The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 25, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1899
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P IONEER-TIMES. he Daily FIVE CENTS. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), SATURDAY MOKNING, MARCH 25, 1899. 23d YEAR- long there was not a bare spot to be wife and four children, was sentenced AN INDIAN MURDERER seen. TO OTIS this moraine to bang. This means MENDERS ju $ 4 $ i 4 "i 4 4 4 4 4 United States court will convent at Sioux Falls April 4, and the deputy that he will be given a life sentence, for Governor Stanley is opposed to capital punishment, and will nut sign the death warrant. THE UP-TO-DATE marshal will start for tlhat place with the Indiian prisoner about the first ot the coming month. While at Pine of pnent Governor Deputy Marshal Belding Brings In a Belligerant Sioux RidgA hie waa busy serving suibpoenaes upon a number of Witnesses in other Sherman on the Chicago. iwnv emm Hill xh I III""- 9 Cavite Province Gives Himself Up. Indian. cases that are going to come up at that term of court. , For This Week We Offer is 'l,e says the Rebel Army He Murdered an Indian Policeman at the Pine Ridge Agency. East Lynne. The dramitization of Mrs. Wood's Etwt I, y nne, miad famous by the erratic Ada Gray, was presented by tne BitTner company last evening. If heretofore Miss Gray's inn rpreia- Compelled to Live on Rice as3Fod- ition of the jeailous and errimg- wife. Thomas Bad Elk is tlhe name of a full blooded Sioux Indian that John .March 24. Special Fran- Santiago, March 24. Special. John Sherman was today transferred from the Paris to the Chicago. His condition is prMtically unchanged. He pass ed a fairly comfortable nint. ;um 111:-physicians feel encouraged over the way he continues to improve. o Grigsby's Project. Sioux Palls, March 24. Ookmel MeT-vin Grigsby of this city, of cowboy cavaLry faime, returned from Waslhing-ton yesterday, -where he has been for several weeks working to have the president authorize him to raise three regiments of cavalry for Manila, as provided for by tihe"army reorganization bill passed by congress. Colonial Grlgs'by is of the opinion that the regimenths of cavalry will not be called out for some time, but feels hopeful. There is strong pressure being brought to bear on the president with this end in view .Still he admi's Lady Lsubel, m to be accepted as the Stamford by which to judge the success or failure of an actress in this rote, Deadwood may coagratulaiOe henseli in having last night witnessed a pro- Balding, deputy United Staties marshal, Lonsdale and Fruit of the Loom Muslin at 5 Cents Per Yard. L Valencia, the insurgent governor fJLite province, has escaped to the utm and u,,ren,dered lo 'brought into Deadwood yesterday from Pine Ridge agency. The Indian is t nnnnml elevation of the DOinlt Which charged with the murder of an Indian must le reachtd 'to ga' l approval aoltoeman named John Kills Back, and Otis, to Tli h reports the Insurgents in Mis Choate surrounded the Character Ju, wetions starving, and says the has been bound over to appear before the United iStaitea grand jury in Sioux Falls. His (hearing was held before tlLm United Stace.i court MgT to COmP9'leU W""""' " ,. .h rebel army cannot hold rnuoh longer, and many of the lead as eommlsstoneir, at Pine Ridge, and he was held without bail. 500 are beginning mo contwiui" th American !3P ha cit ij fvirliontlv a bad Indian. with a genius which Is peculiarly her own. The picture of a sinning and estranged mother, brought into daily and hourly contact with the children she had abandoned, forced to conceal her identity and even to ontsti in her own offspring 'the memory of herseu, was perhaps never more touohingly por trayed than by Clara 'Morris in her play of "Miss Moult on." But to the marvelous emotional powers of that 1XIAJ Uliv . v Hiis trou)le originated over his wife, 1 natives are reported to be mass- ,Kr. rp,a a while woman. 'He had mar- iKtbelr strength north of the city to- hr in Chicago, and she has for jfl ami preparing iot eome 'time past been working for Far icans are under uru mer Gl'eason at the agency. Her nus ii ha. been staying 'around the far iewelvtea in readiness xo movw .jwiir The forward movement ot that if the rebellion is crushed or a decisive blow is Struck against the insur gents it is not at all likely that the three regiments of cavalry wi'l b railed for. Colonel Origsby has received letters from a large number of the nieT who were with him before offering to re-fnlist. He has also rece,vd hundreds of letters from alraoet every stale in the Union, from ifw mien, asi r f.n Ifcioarfcaa troops is believed to be Pieces of Embroideries from 3c Per Yard on and up. In Addition we will ofter a Line of Novelty Dress Goods at 25c per yard, which have been sold from 35 to 50c per yard. f,l J, IVERTHHED. mer's place lately, and 'has been taking his meals there. A short time ag J Bad Elk came to the door of the house and called his wife outside. Mr. deacon in a few minutes heard two pisoi shoUs, and the woman rushed into the it land. I0RE!rOUBLE AT HAVAr r Man Soldiers Overpower American chance to go with his command. Two Burli igto s to U lite. Chicago, March 24. The Chicago, Soldiers and Release a Prisoner. Havana, March 24 Special. While iW American soldiers were escortin,? i insurgent prisoned- to headquarters dday, eight Cubans from General d attacked them Burlington and Northern railroad is to 4 f f H be purchased outright by the Chicago, Burlington and Qumcy company. A proposition to secure complete control iWUa I -w Urwcued the prisoner. General Lew wonderful woman, Miwss ChoUte alds a Iwauty of face and form tliat play no email part in awakening the sympathy of her audience. .I:jhn Waldron made an entirely ac-ceptible abused and de.seri.ed husb.ind, and lent the character the smooth re-flnemenit which never escapes him. Miss Stevens took advantage of all the opportunities whion the role ot Barbara Hare offered. Mr. Biittroer assumed the part of the ef"te roue and fin de sciecle villain, Francis Ijevisoc, and handled his racy lines to the constant di scorn flit uire of the "Mi'as Carney," undertaken by Virginia Her-mtainn. Lew McClellan had liititle more to do than Julius Oeasar during the oration scene, bult was there whenever he was needed. Fredericks and Klelley as Mt. Sovern and Dill were conscientious and did not over do things. The company give a ladies and children's matinee this aJternoon and tonight close their engagement with the farce comedy entitled "Three Chums. Eighteen months at least will pass before he Bittners will again appear in Deadwood. ii tireu General Kodrigaues twenty- of this line has been under conaioera- w hours to which to return the pris- tion by the owners of the Burlington for some time, and a special meetiing ot the directors of the Chicago, Buriin-tcm and Quincy has now been called for THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK house spying thiat her misoanu uaa tried to kjil her. The farmer went out and asked the Indian what he meart and the latter said he had simply tried to scare his wife, and had fired the shots into the air. Bad Elk left immediately afterwards, amd went over onto Porcupine creek. Farmer Glea-son issued an order for bis arrest, and ent three Indian policemen over after him. They came back shortly afterwards, and stated that Bad Elk would come in pretty soon. It was evider.t that they were afraid of him, and that he had refused to accompany them. The farmer reprimanded ithem for this, and sent them back after him. Kills Back approached him, and informed (him, so some of the witnesses state, that he couldnot toe permitted to act as he was; that he Should go with them. At thia Bad Elk reminded him of what he had previously told him of his intentions not to go to the agency; that he was gotog to get a horse and saddle and leave. There waa more parleying, and Bad Elk finally Whipped out a six ahooter and shot the policeman. The Utter staggered back a few feet, and then walked a short distance to a fence, and fell. He was eubse-,,niv fraind to be dead. The other ' Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: Pflarch 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 May 20 to ratify a plan of purchase. If the deal goes through the name "Chicago, Burlington and Northern will be dropped, and itos Hue will become a part of the Burlington eastern. The general offices of the Northern, Which are at BurHngton, Iowa, and St. Paul, will be either aibolisWed ot moved to Chicago. There will probably be few changes In the officers of the line, as it is now managed chiefly by Burlington officials. 642,815.00 All Branches of Banking Business . . NOTICE. The adjourned meetiing of the stockholders of the DEADWOOD OLUB will be held on Saturday evening, March 25, at 8 o'clock. Business or Importance. All members are urged to be present. By Order of the President. Musical at the Olympic Club. The musicale at the Olympic club room last evening was In every way a success. Mrs. Westphelimg sang Transactea, w released in thiis manner, and it !fc Miter 'refuses to comply,. he wm Wen by force. The prisoner was neated tor attempting to pass a fmi-syifthowt regarding the cha'.lMnge. o Listened to Senator Mason. flmteburg, Pa., March 24. Special. bouse ot the Pennsylvania legis-Hm Bstened today to an anti-expan-dn speech by Senator Mason of Illi-ua. Tb senator was liberally ap-jiioM during the speech and at its don '. o Arkansas Race War. jharkaina. Ark., March 24. Special. Ifc reported race "war in the Little to country has (been confirmed. One tto oaa and seven negroes have a killed so far. The Whites are in ferny, and many, negroes who have -a Mnrt iter-TrtannWftsgtee ferftelr Urea o ' Murdered Her Child. J&ns, Ohio, March 24. Special. -Franco Elliott, a young widow ! k engaged to the millinery busi-"liera, ma arrested last night for murder ot her Illegitimate :MU-taeonfewed her guiM. Tub in-ktma strangled wltlh a ribbon, and tWb4 la (lq umtoed flue. . The Klondike King. ans, WuIl, Martin. 24. Special. ikafflder Alexander, the "king of the aUke," la here en route to Dawson trip to London. He claims that "Wihat Could I Do" and as an encore nih-i " Tnat a Rt of String. to Iher Africa, Efiglaiid, Frs-.cs, Gsrmany anal an rmnm ai . lowast aaarkat rata. COLLECTIONS mad carafully and accsutttad far promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers responsibility orcollaterals. ed away from Bad Elk, wit w. is Heved that they not only walked, but probably sprinted in getting away from him, 1 Bad Elk then started up the creek. He entered a cabin a abort dlstauf e from where the killing was done and purloined a Winchester riffle and belt fall of cartridges. Six or eight miles above he stopped with a friend of his, named Pine Bird. Mounted policemen were sent out after him from the agency, and here was where they got hiin. They stopped a short distance from the Accounts of Banks, Corporations ana mu. solicited. Correspond enoo IxxTT-ltocl. cabin, and Pine Bird went out, to couu-, Bel with them. He told them not to pleasong manner. Mrs. Sachs, in her piano seledtion and the encore "was pleasing manner., Mrs. . Sachs, In her Me Back" and as an encore "Because. Miss Van Kuran irendered In her usual lia.ppy manner, "Were I a Gardner,, by Cbammande, and, assisted by Mr. Flin-termann, Itireated those present, to a very sweet little duet, "What do the birds say. Miss Keats, in her recitation, "Paltsy," pleased her many friends by her winning gracefulness. Mr.' Been'e vtoUo solo was much appreciated. Mr. Tegarty In nls .are and1 elegant manner rendered 'For This,' by Dr. Koven. The musical program closed wWlh a selection by the Trio orchestra. During the invasion of tht tasty HtAle lunch by those presnt, Mr. Maeon, as presM-Jit of me cab 'u a peat little epeeol., presented the pennant to Mr. Frar. kiln's team and Nathan Franklin, as captain, broke all i words by making a speech In reply. Mr. Wm, L. McLaughlin, in one of hie captivating. HtUtle epeeohes, then presented the beautiful American flag to the (three losing teama on behalf of the unmarried ladies, after which dancing ivwi Thite musicale may be con- hiieoured English tacking to the DIRECTORS: .LAMM. JOHMTREBER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, Praaldaat. BEN BAER, Vlca Pra.Wa-L WM. SELBIE, Caahlar. start anything, as he tnougn. ne -"-, , , SETktogo with hm peaceably. An Excellent Combination. tw aooordtagly waited, and Pin The pleasant method and beneficial They aowmnngiy v, ,eer(mr efftfcta of the well known remedy. Bird finally persuaded the belligerent manufactured by the Indian to come out and give himself California Fie Sybup Co., illustrate H wna iblaoed in 4)he guard house the value of obtaining the liquid laxa- up. He was p"" . principles of plants known to be nd While there he caused Agent Clapp P1 j.-.y and presenting 12,000.000 to aevelop hla tunitdnt; property. iDiscuti Bryan's Action. Wa&ington, D. a, Man H Spec-absorbing topic of discussion PoUtkSaia bere te the Bryan- some uneasiness by the threats De tnem in t,he form most refreshinftothe j i svv Mt hp WAS rasta atAAntnhl to f ht KVStetn. It , iTLr r.ian and make is the one perfect strengthening laxa-going to kill Farmer Gteason ana ma cleans(f the system effectually, a general clean-up. ; 1 dispelling colds, headaches and fevers DBouty Marshal Belding had to wan gently yet promptly and enabling one vZl darsat the agency for Court to onmehabitual conrtlpa per- nair, u la the general opin- Srm, delTberate adOon in todh'tjbii-bB '"fa not r ISnjUre state being to ' " ' - ' niiUlbULl V. IIS UCrl JV i r nL4.n tir SWim ill. - . . tf OOmmisstoner . every obi Uomniiwiuuw ivwiuovm- w every omectionaoie quany ouu TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONE. ja rw TW f Ml rTVTTC svnd examine tatx) cme case. " stance, ivna its acting xutr " ""V0' WUW . - . J a rt,rvt lWarirl hotxrolfi without WeakellQaT JSJflnyetvOTbT Danish GnorMia. olub, and only iac ui v more extended mention. W3" 2--P3tai:-Oener. Pardoned b Spanish w erring sentences OLYMPICS NOTICE. iVIUlNUincixi p -. Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. A epedal meeting of the memoers oil the -w Vrv&nttA daring Ciapp cauinoiiOTaMTOw-ytFGi fTaxatiVe; the orisonter, so Che deputy marshal j In the proces8 Qf manufacturing figs . r,a TmliiAn- tees to be are used, as they are pleasant to the put irons on the tast, bat the raeaicinal qualities of the 0ure that be oould get through nmeiy are obtained from senna and Kim. The Indian objected to this, but other aromatic plants, by a method Ahto(M overruled, and that knowa to the Caufobhia Fio Stbup Wa objedtton r , Co. only. In order to get its beneficial la the way lbs "had to come tinrougn. i effecU fcnd to aTold imitations, please Mr Belding stays there Is the deep- remember the foil name of the Company eat snow on the reservation ever printed on the front of every pwkage. at this time of year. Thursday CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. was a warm day there, twt even after. MTOVIS0USx. s.T. thS tnOW had been thawing aTl day FornlcbyaU Dragxiata-PriotSec.pctbotUa V " r "ft r..!l.i (ft . . tte Olympic association wm oe, nu at the chib rooms on Monday, March 27, 1899. at 7:30 p. m, for the conslder-atfcm nd adoptaon of by-laws ana arnendmetits thereto. , By Orda"of ttha President. H. A. CABLE, Sec. J. H, GALE, Agent. -- vejwai ranunmem . ... feter, Kan,, March Hpec y-.j 1 G:-Wt, who oo&fesaad and to the murder ot , W . DKADW00D, 8. D.

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