The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 28, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1899
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

t "1 THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, .' TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 28, 1899. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. Six fine silver plated knives free to users of Diamond "C Soap. Ask your grocer. One of tlhe most dreaded! diseases that flesh Is heir to has become epidem 1c in Lead and vlclnffty, and there have already been several fatalities from it, WE INVITE 1899. t LEAD, S. D. MARCH 28. L and Ithe physicians have many l;id cases in charge. I Your Inspection of a VERY COMPLETE and Exteu sive Assortment of New WA3H GOODS just received BRYAN & GESKEY have money to loan in any quantity on good terms, Real estate, broserage and Are insur by us. Comprising in part ahce business transacted. JlII business BITTNERS COME BACK. The Bkltners announce that they will play again 'in Lead on Wednesday Bight. They had intended to have gone elsewhere, but the Lead people had heard of the wonderful success the enterutinmeut given by the Gay-ville .scliuul. The program rendered was in even-way a siK-coijs. The recitations: " Freckled Faiv Girl," Clara Flow; "Lilutle Moiiksie," Lillie Nelson; "Lim-burger Cheee," Alfred Nelson; attended to with promptness and care. Brettell block. Lead. (3-23-tf.) An Altar service was held at t.he Salvation Army barracks Sunday night they toad In tihe presentaitton of the CORDS, WELTS. "College Chums," and were deuirmln and $100 was raised. About $10 of thi ed (that 'they should present it in Lead. amount came from TerAaville and was MADRAS. LINENS. NAINSOOKS. DIMITIES. BATISTES. ORGANDIES. "Whistling in Heaven," Lut'lla Mark-haim; "Hiawatha," Blanche Charles, showed rare elocutionary ability. The music furoiished by Mrs. Bower, Mrs. Faulkner, Mies Waugh and Mr. tollettfjed by Father Lawrence. The i'EUCALES. PIQUES. CHEVIOTS. Cx A LATE AS. PICRETINE8 o THOjSE TERRA VILLE ROADS hall on this occasion was crowded and There ihaa 'been a great deal said the service was very impmasive. Joseph, the Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Temarius died at the family real Mellourd, showed excellent talftnt. Mr. B. Mellourd, who is a proficient amateur musician executed in a very fluent manner a violin solo. Which was enthusiastically encored. The gun drill by the boys with their lence in Lead Sunday night alt, 10 o'clock of spinal meningitis, aged 11 months. The funeral will be held to Fine Zephyr, Corded Novelties and Toil DeNord. f GINGHAMS. laltely about the condition of Che upper road leading from Central to Terra-Yllle, that tihe Pioneer -Time representative "was Indiuoed to remind the authorities of the Jack of attention the road bad received. This was done in an impartial manner, backed by person al observation and information from (those who travel thalt way quite frequently. The supervisor took exception to the statement, declaring that tie foods were all righlt and that he commanding captain, Alfred Nelson, day at 2 o'clock from the nesiidence In Charge of 6. R. Smith, "Rev. Father Redmond officiating. brought (forth great applause. The tableau, "I'm Hungry," was twa little boys, one siloing a huge loaf, the There will 'be two final rehearsals for the opera "Mikado" held in the Opera house. The first wMl be on Tuesday Entire New Lines of Laces and Embroideries, All Coloring in Near 8ilks. Advance Showing ol New Dross Goods. New Novelties in Millinery. other eating a piece wiluh face smeared with jelly. evening, March 28, at 7:30; tlhe second 'Young America" showed a little boy bad put a great deal of itttme on them to make them so, and as for their being holding the stars and stripes over a will be on April 4. At these rehearsals all persons, who have been rehearsing ny possibility of danger to travelers I BIG BRICK STORE s.T the opera must be presenlt The gen was au uoea. 'I'D ere seems to be a great deal of personal foeWng in the tlemen of the chorus will meet at the library regarding their costumes for matter and there is no use of endeavor the performance. JOHN TEG ARTY tog to oonvlnoe them that the roads re good, or the supervisor Ithey are wee girl. Hiawatha and Minnehaha, immediately after the thrilling recital of the death of Minnehaha, represented perfectly the Indian chSef and nils Laughing Water. Six beautiful girls appeared dressed in white with bronzed wandis on the ends of which were tinkling bells. This drill was executed without a bad. If the commissioners will take a trip oyer rthe road they might be able to show Sammy the obstructions that GRAND EASTER MILLINERY OPENING Wednesday and Thursday at Henry Moaheims, seem to have escaped his vision. "Nuff mistake or hesitation and was one of Gates' Rock and ore crusher said." the prettiest numbers on the program.'' The "LllUtle Folks" deserve credit , HOUSE BURNED. in their Tea Party. Miiss Iry Gawn -GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co entertained her guests in royal man i ne residence of Joseph Schulz in Wert Lead Saturday night was totally Lead, S. D. (28-t3) The full force at Henry Monhedm's is busy preparing for the Easter MilHnery opening that occurs Wednesday and Thursday of this week. They are to have an exceptionally fine display this spring and the lady that fails to see it wiill have due cause for regret. ner. Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. destroyed by fire. It was atoout nine The last number on the program, o'clock In the eventing when Mrs. Sohul had tucked (her aix little ones "The Temple of Fame," Is worthy of greait commendation. This represent ed very beautifully a queen and the young tady, Miss Blanche Charles, was FOR SALE CHEAP. dressed in white woch a raae-oolored Two hundred acres of land, one mile snugly In bed when a lamp exploded that caused the fire. The lady bad so lost (her presence of mind thlat instead of trying to BmoHber out the flames, ran several blocks tto a nedgflibars to hay an ajarm rurned In.. She got back Jn Hkne to save her children and fng macMne, which Is all ene idM save. ,rdbe trlmed in ermine, thrown grace from Sturgis, three miles from Fort fully around her. Her part was rend Meade, Mieade county, S. D. A good ? Special Fine Crusher Our New Design will interest you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates1 Improved Vanners. They are Hie Standard. G-ates, Shoos saxxci IDles Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co er ed wstn perfect ease and grace. bouse, 16x20, "L" 14x16, all one and a- Miss Blanche is gifted with a strong, half stories high, with cellar and wood rich voice and the words "I am queen. ehrd, stable and other buildings. Enough uneulled timber for $00 cords of wood, two springs, good water; 120 I bare at my command magnificent armies) Nations kneel t my feet. Vet, were I a child witlh the same rest Tbeuatt w out at the water Maatt jand ot course Khe firemen were powerless to save wnotlhlng The house and , jfurndture was insured tor f 700, with J. acres under fence; 40 acres broke. Terms easy. T. O. COOK, Terry? S.D. ful quietude. I am weary of my W. Ourran. but tlhe amount does not throne and not reluctantly would ' ott he loaa, ...... .,, , bestow my crown upon the one whom Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospectors Frrnd. Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. j There were several fights ' ta Lead ', urd&y.ioigbt, but they all being the LIBRARY IOTICE. , Until further notice the public library will be open on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons and Saturday evenings,, as heretofore. By order of the board of directors. . MRS. A. J. 8IMM0N3. Sec - regular pay-day scrape, are too com r anon for further mention. V Jack Dlngee, a Homestake miner, ORKS 0TT0 F;r A RMFS lElOfj W Office Opposite Bullock Hotel Mn I b.W II ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS, ; , , , w' ............ 9 , 'ieavea ithlla afternoon (or Danfonth, Me., to pay lit relatione a good king vfeR. . 0 A W0MANT3 LOVE. , . COURT CALENDAR. March 28. , ' Julius Rebsamen et al vs. Rainbow No one can fathom the depth of a wo I deemed most worthy." were delivered in an (mpreeslye , manner. Queen Isabella, Admirable Dewey, Frances E, W 11 lard, Clara Barton, David L. Livingstone, A Daughter of . the Revolution, Joelah . AJleo: jv-Wife, Harriett Peechejr Stoweand Mack TwaHa were representbed pleading for 'the crown. "Msm Clara Flow In Joslah Allen's Wlfev did welri pleading her cause for ithe bee nxxuse wife - The queen placed foer crown' - upon Harriet Beecher Stows, the emancipator of a race. H $ T .i -. " ? F. Jjaligftt left yeEiterday for Vrginia for long vtstf Copies of tns Pioneer-Times will hereafter b on sale at L. D. Jacob's Mining Co. U cases.) , 1 March 29. r .ti; y t i' man's love, not estimate the bitterness ; f lir hatred, p klUi it , , ? Mrs Ldbb, who on Saturday found Iter buahand Wring in aduKery witn ( one who had luiedm .from bis wife ( and 'home, wi'ln,Huc!h a state of jpren, r sy Chut she could have fatten tthe life 'i ot the man who had so cruelly broken his marriage tow. But .yesterday things had changed. The principals ta ' the case assembled with their lawyers First Annual B OF THE I GOLDEN SUM! ,.F Fkormanr ts, .A, Lamberton et aL - J. Savage esJ fl. U. Goddard. Catherlna Bessaat vs. Bam'l Beesant. - )r:a VucT-March'80.Tn ,: J.-MaJoolm, vs,. Jas. Halloran. Charles Watte vs. A. E. Frank. " Henry Johnson, va L. D, Preston, 'il-AJitMaroli,,8L ; ... EASTER IS COMING! ' - ' ... bazaar on Main street. . (it) ifumNo. I455KF:M k-Derg rs. Fieh t Humter Co. Jfl JUiftQtt Kmead" court room APbrigbX 1s over in the rtotolty of Sturgis tuning pianos. , Joseph Ogdea vs. 8arah J. Hlckok. Parmella Burnham vs. A. M. Adams. August Helnsch va W. E. Williams ,K Opera Hod, Prof. Jmes, of the Deadwood schools, FURNITURE visited Lead yesterday. ? ' et aL ..,:, ..,. . , Lead, South Dskots. H. E. Fry berger, agent for the Felix - ' e . . ... TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ; coal, fwas tn Lead yeBterday. ' EASTER Mrs. L, Li'Hh of;.Predmont Is vte- CASH House and meet nature halfway, by replacing the old with the new. We I want to lower our stock before invoicing and will make special prices for tlng her daughiter, Mrs. Brock April IVlonday, ' o'clock yesterday, tmt the big crowd of ' r epeotators could ses that there would be mo trial, for the injured wHe was V, conversing with her husband in tones that meant rorgivenesrand reooncill- V ation. It soon became known thlat the . Jawtytms'-htnJ bean at, work to paShdh up roaiJ'jers and -wertf succeeding so wed f that it was conaldtered 'best to postpone -' the case for a time, knowing ; . Chat it V would tever come up. fA"; ;"!- ' " '' - The wife to willing to fargfive the act ' of ,hir perfidious husband; and.- forget - - the past and Ihey " walked ouk'pt!! the court room appiairently as happy as two turtle doves. The man found 'Otoe t6f the Lead eltlauns kind toeairtexr" enough I to go bis hands, so he is enjoying Ms Bsemcr A Ortos are sow settled la their place of, . business, No. It Mill TALKS WITH U8. 8. street, with full line of watches, Jew- Eiecntlve Committee. L. Oomo axxcl See. iry and silverware. They want your Crk. as watch repairing Is their spsiA jrrea Bnacsemwu. Frank HeiUer, Robert Frtie: t S. R. SMITH. LEAD. Dr. Wade reports David Brown tto be EWO'S FULL 0RCHEST11 ltJ tnasse4 sick irkh a severe case of tonslliWs. ; VA11 outstanding warrants against School district No. IS wlH be paid, on presentation to t3e treasurer; as interest on same will cease Saturday, Maron 25, 1899. JAMES A. CaVANAUQH, ';: Treasurer District 13, Terraville. -o : v COAL! COAL! : O0AL1 '. " Putchasers of Sheridan coal will find It to their advantage to consult with Paul Kewman, DeadwoocL before baying slMwner. , r j tX NancH.-' yp'n- ; . ai McMaster Is authorised to collect aid receipt for accounts due me ta Central COfS . ; - JOSEPH HTNTON. ' " ' ' . i 1 '' WANTED. ; : . ' . ' : Two nTBt-claas dining room glrls at the Popular Restaurant rmmed lately. - The young son of Charles WfeweU tn Two Bft m sick with srptnal xnenlngms, and is attended by Dr. Bailor. ' ' f ATTflRMFYS E. F Irwin, the Homestake time AND COUNSELORS AT li keeper, is almost (Msconeolate, fate wife HILLS BLACK fp- ret i .,-.- i .... V "' Lead, S. V. . liberty. It 1s Vnderto''d'itawU ' owed lady, who Is parloly to blame for -' ' the unfortunate affair, will be sent out ; of tie cbunfrio thai f ftbe, ,afwfully ' wedded ones may lire jdown jtas shame and contumely the matter has occas-Rloned. Lobb has a good" position ta Lead, which he will likely hold and keep ILIa wife here permanently 1 v Much credit Is due the lawyers, Judge L. S. Cull and Thoa. E. Barrey, for the parts they took In..-., the - eattlemenl. TtK-y could have exacted large fees but 1 1. C :.l i more good tdjiee the reun-'! T nrytaa Dt.:mony could do Analytical iaDiira tory M Assay Office havrng gone to Omaha on a rte5C . . . j Dr. : Bailor reports the arrrval of s girl tahy at tSvs home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryant at the Carbonate Camp Sunday. J ' rf ' Chlorodyns Cough kHxturs will jbuts that cough, or we refund the money. L. P. Jsnklns, DrngglsU . . XL THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO j CITY. J U Tla O'Neill and the " Um. Gmnectlon- s "JJJ dally sxcept Sunday, jo saves three hours to OF t T Til AT in ft 4 On i 171 n rrrnmrt JamesfJusBit&. the cewtatrlBf peer: t r h rn rrnrnTTr ivp. x Booth. Dakota o4 Eastern avoiding . "!- con neot tons. ... i . . Postofflos Box 80S. -I Sioux Oty. ...etssOl - Buy local Octets w Cut Flowers furnished on twenty " four hours nodes for all occasions . from the cradle to the grave. i Special rates to wedding parties and funerals, v - - , lowest fara Make or of mines, ta f urnlslhlng an office la the Cain" Mock, which he will occupy after- April L-' ,.. " J ' The case of the stale vs. Nellls Fat-terson was taken from JusOos Walsh's court to Juetloe Savead on a change iot venue and will come up h tha taster court at an early date. Sample or bullion . by man or sz press will receive prompt attention, , Tests made la tX ttest SiUpted trocess of ores. . f Iooratory and sampling works la Faust Building, Jl Bleekar BL --. VILLE CII0OL ENTEilTAIK- " i s-r.vr.n ef rriJar afternoon. r-;i.u1 v.- ;.i g o'clock. dll ; " ' .- d assemb- - -1 - ' ' V : 1 1 :.u to attend Mfvf n Esi returned from mm " ZJmnM khS Black Bills Teonrfco. C. t KNIGHT. LEAD CITY, 8outh Dakota. hi. pJTTJT ! offle. ttos Smita bio

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