The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 25, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER T I3IES, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 25, 1899. """I GA about it In a case like t his they should let up and not tor me out of a bashfuVman, and if C9 wants 1 I" LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. articles to take the above mentioned WE INVITE into the post office, :t is his 1899. LEAD, S. D. MARCH 25. Your Inspection of a VERY COMPLETE andExten-sive Assortment of New WAS a GOODS just received GERMANIA MUSICAL CLUB. Since the organuat'a'i of the Ger Thl Is Tour Opportunity, On receipt of ten ceuts, c.ih 01 Man y. a generous suniple will be niai,ed t nimt popular Catarrh and Hay Fever ( 1 ri-(Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to d' illustrate the great merits of the remedy. ELY BROTHERS, 5G Warren St., New York City. Her. John Reid, Jr., nf Great Falls,, recommended Fly's Cream Balm to me. I can emphasize his statement, "It is a tive wire for catarrh if used as directed." Itev. Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central 1'rcs. Church, Helena, Mont. by us. Comprising in part. mania club the society has been giving Mrs. C1 lie Richards cilied on frienJ-s in Lead yesterday. Miss Roue Norniandie called in IVrvl-wood yesterday. Chlorodyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund tho money. L. P. Jenkins, Druggist.. ti. Miss Lily Wilson is repoii?d to be quite seriously ill. Soren Kyde and wife attended tne theatre in Deadwood Thursday night. a number of nice inutiica!, all of which have been given by the excellent tal-ient K has. Thu.?ii;:;' night the foilow ing program was rendered in the headquarters : Piano solo Misslda O'Brien Recitation Mrs, Hendricks 8'o Spin Sp n rs-. rl vvintulvti Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowlecL" 1 cure for catarrh and contains no mercury MADRAS. CORDS, WELTS LINENS. PERCALES NAINSOOKS. PIQUES. DIMITIES. CHEVIOTS. BATISTES. G A LATE AS. OIJ(.f ANDIES. PICRETINES nor any injurious drug. Pnoe, 50 cent. o FOR SALE CHEAP. Two hundred acres of land, one mile Tho Highland miners got a day or: from Stargis, three miles from Fort yesterday on acoounrt. of having .he ore bins full. Meade, Meade county, S. D. A ood olln solo... Mr. Mailnu Ja ok Piano solo Prof. Wrndolph Vccal duat. .Mr 'llaa, MraHfnlr..h-R citation Dh ,r;w lilts It ta bliser Flano duet, M.i Ma O'Brien. I'rf. WlDdolph. Vocal solo Miis Fiust Recitation Edg .lit Allej in Oeu.iith house, 16x20, "L" 14x16, all one and a- Copies of the Pioneer-Times will half stories high, with cellar and wood hereafter be on sale at L. D. Jacob's AND Fine Zephyr, Corded Novelties and Toil DeNord. shed, stable and other buildings. GINGHAMS. bazaar on Main street. (tf.) Enough unculled timber for 500 cords j. u. iviarcoux is Dusy putting in his three car loads of furniture out ucnKeit Se.ig of wood, two springs, good water; 120 acres under fence; 40 acres broke. Terms easy. T. G. COOK, Terry, S.D. Selection ...Emu orchestra Piano aolo I'rof WinJolf.h Entire New Lines of Laces and Embroideries. All Coloring in Near Silks. Advance Showing of New Dress Goods. HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM. r . i . ... New Novelties in Millinery. iwieruay oeing iwe last day ot Ohool before the spring vacation, the where it can be seen. Dr. Bailor has operated upon a number of people lately for cross eye. and has been successful in every instance. Mru. Joseph WhLf ,r j left over the Burlington yesterl-i fo- .Montana, where she will speul the summer with f' lends. Today is Homestake pay day, when the largast amount of money that is LIBRARY NOTICE. Until further notice the public library will be open on Tuesday and Saturday tfternoons and Saturday evenings, as heretofore. By order of the board of directors. MRS. A. J. SIMMONS. Sec scholars of the High school participat BIG BRICK STORE S, TJ ed la a well arranged program which they rendered nicely in the presence ot large number of visitors. The fol COL'RT CALENDAR. paid out monthly in the state goes into circulation. March 27. Board of Education of Deadwood vs. R. Bullock bent a fine shot gun down lowing la the program: Music Song Vacation is coming, echool. Biographical Bketch LaSallo Lydia Silfueu Recitation Hr darling protector Paul Nelson Dec Webster's 'Reply to Hayne to Rapid City yesterday to a nimrod who knows that Dick keeps the bear guns in the country. I Gates' Rock and ore crusher In The young child of Mr. and Mrs. J. Mansfield. M. F. Soelcy et all vs. A. J. Knight et al. M. J. Donovan et al vs. Geo. B. Woodcock (2 cases.) March 28. Julius Rebsainien et al vs, Rainbow Mining Co. (4 cases.) Shea is ill with spinal meningitis The Ohaa Bilyew Bee Wanlted, a Teacher .Jamea Freer physicians report quite a number ot Music Piano solo Silver Stars GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EARTH 14 at Homestake M Co Grace Clark Hec 'Tfcjiuiiatopsis Chas. Tanner Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. CLz$ o i r n i Rec What la a Hedgehog? March 29. F. Floorman vs. A. Lamberton et al. J. Savage et al vs. S. H. Goddard. Catherlna Bessant vs. Sam'l Bessant Geo. Northam cases In this city among the little folks. Beemer & Ortoo are now settled la their place of business, No. 16 Mill treat, with a full line of watches. Jewelry and silverware. They want your ork, as watch repairing Is their specialty. 1.4-tf. The naan Knkkb Kr, who was 8 ? special rmc trusner Dec Black Hawk's Address to (n. Street Mitt MJmaricn March 30. J. Malcolm vs. Jas. Halloran. Charles Waite vs. A. E. Frank. Henry Johnson vs. L. D. Preston. March 31. caught gambling in Lead a few nights ago, was liberated fiom jail yesterday, he having raised the 10 in cash tha A Berg vs. Fish & Hunter Co. Joseph Ogden v& Sarah J. Hickok. Our New Design will inlerebt you. Gates' High Grade Rolls NO OTHERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' Improved Vanners. They are the Standard, Grates, Shoes and. IDles Adopted by the Homestake Mining Co stood between him and liber;y. Rec Farmer Btebine at the Bat .. Chester Wilson Song There Is mimic in the air Debate Resolved, That women should be allowed to vote. Afarmatire: Stevoa Maseovlch, ' Edna Dobaon. Negative:, Geole "y Hart, Ralph" Henderson. Clarinet solo Traup, Tramp ' Ed Green J Dec CabeMoe De iouu U Dr. dough led e ayer meeting at Parmella Burnham vs. A. M. Adams. August Hednsch vs. W. E. Williams the M. E. thurrti Thurs lay night et al. There was a gnJ attenlaoce, as there always lis when "it. presiding e'der is Ion hand. THE CHICAGO RESTAURANT. - Mvl: RowianJ i BRYAN & GESKEY have money to Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrnd. The best eatng place In the city of Reo Dinkelepell io Dewey loan in any quantity on good terms. Deadwood. Nice tables are set, and er Will Peters Real estate, broiierage and Are lnsiw erything in the way of ea tablet is pro- Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. Reo When doctDrs disagree ance busrneas transacted. All business Tided, to the entire satisfaction of the guests. Short orders served at any time V .. Richard Oilman OTTO F. PURNELL Sole Agt For fhe Black Hills. fapor-The Fresmaan Argus of day or night Open all of the time. GATES IRON WORKS ..Carrie Ronioi, Tom Peterman attended to with promptness and care. Brettell block, Lead. (3-23-tf.) A. !R. Garreteon left yesterday afternoon for bis old home in Michigan. He goes to settle up his faJther's estate Ths proprietor would like to hare people glva him a call and a trial. piano solo untie McOui Office Opposite Bullock Hotel lm, WONG CHONG. Prop. ELSTON AVE., CHICAGO. ILLS. DiaJogue-Orace Valentine. Alt Hat , t knesB, Geo. Miller, Nicholas v Maecovich, rU Lindguili o and that duty may keep bim away for STENOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRIT- s. month or more. png The Dear alrHome. . .School President Lymer of the Black Hills ING. Miss C B. Hinley, publio stenograph college will oori.iy the uulpn i:i the M. v" IN THE TOMB. im iuniai rvtss over the remains ot E. church borh morui.ig and evening Sunday. The mete announcement of er and typewriter at H. B. Young's office, will go anywhere to take dicta tne late Halutie M. MaiMa were held First Annual Ball OF THE I tions and will return the work prompt from the Episcopal church, at 2 o'clock the gentleman rcminft will draw a big crowd. ly ana in (pod shape. Telephone or mail ealls answerso. A 'woman whose name we could not I EASTER IS COMING! jHsberday af teraoon. Long before the errtcea ibegan the spacious auditorium warn crowded to U utmo.t. , Archdoa-' eon O. O. Wana offloOed and his words learn was arrested yesterday for pur GOLDEN SUMMIT II loining a linger ring and nine dollars I TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: jaMra from her unaisnwcting jaonul 4H irtsfwnfWr.r witmiiOi njmrr wens chjaractteristlo of the mamfuli f mate. Her case comes up in police Forum No. I455H.F.B.0. sdbool district No. 13 will be paid on preeenitatlon to tine treasurer; as inter court at 10 o'ekick Vhiis forenoon. SeetEelwgains at Smith's Big FURNITURE est on same will oease Saturday, Maron A folding bed of the Bngharo Young ffiiS? Opera House 25, 1899. JAMES A. OAVANAUGH, design te on exhibition at S. R. Smith's furniture store. At the first thcught Treasurer Diatriot 13, Terravillo. . o . ft would seem that there would be Lead, South Dakota. EASTER very tew call's tor a bed of this character in a country where no man has a CASH! House and meet nature halfway, by replacing the old with the new. We want to lower our stock before, invoicing and will make special prices for plurality of wires, but S. R. shows bow a whole family ti at least a doz ' w eympathy Bar the affl'jte l ones. It was an exceeddogly sad funeral, not only bad Che deceased bean an Idol ot the fond parents and brheri and sisters, M favcuite with all, thus the gloom (and sorrow -was by no means confined io the family circle. A targe choir furnished musk: for the occasion. A targe number of floral u Unites cot-ered the casket which was borne by the following pall bearers: .Richard i Grady, Rlchardf Bullock, Dan Walsh, i Bod Rosa, Nathan Jacobs and Con Sul-tirm. Dakota Lodge No. l, D. of R., i. O. 0. P., turned out In s body and Che members took tbeflsr places la the march to tie Odd Fellow's bal. waere the ritulistlc eervices of tne order were j performed by the Rebekans. ' J . ! Monday, April 3 en children oaa be stove-l away la It TALKS WITH US. with comfort, . Ex entire Committee L. S. OoB. TProA RhapValfnrd Geo. L. IM cX3.c3i See. Same people seem u th'.nk that be- oauee a stogie man purchases such ar ticles as bed room suiu. parlor furni Frank HeiUer, Robert Fraleer. EMO'S FULL ORCHESTRA S R. SMITH, LEAD. ture, cook stores and all sorts of bouse keeping utensils, that be is matrimon NOTICE REBBKA1IS. All memibera of Dakota Rebekah Lodge Na 1 are requested to meet to I. O. O. F. hall Friday promptly at 1:80 p. m. to attend the funeral of our late sister, Hattie'M. Martin, MRS. ALICE WILKIE, N. G. LILLIAN DAVIS, Secretary. o COAL! COAL! COAL! Puthasers of Sheridan coal will find R to their adrantatc to consult with Paul Rewmaa, Deadwood. before buying elsewhar. .in i 1 f. i - NOTICE. : C 8. McMastet la authorized to collect aid receipt for accounts due me in Central Citya t , .. ' JOSEPH HINTON. : ; .in " O . . WANTED. ' Two flntrclass dining room girls at the Popular Restaurant immediately. . ially incluned, and put him to no end of einbarraasment .by quHcl-ig him Mm Fowler CuU & WffieU ATTnRNFYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW. HILLS 6 fl s , Tarl. S. D. ( M.MH pnmt TO Siuu- Analytical Laboratory and Assay Office PTTV Ni- . Arm r- t.,.i a v P.Hfle Bow Line. Connections made botlr war- OF. ce torise la conspicuotislr clean, whose wort- won i4 "T ila sares Ures hours In each "rwuu" -r least, whose leisure time is greatest, how she tnanageaJ - .'.ch,scTsare tea tone hervilt'anSwer: "xr"" , herwilt'answer; l a- wn noinu Plnfifs anrl Hrit Wmm '''HeNRY''SCHNITZELJ Eastern South Dakota mak I do all my cleaning with Isyoren A srM yv wwuw V U V A. IV'II VjU .. . .- . . PoejtofBcs Box 806V- '' ':. r . '-' avoiding - . connect Ions, Sioux CStT. " Buy local tickets to and from Makes lowest fare. "t '; CutFlowen furnished on twenty ; four hours notice for all occasions J from the cradle to the grre. Special rates to wedding parties and funerals. Samples c bullion by mia press will recelrs prompattenUoa. TeeUinado la best silAptsd process of or - , ' V lAbontory and tp&oj works in Faust Bunding, tl Blseksr St. ' 'Jil Fovddr 1 rsck?ge greatest economr. h: r; r ! - - v .' .DR. WELD Has retor&ed fromMa J JJ his patients can now find Wm office In t2M 8mlth block, hc-ion. PhiiadelchU. lead crrr. Telephone 1128. C G. KNIGHT. : South Dalrota 1 1

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