The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 25, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH, 25, 1899. ed. That body lias full autfhorRy to THE DEADWOOD PIONEER IHIoodR the line. Having the road complete from Pierre to Aberdeen dire;t connection will then he had between the Missouri river and the Twin Cities. pass upon the Alaskan case, and had It under consideration at its sittings in ESTABLI8HER JTNE S, 1874. o. w THE BLACK HILLS TIMES. Quebec. Its adjournment ' without reaching en agreement was a public The Black Hills people are not In the matter, especially the bus Cure sick lieauacue, bad "SSx taste In the mouth, coated ill tongue, gas iu thu stomach, III dlitrew nd lndl(!etlon. Do B not weaken, but hav tonic effect. 25 cnU. Th oul fUU to Uk with llood't Barupftrlllai z nr n ,w tj... 4e. T 1 lt i r m met ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. misfortune, and singularly enough it iness men of this city. The distance between Rapid City and Pierre is about Round nat 1 has been almost immediately followed THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES 162 miles. An organization was per by What appears ito be a serious aggra fected of the leading business men m 11 CONSOLIDATED MAY If 1897. vation of the situation In the north Walter CMffltiha and George Pollard to Mrs. Mary Alexander, South Star Charter Oak, west. Good faith and due regard for the city several years ago, and the uwt-twr of connecting this city with Piei went so far 'that a preliminary survey PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHINQ CO their mutual Interests should persuade Quick Meal and V was maide by a former engineer of ;ho both governments that an early reas Burlington system between the two sembling of the commission Is m St TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: IDAILT Every Morning, Except Monday 9 Yer 10 00 points. No trouble was found in get ting the right-of-wav, ana the road fur No. 1, South Star No. 2 and South Star Fraction, in Lawrence county; $75. John T. White to William McMillan, iKjwer of attorney. Louis Grosbeek to William McMillan, power of attorney. (in-gory Cruitkshank to Martin Harrison, lot 2, in block 1, Washington addition to the City of lead; ion $.")(). KolK'rt. ('. Mc-Stiane to James T. Iake o the nwxst part wouli oe over a Kv-i i ls manias 5 qq On Month qq WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Yer 2 00 BU Month i oo country and would be easy of eonslii.r-1 t.ion. The business nioa u' Rapid ti.y ' r jg) TIMBLTK TO MEDILL. The venerable Robert Col Iyer, who come all the way from New York to Chicago to preach the funeral sermon who are behind the Black Hills end t the line are James Mai lev. John K I of the laiLe Joseph Medlill, said in part jut le Iwjnd to a half interest in the Entered as Second-Class Matter at th Deadwood Postofflce. "lie was one of the not many left in this city or in this world, by whose (Irier mining claim, in Whitewowl j Special Discount for Cash. I ftfennan, James Fowler, Thomas Sw'-c-1 ney and nuany others. men will give all of their right-of-way, fiity ! acres of land within the oity limii, j I mining district, it being agreed that i ho said McShane is to proceed at once dust I would stand in a proud and tender sorrow. I Mold to the steadfast belief also that the most potent power COME AND SEE US to secure a patent to said Orier lode I i he life of the lxnd to expire when said and surveys and support to any company which will complete tin road and place it in operation. From Ripii City another old railroad company has purchased the right-of-way to Mystic, MILES AND THE V O L I' N TilKJi. A pleasing story is told of Gen. Mile i and a raw volunteer, who had been Chosen as orderly for the commanding general While the latter was on the campaign in Porto Rica. One of the in our modern life is a great and good newspaper," be continued, ''and here my friend and yours won an eminence j title is procured. Ayres t rarimaii Hardware a. ij I llerlx'rt C. Rorapaugh 'to Joseph second to none that I know of in this King, a haif interest 'in the Norwich about twelve miles of the way. This road, with its right-of-way privilege-, republic. It is a bold word to say, but I hold it true, and, like those we may IoIhi, Bingham, True Blue and Ontario miming claims, situated in Strawberry cam be purchased for about what the gulch, Bear Butte mining district. count as Ihls peers, this 'was because It was his lite, his meat and drink, his outlay has boon thus far. This would, take the road into a very rich minir g I H. J. Campbell to J. A. Brown lee, all generals orderlies was ill and unable to atted to his duties, so a new man was detailed from erne of the Minnesota volunteer regiments for duty to that capacity. The new orderly was onn of 3 honor and his love through all the his interest in the Real McKay No. 1 district, which has never oeen opened and the Real McKay No. 2 mining up for tne lack or raiiroan iaciuties claims .claims, situated in Ice Box can This old road was commenced for the yon, a half mile east of the old Chey purpose of hauling rich ore from the ' PIONEER FURNITURE HOUSE j SAM SCHWARZWALD, mines down to lie larg c.hlori nation years whlioh nave only ended now with his life, shall I not say, to do the will of him that sent him and to finish his work only wflth hia life. ' Joseph MediU would tell the truth. He might be mistaken. He might speak by bias. Who will say, 'I never do,' save those who are a'.i bi enne crossing of Spearfish creek; 100. Frank T. Pell to L. M. McKinney, quit claim deed to a tract of ground Inthiscity. It would reiura the build ths finest specimens of the self-tm-.porbajat Ignoramus that ever went Into the army- The first day he went on -duty be -was sent for to carry some dispatches for the general. The latter was sitting in his tent, surrounded by lng of 289 miles of road to connect this City direct with Aberdeen by way of Pierre, and 100 miles of ths distance ased? But for clean and clear testi- beginning at the southwest corner ot Wall and MeClellan streets and run-niing west 55 feet, thence south 65 feet, (less the distance occupied by MeClellan street.) thence east 55 feet, tlhence north to place of beginning, in the City members of his staff, and other officers, 1 mony to the truth, the whole iruth and When Iflh nw ,nwiv Mri i i ' nothing 'but the truth, in so far as he has already been graded. j It will then be only a lue.vtion of r short time when a direct line will lie iw of 1'pholsterJ . . j j uui we ill, auu - ki .... I knew, the dust of ithle man lies there, S WrXWrl J Furniture Latest designs in RocJ "iuiitou uui wen, ftiuee. ,. , i an 1 Kolivo 'YVr nevnr so d the t r 11 1 li of Iad; $125. built to Denver from Deadwood. Fori the past three months Thomas H. Rus-j 3 Kiph7 what is it?" The other officers present hour faROT with the Conches and Tukib Chairs. sell, of Deadwood, has Ijct. in the east eaugnt tneir breath, for they knew the fJBnai God for power.' smnrmiity of the offense. The general's' "He never came to the limu of Ins face was livid with ansrar. but it onlv' search for knowledge or the limit ot POSTAGE TO BE REDUCED TO ONE CENT. working up his project of connectint? these two mining centers with a direct route. He has return jd to the Hills and reports that everyUh'ng is working I his longing to know and to ' teach. I love agalin bo noia the pure I and steadfast simplicity and austerity , of my friend. He was just Joseph Me- favorably towards the construction ot lasted for a moment. Then, with a half concealed twinkle, he turned to the new orderly and replied: "Just , call me Nelse. Miles 1s so formal, you The enormous increase in the number of letters carried in the U. S nulls makes it certain that the rate of postage must eventually be reduced to one cent an ounce. The president who succeeds in gettings such a measure through congress will hold a high the line. He announces that Denver capitalists intend to build the line from dill '(to the end of the story sweet and clean, simple and modest, in his life, Deadwood to Newcastle, a distance of Bixtv miles, and that an eastern link in his habit and demeanor, in the way he carried himself before men. He was between Newcastle and Orin June ion, place in the esteem I of the people,, but know." This story was related here In Dead-wood before a discharged member of Grigsby'a rough riders a few days ago. ,The rough rider reflected sin Instant, sod then retorted "Miles knew that ' kat soldier was a volunteer, and he too modest to be talking about his being a Belf-made man. "And now, do you ask me, what was no higher than the esteem in which everybody holds Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. This medicine has an unequalled record In reducing the sickness 01 mankind, t gets at the starting point of disease by acting upon the stomach Re-Upholstering and new fl 1 work to order. f l I , We re-cane chairs and do 117 '7 jA rP8"8 m all kinds of furniture repair- a f!f lii! S II f I his faith In God, his religion? I ewer that this all lay In his life, in his a distance of 175 miles. This would place Deadwood within 450 miles ot Denver, in a diireot line, and would give a direct route between the Twin Cities and Denver, when the road across the reservattion is built. It would require the building of only about 525 miles ot road to bring all this about and DenveT people could then make a trip through to Minnesota cities. The advantage to the Black Hills with a through road, i rndiffled to overlook Ms ehorteom- cnaracter. in ais nor.mannoou. in one direct, helping that important organ in its duty of digesting food. It makes good appetites, allays nervousness, -u r . . I word, to his ntoble manhood, Indeed, for tags rn military manners. But If I had ' ,, . , . , . I that tells the whole story. In all these dressed one of my cheap second l nevw asked him what he be- Veutenanta in Abaft manner at Camp J Meved, for I did not care to ask. The Thomas last summer I would have revelation lay, I say, in the life he liv- stomulates the kidneys, and makes run-down man or women feel like connecting bath with the east and the 4 SAM SCHWARZWALD, r 1 I 620 Main Street DEADWOOD, SO, DAK. west will be tocalcuflable. . Denver keen in the guard bouse yet" o . iwouM then become . the competing ' TUB ALASKAN BORDER TROUBLE, point for vrAn machinery with Chi cago, and the eastern part of South Da Whdis Che reports that am . armed oniliot has occunTed between Ameri'-!.' y y T - aa eJDCamdlieaiV pTOBpectlcrs along the disputed ooundlary line to Alaska aae as, yei unconfirmed, ,they have new person. Try It. 0 THE NEW YORK JOURNAL. Sixty-nine pages of rubbish. Twenty-two pages of rot. Forty-six pages of scandal vile, Served to us piping hot Seventeen hundred pictures Death, disease and despair' Liies and fiakes, and fakes and lies 'Stuck in 'most everywhere. Thdrty-four sad, comic pages. Printed in reds, greens and blues; ed. iHte faith for me was proved by hds work, and bis-work lay in the great Journal to which ihe gave faithfully ana honorably his Ufa. This, IJiave always said, was the work K was given htm to do by the giver of every good and perfect gift. And now the work Is done, "But Joseph Medill not dead. He is living to some totenser, grander, purer, sweeter and nobler purpose Chan be could have attained to an this world. In which he lived through the seventy-firs years. . And if we wre faithful, you are fa'fthful, I am faithful, to do the work God bae given us to do, Chte, kota would be able to exchange commodities with tine Black Hills people. Minneapolis and 3t. Paul would have a share of the western trade and the Black Hills people would be able to go to the state capital without passing through three states. i Dflaialy caused ipVve'anxkety tn official j aarcles In both Washington and Lon FIRST NATIONAL BANK DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN $100,000 - SURPLUS $160,000 km. The danger of such a clash baa FILED FOR RECORD. v jKtajgrmiSr increased bjr 'the toftW ot ' population into ttbs gold fleids of Cne Klondike, and it -will continue tmtH the c : iwfhole cruestJon of terrttortal houndar- T0irf)iuBands of items we don't care to Thaddeus . Strteger to Aaron Dunn, James W. Allen and George 0. Drake, all of the ground known as the Last Find, situated in Ida Gray district. then, is my faith that we shall find bira read, DIRECTORS: again. But only (two columns-of news. . .. o- iAL&aBiiKt, t. j. imjhm,lrttrgAKiryrtrtriCT3 RAIIm I1" suuthrtrast gedpr- d. a. Mcp herson. FOR SALE. ! justice In that territory are exceedingly "A Rapid City special says: ; ; It nW Voka more than 1 ever ; as 'Ons thousand three hundred and twenty (1,320) acre Irrigated stock OFFICERS: SALISBURY I Cashier ... .D. .T. J. GREhTH J Assist cashier. though the long expected ! and much talked railroad across ths reservation A. MoPHEBSON .J. S. DENMAN President . , . . 0. J. Vloerpreaident.... ranch, on Gand creek, Wya, 2ft miles of creek through center. Will sell in one two or three ranches. Gall on or & a-- ra from Pierre to the BSack Hllla would be materialiied. .Whether it will ; be the IlOlnolB Central, Great Northern, t crude; thousands of turbulent charaot-? an have cone there to search of gold, , sad controversies favouring property C rights have been buxomeralbte. Bear-, lng these conditions in mind, together ; wttth Che fact that Chief two nereated gXJvernmenoj are aK odds on tha bound- ' L. U J. -' iL.i J Marrta C. lititocK to ti. ti. iveimer, a fourth interest In the Silver Wedge No. 1 Silver Wedge No. 2. Silver Wedge No. S, and the Bobly lode, a half mile north ot Garden CfflQy, 13 Gray mining district. . Boren Jensen to Nete J. Nelson, a halt Imterest In the Hercules No. - 1. Hercules No. t, Hercules No. 8 and Hercules No. 4, sttuat tn Ida Gray mlninc distrJot. Romeo Marshall and wife to R. Driscoll, tot 4, block t, Bouth Lead, according to a W. Mitchell's map of address ' ': B. L BENTON, . Beulah, Wya Northwestern, Milwaukee or some oth ' I MM er road matters not, especially to the average Black H411erra long as rails GOOD NEWS FOR a BLACK HILLS are laid and traffic opened (between the RIGHT AWAY AlAt.' .Kl.lvl sV., IumI-'am' Vmm m two sections of the state. ;... V'i PEOPLE. from Pierre Che news comes that the Ths action of the BnrMngton Route in estabbshing a twice a week Una ot Great Northern to contemplating urw nwu u wut vvtsf -viaa suvwu 'wiv aas sw . a ; awerted. , '". matter irbetiber the earreot re-' parts of violence and bJoodslaed are r :t26 city Lead; 11.000. extension from Aberdeen to tte capitsi j flk Hywvrd to 1 Chartes Tourist 81eepeiv Edgemont to Kan- P. Johnson, and then on to this city: The . old saa Caty, k mors that Is bound to be IS THE TIME TO BUY A a port&on, of ground oomimencJng at ths popular with Black Hills traveler. It means a bis avtog 4a ths eost of an ' --. " , southwest corner of . L. Howard's pany Is still itn existence, with regular to m eastern trip. A berth tn one of theas offlcer. stfll ilM'Wi of the , 6unmm 0treet aty rue or false, the fdtaattoo tn that re-mote territory is a constant mean an ce to international peace whklb should not be perimdtted ccmtatouiev--If tbs Ttwo nations tmmediateJy ' concerned SHOE CHEAP. Q00D u. , . - , and runnte 80 feet wwft. 88 ft the company are: Hv R. Horner, pres-f 8fi xL-t g tj tJt . 14. 1 ' V. ITC- awui,, uu muusucu i gnatng; 125. rrr , ,1" I 6o mm to John H.Burns. ears costs but A DOLLAR A NIGHT. Take Burlfaitm train leaving Black Hilla points Wededays or Sondayt, and at Edemiont yon get aboard the tourist car. Through to Lincoln, 8t Joseph and Kansas ''City witkout change. Close eennecttoos at Lincoln with solid vestiouled trains tor Omaha, Peoria, Chicago and St' Louis. See nearest a 4b If. B, B. R, ticket agent' . Tke next two months wiU require soMd Footwear if yon wmh to keep shy of a doctor . bUL We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount In order to cut down stock. If you want a good ' ' - : - . i- cannot ' adjust ' their Eflerences and work in tiarmony tn that part of the world they can hardly expect their citizens to do so. The rapid develop-r- . cf the K&mdika gold fields and .Jr ZlT: Lr T, on Carney street be- jnjrariou capacities This old raU- ' 01 Zt T!- on Una "jL JT : JT1 Jk. k 74 feet, thence at rlgJa ZT ZZZ 'i:2 Z 5 WreettolbeBst Bne about 200 miles of the dis been graded of M. C No. 45, thence north along ths 00 SHOB FOR $4.00 mm m v. ixxk. i oo southwesterly toe of satd lot C, block Si thence P? $4.00 SHOE FOR 3.00. Diamond "C 8op la mads bv tha lnJ?e-eqai Cndahy Packing 0&, of South Omaha. At i. 1 . . . Call and let us )ld by groeers eTerywher. a Lkvlyhood that emigration in that action will continue, are making the ( ,, U i rti and more dangerous y i- tud a FQyjngperiXto i I . c i,kS of peace. I! f r no other purpose than to ad- 5 H.ia thr&i'.v.nlng controversy, ti, It la eam.;'.'y to te hoped . ; : A: .'o-Ar. -,-,a Joint Hisa 1 T- i t-a f;-.H..:::y rwjonven- Or any other style" or price, fiit a pair on you at " h ' tance. Papers for the entire right-ot way are In possession of the officers ot the company. A right-of-way has beon gl van Mis Oudiipoiiy-xhfoTisB T ine heart ot Pierre to ths rirr edge. The line touches two points of Importance, Faulkton and Blunt ThU road, right-of-way and many other privileges will be turned over by the owners to any good company which Will take up the work of laying the rails and operating Esther Lodge Na L D. of H A. Ol T7 . w pawn . oagmnxng, ieing lot D, This deed was given to correct error in deed P. a Bwyer to D. McDonald, a fourth interest-to the OcowdrMt, Lcvnbard. June Berry No. 1, June Berry Na 2 ad June Berry No. J, la Whitewoof mining district. j W, meets la city hall bonding first and third Mondays of each month. Visiting members Invited to meet with a. ZIPP'S. I MARY . MELLINGEB, C. of H, FR-' .nENNIS. Recorder.

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