The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 26, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 26, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 26, 1899. aaesaaa'aassaaa - siatent dlaoussiana of Lincoln's claims THE DEADWOOD PIONEER by MedflU which held ifihe delegation uivtfl uneXDedted conditions in the J. Adam Bade thinks Kipling might as well have died wthSXa be had so favorable an oppartTioiey, having ranched the zenith of his literary glory. He says: "Genius like that of Byron oi contention made Lincoln's nomination BSTABLISH1CR JtTNI SA;17. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. practicable. 1 Mr. Medill waa one of the very few remaining editors of the country whose Shelley ripens young, and such medi I 1 r - M n to A Good Word His Recommendation for Hood's. "Laut spring our family began taking Hood's Saraaparilla for the grip, and as a blood purifier, and we find it to be a remarkable medicine. I shall always speak a good word for Hood's Sarsaparilla and advise everyone who needs a medicine of this kind to give it a trial." Barto Lobby, Huron, South Dakota. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best-In fact the One True Blood Purifier. Hood's Pills cure indigestion. 2.r cents. Kounnmk j personality in Journalism was insepar ums need not tarry lung upon the ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. THE , DAILY PIONEER-TIMES CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. WW. ably connected Wttih thesuocess and earth. Like a carbon over which the power of his newspaper. The transi electrical currant haa bee con duct 3d, tion of American journal Ls-m to imper-somtlity toas been steadily proghessdng the inspired mind is aoon exhausted, Charter Oak, Quick Meal and PIONEBR-TIMES PUBLISHING CO its heavenjborn mission filled, and if m St. Claire. the body it inhabits lives, the th rights must be turned to oamman things. Bryant's Thanatopsls, written while yet in school, was his greatest work, during itbe last generation. In t"3-1 period as able journalists have been developed as at any time in the past, but no great journal has len made a success because of the personality ol its editor. Of the latent and last class of distinguislhed men who representee I personal journalism, but two remain TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday 2 Year ,10 M U Months 6 oo . IHIA linntk - Now, don't let friends worry about 1 us. These devltsh Ethiopians can't hi; txirn. s: wjcuiKX,! iMued Every Thursday. C JT' j and though lie Lived to be mare than eighty, and to rank as the lirst citizen o : r 2 00 w Monms i 0() whose names are always associated Argus-leader,J Fred M. Brown of Dead wood arrived in this city this morning. Mr. Brov,i was rcie-itly rp- Entered as Second-Class Matter at th Deadwood Postofflce. of New York, he mlghlt have diet1 halt a century before without serious loss to the world of letters or the lustre of his fome. And, though Kipling may live long and write much for ixxunds antt pointed wiith B. II. Litn of this city a I Special Discount for Ca a member of the board of charities and with their newspapers. They are Henry Watterson, of the Ixuis'ille Courier-Journal, and Murat .Ha is lead, of the Brooklyn Standard-Union. They attained their honored positions as part of the most illuslorious galaxy of editors any country has produced. They were great editors when Oreeley, Ben corrections, air. urown and Mr. Lien will go to Plank'ngton where the toar There are two things in connection With the Windsor disaster that are to pence, it may te rainy questioned w wt!' be In session tomorrow Th COME AND SEE US. Ayres & Warflman Hardware gentlemen will qjarfv and take thei the mission of hid gniua is not closed as a torchlight among the tallow-dip New seats at th'Isnieeiig. From Plank nett, Raymond and Dana, of ington they will jirobubly go to Yank Yory: MoMichael 'and Forney, of Phil-adetohla: Medill. of Chicago, and be remembered gratefully Oue is the bravery of the nretoej, the other the prttmpt assistance offered by the residents of the io-ahty, nni especially Miss Helen Gou 1. . o . sons of men. " . . o ton and will coma from there to thi.. Bowles, of Springfield, illustrated the city. At 'he tii3jtin; iu this city it is Some of the republican papers of the atatfl affect to see a . hemo for highest type of personal journalism. expected that a want for the peni The naoers they edited were always Mr. Reed's remark that the presdden Dersonal aggraindizemen: in every tentiary will j selested. o PHILOSOPHY OF A TRAMP. spoken of in connection wtch the r y is equivalent to "four years impri. thing Senator Pettigrew proposes in names of (the editors, but one by one PIONEER FURNITURE HOU omnaent with the chance of assassina they have fallen bytheways ide, and all .--j noiuiijiius mn i wnat it used to be. The time was when we could go of their journals amrVive without im OF tion" Is worthy of a high place in the irom one end of the ccnunto-y to tne pairment of their influence or congress for the benefit of any portion of the state. If this is done with a view to defeating him for re-election, it is toad politics. The senator has many warm friends among republicans and other and never find a bit of work literature of the epigrams which are designed Do console the disappointed snd defeated.' 3 SAM schwarzwa! Nowadays it isn't safe to ask for work Half a century ago, and during tne unless a tramp wants to be disgrace,. entire history of the government be fore that time, influential journalism m me eyes of im friends. Work stares he can only be defeated on political sLfwf(i onlv uTjon the name ot a tramp in the face on every side ami Captain Mahan, in an article in Mc-Clures Magazine, acknowledges that issues. A personal fight will be the editor. When such men ad Gales, Richie and Kendall, of Washington; ! the bnmWWn r , Mwing one and republican newspapers -v " "a uu run W I a rnes a full line of Rico was a blunder. nrt . . may M liaS le was a blunder, and as the inquires nirre skill to keep form working than it' doe 'to keep from starving. Ye.s. the west is the tramp's Card em of Kden now. The east is just as good; the factories and mills cap '' 'iriiiiiirt' Latest desii publicans and many republican editors, Pleasants, of Richmond; l-orsyme, oi Mobile; Kendall, of New Orleans; Prentice, of Louisville; Webb and ( 'ouches and TiikishClJ of the state consider the senator their Stone, of New York: Green and ( are running night and d'ay and every Sohouler, of Boston, and Chandler, of , body can find work. The "profetis tain was a member of the Washlngtca strategy hoard, hie confession must be svxjeprjed as genuine. Not only does he acknowledge that it was a mistake, bue he says "we should have seen before hand that it was a mistake." ltj personal friend and im their private and confidential correspondence they address him as "My Doar Frank.! Philadelphia, made a ieiivtrau; cimnce at an but out here in the public questions, the nabion took pause west. We work the farmers to the queen's taste, sleep in the barns, watch to heed them; and they shaped ine policy and molded the sentiment for alt. them do up the chores, milk the cows the lesser journals of the respective . and feed the hogs and then when they These same men will do everything honorable to defeat bion next year but they will do it openly and they will feel bad df the don't do it. A personal fight on Pettigrew will make him many re la Strange that Admiral Samjwon, being on the groundi. didn't see It and twotest against the movement. parties, reading oiiwciais ww.t- all got ready for breakfast we always get invited in and set rigiht down at an every day affair in those itiimos, ana when a great public question was (Ms- "" "nr me taiDie. io "nand-ouit goes. Oh, yes, some Mimes I go hungry but I am publican votes. At leant that is about the way a majoriifay of the Black Hills While Mr. Bryan's open declaration ftf war against the gold democrats is doubtless prompted by som? well-defln-d motive, the suggestion that he wants never ureu. You don t see that "tired l , ...... cussed it was done with the elaboration of an essay. The National Intelligencer, edited by Joseph Gales, -was accepted as the model journal df the repulic, and a leading ediMoria ttn it "iu6 aooux me ao you, and my republicans feel. counittenance is not covered with the pale cast of thought, which drives so Re-Upholetering and new work to order. We re-eane chairs and do all kinds of furniture many men to an early grave. No to split the damooratrjc party is rather "loo extravagant "for ser'oui coasldera-ttan. The democratic party Is already Split ocmnpletAlif it could be, and oftemer than twice a week was exceptional, while alt times an editorial in that Journal would occupy half a page As matters itan i the Tagal nati'i-ties are on preci eV th i j-ame f.,o'ig as an Indian war. Oitr title to the Phlpplnes is a gjod as that to the won't exchange my profession for any that's going. Of course, I don't expect 3 to leave my heirs a million nor have and even up to a full page, mi my final resting place marked by gion west of the Missitsippi and it will. . lbs pseces are so nunuro is and so irreg Plair to sixe, shape jund texture tbst no with all the polish and a force of Maoaulay. monument, but I'll sleep Just as sound as the big gunsste ep, jus as long, keep 4 SAM 8CHWARZWALD The last age of personal journalism llTing man can pott them together just as warm and awake when Gabriel lacked the imperious power or me SSSln. Br. Bryan ttid th buniacM in blows his trumpet, and "be on deck for earlier age of tthat class. As newspa 4 620 Main Street. DEADWOOD. M96, and bis work (tsn! M tblt day the first "hand-out" Well, give me pers became more widely diffused the sVF1 as the unchallenged another 'pipe and I'll go on. .Haven' Personality of the great editor grad 'aiasterirteoe of Uea th4, he p got a good pair of shoes Ihiave you? be ually diminished, and today, With the said, as be bowed himself out of the ww- vnuuqa- so - surpass Uls ,ra local newspapers in almost every thriving village, with prosperous dallies la B ohe rural cities, and -with the be defended in Uka manner, if necf s-eary. It is eajv for persons pfj weak patriotism ani no Am eric in spirit, to sit comfortably at home and indulge in eentlmantal gua abj u Tagal freedom andio enirej over a fancied imperial-lam, IxU our' soldiers at Manila, the targets of mid nigh: raiders, will strike hard'drbe ttUual dignity and supremacy as well as for their own safety. The harder they hit th better 9!) per cent of tha American j?eople will like it sW ther will gkry in the p-portunlty to furnish more troops of the door and went in search of a hot din ner. schdeveenent is preposarous 1si newspaper reaching nearly every home terS Magazine;for April gy-N- yr-yy- -y--T- w,f-ft--i i-tt FIRST NATIONAL B FUTURE OF THE BICYCLE. In taa counry. It is iloHioal Shalt ne age of personal JournaMsm must soon be It 1s agreed by all bicycle manufacturers that the 1899 models, represent known' only tn Whe history of he past. the perfect wheel. Inrprovements sster number with a special covw tesgned by Maxfieki Porrish. St con- Dorr, "WKJi deoottlons jgr Henry VLo-Cinter; "Easter In Tcjwrfe miggif seem to be impossible. iPrecisely the R is girartlfytng also to know tmat joumalwm baa advanoed more rapidly durln . itbo last decade than at any DEADWOOD, SOUTH OAKOTAj United States DEPO8iT0ij "CJiwrFOTTina same thing is true of Hostietters 8txnn- aeh Btttbcira. It reproBOuMio Mum n all the ihdatory of the counnxy, same kind. Thvaar the TgaU are science in overcomi'ng ddsease, and It is makinc Is aimpiy a form of assassin- and, WMle there ita very much less inclination today to follow Che Weacbdngs impassible to make a ibetter medicine DIRECTORS: jrtloni' K'is'VwdiA't? and Jiarsssing for tbe stomach , liver, kidneys and t idtcd o m jsp AUKS. P A. G of even the most favored newspaper, O. J. SALISBURY, T. wltlKrut the, eHgljterftbops of eacrl there never waa a time when Amert- blood. A few doses of tbe (Bftibers will shut weak, nervous and fekxxHess peo 4 . VrVAAMAV, A . A. d. a Mcpherson. csm loaroalisoi approached the nigh success,, and hu is savagery. , ple on the road to strength, A regular rtf noMfinlncKa amd power it course of tresJtment will brine back the m plctura by W. XUackens, and a story lover of Musfc." TUb U one of , t , , ststt reader U "UttJe River" knows i j,-P Of- yn iDorks Js.vJV fiUi io writs bx reason of Ids long and crdtnt cmpanilonaMp w&th nature. -Tie il-. ' Instrattkoa by "Walioi Ippjstos' Clark eonflrm that jouag artist's position as m tf Itha leading American, llluatra- ' PERSONAL JOURNALlSai. possesses today. As the great gladiators ot personal pink to the cheeks and sparkle to the eye, Sleep will come naturally, and J. SALISBURY ...T. J. ORllffK President O. Vice-president., Assist, cashier.. J. & Tbi GteJldatcrs sr Oradoally Passing it will be refreshing and bealtiifui JourasJSsnr fall, the 'bereavemenlt is felt throug!hout mo wthole ranks of tbe broOiierhoad, end (be pathos What 1s Dyspepsia, Indigestion and constipa Away On by One. i ; ' ' J Philadelphia Tfcries: ? Joseph, ilediir. tion will be completely banished, and always mingled wtb tributes to tbe who has been ehdef proprietor sad ed tbe blessings of true health bestowed. greatness of IChe past is the just homage t nuiiMuiiini ttt-n itor of the Ohic&eo Trfbune for &nty; Never take a substitute for this per fect remedy. fiye yearsbas passed way to ota the great "' majority beyond, Hs the of the piogiesMlve present to the rugged sad potent ! man -who bare tolased a way for today's grandeur to tbe ad- RIGHT AWAY WOO NEWS FOR BLACK HJOi? most, enduring and important tndfirUl- vamoemnt of Ajnertcain Journalisin. PEOPLE. Ths action of tbs Burlington Route la establishing a twice-a-wsek line of Tourist Sleepers, Edgemont to Kan IS THE TIME TO BUY A ' FROST AND STOVEP A recent letter from Manila says. 'iThe light -n ih fitb has bad a sas City, is a movatha la bound to be popular with Black Hills travelers. It means big saving In the oast ot an strong tendency t.i bring tuei Frott and Lieutenanc itaver ;borasthcy are both brare -deti. . 'i7olinl FroU ttal pblUScal CaotoT Use west has known smoa tbs organization of ths republican party. smd bis paper ones stiood 'mors nearly abreast with Oreeley'a Tribune,' :ben, at, the leartb of . bis power, than any other Journal fn th jaad, ,mum. j 'jr I'Mr. Medill did mors Ussa sny 'other one man to tnake Abraham Lincoln a successful oatndidaite "for president st tbs Chicago conrent'kxx tn 18(1. j While post of lbs irpvJbKcan leaden of I1U-nois vers hoping to make Lfcacoln the candidate for ric preeideot, beHerrmt QOOD JHOE Letters received from Lew R. Sharpe Ud other ficuth iJafccfta Wi siace ths tfvtln beg&n snound MaaJlaC iiadf: - flutes a cangw.o seatJanenlt "lWward the .officers , vfvthe reginwnt. Before lbs flghUng commenced Lieutenant CoU Stover was Ue pride and pet Of the boys but when ths time cams that tried men's courage the """West Point and regular army training of Col Frost asserted Itself and be lias on the respect and sulmiratioo of the officers and - aenof bJa kaninand- i It is tins history of all wbts and mors parttouaatiy of astern trip. A berth in one of these ideas of discipline are soldierly and be insists upon the performance of what Footr y ' Tks next two months will require solid U yon wish to keep shy of adoctor bill. he honestly believes to be right and for tbs best interests of the men. By ears easts bat A DOLLAR A NIOHT. Tsie BurBngtcn earn learlng Black Hills points Wednesdays or Sundays, ndat Edgemont you get Aboard tbe tourtot , ' w . Thronja to . Ltnooln, St, Joseph and Kansas City , wttbdot enngs. Close connections at Lincoln having a regiment well drilled and dis- ; Ware seliing our heavy and medium weiw,f! Jj Mf cipiined X is far betoer for Che men, cut down stock. a big discount in order to and, without it a regiment becomes a that Seward would certainly be mcsni agted flgre firat place, aa t was.irell a good assv'.F wt as ysa Tttr Peoria, Chicago and St Loula. m camp. Then, too, tbe health of toe men is tetter, they are mors highly re Sea nearest B. M. H. R. R. ticket agent '-' spected, are better ted. better clothed and oared for In every -way. Certain $6.00 SHOE FOB OR $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. . .Or any. other style or price. Call and let jfiit a pair on you at orkJoiBma vhjob bare reached Colonel the wuf of ths rebelttoo. i Almost sTsrjr r o-ent had a xrievancs sgaisidtUts omcrs tiiitU the fighting really began. Then ths worthy ofSoers soon won this 1e ut their men and as tbs' trouble f:-t on Uxey iron their '' sdmirsUon - r -a th4r . devoUon. , The J ordiaar l " ewea'dyappesr when '"regt t. -x ina ykiuwf under ooxnpetent Frost from borne have cut him to the known, that the oonveoJCkn would prefer b&l by large" majority, Medill tnads the Trfbune' a -most aggresslTe chamrpion of Lincoln's nomrnation for tbe bead of tbe ticket, and strengthen ed the sentiment, especially ' In , the west, dat favored Lincoln's nomination. It la, known thalt he Dlinoifl deHegatlon Was not united tn earnestly supporting Lincoln, ss probably one-third of delegates sincerely favored Seward;, but ft was ths t1 and . per-1 qmclu In my Judgment' hh Is trying to do that wMcb la best for us alU and FRENCH CLASSSS. . " Tbe study of the French rlaaroags forms a prominent part not only of a t"Wonbls, but also of an oralnary EnHsii sdijoataon. and an opportunity now presents Itself to those desirous of acquiring Parisian rrench. Address Mra: Helen Jiacbs, Black Hnis Steam Lanndrr.Tins street,- lTrood. 1 ' baa certainly, done much to maks the C. E. ZIPP regfment what it te, and .although he sA- may have mnds mistalree, I know he is sincere e,nd patriotic. ..C '

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