The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 24, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times 33d YEAR. DEADWOOD, 8. D. (BLACK HILLS), FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 24, 1899. FIVE CENTS. Madrid, and that it should 'De delivered IT WORKS BOTH WAYS w. u. Dorsey, president; Oaahier HJg-gins and F. M. Dorsey, formerly cash SPAIN'S OLD TACTICS to the state department wtithftn a few- days. ier and acting manager of the banx. Air fr 4 4 l 4 'I fr fr ! j i i uh president ana cashier both were Cargo of Klondike Gold. tried, and both were acnnifjted V M and Secret Service THE UP-TO-DATE Seattle, Wash., March 23 Special. The New Cattle Shipping Law iplomatic The steamer Laredo arrived today from bkaguay and brought a hundred anxi Are at Aguinamo s Disposal. Seen - in a Different Light. fifty thousand dollars of Klondike gold DRY GOODS HOUSE Forty-five Lives. Iorsey was tried once before at Lin-oln, but thej ury failed to agree, and, therefore, as the government was anxious lo press the case, it oame up again before Judge John E. Carland, of the South Dakota district, in ithe federal court at Omaha. This time the jury has found Mr. Dorsey guilty on all of the thirteen counts as charged. The crime with which Mr. Dorsey was convicted and now has received 4 .nbw orK, March 23. Special. . n.:. r of rj,js Discovery Diniya icname Forty-five liven were lost in the fearrui fire of the Windsor hotel. This figure was arrived at by the police today after For This Week We Offer Likely to Cause All Kinds Trouble For Cattle Shippers. Upon Spain In Diplomatic Circles. a careful scrutiny of .h liar .f tr Benteiwe was fraudulent banking as set guttsuK, visitors ana employes of tne Are trap. out in thirteen different counts in the indictments against him. He was chief Crushed in a Job Press. ly charged with having made false en Lonsdale and Fruit of the Loom Muslin at Pierre, 6. D., March 23. Special March 23. Special. Con- tries in the books, false statements to Another member of the Pioneer- One law passed at the last! session, inng evidence has been secured to- the comptroller of the currency and Times force has been crippled by accident, and there are now two unfit for which was intended to prevent the with placing in the 'bank paper signed hy worthless persona and which he shipment of cattle by rustlers, is likely to work trouble rather than benefit to duty. The last on was Fred C. Green-ley, the Linotype operator, who caught to Show that the diplomatic and gig. services of Spall n have been plac - the disposal of the FHiplmos, ana Htbe Imwirgenits have been avadlimg mgelTee of the assistance. Ixwando knew to be worthless, buit represented cattle interests generally. It provides them to be good. This last constituted the abstraction of moneys of the banK that any company or corporation ship Ms hand dn a platen job press yesterday morning, breaking the bones in all four fingers, and some of the bones in ping cattle without the written consent 5 Cents Per Yard. :: and converted tbem to ibis own use. giliOpei 1116 rpmo envoys, arriv-i from New York this morning and jpediataly went to the office of Senor At Ponca, at the itime of the failure of the owner la as liable as the Individual, and the owner can recover from tne nana. His thumb escaped, and the of the bank, feeling 'became very bitter towards Dorsey, for a great number such corporation for cattle so shipped. jmdo, the legal advisor of the Span- first finger was not so bad, although the bone was broken. The hand was fearfully pinched, and the bones, in addition to being broken, mbassy at London. They said of persons caught wiu what little they 500 This provision will absolutely prohibit the shipping of tray cattle, which are handled by the various cattle associa ley would next go to Paris to confer ii4 AgoDcillo. Since this infoxma- had on earth on deposit in the bank. When ihe bank doors closed it was tions in the state, and sold, the money found there were but $27 cash on hand. It is said by Sioux City men that funds going into a fund for the benefit of Che I organization if not claimed by the; mbas become public Spain haw been jtoitted to a sturm of censure m jplomaiic circles for the treachery ed, aad forthe flagrant infrac-m of all agreements and compacts ntt the raited States. were a,id out over the counters of the bank until its cash was reduced to that owner. It will also require the receiv-'i ng agent of a railroad wmoany to be ,,,.,. ..a u io i.h .w i in several places, were also badly crushed. He lost one finger, and it was feared at first that he would lose his hand. But he was removed to St. Joseph's hospital, and three surgeons, Dr. Torrence, Dr. Coburn and Dr. Naul teus, spent ithe forenoon setting the bones and dressing the flesh wounds. His hand presented a grawsome sight. The flesh nad burst through the skin in several places, and badly cut and torn, but the doctors thiink now that Pieces of Embroideries from 3c Per Yard on and up. In Addition we will otter a Line of Novelty Dress Goods at 25c per yard, which have been sold from 35 to 50c per yard. a llrtng-veiMyeloiia.,r,UiTal,-,.to,ed. vJ,ry Vm ever waJ 1.1 by sea that a shipper does not add any-1 th. m.tAVM- of ,t,he depositors, and the hingto his shipment which does not statement has been made that little or Roasted His Grandson. bear a brand which he is entitled to non,p )f the 8ecuirttiB of the bank were fowtsburg, Ala, March 23. Special. . .. . . I.. i: .r. 1 rt-n sn use. In fact its provisions are so stnn-' gf any vaiue whatever IfeDdlsn crime is ueius luYrousaicu tot. Louis Lumpkin, an old negro, gerttthat about the only way shipments News of ,the convri0yon of Dorsev can oe maue, in many oases, win oe Dy , was revived at Ponca with aflual de. Sully roasted alive his young grand simply lKlIOIlUK LUe UIOV lSlOIKJ OI Uie'licrM onH Ihonn ana tko -nrK, before a fire. The testimony statute, so far as it restricts the mat- U. I WERTHHEIMER, I feel no sentence would be Cob heavy, tm that Lumpkin com unit ted the ta&SD act In a fit of anger, and that for the bitterness against the manager of the bank in which the people lost so much still rankles. Last night it was ripping tlhe child he held him naked waHre until so ba lly burned that fed 1 4 4" 4 4 4 4 ter of shipments. The general game law passed contains several peculiar provisions, among them one which provides for half the fine for violation to go to Che informer an half to the game fund, while another section, in defining the 4 4 4 4 4 4,,fc impossible for the news of Dorsey's they can save the rest of the hand. Mr. Greenley "is the most indispensable man on the Pioneer-Times force. Ha la an expert machinist, and tne swiftest operator that ever came to De&dwood. The job press was out ot his line of work, 'but an apprentice runs the Linotype a few hours each forenoon, and Mr. Greenley simply stays around as an overseer while the apprentice Is at work. Industriously disposed, he frequently takes hold ana helps out at other work, and that Is how he came to be feeding the job sentence to reach the little town. It doubtless will be received with the bitter spirit which prompted proposals o Wit) Fight at Coney Island. Ifcf York, March 23 fipedal. Ju- duties of wardens, gives half the fine to of bonfires and a public demonstration ktad Brady, managers for im When Dorsey was convicted, subdued by pity for a man so well known to the the warden and half to the game fund, thus dividing the fine into three halves, one to tne informer, one to the warden and one to the game fund. Another townsmen. as sod Jeffries, mot tbn afternoon JI mutually accepted the offer of the m Island AihleHlc club for the Nifamons-Jeffries fight for a purse THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK press. A sheet (that he had fed got oft Only the clemency of the president of provision makes the possession of a the guides, and he reached bis hand In the United States may be thought of now for Dorsey 'by those friends who 101,000, or two-thirds of the gate re- gun, In the hands of any party outside of the incorporate linrHs of a town or have been steadfast and true to him 4fc The fight to to be for twenty-Irtaute, and the date has been fixed to straighten it. In doing so he threw off the Impression, but even With the impression off there is not more than an eighth of an Inch to spare, and his hand was caughlt ibetiwen tthe platen and through all his years of trouble, fol lowing his years of affluence, when he was the moat prominent figure tn a Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 village, between the first day of January and the first day of September of each year, prima facie evidence of an intent to violate the law, and the offense (is made liable to fine and imprisonment, and the confiscation, of the Tired of Revolution. the chaise. The press was going at full small town. It has been said that ev enont drlvm bv enttline power, and in ery effort will be made to induce Pres nd, March 23. SpecdaJ. Manila ftrawn nf ft second Ids hand had ident McKinley to consider the case 1foodwB to the Madrid newspo- gun. ir any attempt is made to carry been almost literally reduced to a pulp and 1t Is hoped by Dorsey's friends that this clausein to effect in regard to the tt was the third finger that he lost. the president either will pardon Dor iWttat many influential na-dfroeatng a cessation of and id mission to the American numerous outfits -which cross the state and owinjr to tlhe (bone being oadly sey or commute the sentence to a short In "prairie schooners" every summer (broken in the hand it was removed al mints, there Is likely to be trouble In the most to ithe wrist Jotaft- The second All Branches of Banking Business term of Imprisonment , o At the Theatre. vicinity of that particular "schooner.' and little finders are badly crushed, - ' o After Dewey's Place. Transacted. and lit to feared that they may yet cause It Is rarely that such an outfit travels without carrying a shotgun in the wa "Uftot, D. C, March 28. Spec- The Biittner e may have presentee trouble, although the surgeons are go- stronger plays, but certainly none pret- gon, and under the statue every one ot tag to exert all their skill to save them Ht it stated that Rear Admiral las Wed a request -with Secre- them would lie. liable. The law re- tier or which appealed more to the sym Mr. Greenley is at present to the hospi D RAFTS ISSUED Chlaa, Maalla, Havana, Porto Rica, Jwni of the naval department, asK quires every non-resident hunter to pathdes of the house than "A Country tal, and wlill proba'bly be there for sev Africa, Eaglaatf, France, Garaaaay and all Parts of tha WarM, at 1 fovtst mark! rata. .. SSmirml AjftmArei Dewey aeero- aQGure altenfla-'befflra huntinig in the , Girl," a story of a jcfilejeas. unsopnis- eral daysT""!-was reeting Jsamtar: ottt Asiatic squadron when the rtfAtv a ren or 110 nelniz cnarrea ror titxw-w axrawj iuj-i wjiu me. uu msu- taibly last evening, and seemed to gooa condition and cheerful spirits. iried a city chap. If there sat in the twm home. Secretary Long such license. This is, of couree.m- COLLECTIONS mmdm carefully and accounts! for promptly. We are prepared to ( urnlsh money at Reasonable - house one person Who was not charm- tended for tlhe hunters who come in Ralph Parker, of the Pioneer-Times """W" that It ta not Ms int?"jtton 'afl Admiral Dewey for the pres- Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers from the outside on regular hunting , ea uy miss ctnoate s arcing ana movw mailing department, who crippled his finger 'between the cog Wheels of the ; responsibility or collaterals. trips, but the Dakota farmer who has by tthe artless, yet at times amusing. .rwvt i rr nkMir. whn Mim n tab a 'and at times nathetic ignorance, ot tne gasoline engine Tuesday night, Will not T lOI UUQ I mWMK S TV Vxfc W . ' . After Sails for Cuba. be able to use that hand for a week or UAj a vuuun r kii.i u avvjuaa ?a vrii v. . premises of his own relative, may find would have been a dessicaJted remnant two yet, although the injury has begun aujgton, D. C, March 23. Spec-iSa& A. AJcer. secretary of the frrrm h Emrattui DvramiCS. MISS bis visitor called upon to pay a fine, I to heal to good shape. flho&te was at her best and th03e who 5tmeat, wfU sail tomorrow o and Individuals' Accounts of Banks. Corporations wof Cuba and the West Indies. have seen her know what that means. Mr. WaHron as the city chap was per Circuit Court. The case of Oook vs. Valentine solicited. tcfcn to pay the expanses of his especially so If be has a factious neighbor who Us "laying for hi in.'" The law provides also that the consent of the owner of cultivated or enclosed land must be first secured before it is hunted over, and provides a Mmit of twenty-five birds for a day's shooting. Oorrespond ence Ixixntedl. Wol&mmth was finished in circuit court own pocket. fect Jn iMs graceful support. Voice, manner and appearance hi everv act and the Judge remd ved a decision showing hs keen preoeption of th faeor of the plaintiff on all Issues. anj May Withdraw. Am If . . Th n mf Oarr vs. Johnson was part he carried. Mr. Fredericks Jui.ipel from his us- DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. and nrovides heavv Denalties for shin-. continued. nai special. It la re iTf offlcJi circleB that Emgland of comedy itt ual rote of the villain to that fo the case of Cotton vs. Jendtges t own the ctar-s propos- to this direction le also placed at and was a complete ucce. Mr Kelly BEN BAER, Vlea Prasldant HARRIS FRANKLIN, Prasldsnt settlement was arrived at out of court . Kl hA.Mnwt Ln anh OS U1C OTIS IUiei VI wu The case of Beetoe RunJon v-. VIn WM. SELBIE, Cashier. a manner that they can he plainly ' gxAxl-everybody says so, he always cent, wttVch was tried a couple of weVts Sherman Wilt Recover. wtth tho is, in iact nas vu i, v-v- i in rh!r-h a. diis&sree- viewed, and tot he marked it of him and he hai yet t aisppomi name of the shipper. iIch 23.-pecltaa.-JoJin ment was reached after a five days' see .agoodiiflghl last nighV aidn. will be called again toaay tor . them. Mr. MoLeilan was pleasing in his part and caught The hTis in his -YFARfw , i-v- M,Dovle ehone o - gcod VXMr m V retrtaJ. -"-i L 1 DORSEY-OETS SIX His a b a w dww-. ' J advantage In the part assigned mm. BUILDING STONE. TOMBSTONES. May Close Tonight Ponca Bank WreckerA Sentenced By Miss Stevens excelled m he pan 01 In all probability tonight will be the 5,Jeen Win NotMr. Judge Garland. Mx Hermann 3 : pans of that character. Miss Hermann Lincoln, Neb., March 22. Judge Car- j hf. MONUMENTS closing service of the union evangens-Ue meetings Which are being held this week la the Baptist church. The meoUaga hT9 byrtjwelljjjbtended baa -U1J land, of South Dakota, acting for Judge j Toalgu py will present Manger, of Nebraska, this evening sen-! . l Sw . w queen oi full of taterest from the firet, and It B aic tenoed Frank M. Dorsey to six years In j the penitentiary at Sioux Falls. Dor-j o Alfonso XIII, to an Foreign and American. it sey was oonvtcted of looting the Nation HOT sr kikuo a i al Bank at Ponca, Neb., of which he . The Quaker Folding Hot Air and Va- desired by those Interested to make the meeting tonlgh the beet of the series. Let there be targe attendance of all classes. Rer. Kir, pastor of the Rsntilat church, will apeak and Rev. Marble and Granite. was manager and cashier. I por bath cabinet is latest, beet and Tt is almost five Tears since the First ' cheapest You can have at home any Prealy En Route.' ' -' rrf stated - that riia rocta rom. Clark and Rer. GWdinEB, of flw First National Bank ot Ponca. Neb.', failed, j and of a bath yon want Mrs. M. Mul-whdeh failure resulted in the . indict-, len of the Keystone Hotel has been sp- the . , J. H, CALE, Agent, DEADWOOD, 8. D. -ward M. B drorca will aasw in arrkee. toent ot three of tta-officers eorffe pointed agent for the Black Hills. :

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