The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 29, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1899
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ID IONEER-TlMES. 23d YEAR- DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 29, 1899. FIVE CENTS. The- Daily furnishings of the rooms in good con union. After thins, they will be charged two dollars and ten cents OOTH DAKOTA CHARGE ! Who the Wounded Were. Paul D. McClelfan was first lieutenant of Company I, was well known at Custer, where has company was raised. It is evident that his company suffered severely, for besides having a number of men, including Lieutenant McClellan, wounded, 'ift also lost Its Captain, Jonas Lien, 'by dealt h. Lieutenant Mc-Clellan was In command of tlhe company for several months, while Captain Denny, the company commander, 'was ($2.10) a week for board. If, at the end of the term, there should be a balance in favor of the school, the amount will be divided pro rata among the students who have been present during the entire term. Arrangements will be made for those of the students who so desire, to do their own lanrwirv wm-k t Muslim Underwear; First South Dakota Volunteers Distinguish Themselves By the Most Brilliaqt Charge of the War. away on' sick leave. Fred W. Brunger was at one time a resident of Deadwood, and conducted a barber shop in the First ward of this city for a long time. He enlisted In Company I from Belle Fouirche. Charles B. Preacher, first sergeant of Company M, lived ait Rapid City, and Veep Across An upen held In the Face of for t'hfcwe who prefer having it done for them, ii will be done at a nominal price. Several of the teachers, including the music teacher, will live at the dormitory and every effort will be made to mak the social life pleasant. The parlors and music rooms 'will be connected with double doors so that they can by thrown together and used for entertainments and a number of 'social, literary and musical entertaJi mmenta will be given dinning tfhe year. The model school will be moved into Withering Fire and Lose Nine . ot Their Best Men. toad been one of the enlthutiiaeJtic workers in the company when it was a part of the etate national guard, and Captain Mosier was in command. o Christian Scientists Arrested. Indianapolifi, Ind., March 28. Special. John Harrison and wife and Dav the dormatory, which will leave much needed room in the main building. For IfeDila, March 28. Special. General McArthur'a men continued the ad- L today, driving the rebels before them, w-ith a steady fire on both sides. the last three years, every desk in the school has been occupied and the class id Todd and wife were arrested today rooms have ben badly crowded. Dur (He Americans made small headway. They marched fflwo miles, and were jjledto halt at the river, the natives .having burned the briges ahead of n. The troops were bivouacked on the river, and are waiting for pontoons for practicing the doctrine of christian science upon a daughter of the former The news this morning Is of a goodly lot of Undermualine which came to us by chance. Included are many garments of the aristocratic sort made for one of New York's exclusive stores. There has to be considerable price concessions before we would touch them. 3Et.os-uJ.ti Here are the best and most luxurious lots of linger! we have ever offered on such a low price basis. Empire Gowns. Made of good Cambric, embroidery trimmed full eizee and lengths at 50C value $1. Empire Gowns, a handsome garment 75C valuo $1,60. An elegant Empire Gown at$1. value $2.00 One lot of odds and ends Ladies Gowns at from 75C to $1.50; real value $1.50 to $8 Umbrella Drawers: Handsomely trimmed in Embroidery and Lace at 36c, 40c, 60c, 60c and 66 j, Skirts The newest styles, full width, nicely trimmed at 60c, 60c. 95c, $1.25 and $1.40, better grades equally low. Chimise At 20c, 46c, 65c to 65c, M. J. IVERTHHEIC1ER. ing the 'present year, nearly thre hun d'red students have been enrolled. couple. The daughter 'is very ill with appendk-itais and the parents refused h put in for them to cross on. It is prolable that no changes will be made in the faculty for the next jibe crossing will be made tomorro w. and it is expected that Malolos will to call a physician, practicing christian science instead. Todd and nils Wife per ignaetl before night. The enemy is lm plain slight across the river from year. o ' Irrigation Convention. Ameriian lines. The Insurgents are strongly entrenched, and it is plain formed the ceremonies. The girl is still very low. fclDltWr Uiwue i aneau. The Black Hills Irrigation held iUi meeting at Suirgis yester day and 'the results of the meeting were very gratifying to those at the head of Mob Law in Kansas. Topeka, Kan., March 28. Special. A message from Holiton says a mob took Henry Sanderson from the county jail at dayMght this morning and lynch the movement. The meeting was well South Dakota's Brilliant Charge. Washington, D. C, March 28. Spe;ial. The war department has received Wlowing dispatch from General Oils: General MsArthur tad severe flgh ting yesterday afternoon, north of Ma-i A brilliant charge was made by the South Dakota regLmentt, led by Frost, again, the troops that Aguinaldo had bnauighlt from Malolos. The attended, and a number of interesting ed him. Sanderson sJhot at Ms sweet- I discussions and papers were listened killed her I 'to. it was intended to make lit a two days' session, but the buineiss of the heart Sunidiay 'night, and aunt, Mrs. Flesher. o meeting having been perfected yester day, the meeting adjourned after the evening session last nlghlt, sine die. The officers elected were as follows: Edwin Van Clse of Deadwood, presi f was repulsed with .heavy slaughter. The losses yesterday wer e mostly WWthas regimenlt." "OTIS." Inula, March 28. Special. In the fight at Mariola yesterday ninety in--Vawwe killed and a hundred were taken prisoners. tattle developed a remarkable charge 'by the Pirsft Soulth Dakota voi- fc Thfey rushed across an open fiekl and hurled themselves against the -he of the Filipinos, which was under cover. A perfect hall of bullets im, twt Ithey never faltered. They charged right 'into the insurgent dent. C. V. Gardner, Piedmont, vice presi Mac Arthur to Be Promoted. Washington, D. C, March 28. Special. The 'war department has decided to promote Arthur McArthur, major general of volunteers and lieutenant colonel of regulars, 'to brigadier general of regulars in recognition of his bill lilant service In Che Philippine islands during tihe past few days. : 0 ; Another Fire at Dawson. Victoria, B. C, March 28. Special. dent. " Cap. J. S. Pratt. Spearflsh, vice pres ident for Lawrence county. Jaimes New land, vice president for ii ud scaWtered them in all directions, at their bayonet points. Nine of tZkM. volunteers were left on th; field dead, and a large number of them Butte county. ' Chris Johnson, vice president for Pen rounded. nington oounlty. THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK S. E. Wilson, vice president for Fall South Dakota Casualties: kill. Vtajvh 28 &rwniA.I Th Wrwii-th rVa:kntA cmamAi ves vmifrnvh.v vm River county. Recent arrivals from Dawson report an other disastrous fire im the business section of that town, resulting in serious loss and threatening greater distress. 0 W. E. Benedict, vice president for Custer county. W. D. Doyle, vice president for 'Am: Killed. -E. JONAS Fire Meutenant and regimental adjutant. IKUfS, PRANK Fir lieutenant Company H. Meade county. Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th. 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 The session last night was the most interesting of the day. Alt this meet ing W. D. Doyle of Piedmont present Sherman at Hampton Roads. Washington, D. C, March 28. Special. The cruiser Chicago arrived at Hampton Road's today with John Sherman or board. The captain telegraphs thalt Mr. Sherman is much improved, i o New Normal Dormitory. ed an excellent paper entitled "Irrigation of Arid and 9emi-Ard Lands from a National Stand point." This session was also addressed by W. A. Stuart. A. S. McClimg, P. Mc- All Branches of Banking Business Active work on )he new dormitory Mahon and C. V. Gardner. for the SpeBirfish Normal school will Transacted, A Joint resolution was adopted thank commence the last of May or first of inc the newsoaners of the Black Hills Juaeaad the buitdingaaiLJafea ! RI30N, SIDNEY F.-6ewood lieutenant Company E. WfflrlLLRRY Private Company B. (WIS CHARLES Private Company E. PETER Private Company E. SCHAEDER, FRANK-Private Company E. JAME--Privao Company D. IN, MATTHEW Private Com plan y D. Wounded. , "fldko, Paul D. Fir lieutenant. Company I, arm. Sidney J. Sergeant Company C, ankle, severe. n George A. Private Company C, thigh, severe. . tora, Ray Pnrvwte Company D, shoulder, severe. J Iaoae Private Company D. arm, severe. JCraeat Final sergeant C ompany F, thigh and hand, severe. Wwfc Arthur A. Bergean Co mparoy F. tMgh, severe. Vlr' 5 Oorporal Company F, slight. for IneWTceftaT"far-rendeed the association by calling attention to pleted as soon as possible after the first DRAFTS ISSUED oa China. Maalla, Havaaa. Porta Rica. of Senbember. Six architects are Africa, Eaglaatf, Frame, Gartaaay aad all Parts af tha World, at the meeting. . o- working on plans, blue prints of which will be sent to each of the regenlts. lowatt aaarfcat rates. COLLECTIONS mmdm carefully aad accounted far promptly. Seen By the X-Rays. After a selection has ben made, the ar chitect win be tnstruoted to prepare J. W. Gilbert, prescription clerk at Deetken's drug Store, injured his hand We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable plans and tspeciflcaitlionis bide for con- Rates or interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers tracts wWl be advertised for, and the I playing tadoor ibase ball In the Olympic responsibility or collaterals. regents wlfll hien hold a meeting, prob- parlors a couple of months ago, and iiblv alt Snearflah". to open Wds and has had t ed up until within the last IS DISTHffOTIVI3IjT mxl nnnto-arts after -whtch the work week or auch a matter. He had the and Individuals Accounts of Banks, Corporations solicited. will be pushed, as rapidly as is con- hand dressed and attended to by a doc-Blstent 'with first class wokmfcnslhip. tor, but K was impossible to tell by the The building will be a jbrtck struct- ordinary means whether the bone of ure about 125 feet ton by sixty feet the first finger was fractured in the deep, with three startea and basement back of the hand, or whether it was a and will accommodate from "sixty to (&.' of erostosis abnormal enlarge-swemty young women. Young men ment of he bone. In order to deter-"wm be received for meata only. The mtae thfs he went to Lead Sunday and dormitory will stand on ttxe north submitted the injured hand to the X-s-fde of the main founding, toeing to- ray test. He aaw the bone clearly, Correspond erioe Zxx'rltecl. -r-nwi uompany F. lungs and cheat, severe. Company F, moderate. PrlTata Company I. shoulder, moderate. tanj-PrtTBit Company H. arm, alight J""1. Honer-prl rate Company H, knee, severe. w101, Oompany H. abdemen, severe. HPHvate Ootnpainy K, BibouMer. W ' IVed W-Prtvt Company L, arm, moderate. Bt"Prt" Oompwiy M. leg, sftght - DIRECTORS: JOHN TREBER. . E. ADAMS. ward town. and it was evident that K naa .. . x .nia, I k.bin ami Hm ln aatting the two HARRIS FRANKLIN, PrasldaaL BEN BAER, Vlea ProaldoaL vuanw Private Company M, bead, severe. It 18 flu. VAJOKB lutWUVU W luimwa ifiwnv,,, . w.. .m -wfeti- tnr on,i had been sKsShtly shifted, caus- WU. SELBIE, Cashior. Ma R FkBt MrvBn rVmmnv U rhosM tfTm . . . .w moMn, i.. i iiuntt m tha tack w tbe nana . Tid-MTiBlcfan Company M, leg, moderalte. me teaai imwxry. amsiwuna i r irlv ban secwed who will have The bones have become knst entire charge of the housekeeping. The position, and th only -way to remove mfFUcm vmmA laroinid the that lump IB TO DTeaa me iwm ilL " Captain Jonas Lien. Knii t re Ml the vegetables neces- and Mr. Ollbert ts not mclLned to . .. a I v wim nmbriblv continue to carry in the liJ. Uant 8outh DalPot boys who were killed ! BUILDING STONH TOMBSTONES. sairy ror uhb n une aurnuun imu vir , t . -.vooa wo th wn of Ho. B. H. Lien, mayor of Sioux portumJtlefl wWl be given young men to the lump, ' WT tSm regimen tladt summer aa adjutant, wfth the rank help make expenses toy 'working in the -Circuit Court. ILL 18 A few Wee kit n 1m ma mwnriteA in rhn nB.ntA.incv of gardens, whti Ooofea valuable straw- ln circuit court yesterday the case oi of eround. Mir, berry, blackbery an raspbery bees coroeii vs. Harris -was on inai o ta m, . T" ' ' r. w left vacant by (the resignation of Captain C. S. rfeft ali tlin ot exoepaonal promdae, and hds death will be ''owin to his prominent connection. from which he picked, last year, over about 5 o'clock, "When, in oroer to auww a witness m another case to testify and 7,000 quarts of berries, lie will give to Foreign and American. the state, and these,.1 with his currants. H ic: Frank H. Adams. Adama ww a member of Oomnanv H. - of Water- which he wfll alsove, will furnffish fruit sufficient for the dormStiory. Marble and Granite. leave town, ft waa continued until today, when ft win be finmhed. The next case called was tthat of Seeteye vs. Knight, on the foreclosure of a mechanic's lien. The only wJtness that teamed In this case waa E. P. Fowler 8t Young women, on entering, wil be , ? e embera of the company when tt was first muster- charged a fee of five dolare ($5.00,) v, and had worked Jtrt iray op from a prfrate to a which is expected to defray the ex 9. J; DEADWOOD, 8. D , J I H, CALE, AgCI)t 1 faiy. of WMtewood. . . pense of keeping the furniture , and Wdde la v"aterown at Che present Wme.

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