The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 23, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1899
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 23, 1899. t AT COURT CALENDAR. March 23. Mary E. Garr vs. G-us Johnson. James Cotton vs. Paul Jentgea. March 27 MINING AND MILLING INDUSTRY r L W. E. LOWE'S Board of Education of Deadwood vs. J. Mansfield. e i X ' 1 THE COPPER COMPANY. M. F. Seeley et all vs. A. J. Knight et ' ODDITIES IN WILLS. Shoes al. Work has been suspended on the With M. J. Donovan et al vs. Geo. B Woodcock (2 cases.) March 2S. THIS WEEK 36 Inch Heavy China Silk Julius Rebsamen et al vs. Radnbow 8OME PECULIAR BEQUESTS AND CURIOUS CONDITIONS. A Patriotic American' Desire to B Heard After Death Wills Which Proved Tlmt In the Cases of Their Makers Marrlatce Was a Failure. Mining Co. (4 ca-ses.) X March 29. F. Floornxan va. A. Lamberton et al J. Savage et al vs. S. H. Goddard. Amputation. Our Boyl Seal Skin Seamless SHOES! ground of the Deadwood Copper company on City creek, Just above the tlty limits of Deaxiwoort, for the past several weeks, owing to otwnplicationh iver a right-of-way across a certain block or Hie ground that belonged to another gentleman, and across whioh a right-W-way was 'neees.ary in order tu get loom for dumping purposes. These pom pMoat ions have at last b,n ailjust-M, and the company will h 4 n work again today.. The gronul in question belonged to job IawTenson, and had fteen deeded to him upon which to erect n ke house. When the ground was twlng secured for the company the iar- Catherine. Bessani vs. Sam'l Bessantj The admiration of onr American cons-ins for their country is a prominent characteristic of their daily life, and 47;c In all colors that sell for 75 and 85 cents regular, at this sale we offer them for We will continue our some years ago a Mr. Sanborn desired that in death as in life his body should March 30 J. Malcolm. vs. Jas. Halloran. Charles Waite vs. A. E. Frank. Henry Johnson vs. L. D. Preston. March 31. A Berg vs. Fish & Hunter Co. Joseph Ogden vs. Sarah J. Hickok. I Are noted lor their wearin-n,iu:. I proclaim the glory of the repnblia He t M.o.iiLitg left 1,000 tD the late Professor Agassiz, In return for which he was, by an ex excellent lor school wear. Black Dress Goods tremely scientific) process set forth in the will to tan bis (Sanborn's) skin liee who were nenrtialing for it were Parmelia Burnham vs. A. M. Adams. August Helnsch vs. W. E. Williams Bnmiodful of the f.ut that Mr. Lawren L. C. VERPLAST into leather and from it have a drnm made. Two of the most suitable bones 32c no owned this block. When work was et al. o. to Herman Irtarted on the tunnel the workmen be-gjan dumping the earth and rock on the 46-ln Satin Domassey Brocades that are worth 60 cts., at this sale Also 38-ln Brocades that sell for 35 cents, at tfiis sale ground, and this threatened to shut Mr mc lawrenaon oat entirely. He called the attention of the cotnpiny'3 l;i;idwood representatives to the matter, and they HE FOOLED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renlck Hamilton, of West Jefferson, 0., after suffering 18 months from octal Fistula, he would die unless a costly operation was performed; but bee ured himself with five Loxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve iu the World. 26 cents a box. Sold by Phillips Steensen, Druggists. of his body wore to be made into drum, sticks, and with these a Mr. Warren Simpson to whom Sanborn left the remainder of his property was "on every 17th of Jnne to repair to the foot of Bnnker hill and at sunrise beat on the drum, the parchment of which had been made out of the testator's skin, the spirit stirring strains of 'Yankee Doodle."' A somewhat similar bequest was made by a German in 1887. lie died in Pittsburg and by his will directed that his body should be orematod and the forthwith ordered work to, cease until 10, 15 and 20c Em broideries the matter could be rigltcl. This has been done to the satisfaction of all con cerned, and work can now go on with 12 cents, at btf, 8Va and this sale. NOTICE. lout further interruption fhe jwny ia at present doing the work upon line new tunnel itself, bu. is considering Treasurer's Office, Lawrence County. n the ashes forwarded to the German consul at New fork, who was to deliver them to the captain of the steamship Elba HH South Dakota. Deadwood, S. D., March 15, 1899. I will pay on presentation at this of When in midooean, the captain was to the advisability of letUni a con'ract tor putting It into the hiU the desired iist&noe. The tunnel4, on which work Is In progress starts into the side o the kill right from the bott m of the gulch Clothing: Dep. request a passenger to dress himself in fice Bridge Fund warrants of Law nautical costume, and, ascending with the funeral nrn to the topmast, to scat rence County, up to and including Reg ONLY S30.35 istered Number 370. ter tbo ashes to the four winds of heav 12c Men's fancy - lored collars that sell everywhere for 20c., H. P. LOREY, en. Iheso strange directions were faithfully carried out. The new Delaware shaft in Ruby Basin has reached the depth of 410 feet, end sinking is going on rteadily. The at this sale D. Treasurer of Ijawnenee County, S. marl5-5t. Quite as peculiar were the directions all-wool suits for the funeral of a Mr. John Under Men's sale ' """$5.50 To Poitland, 'la c ma, Seattle aud intermediate points, second c! a Renu mber; tourist sleeping cars tun through t "o Utle every Tuesday and Thursday. FOR SALE, TWO HOISTS. new pumps are working finely, aDd rwhile there Is a large amount of water in the shaft, the pumps are capable of wood. He willed that he was to be buried in a green coffin with a copy of Horace nnder his head and of Milton nnder his feet, a Greek testament in One twenty-horse portable friction engine and boiler, adjustable band foot aeoplng It down. Boys Overcoats that are slightly damaged for break, with 300 feet steel cable, com The shaft on the ground of the Sun his right hand and a small Horace in his loft Six friends, who were not to wear mourning, were to follow him to plete. set Mining company, in Ruby Basin ONLY $49.35. One large blower, suitable for fifty ton smelting furnace. the grave and there to sing a verse of the twentieth ode of the second book of 25 and 50 Cents Iras reached the depth of 295 feet, and Sias come Into sandstone. Everything One stationary friction drum hoist, Horace. After this they were to "take fifteen horse power engine and boiler, to clean fcbem out. bout the shaft and hoidt is working rwell, and the sinking force lie making a cheerful glass and think no more of complete. John Underwood." To San Francisdo, San Jose, L 9 Angeles, Pan Dieg , Colton ai.d Redding California aud inter mediate points, second class. Remember, Tourist sleeping cars through to destination eveiy Wednesday. Wills may also be admitted asevi Two filter presses for chlorinatlcn or AT denoe of the mixed blessings of the matrimonial state. A nobleman wrote. cyanide. Enquire of E. Faust, Lead, S. D. o I give and bequeath to the worst of ...-W. L LOWE'S women, whom I unfortunately married. good headway. There is not enougn "rater yet to make any trouble. It is thought that Che quartz Ite will be traded 'before long. The Homestake company han tartd . the work of putting up a cyanide plant 'below the aTtamp mills, for the purpote . tf experimenting upon the concen- $30.35 45 brass halfpence, which will buy her $30.35 CUT RATES Via Burlington. a pullet for supper." W. T. ROBERTON. Ticket Agent. Deasdwnood A Glasgow doctor, dying some ten To Portland, Seattle and Tacoma. yean ago, left the whole of his estate to The only short quick through line to bis two sisters, and then came (his ex Miller the Hairdresser a . rue mui wiu nave a capac.y Coast Points. Call at B. & M. ticket sraoruinary oiause: 10 my wile, as a office for full particulars. Train leaves of twenty tona a day, and if , it is a eiiooess It will be a great saving for the at 2:30 p. m. company. All of the concentrates are iww being hauled from the mills to the recompense for deserting me and leaving me in peace, I expect the said sister Elizabeth to make her a gift of 10 shillings sterling, to buy her a pocket handkerchief to weep in after my decease." A Mr. Sydney Dickenson bequeathed to his wife the sum of 80,000, "on o INCUBATOR. Hairdressing, The new departure egg hatcher is Cook Remedy Co. HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR manufactured by an experienced poul condition that she undertakes to pass try raiser and can guarrantee his own Shampooing, two hours a day at my graveside, for the ten years following my decease, in make to be superior, cheaper and easier to operate than any incubator on the market To be seen at F. and H. Manicuring. company with her sister, whom I have PRIMARY, SECONDARY Of TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED !jLQ0D POISON ' - ' w meiter In this city, and the matter of "refgit Is a big Item to the company Id tli course of a year. ' The shaft recently etarted on the Cold Edge company's ground In Stra w -berry gulch, has reached a depth o( 40 feet, following a vertical vein of we that reaches clear across the shaft now. The ore ."very similar to that miner' aji.QHt Edge and Dakota Maid, and camp?" from $6 to $7 per ton tor its reason to know she loathes worse than lumber yard store. the does me." 10 III 6t uakb. ioa cu n Another husband stated that he would J. A. CUMMINGS, Mfg. have left his widow 10,000 ii she had Children's hair cutting a J rice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to oome here w Homesick. A recent article on homesickness re allowed him to read bis newspaper in peace, but as the always commenced playing and singing when he started to read he left ber only 1,000. Such in calls the reply maiy a young Swed ...HAIR GOODS... ish maid to her miscresa It expresses contract to pay railroad fare and hotel bllla and do charge if we fail to eem If you have taken MERCURY. IODINE POTASH, and etill have aches v pains, MUCOUS PATCHES in mouth, SORE THROAT. PIMPLES, COPPM COLORED 8POTS, ULCERS on any part of the body, HAIR or EYEBROWS FALLING OUT. It to this BLOOD POISON that we GUARANTEE to r We solicit the most OBSTINATE CASES and CHALLENGE THE WORLD FOR A CASE WE CAN NOT CURE. Thin disease b always BAFFLE) .j stances could be mutiplied indefinitely, bat one other is worthy of note. A husband left bis wife 18. 000, to be elearly, though in imperfect English, what every sufferer from homesickness feels. Cheaper than you can buy East. All entire width. Besides carrying gold, it aleo contain stiver and lead, and some of the samples run as high as $37 to '.he ton, Snchidimg; "the value of tin silver and lead. . . n kinds of Hair Work made to order. Increased to 24.000 provided that she Yon ought to be contented and not To Introduce Kirk's Guaranteed Dan wore a widow's cap after his death She fret for youi old home, Ina, " said the druff Cure, I guarantee it to do its accepted the larger amount, wore the Ind-v fta sha Innlrjwi at Aha dim u if cap for sixj mhand thenpotjjffl, Yon M raiawVj thtrjucTgebeTd SPECIAL RATE ON LOW GRADE MILLER, THE HAIRDRESSER. that the testator should have inserted the word "al ways" and gave judgment in favor of the widow, who the day after re-entered the state of matrimony In W. E Lowe's Millinery Department your work is light, every one is kind to you and you have plenty of friends here." "Yei'm,'" said the girl, "but it is not the place where I do he that makes me vera homesick, it is the place where I don't be." Yontb's Companion. Deadwood and Omaha. Send mall orders for Hair Goods. Tubs the husband's little plan for preventing his widow marrying again fail ed. The iraelter wHl five special rate upon low grade ore where they ar-ro' of so especially undesirable character. If the.jort.J8 low Jn -silica Hint certain Carbonate Camp, Galena and lead City ore. w will make a correspondingly low tmoltlng rate so that re, running but $8.00 or $10 00 may e mlnni at prnfli. Call at the work for further information. ' FRANKLIN it CARPENTER. - Oen. Manager. But the most carious will which the Several of our most prominent public men King's and Emporers of foreip lands have succumbed to this diooaao oven when under the treatment of tlw beet talent unlimited wealth of nations could employ, but we have a SBC-RET REMEDY known only to oureelTes. During FOURTEEN YEARS ( our erietence no lorn than twenty different concerns have started up to in ltate our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; to-day not ow of them remains In business. We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor, THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thousands and hM ' world-wide reputation for speedy cur ee, honesty and Integrity- NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. 0, METHODS. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PLEDGES aent sealed In plain package on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES-ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. writer has ever come across is that of ZOECKLER BROS- 11 Zalesky, nPolish landlord, who died in 1889, leaving property valued at LEADING V- 100,000 rublea His will wasinolosed in MEAT MARKET. an envelope bearing the words, "To Be Opened After My Death." Inside this waa another envelope, "To Be Opened Six Weeks After My Death. " When this time bad passed, the second envelope The Heal Rnioa. S:ni:hers Why don't yon run for school director, Brown? Brown Well, yon see, sir, there is the farm to look after, and the work on the roads, the timber to out, tbe strong party feeling, my views on the educational question, my tax theory, my ideas of the money problem, and then, besides my wife wants to run. Harper's Barar A writer in London advertises to furnish manuscripts to persons who aspire to bboome authors, but oan't write, at to much a volume ' cm opened aud u taixd uncovered, "lo Be Opened One Year After My Death.' At the end of the year a fourth em Black Hills TelephoneNo 69 Harrison Telephone No. 3. AUra COOK REMEDY COIPoNT. 1928 Masonic Temple, Cliicajo, m. v elope was discovered, to be opened two. years after the testator's datn. aud so the game went on until 1894. when the NO. 664 MAIN STREET. DEAnwnnn actual till was discovered and read. It was quite as axentrio tu its disposi Ys ' BIDS WANTED. ' The Petroit & Deadwoed Gold 'Mln lng company will receive, until further notice in this paper, sealed proposals for excavating a tunnel .for the distance of seven hundred (700) feet on their mining property la Dead wood, known as the Barrett claims. The right to reject any and all bids U hereby reserved. The terms of the i contract mada knows oa application to -v- . J. & LAWSON, ' - - Manager. Gllmore House, Deadwood, 8. Dt e " - " STENOGRAPHY AND , TT FEW KIT- ixo. . , Iroquois Bicycles SlfjJi tion! as the directions attached to its opening The testator bequeathed half Aetna Powder Co. A llatr Vlswr. Tbe largest flower in the world, it Is said, is the bolo, which grows on the island of Mindanao, one of - tbe Philip, pine group. It bas five petals, measures nearly a yard in width, and a single flower bas been known to weigh ii pounds. It grows on the highest pinnacle of the. land, or about 2.600 feet above the level of tbe sea. ; IROQUOIS CYCLE WORM FAILED --jj- mm M M IS. Mmr. Wirt "2vVVo !- im. sum 4 MrM Mde to J.'lT,. bis fortune to such of his heirs as bad the largest numberoJL children. The rest of the property was to be placed ta a bank and a Iiondred years after bis death to be divided, with the accumulated interest, among the will maker'i descendant. Thus by 1988, at 6 per cent compound interest, the 60,000 rubles will have swelled into . 000,000 Dynamite and Black Powder, IROOUOISBICVCLEMtia" wbt. for mty K i nancuf aaw, nnouinvj fuunis mn DEXCRIPTON V'XZEE-S Fuse and Cai&-: K) Hseape. Ml 3 C. B. Hldley, pubUe stenograph- rnblea, But what will this be among at 1 , "W son; irim ti r r and nwrttrjit 'Household Words. SEND name is "My Adam. Miss OXEt Well-' t frB. ,rA w- w,ll f C O D forth- l-.l.rc, 1 "T - .. j, go anywhere to take 3Wa- along." NT - J. t KM M M Ml 1 Mile Batteries, , Battery Supplies. f. . r s and will return tha work nrompt-U tr.l ia cood e'uap. Telephone or : "And my first name is Eve! Dear me! What a what a remarkable coincidence.' -Chicago Tribuna - - , YE HAVE n f!Yfi co.rjM.wi,ss-. 9 1 1 "i. i.iT ZmZZESFJ25?2,'mi,'m TnT. srsplllss w7 ' ' The nse of oca) for house beating ia not marly eo general la Eaxops as ia this country.' '' - - W. B. ADAMS COMPANY J. Lm MEAD CYCLE CO., ChfofgO' ' ft-..!l JhtMmd Os (Vm.

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