The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 28, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1899
Page 1
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1 71 Pioneer-Times. The DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 28, 1899. Ud YEAR. FIVE CENTS. Daily BE FIGHT CONTINUES ential citizens the company has kindly consented to repeat "College Chums" Thursday night, the 30th. This will positively be the last appearance of this, the hest all round company that has ever visited the Hills. 4r 4 4 fr 4 fr 4 4 -fr 4 4 4: who had won tine object of their youth ful feud. Mr. Dennis's response "was short, but expressive of appreciation and JWendlli-ness that do -riott. need many words to be effeotiva Miss Prances presenitied her parents with a center piece of Battenberg Chat she had -made herself and It was Borne thing to 'be proud of. That many more anniversaries may be the lot of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis was the wish of all who had the pleasure of witnessing the occasion. t-! U n rt DtnrAn tri AiWAnVoii on1 In- Mm UNDERWEAR! Th nows this morning Is of a goodly lot uf Undermusline , which came to us by chance. Included are many garments of the aristocratic sort made for one of New York's exclusive stores. There has to be considerable price con-cesslons before we would touch them. surgents Lasts Throughout the Day With Terrific Slaughter. Liquified Air. Editor Pioneer-Times. Sir: in your issue of March 22 you have a very interesting article' on Liquified Air taken from McClure's Magazine. Wliile the article in quesliion is without question of great interest, some of the statements credliraed to Prof. Tripler are very 'remarkable, he is quoted as saying: "If I could produce only two gallons of liquid air trom my liquifying machine for every two gallons I put into my engine, I should gain nothing at all; I should only be performing a curious experiment that would have no practical value. But I actually e;nd v Xl.osviJ.ti Here are the best and most luxurious lots of lingerie we j have ever offered on such a low price basis. v Rebels Impede the Progress of the Americans College Chums. With the above play, the Btttner Theatre company closed a series of. engagements in our crty last nigh; which has extends 1 over a pertod of two weeks, tog1-, wltfi t!ie usual uuinber of matinees, and the gpoi hc'.ues that hav greefed them at every pcifor- Empire Gowns. Si ft By Destroying the Bridges, But the Advance Continues. 4 Made of good Cambric, embroidery trimmed manoe Is the beet evidence of the cleverness and ability. As has been before stated in these that I can produce, for every two gallons of liquid air that I pour Into my engine a larger qutamrtity of liquid air tfaJunston, D- C, March 27. Special. The following Information has columns, Miss Ohoate is so far sup t fall sizes and lengths at 50C value $1. Empire Gowns, a handsome garment 75C aluo $1.60. An elegant Empire Gown at$1, value $2.00 One lot of odds and ends Ladies Gowns at from 75C t( $1.50; real value $1.50 to $8 Umbrella Drawers: Handsomely trimmed in Embroidery and Lace at 35c, 40o, 50c, 60c and 65j, iweived at the war department from General Otto at Manila: "jere lias l11 severe fighting (today. The insurgetnlts hare destroyed a rior to any actress who has been here since the time of Grace Hawthorn' a vlsllt, that there la nr comparison. Having naturally a very attractive ap from my liqulfler." This statement la certainly surprising enough, but acordllng to the article referred to, Prof. Tripper goes on to say: "I have actually made about ten gallons of liquid air In my liqulfler by the use of about three gallons in my en- mberof bridges, thus impeding th progress of our artillery. Our troops K(h concentrated forces of the insurgents on the northern line today. pearance 'both In face and figure, her appearance upon the R'age in whatever character she assumed, carried one be-yond the confines of our Opera houfe Jmnanded by Aguinaldo in person, and drove them back with considerable fighter. The rebels left a hundred dead, and miany prisoners were captiured. t Skirts Th total casualties Saturday and Sunday oi-e as follows: taED: to the scene of the play and all else 1 uw rewre, a surplus oi was forgotten. By her charming little mven &llom 'lhat has m nWihing actions and clever intarp relations she(aDf wWch 1 can elsewhere as pow-cast a pleasant spell upon her audi-, ence and held them till the close. Dur j Now- 1 d, noi wish Place myself ing her appearance here, ahe has used 011 peeord 43 doutiing these statements in her work over twenty beautiful and' u a"' mai W Prof- Tripler, but expensive costumes, not countiag any iar Pra"lkal capable of accomplish Officers 3. Privates, 25. The newest styles, full width, nioely trimmed at 50o, 60c. 95c, $1.25 and $1.40, better grades equally low. Chimin At 80c, 45c, 55c to 65c, Ol'NDED: "OfBcera, 9. Privates, 203." of her ordinary walking dresses, etc. tvo practical use capable of accomplish 4 In Mr. Waldron Miss Choate found la ule tt,DO'v'e waraiing results, tlhe ac equally clever and able support. Wei i doctrine of the conservation of SOUTH DAKOTA CASUAUTIHS. Wellington, D. C, March 27. Special. The -acjuaJittes 'in Che First regl formed and handsome in appearance, 1 "rgy would have to he discarded r wm mm m m m m m. mm sss mm wm mm m . k, South Dakota volunteers are as follows: possessing a strong, clear voice and al-. Prof- Trtpler attributes this obtaining ways with perfect conception of the ' a 6urPlus t the fact that when once roles he carried, it is small 'vonder,'01 Intense cold requasirtJe for the liqul- : II J. IJERTHHtlliiEII. 04 f 4r 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4r BENSON, GEORGE Company C, leg, slight. HASTINGS, BYRON Company K. knee. that he invariably pleased and never I 'a4091 h bean prodiuced, so great a wearied. In the roles of "love' which jpressure on the air which is being fore ed Into the Hqulfying irnfachlme is un unless well played "nauseate" the beholder, he was fully as pleasing as necessary, .reaiirung in a saving in power. According to every known law when, with all his depth of power he 7RATT, SERGEANT H. A., Company F, thigh., slight ABUER, FR-Hmpany I, cheat, severe. MS, -ARTIFICER Company C, thigh, moderate. HISS, MYER Company L, nan d and arm. I0RENZO, FRED Company L, chest, severe. assumed some grand character like however this saving in energy should i that of "Michael Strogoff." be offset, and undoubtedly is, by an With Mr. KeHey there's where the equal or greater loss of energy some- WAIWWlWAft)UrWtitUi WUWI))WW1WUWWW mtm , THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK: BROWN, 'WAiLTER B. Company G, fare arm. laugh comes In. Although good in ev- where eles, as a machone having an cry part he assumed, Mr. Kelley is ' efficiency of 100 per cent, or over, if we Hull, .March 27. Special. The advance on the rebel capital of Malolos except possible refrigerating apparat totalled this morning, General -Mc Arthur and ihis man leading the way us, has yet to be devised. ' That something cannot be obtained iKTmeelguard reached Balucan, ten miles from MaloToa. The insurgents rated by the theatrs goers as the best comedian that has ever come this way. In his comic pari 3 and specialities, his entrance was the signal for laughter and appJamse, which continued even after bis exit. His way js of a rarest, using the torch freely, and leavting desolation add ruin in for nothing In this world is generally conceded, amd this applies equally as well to the generating of power as to Deadwood, south Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 : . a ?" ' i ' the doing of work. Americans ware victorious aJl along the line, and their advance was rather qiiiatnt.Mioawber like cast and he is to the comedy what Miss Ohoate That Prof. Tripler has accomplished wonders amd that bo may do much j ',spiUa a terrific fine trom the enemy. j "wd Otis expects (to jstorm Malolos oat lunar than Wednesday. more, , there can be no doubt, but that he will upset all known laws I much doubt, and for the present, at least, think we will (have to depend and Mr. Waldron are to the heavy parte. His lDbtke- girl. Mass Mazepp Kelley, although she has appeared but twice, shows that she Is a "chip off the old block" and a good one. Mr. McLellaa Is the cleverest specialty anttet who has ever been in tbe All Branches of Banking Business Toong Soy Suicides. ' upon steam engines for our principal I mix and the JHquor was confiscated. The seizure caused intense excitement el fikaguay, and the custom officers HJL -March 27.pclal Transacted. prime movers. Respectfully, tam, aged fourteen years, '.. r iW"tURim cJty. No matter what the song or , 7 tM rrpr hcftiim to go to church. dance, he was overwhelmed with re-quml to repeat amd applauded until he did repeat, so that ne was given to P lake Poor Soldiers DRAFTS ISSUED on Chlaa, Maails, Havaaa, Poria Ricw, Africa, Eaglaad, Fraaca, Qsraiany and all Paris ef hW World, at lowest Hiarkst ratas. COLLECTIONS mad earofully and aceouatod for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable chance to use one third of his stock of SuMatth 27.-iSpeca)al. specialties. Asks Volunteers to Re-Enlist Washington, D. C, March 27. Special. In view of the stubborn resistance of the FMiptnoa khe war dtapartment has decided to ask volumteerB to re-enlist for the period of s&x months after Mr. Bittner, as maiager, has estaiv " ""utta authorities are dla iB of the colored mdlitiacam 1 i ttshed a reputation bore lor fair deal Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers I """""HI toot the negroes do ing and good treatment, that is worth a tntmt. He has the people's confidence. As an actor he nils al) porta the president proclaims the peace treaty with Spain. responsioiiiry or collaterals. TTTTS IS DISTXNOTIViaLT a soIdiaiB. in the future iaeptiea,-'- ' inistert Oeceivt Him.r , well. His preposeslng appearance and deep, clear toV, together with bis v. Their China Wedding. Yesterday was (the twentieth anniver JJ1 iT.-epeclaL Bcovered thslt his mln-ooooeaBiag the facts and Individuals Accounts of Banks. Corporations solicited. sary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. acting make Jt a pleasure to alT; particularly of the drunken opium fiend in the tremens amd consequent horrors, it Is confidently believed cannot be excelled anywhere. flank Demnda. To 'them It brought tae in Russia, he Correspond enoe Invited. wide- back memories of the pleasures and sor rows lhat go to make up Efe, but while An Excellent Combination. , 7 fsported. din conae- Mr. Frederick, as the villain, suc The pleasant method and beneficial they wars WhlnkiDg about many things that had happened, they didht know ceeded so well that after every play the people left etc Opera bouse wishing DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. effects of the well known remedy, Strop or Figs, manufactured by the i u? asaea to i . that many of their friends remetmher they might lay bands on "that villain" 4 tiuTOiuu rie otbcp JO., illustrate the value of obtainins- the lianid kn. ed It and were planning to make the and choke him. Whit better eorapll HARRIS FRANKLIN, President. BEN BAER, Vice Preside aL i tive principles of plants known to be Route Home. mem can be paid him than this? If WNJ. SELBIE, Cashier. niauuuui; huhtc ana presenting event one that would long be remem bested. There never was such i surprised family as Mr. land Mrs. Den mem in mkj iwtb mosi retresning to the taste and acceptable to the system. It no .r. wtfifXAtisy i irw,.'i t the villain's part is not well taken 'ft becomes ludlcous; but when he has Incurred the enmity of his auditors Is the one perfect stremrtheninir laxa- nis and their daughter Frances, when they met the large number of friends tire, cleansing the system effectually, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers 3 hs wftemoon, ttth.capitto.aor. for the character be assumes, the ac who came to help them celebrate. geatly yet promptly and enabling- one tor has succeeded. bo overcome namtual constipation per- There were about fifty members of the Mrs. BttU.-r was clever in all bet ai Duiieuur. its perscx ireedom from BUILDING STONE, rwrtfA of Honor In tine party. They TOMBSTONES. every MectionabIe onalifrv and sub- ota Boy Dsad, personations, but above all, as the sunce, ana us actmir on thr kidnvva. brought a bountiful supply, oi caire, blind girl In "Married Life, she mile on.nAii4iiM amid fruit. 'Mrs. Demon liver and bowels, without weakening-or iirritatincr them, make it the a hK. ifa CifflL- i - f. '- - MONUMENT Miss Stevens and Miss Hermann -Dlete the iunoheon. Games were play were cast 4n minor parts, but filled ed, and then a handsome china tamp In the process of manufacturing figs are u.-ed, ns they are pleasant to the taste, but the meaicinal qualities of the remedy are obtained from senna and them well and acceptably, as did also Mr. Doyle. Foreign and American. .I Bree"3 Troubled The play teat night was "College othpr aromatic plants., by a method kndwa, to the California Fig Syrup Co. only, In order to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of theConoanv Chums, a roaring farce comedy, with Mr. Kelley as the heavy - comedian. Marble and Granite. was presented to the host and hostess by Mr. Zlpp as spokesman of the party. His speech was to Che point and full of kindly feeling, though he salid that h 6att mik hesitancy In assuming the part assigned him, because In the days when they were youngJer Mr. Dennis and himself bad been rivals and be had never quits torclren tos man The house was convulsed with laughter from the rfee of the curtain till the priited on the front of every package. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. close. SAM rBAMCISCO. OAL, xotrtsvnxa arr. raw tom. sr. i.HCuiadlia SXASWOOD, 8, D.J J. Ht CALE, Agent At the urgent, request of many tnflu- , Kor kit by all Drnnrfaa-Pricc 50c. per bottle

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