The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 29, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY TIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 29, 1899. the war. A medal was presented to him by the president "for dUstfaguteh- UlO gteady nerves, mental, n ssJ physical and digestive! THE DEADWOOD (PIONEER ESTABLISHER JUNE I, 17. - THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL. 7, 1877. conditions has been demonstrated in a thousand instances, but the present case reveals ft mare convincingly than ever. The town of Attica is blessed with a fine climate. and a bonded "debt of Ml WM gtrength. If you are nervous; enrich and purify your blood with 1 ed gallantry In the aiaaault on J? Port Blakely, Ala., April 8, 1865, leading the Tight wing of his regiment, springing Hood's Sarsaparilla. If you are weak, ri aaarijvu u j y w l"i i r i have no appetite and desire to be strong, healthy and vigorous, take Hood's Sar through an embrasure against a strong fire of artillery and musketry, the first Kuuna uax $33,000. The bonds are due and the saparilla, wtiich will tone your stomach, THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. create an appetite and build you up. holders are demanding payment, but the taxpayers d'on't like to 6pare the money. The debt was honestly incur Hood's 1 parilla Tin' Rpst-ln fact the One True Blood Puriner. to enter the enemy's works, while serv ing as lieutenant colonel of the Eighth Illinois infantry." Gen. Whearton is, therefore, simply covering bis old laurels with new ones. Charter Oak, Quick Meal and PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO red in an effort to boom Attica into a t I - nMi cure nausea, ImilRestlon, great American metropolis, but the scheme, failed and there is little to riOOU 2 rlllb biliousness. Price 'Oo i f fluVe mi J NOTBS OF THE DAY. Some of the more advanced physiologists now claim that the back lobes of the brain are the seat of the highest TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday Out Year $10 00 Six Months 5 oo One Month 1 oo WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. On Yew 2 00 Biz Months 1 00 Lyjit viau v,, 1 y X'' show fmr the outlay except a rot of highly colored charts picturing the splendor of the future city and a qu-t-sticiiuible reputation in financial 2S I intellectual faculties, a theory which in direct oposi'uon no that of the phre- PUOSPECriNG FOR COI.D WKATH-Eit." Mr. .. r. Edmonds sends ihe I'ioneer linn - an interview with "Mr. McCar-!" inilU.-.hcd in a Denver paitr. Mr. Edmonds says: ' Enclosed find clipping w hicl' I thi.- iivies Naturally enough the thought a of having to redeem these bond." Entered as Second-Class Matter at th Peadwood Postofflce. just a trifle distasteful; it is a goor rr.iM iiing fo ind in the Denver p.iper in deal like having to pay for a lot of fire I Special Discount for Cash, I COME AND SEE US I-; : ere nee to the Rlack Hills, which works six months after they have gone OCR HEROES. nolugists and to popular opinion a-well, the latter biting that a high forehead is a proof of superior intelligence To ttie large head has leen attributed an unusual degre of animalism Dr. C. Blapham, an anthropologist of high impute throughout Europe, has given arguments in favor of the posterior lobes in a recently published paper whidh shows that man, of all creatures, vditlil indieate that Mr. McCarthy had up in smoke 'hence the profoundest Ihe brilliant charge "made by the neen (loins more prospecting for cob ejither than he did fo.- gold oiv. intellects in Atltica have leen charged First South Dakota regiment at Mari- Ayres & tVarflman Hardware b. to devise ways and means by which the 10 yesterday places our boys at the I do not know .Mr. McCarthy or anything; about him, but give this to you citizens can rid themselves of the in ,o see the way the Black Hills are Ihead of the list in gallant daring and unflinching bravery. There may have has the most highly developed poster- debtedness wiuhout reaching into their used." Sor lobes and that the ablest men and THE INTERVIEW. been Individual acta of bravery equal races have them in the highest perfec "J. D. McCarthy, who has 'bee& in the pock eta. Thanks to the fertility of Attica sta tesmanshlp, a plan has been discover- tion, i C 4AA The Metropoliitan railway of Paris Is lila k HiTls of South Dakota for the last three months, looking after some to that of the South Dakota boys, but, B a regiment, no such courage bias een manifested by (the land to-oopa S PinMPFP CTI IDMITI IDtr urn IMM about to begin the construction of of his mining Interests, returned yes ed, and and the simplicity of it is almost startling. Instead of paying the t hi rtoy-three and one-half miles of un einoe the fighting "began ait Manila. terday Oo Denver. 1 derground elective roads, coniting of twe lines east and west and two lines "Mr. McCarthy says that the mining debt the people have about decided to ihe Boutn Dakota boys are about eighteen miles from Manila, and have interests of that district are looking move the 'town to a new site nearly a north and south. With a circular line well, and this season will witness a so! j SAM SCHWARZWALD. through several of the principal boule id increase in active operations. mile away and leave the bondholders to whistle for their money. The in- vards. It lsj expected itihait a part or ''I suppose," said Mr. McCarthy, "that advanced further Into the enemies' country than any of the other troops. Undoubtedly the heaviest and most disastrous fighting will occur today. this will be completed before the expo habitiants cannot be compelled to live sition of 1900. Seven-tenths of the L ! was the only man in the Iilack Hills who didn't know that it was specially (old the night the mercury crawled there, nor prevented from moving work Will be underground, ami the re- away If they see fit. By transferring RHalindier alliout equally divided between Carries a full line of Upholstered 1 General Manager Howard, who has iaducts ami open trenches. The their buildings tio another site they Fiirniture. latest designs in Rococo grades reach 4 per cent, and some of can lake out a charter and organize a new borough. The old one will simply he curves have a radius of 246 fa?t. It Couches and Tukish Chairs. im o the bulb to keep from freezing ami igisiered "ti degrees below zero. I had good quarters with a private family and keipt warm, through all the cold weather without a fire in my bed room. That evening the landlady remarked that it was going to be an especially hoped to omiplete the first three die a natural death awl the town site i r h i "charge of the Cuban reldef fund, says that the condition of the Cuban widows and orphans la In the highest degree dtotresBiing. There are many thousands of these poor creatures wandering about Without homes or food or clothes to cover them. Their future for good I is all that will remain for its creditors. lines by the year 190(i and th remainder five years later. The expense Will lie about $40,000,000. As a method of shedding debt this cold night and before I went to !ed An loala, Kan., boy at Manila says stands unique and unrivaled. the old man took a lot of wood into thi room and built a fire in the 'stove. The adoption of the' Atltica plan by Twice during the night the cold woki n,e up and 1 got up and filled the stove with wood, and early in the morning he went Into a store to buy toothbrush and the storekeeper 'took down everything in the sttiop before he could be miade to understand what his customer Wanted. After the brush had been Pound the Iola boy learrad that 'Its native name was "Dapoknos tannpulse," Li' IliliiiUbi Che old man came in wilth more wood and a pitcher of 'hot water. When got up I found the ice on the windows ether Kansas towns, where it is already Contem plaited, is likely to produce same curious results. The portable town will become a permanent InstBtutfou and the people will ukimaloely develop a form of nomadic life full of charm and financial irresponsibility. The spectacle of the inhabitants of a village quietly 'hauling or for evil da 'in the hands of the American people. Thus does the wbiite man's burden broaden. The czar, iwflth his bands on the t&roais of 'Ma persecuted Finnish subjects, ta a nftce person, truly, to pose as a peace malker, especially as be is just now gloatanig over the ocoupaltlon by hBa troops of a large segment of Chinese wWCoFy anJMa tnbent Upon seiz-1 nearly an inch thick and the Waiter in and now he is afraid to use lilt for fear it will break his teeth. This same Iola boy dispells the notion tlhait the Fili the pitcher was frozen solid. No, not Re-Upholstering and new work to order. We re-cane chairs and do all kinds of furniture the hot water, but the waiter that had pinos -have no conception of gratitude. been In the room over night. I got He pulled a Chinaman off o nattve one along very comfortably but in some of day when the Chinaman wae trying bo the cabins the people had to flit up at do murder and ever since the native night to keep from freezing." , log more. The most that can be done has been bringing him fruit, c learning .Superintendenit McLaughlin reports a new chute of $12 to $20 ore in the bda gun and serving aim generaly. the whole plaoa across the pralrto to a new location beyond the reach of care and the sheriff WfH be a big thing oa wheel and Kansas to always great on anything of that sort. "O About 10,000,000 ifeet of Maine birch- O A UN erAUiiiAifviii ai r-k Yankee Boy on Upper Ftaebottorm. , tor tatternwtionai peace at The Hague v i toof secure an agreement tio submit aevefal k&oda of JaternaftJonal dispute to 4 international tribunal of arbHra- wod will be sent to England and Scot land (This year for spoils. The wood FUTURE OF THE BICYCIjE. 620 Main Street, 0EAOW00D, SO, DAILl 1 cut in smal (fogs m winter, sawed at It is agreed by all bicycle manufacturers that the 1899 models represent mills near the forest fin spring and piled the perfect wheel. Improvements up for BeasoniiDig urttil warm weather, about the middle of June. Then the seem to be impossible. Precisely the same thing is true of Hosetter's Stom bare are bundled end sent to Bangor by rail, where they are generally loaded Into ateamahrpa tor the European ach Bitters. It represents the limit of ii i science In overcoming disease, and it Lb GEN. L.LOYD WHEATON. - Brig. Geo. Lkiyd Wtheaton, comman- if'. der of tihe "flying column" of Otis' army, wan haa renxiered such, excellent service ii cleainUng up the insurgents a-bout Mamlta lately and capturmg or dWlla! eo!alroiuidB,rie? Ueu-tenant colonel of the Tsreatteth lnfant-ry in the regular arenjt. The colonel ot that regiment to Hamtttxra S. Hawkins market. . This baa been one of the impossible to make a better medicine FIRST NATIONAL BANK for the stomach, liver, kidneys and most lmportont Industries in northern and eastern Maine, and fits expected revived la welcomed tnr el fclassea, from - If the formation of trusts eontinuea there! will be rusli to the fanning lands? of Qn$Mi&Wti&bi& thrown cult of wor toy HSbm oorafolra-Uon of varied tatereana.. Viewed la the light jofiBae future, thita may not be an asntJmejy bad outlook for (the xvatfon. A landholder and farmer to a good and table cWten, . toiy 'tndapendept ; tl the vrjja and downs of aiiecutoftaoa. But the inxmecDate effect iof the curtailment jot employment for the clerical fore ot blood. A few doses of the Bitters will start weak, nervous and bloodless peo woods tehorers to,ahipping mercaants. DEADWOOD, 80UTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $100,000 ple on the road to strength." A regular course of treatment will bring bacft the pink to the cheeks and sparkle to the "Who as gadiervgenaml Of tntf volan- sThe FusU, a Spanleh satirical Jonmal, printed on bright blue Taper, has been Indulging in a, unique Inquiry among eye. Sleep will come naturally, - and eara woi ' high reputation for gal-lntfy at Samriago. Gen, Wheaton, it will be refreshing and healthful, Ita readers, who are asked to propound a ' meet punM&tnent . for Mir. Sagaata DIRECTORS: , mi&WRY71!77rmi& A. gushurst TI ahen arf aoma.Jtvea-ehicagu, but tat tlon will be completely banished, and d. a. Mcpherson. Anawera hare ben touring in week the blessings of true health bestowed. after week. No. 5t, premiising that never vase a surjetmrte tor am per bTB bb F I bTT la D Q a fect remedy. c President.... 0. J. SALISBURY I Cashier . ...D. A McPHERSON there to nothing so torJhte as insomnia, suggesla tfhaJt the premier should be stretched out on a table flanked by eol-tiiera reptrfrtaibad from "' Cuba. TVese Vice-president T. J. ORHfiR 1 Assist, cashder. . . J. S. DENMAN GOOD NEWS FOR BLACK HTT.T.H i only Ihomea dlstaoA latervale.u He la Pre-emdneniay asoWllw in? of the carpet "ndght aboujt , fc&m. Born In -Michigan July 21, 1838. he car-'yttiwed Wth'iili "irehto'ljo llliuols, 'romwlilcii stAte 'beenHated i tha EightIllhjoto Voluaitleer ' 4nlantry,, Aprfl 20, 181 He.-waa : made flrst aer-jpeant orderty aergeaoL as It u "- PEOPLE. , Tae action of the Burlington Rout should be armed wQta bayonets and in eatabUshing twice-a-week Una of stlruoted to prod Una ! whenever - he Tourist Sleepers, Edgemont to Kan- ttrttttt MimtmiM tttt aas City, to a mora that to bound to be should ehow a sign of alepng. ' " ' . - " ' SOUTH DAKOTA NEWS NOTES. ' aoputar with latk HUto traveierB. M The joverthrow of Mr. Joseph Onoyn aky, by Mr. McCoy. t Saa lYuxiatx. FViday tiUght was depOorabkC wit not . wholl 'M?. dhoytostl liaid reached the age when the yugutat oe-Klna Co "go back'and, aTthougJi he ac-ultt)e4 liiimBelf "wltji : &&t"jmlar and dexterRy, ail his astuteness aad skill were toeffedtiva against the vigor t ot hUa yottrhfuj antagonist. H to 4 now - time for Mr-Choynski to retire from the ring. OTJ imgJUKtlc career Suaa eudh that he can regard It with pride, lie has almost invariably foant men bigger than nimeett and he bae won modt of his tiattlea." When k'to added RIGHT meant big aavtog In, the cost, o an H 11 Lbucka, of Deuel county, who AWAY aaatern trip. A berth In one of , thesa eaia eoata but A DOLLAR A NIGHT. Take.Burltogton train .taaTjnf Black waa. quite aerJbusly kttored by being thrown from a cutter, k Rtiortod to be 'recovering utoefy. - . EdTtor CfbJase, ofXhe "WaUte Chief , to euff erlng from a severe afffiotdon of the jfjav '"r"r '-"'" t t cy , -r ff The Yankton Free and, Dakotan re was .tKbm uant regiment. uEBa. charged Juj 24, 1861, ha re-entered tna awrtaa the next iday. July aafliBl Ueutenant of the earns regiment, now a three years' regiment. . i He aerveid diaiottghout the 'war, being finally muetared out May" i186, bar- WU$ aototo, WadneJaya or Sundaya, and at Edgemont yon gat aboard , th ear. Through to Lincoln,' at. Joseph and Kanaaa .City wttnobt chaaca, Ctoaa onneottona at Lincoln publishes la full the Press's special cor respondence from Manilla on 19m battle! 1rtt oW TMtrbnSad tralna for Ctfoaha, of February BL ; t-'': t: i :,'. h vwM wweMv BMM Tka WVUISL IS THE TIMBTOBUY A gOOD JHOE (;heap. Tie next two months .will require aoiid Footwear If you wish to keep shy of a doctor bilL Wa are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at big discount in order 'to: cut ? down stock. If you want Sea nearest B. M, R. R. R. ticket - The Parbaton creamery received 261.i 000 pounds of trtflk to Fehraary which 4 a mads I2.130.S0 worth of butter. The patrons are paid 17 cents per 'pound that He to TwraonallJy tha vkft r? uM , awi,in 'l1! promot and amiable of men- that to never t d: to ? f to" coU employed a presa agent nor aspired to J1 of to ieglmen. k HJa promotion theatrical honora-- It be ewea that P dated March 25, 1862, to ma-Jlr. Choynskl bba Kbe necessary aall- j Angost 28, 1862, to lieutenant ool-ficationa for the emplorment of prtvate; November 25, 1864. life-! rteg-forgettng. but not. by Besldtea) thesa pramoUona to actual the ring : forgot, Joe CfcoW ba nt Geo. Wnetotonwaa Kbrea times' remembered as a hashing flshter In the a? ato4 jajor fcr gal at and merfc for butter." ' -.-.,; . vr , Word came that Major A. C. Shirpa, a good . ; 0 t FRENCH CLASSES. -'The study of t&e French langm forma a prominent part not only of k fashionable, but also of an ordinary Engliah education, and an opportonity now presenta Itaelf to those desirous of acquiring Parisian French. Addraaa Mra Heloa riachs, TJlacg nH1r-Steg Laundry. Pina street. Deadwood. formerly of tbto atate, nor judge advocate a-CL- AVta department . of $5 00 SHOE FOR $4.00 Porto Rico, has been placed at the head of the departmerat of Jostlce in that crirs x r.d a -DaT '"iilarlr rentlemanly i o uie sbcc vicn- - -b --- tr tLurg, IHssT; ieultenant colonel for gal- a " ' . ' 1 out 6j it- us ? Or any other 'style or price.4. Call and let fiit a pair ori you at i . ' Rev. Ira N. Pardee, who t racentlj dSed ta Jennlnga, La., was the' first pre-aidBng elder of the Methodist confer-enea In this atata, and came to Dakota Alt Rebekah Lodge Na S meets aee am ana meritorious eervkea at the assault of Fort Blakely, Ala, and colonel for faithful and merftortoue aer- GENIUS OF KANSAIS. . d t '"dn Vae scene of an' en-' end and fourth Tueadat of each montl In third story of city tall bundlnt. Via Ii--; V- ..-' V , . : .-'"v: ' . .i iirsrjv.'i the a--i.!riuz Ticek during the campaign againet the ' tn 1882 and estabHahed many churches, T. . t 'mess of c!tr or jjak tewfn jin,' OB9of oelng the M.E. church at Itlng members cordially invited to ai I ii ' -V Mj er. tMtta only ncdons m i KATHERINID PIERCE, N. O. HELEN BAKER. See.-'--1: . --t:--' Mr i u mm,, 1 1 mm mi) j ;;;tI imn iMi , 1

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