The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 24, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 24, 1899. well -dressed democratic, patriots to THE DEADWOOO PJOIIEEB which Spain was a quasi ally of the United States the latter part of the American war of .Independence, when assemble and honor the memory of the immortal Jefferson at a cost ranging 100 Doses in a Is peculiar to and true' Dsv4a only of Hood's Sarsapa- ' V M w rilla, and is proof of its superior strength JLX W Jim. BSTABUS&ER JUNK . 1871 ' Galvez was the political and military THE BLACK HILLS TIMES anywhere fromJlS to $20 per plate, but since then the rate has gradually head "of Spain's Prod den ce of Loulsi and economy. There is more curative rlSSWWI tWWVaaw ft S 1 ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. dropped notch by notch until now, ana, Contiguity of territory, With the power in a bottle of Hood's Barsaparilla than in any other. This fact, with its unequalled record of cures, proves the Kuuna uaK i t THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES when even Mr. Oroker's proposed SID spread Is regarded as too steep. In a differences in political ideas and habits were continuous sources of irritation I CONSOLIDATED MAT 14, 1897. Charter Oak, op 'between the two nations in the past. best medicine for all blood diseases Is Hood's Spwma The One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $L The quarrels began immediately after RONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO Quick Meal and word, the movement has descended on a sort of sliding scale, but there are many able democrats who insist that it has not slid far enough, and they have resolutely set out to force it down to a the United States' career as a nation n,., cure Liver ills; easy to o a rti nOOU S fills take, easy to operate. 25c TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: began, in 1873, and they continued, at intervals down to the present time, at last resulting in war over the Cuban m. ua re. i DAILY Erery Morning, Exoept Monday - M $1 basis. A Tong-h Contract. we $10 00 Cue Months 5 00 On Month 1 00 issue. The possibility of future trou The colonel evidently sympathizes "Well, Caleb," said Captain W. of ble, however, is diminished by the re- 3E v m with the democratic tendency toward WEEKLY-Issued Every Thursday. Massachusetts years ago, "what will movel of Spain from the American yon auk a day to saw wood for me? I've ww Ter 2 00 BU Months 1 00 cheaper dinners, but his theory that it got several cords that I want sawed in nations nowhere 1 les cflose together is the result of a party demand for - e two for the fireplace. s "1 shonld charge yon about hall a Jfetored as Second-Class Matter at th more simplicity is mere bosh. A J 10 feed, including wine, is just as pala.ta.oie Deadwood PostolBce. dollar a day if I bad a saw, replied Caleb, "but I ain't got none, captain, exoept in the Caroline islands, and there is not any serious chance ot quarrel in that quarter. The war which has just officially closed has j Special Discount for Cash,. ! rriMC amh err i io so I don't see how I can accommodate yon." to the average demoemtic statesman today as it ever was, and his readiness to honor Jefferson at that rate is un The Oregon is at Manila, and, ac ended a century of troubles between "If that s ell that 8 lacking, I guess eardtag to Dewey, 'In fit condition for Spain and the United States, and the any duty." Of course she la "fit. Ayres & arflman Hardware Ci. we can manage it, " said the captain. "I've got a prime new one, keen as a brier, and I'll let it to yon reasonable. How would uiuepenoe (12& oents) a probabilities point to an unbroken condition of amity in their relations with The queenk of the Amwloan navy thinks nothing of such a jaunt as that abated. The downwara movement in banquet prices is due solely to the lamentable condition to the democratic party. In 1896 the democracy lost cord tlo for the use of it?" each other from Ithis time onward. to Manila. She has a habit of round "I reckon that's a fair price, captain. o I'll be over in the id or n in. " everything but Its appetite. Since then Bright and early that next July morn GARFIELD JUNIOR. It is announced What James R. Car- it has gone into bankruptcy witn a A jf- ing Caleb was at work, and he kept at it so faithfully that be finished before mountain of liabilities and a vacum of lag continents at raoe-horse speed with ma elegance of ftnteh which Cerverm learned to appreciate and which is likely to impress Arutaaldo if he ever gets sufficiently near (her generous pro-portloris la be within reach of the voioe PIONEER FURNITURE HOUSE ! sunset, when he went to the house to settle. assets. It Is just as hungry as ever ana it still adores Mr. Jefferson, but with its field, son of the late President, Janres A. Garfield, Is a candidate for the republican nomination for governor of Ohio. 'He is not exactly a new man in "Let's see," said the captain, "yon :OF resources cut off it has been reluctant that speaks from her biggest guns. were to have half a dollar a day. We'll oall it a day, although it ain't sundown yet. That's 50 cents for yon, and you were to pay me ninepenoe a cord for the use of the saw. There were three oords 1 SAM SCHWARZWALD. ( ly compelled to come down from a ter-rapinand-champigne basis to that of "Toe Oregon Is always alright. 8o 1J Ohio politics, as he has served a term in the state legislature. He gained some prominence as the author of a a her commander. So is her crew. o sandwiches and beer in paying its adoration to our departed statesmen. It lis a cheerful review that the St. and a half in the pile. That makes 43 cents due me. Somehow, Caleb, you don't have very much owning to yon." corrupt practices act, which failed, how ever, to prevent corrupt political prac Its present attitude in favor of greater Louis Globe- Democrat has miade of the simplicity 'Is like that of a man who tices. But the authorship of tho law. after having exhausted his funds, his commercial and Industrial conditions In Are states of the southwest. It presents facts and proves conclusively the ostensibly passed In the interesi of "re "How nnfortait, " said Caleb, after scratching his bead dubiously for half a minute, and then looking up quiokly, as if a new light had broken in upon his mind "how unfortnit that yon didn't have half a oord more, for then we'd 'a' oorue out jest square I" Success. form," made him a sort of a favorite with mugwumps. Singularly enough , ' genuine soundness of the prosperity that has come as a result of the new his father held the same relations to t Carries a full line of rpholstered Furniture.. Latest .l.-sifrii-s in Rococo Couches and Tuki.-h Chairs. It the "reform" republican element. tariff and of confidence in the financial policy of the McKtaley ad ministration. credit and the confidence of his friends, concludes that the condition of his liver repuires that he should change his diet from quail on toast to corned beef and cabbage. The Croker-Belmont! Jeffersonians may consider themselves rebuked. Col. Bryan's remark that the democrats "can well afford to allow the republi Young Mr. Garfield is regarded as a New, industries, With plants valued at' representative of the western reserve element in Ohio politics, the element Musical Family. When Audubon was traveling in Labrador, he came, one day, upon a bouse where the friendly inhabitants made much of him and his companions and where the good wife asked him if he played on any instrument. "I, myself," she said, "am extraordinarily fond of musio and have an instrument which has been sent away for repairs. We miss it greatly, for we can with which Joshua R. Giddings, Benja min 'F. Wade and President Garfield 113,230,600, wibh caipital of nearly $15,-000,000 and giving employment to over 16,000 persons, show how untruthful is the blatant denial of Bryon that general prosperity has followed the lar approval of protection and an honest dollar. What is thus disclosed as wereldenUifled. The western reserve cans to monopolize the expensive political banquets" means that there will be is constituted of the northeastern coun ties of Ohio and has been the strong Re-Upholstering and new no guest from Lincoln, Neb., at the feast of the Democratic Cluib, and if hold of the republican party in that anything is served at that affair, Which work to order. We re-cane chairs and do all kinds of furniture state since tits origin. It derives Its name from the tact that, on the organization of the Northwest territory, tne tract was reserved for the state of Con all play on it, and when we are tired the servants use it for us." " You must be a very musical family, "said the naturalist "What sort of an instrument la it?" She was perplexed. "Gentlemen, " said she, "my instrument is large, longer than broad, and stands on fonr legs like a table. At one end is a crooked hand, by turning which. to the southwest la equally true oi very , other, part of our great and Crowing country. ; o --The signing of the peace treaty by purports to be the real thing in Jeff arson tem simplicity, Mr. Croker will probably be called upon to show whether the name is blown in the bottle the Queen Urgent of Spain yesterday av s a si saa av a m m m m sa sjbssi s a a a a brings the Spanl ah-tAmerican war, as necticut, representing its interest in the public lands of the United States. In the year 1800 OonnedtiCfult relinquish ed its claim to the United States and fast or slow, I do assure you we make o AlYI bUnWAhalWALU, I POSTAGE TO BE REDUCED TO ONE occasionally happens In ' such CENT. 620 Main Street, DEADWOOD, SO, DAK. I wis snorter than the proceedings most ezoellent musio. "A hand organ I" She smiled delightedly. "Ah. that's it I" said aha "It is hand organ, but for the life of ms 12 the tract became a part of Ohio on the I The enormous Increase in the num which brought peace. Minister Wood admission of that state 'into the Union ber of letters carried in the U. S mails in 1803. makes It certain that the rate of pos could not recollect the name. " Youth's Ohio polities win be a tangled web fcrd was given hist passports fo Madrid i April 211898, aWthe war officially -began, although Bpaln did not formally t. inake any dadamatloA' sntiU (hs 14a -T Companion. u The St James Budget telle the fol this year. Whether the appearance of tage must eventually be reduced to one cent an ounce. The president who succeeds in gettings such a measure through congress (will hold a high place in the esteem of the people,, but n lowing somewhat unbelievable story Chat war existed, and on the 25th con young Mr.Hkuifleld will help to simplify matters As doubtfuL There will be FIRST NATIONAL BANK gleaned from the columns of the Lon don Times: gress passed am act which proclaimed ao higher than the esteem In which ev a determined effort ion the part of a that war had bean .begun on the 21st. Herr Wolff, special correspondent of rybody holds Hostetter's Stomach On August, 13 the protocol was elgned large taction of the republican party, led by Senator Foraiker, to "down" Bitters. Thto medici ne has an unequal xne xagematt, naving an idle day somewhere ' between Kiao Chon and Ting-tau, went out In quest of adventures DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. CASH PAID IN 8100,000 - SURPLUS $150,000 la (Washington and an armiatfee pro led record in reducing the sickness ot mankind, t gets at the starting point with bis dog, Schuster, and his olerk. Mark Hanna and end his sinister reign In the political attain of the state. Where "the son tit hie father" will of disease by exting upon Che stomach Arriving at a courthouse, he found claimed, he treaty oif peace was signed la Paris on December 10. It was rai&fled by the eenabo' on February 6, direct, helping that important organ mandarin preparing to try 18 Chinese, charged with murdering German mis In Its duty of dftxeetlng food. It makes stand in the light has oat been indl cat- A. GUSHUBST 1899, and tits ratification for Spain, by sionaries, waving a piece of Dsner. DIRECTORS: J. GRIER, P jp. SPAiRKSL P. D A. McP HElRSON. ml mnrwtHim. filtava nwmmumami O. J. SALISBURY, T. eQ- r nw""?gJ'B kldneysTanu mil will be Hkely not to interfere while the run-down man or women feel like a promptly took the highest seat, ordered "Herr tod Schuster" to take the next place on March 17. other rivals "aire shaking the tree and new person. Try It in dignity to his right, placed bis clerk on his left waved aside the bewildered OFFICERS: President.... O. J. SALISBURY I Cashier ....D. A. McPHBKSON Vice-president T. J. ORIKR Assist, cashier... J. S. DENMAN will step forward Just In time to pick up the falling fruit ' ' " ' " mandarin, who doubtless thought that GOOD NEWS FOR BLACK HILLS in li was the "mailed fist" in nerson. ana oauea lor the prisoners, whom. PEOPLE, j The action ot (ha Burlington Route without hearing evidenoe, he promptly o- BANQUETS ON A SLIDING SCALE. Col. W. J. Bryan publishes ia the aoquinea. ue then rode off, followed la establishing a twioe-a-week line of Tourist Sleepers, Edgemont to Kan- by Herr von Schuster and the olerk. de New York Journal a few remarks which claring that the order of the day was at eat City to a more that la bound to be an ana- r:.' - vf .- ,,-'., : , RIGHT AWAY Itruccr Tku Fletlesu cannot fall to 'intensify the controversy that has arisen among the promoter a of ' the Croker-Belmont 10 Jefferson banquet and the promoters of the Chi popular with Black Hills travelers. It means a big saving la Che cost ot an eastern trip, A berth In one of these car costs but, A DOLLAR A NIGHT. The limits of probability hare latelv been puzzling a London polios magis The republican ' parry, Is the 1 only one which has undertaken to erect legislative barriers against the growth ot .trusts, and since their lawyers bare found means to flank then through the corporation laws of the states, a republican congress will find means somehow to put thetm under the control oi federal far. . We do not toelietva there Is a republican leader to congress wno is not to favor of effective anti-trust legislation. For they era backed toy re publican constituencies which demand that prompt remedies be applied to the growth of these monstrous monopolies. Popocratlc journals have singled! out Chauncey Depew as one senator whom they claim will be most likely to send trate. The origin of bis nerolexitv. as cago-platform tl banquet The colonel given oy tne illustrated Loudon News, is mis: -.-.- IS THE TIME TO BUY A has distinct Views of his own on the Take Burttngtan train leaving Black Hula paints Wednesdays or Sundays, and at Edgemont you get aboard the tourist car. Through to Ltoooin, at A young domestio servant tried tn cash one or two forged checks and was subject of banqueting, and discusses them' with hi customary 'freedom and fluency." The most Important of his ut arrested in the attempt ' She said " Joseph and Kaasee', , City without gentleman" gave them to her a "Mr. change.' Close connections at Lincoln wlU, -olid vsetlhuled train, for Omaha, I KM That storr has been told terances on the question Is as follows: Peoria, Chicago and St Louis. "During the last tew years the tend Bee nearest B. If. R. R. R, ticket agent 7 " a Lives of rich .men oft remind us ' too often to impress a jury no juryman likes to be made a laughing stock bnt before a verdict of "guilty" could be given a man fell down dead 1 the streets. He wm recognized as "the gentleman" by the accused woman, and, sure enough, In bis pocket were found other forged oheoks similar to those she bad attempted to put into circulation. Even Mr. Lane, Q. (X; may be persuaded that truth really is stranger than fiction, QOOD HOE HEAP. The next two months will require solid Footwear if yw wish to keep sny of a doctor bill. - We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes at a big discount In order to cut down stock. If you want w ; $fcOQ SHOEFOB $4.00 OR $4.00 SHOE JOB 3.00. Or any other style or price. Call arid let us tlit a pai on you at We can make our pile some time- ency in democratic circles lhaabeeotct ward cheaper banquet. Few of the democratic banquets which have been given since 1896 have cost as mucb'aa 85 per plate, while the greater 'number of them have ranged from f 1 to 83, and the attendance has run from three hun-dred to a thousand." - a powers to fortify the trusts. Any other attitude on his part they are unable to conceive, on account of his long identiflcatloTi with vast moneyed inter-e.A Tot, j-s'jog from his recorded i . he is more. likely to take ; 1 la aU-fcrust legislation. Only though by sticking to K, ' - Can we ever make a mine. ' Granite Paylstreak. STENOGRAPHY - AND 1 TyftlWRIT. I OoiEryaa'a aJient as toth price SselaHjTWMiE -Madam, yone already overdrawn your account" . What's thatr" s .'a to prei let that the relations a : and the United . States " f -w ;U "be mu more cordial. tendency ot democratic feasts is. perfectly correct The amount spent on B.,J.t. VT.f A, JaaHma , n f Miss a E. Hinley, public stenograph er and typewri'ter at IT n Trkx.

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