haitccne3 from, many Quarters. ilfO F.4 " ; cenltler fteUd. Rather weak at the oat; of sufferers havs proved their match-lets merit tor Sick and Nervous Headaches. They make pus blood find HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR an exceedingly good base runner. Mx. Gddley played the gjreatsr part of si tong nerves and build ap your health. PRIMARY. SECONDARY TERTIARY BLOOD POOO; the season at flrst- Waa a fair matter and a good ffeHder; but weak on base lood poisnrj Fssy to take. Try them. Only Si cents. Honey back it not cured. Sold by Phil- PERMANENTLY CUBED lip A Bteenaen, Drulta 15 TO 35 DAYS. You eu runrntog, and In . critical 'Yattlmg' moments Deli down on fcta work at first tereated at borne for till rice under same GUARANTY. If yon prefer to come hart ft i which, aside from Chat, was gooo. 8. C. Polly started tat right short; but o ' SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADB ORES. The smelter" fMl give special rates npon low grade ores where they are contract to pay railroad fare and hotel bills and no charge if we fall Children's hair cutting a specialty. ...HAIR GOODS..; Cheaper than you can ouy East All kinds of Hair Work made to order. To Introduce Kirk's Guaranteed Dan the pace was a Mtffle fast there and he If yon have taken MERCURY, IODINJBT POTASH, and still have acM nolna W TTO ATT Q T A TVTTTTKI I. -.ratV anon IPUDAIT DTVTPI.K9. C0P1 ft Dished In left field. Was a heavy - JJ THE OMEGA iMPROVINa. 4 Phe ore 1 Tela In 'tbs tunnel m the Omega has widened too fully six feet with tha advance c the tunnel, and.tbe tre maintains Jt richness in free go'd.Men are at work 'In the twn- hMXer and good base runner; but was COLORED SPOTS, ULCERS on any part of the body, HAIR or BYBBKOTj FALLING OUT, It is this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to Wji udlMt tha mnd rtndTIV A ITD niON . fib A I I PMP.R THB W0IU4 weak in bSa throwing. ro of an especially undesirable character. If the ore is low In silica like ceTtain Carbonate Camp, Galena and 'Nowtrths'tandlng the figures and druff Cure, I cuarantes It to do its pel dgti along, and the vein ia being tnnr-y- )tlwreon. the Franfe I CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. This disease has always bam Una found the Hereleye to be their pondlngly low smoltlng rats so that THE SKILL OF THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. J QavomI An. I a ..vii ts t n A i4?mrmriva of fcrfc most dangerous opponent to the game and tt is only fair to Hereley's team to Include thus estimate of fhWm by their MILLKR, THE HAIRDRESSER. In W. E. Lowe's Millinery Department Deadwood and Omaha. Send mail order tor Hair Goods. lands have suocumbed to this disease even when under the treatment a beet talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ ."but Te nave a RET REMEDY known only to ourselves. During FOURTEEN YEA ores running but $3.00 or $10.00 may be mined at a profit. Call at the works ur further Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. Gen. Manager. : O . FOft SALE, TWO HOISTS. uocei3sfuA opponenits. For the informaldlon and eBtdtmates our existence-no lees than twenty different concerns have started "P" itaite our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; to-day a of players and other worr, many thanka are due to the captains, or men tnentB of tbla mine vtkhro the lasK. few days' fully 'bear oull the itawaries that had btin Ivanced toy P. I Globe, who in now one of the owner of th Omffga. Other mirbng men had cod .ended that the old cement huJs tWat tad been (worked out on the mine, . and ; tram -which a targe amount of moneys - had Jtteen taken by prevlctfa ownerK waa itfhe result of an overflow from the famous IJ.rnu.i.ake vein; bv?,.Mr. Glbb was of Ute o?Ln-Dn that the so-called cement waa nothing less than a decum-positioa of a .quarts vein, that would ot them remains in business. deaLgnatied by thein Dor data amd tn-fcctma'Jon fwulBhed. ' One twenty-horse portable friction engine and boiler, adjustable band foot We Stand Alone Without A Sinrfe Successful Competito tTo be Continued.) break, with 300 feet steel cable, com plets. V'""- '' f "' " 5 " One large blower, suitable for fifty THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thousands and " world-wide reputation for speedy cur es, honesty and Integrity. NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH mad r r r urrunns. ' INCUBATOR. " The new departure egg hatcher is ton smelting furnace,.. " One stationary friction dram hoist. Aetna Powder Co. Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Caps, . Electric Batteries, Battery SnptJies, W. E ABAMS COMPAHt sooner or la'iw be found some where manufactured by an experienced poultry raiser and can guarrantee his own fifteen horse power engine and boiler, Advice and. ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBR0KENPJ3 complete.' ' " - , ' '"i C make to be superior, cheaper and eas GES sent sealed In plain packages on anoHcation. NO BRANCH ur Two filter presses for chlorlnatlon or ier to operate than any incubator oo the market. To be seen at F. and H. cyanide. . - r ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE lumber yard store. EnQulre of B. Faust, Lead, 8. D. i .-o . ; . THB CHICAGO RESTAURANT. Mte COOK REMEDY COMPOT. 1928 Masonic Temple, : - J. A. CUMMINOS, Mfg. The best eatnc Place in the city. - of 8TENOGRAPHT AND TYPEWRIT-: INO. :. Deadwood. Nice tables are set, and ev f ' as v''; ''rLT'itl 'm. i tiO.1. bemeuLa wheja Che oettnent showed Itself. Hi ctplnlon has been fully sub-' Btantttated mow, and there Is every reason to believe that-the quart vein upon which work fa in progress ta permanently formed.. Mr. Gibtoe Is one of the beat Informed and shrewd man r.pon mining maitters that ever came to ti e Black Hills, and hia opinion, upon almost anything, pertaining to mining ia ot value. . . . Mr. Cook, who lias been doing the de- velopmeat work npon the Omega for the last few months, has given orders to Wa men to keep all Tfctftors of the tunnel, owing to Che trouble that lv,s bri experienced with curious peo- erything In the way of eatable la pro- AMATUER Tided, to the entire satisfaction of the Mist C EL Hlnley, public stenograph er and typewrker at B. B. Young's office, will go anywhere to take dictations and will return the work promptly and in good shape. Telephone or guests. Short orders served at any Um ot day or night Open all ot the time. The proprietor would like to hare peo PHOTOGRAPHERS " For Camera'' Films. Dry ZS f h ) r"fAwA o?"Pi cycle wows fawbt IVfWfi 'I ZxtilvV l"OQUOISBICVCL E - ' tl. tVtl-T -tSl? mail calls uitm t . . . ple give him a can and a trial. Im, WONO CHONO, Prop. Plates, Prlntlngrapargy $30.3nmnrATEs 530.35 When you are in need of a friend of Mounting cards and photo supplies send to v . Via Burlington, CWjv and Mr. Brown, the latter C asayer and chemist at It. M. longest suX, namely money, the Dead- To Pertland, Seattle and Taeoma. wood Loan Office will relieve your waut and In order to make it handy for you, on AprO V it will move into Its new j "s as. ay edee, visited the tun-' '-rCay, ti l Vj. Brown waa Terr -el i.h wiat Taa ehowa The only shot quick through 11ns to Coast Points. Call at B- ft U. ticket oce tor full particulars. Train leaves . Lincoln FhotCErapl 5njplj Co. ,D i c yc LEsTSiTi -ir-fS HlimiiUM ,1,11 mtmm-tm, nwwpitoi fhUtfOO " , W V-, vyiHJBlhiV I the Western Union telegraph oQce. ' (at 2:33 p. to. . Lincoln, IJeb.

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