The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 22, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORKIKG, MARCH ?2, 1899. UNITE THE WEST. AT An Aggressive Policy no be Pursued by Western Senators and f. LOWE'S wtttfthe rest of the instftuuion. A skylight Is to be placed In the roof, in order to give the room sufficient light The Sisters in charge of the, hospital desire, to thank the managers of the Deadwood electric light works and of the opera house, as well as the local newspapers, for the courtesies extended and for services rendered, towards mtaintaining the hospital and towards adding the desired improvements. Havd Yqu Seen Them? If Not You've a Pleasure to Come. 8WEEK ( met Heavy iina Silk hi Present the Best Sight In Town is Our Handsome Stock of New Goods Which Includes the for I4T'C r Pick of the Market. .,; : Ilia era that enis regular. jff tiein fi The people of the west are beginning to realize that they have, at various times, through congress, been (feed as a cat's paw to further the sectional interests of the east, and at the same time have been denied an equal or just division of public money to develop their own region. Western representatives in congress have always waged an uphillflght 'to get recognition for their vast territory, and this was more than ever apparent in the civvsing days of the congress just adjourned, when the .item in the river and harbor bill providing for the construction of western reservoirs, agreed to by the senate after a gallant fight 'by the western senators, was finally killed In conference by the action of the members of the house of representatives. Western men are beginning to see clearly that irrigation will not win its own battle against eastern opposition and that the only hope of their securing Just recognition is by united action. They did unite in the session just closed, and they made a grand fight for the west and they almost won the day. Stich action needs only to be s will coutinii'- ter said: "Of th thirty odd million dollars to be carried from the treasury through this (bill, the great empire extending from Canada to Mexico and from the Missouri to the Sierra Nevada Mountains is here like a pauper seeking a pittance of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to prosecute surveys and begin the construction of the proposed system of storage reservoirs; and this conference report strikes out the pittance embraced in the senate amendment. The position, Mr. President, is in itself humiliating. 1 observe in the bill an appropriation for a stream called Pull-and-be-Damned (laughter) and another for Old Man's Creek. No one pretends than, any public good will result from such appropriations as those." Senator 'Stewart and Senator Wilson each made a strong plea for justice for the West, showing its vast latent resources and the aikian'iages that will accrue to the iolo nation from ita development. A humorous sally of Senator Wilson's created much laughter when he said that the attitude of congress on this question reminded him of the old lines: "The old goose tihinketh, thinketfi? thinkeith; The young poos-' 'blinkets, blinkefh. lilinketh, Hut the young goose never knows What the old goose thinkeith." He said in closing: "The west is a great country, Mr. President. Il has a great future. There is a Pacific as well as an Atlantic seacoant. We are looking out upon that great Oriental commerce and trade that is before us." The vigorous contest made by the senator from the west forced a re-,-ommital of t'he bill to the conference tDress Goods DAINTY LINGERIE. A line of lingerie which in dainlin-i-w and low price, will appeal to every woman who sees it. is displayed this week at the Ladies Itazajar. Everything in cambric and muslin, both lace and embroidery Irimmed, is dhown. A few prices quoted below will show how surprisingly low are the prices but to appreciate the (juality and beauty of the goods, it is necessary to see them: OamJbric nightgowns, trimmed in valenolenes lace and insertion, $1.50. Skirt to mat.ih, $1.45. Chemise to match, 75c. Corset cover to match, 45c. Drawers to match, 85c. Cambric nightgown trimmed in embroidery, $14.".. Chemise to match, 75c. Skirt U) match, $1,25. (Vrsct cover to match, 4Tc. Muslin nightgown embroidery trimmed, 85c. Skirt to match, 85c. Corset cover to match, 35c. Drawers to match, 5()c. Bright, Fresh, New Easter Ties in the Puffs, Tecks, Ascots, Bows and Strings. 32'c NEW TIES &&&&&&& i dn Donkey Bro-ttre worth 60 cts., It Brocades that sell p. at this sale New Hats, New 10, 15 and 20c broideries and 1-' wnus at I eni arry continued to be successful. VV men are organizing, even now. to Styles of Caps eoiniug 'the war into Africa during ill Cambric skirt trimmed with torchen le. n the congn ss, ami they propor-e to not only demand but to secure a jusi pi uport i n of government mom for Mi'' l- ln-ment of tin ir section of the union Arid-land irrigation ha.-, however. Men's and Boy's Clothing. lace, $1.35. Drawers to mate'h, 40c. Tim liiHit, !taz:La.r also shows a hing Dep. in the east, and w on ninny friend beautiful line of infants short and long si ins in cambric and nainsook, plain it i i 1 ol 'I. il It'!' pn rt was otil ihn.;;:ih th.- tin determined "lP -iti n on ; lull its ifiter everywhere for 20c., 2 and elaborately trimmed and a largt variety of underclothes. I 1.1 ' "VI" feati'il in Is'"' Tli." aiipropi iation in-Tint U th,-senate in the river and harbor lull for this .tool suit $5.50 THE API-BTITE OF A GOAT. committee at about ?, o'clock of the ,,.,,1-n.iig of adjournment, but the house , to- refused to recede fi om its juniude of hostility to the amendment .ul i he advocates of the Measure ,1, , nied ii best to submit in this session to the unjust demands of Mr. Uur-lon and his couferes on the committee from the house, rather than force an ex t ra session. To Spend Money and be Happy at the Same - Time Go to - The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. 1b envied by all poor dyspeptics whose Stomach and Liver are out of order. All Overcoats that Dr. KIdk's New Life Plll, the wonderful Stomach and Llv Lt are slightly damaged fur er Remedy, give a splendid appetite, ,1. ronstrm lion of sitora- reservoir-on the hetidwaters of the Missouri, and fur the survey of sites in every arid and semi-arid state, was forced out in the conference committee. chiefly through the narrow, sectional and selfish opposition of Representative Burton, of Ohio, the chairman of the house committee on rivers and harbors. As wa changed on the floor of the house sound digestion and a regular bodily hab 50 Cents it that lnure perfect health and graat CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY. This remedy is intended especially erergy. Only 25c at FMUips uieenaom. 647 Main Street. for coughs, colds, croup, whooping AN EVENING AT WHIST. cough and influenza. It has become fa mous for its cures of these diseases, t'hi A small numlier of ladies were the i dean them out. , E. LOWE'S by Mr. Tongue, of Oregon, when i.ilt came up there for passage over a large part of the civilized world. Mr. guests of Mrs. Treber and Mrs. Willoth The most flattering testimonials have at a very pleasant party last evening been received, giving accounts of It An elegant tea was served at b o ciook good works; of the aggravating and The dinins room was very prettily dec persistent coughs it has cured; ot severe colds that have yielded promptly I DEMOUTH'S "ARK" I orated with cut flowers. Whirit was tbe amusement of the evening. Burton, of Ohio, had succeeded in putting together a river and harbor bill which gave to his own state $2,586, 500. and for improving the Ohio river from head to mouth, various additional sums aggregating 2.015,00O-a bill vrblcn gave $2 00,2,869.49 to the fifteen states represented upon the committee on rivers and harbors and only $4,578,39.-.75 to all the other states. . , x i k t ha to its soothing effects, and of the dan The list of guests included: Mes- Ik Hairdresser gerous attacks of croup it has cured, of dames Gaston, Bullock, Fishel, Remer, Hague. Lardner, Ogden, Denne, Shot- ten saving the life of the child. The extensive use ot it for whooping cough well, Plowman, Simmons, Koenighber- Can be relied upon to Furnish you any-thin?; in the house Furnishing: Line ger and Misses Friedlander and has shown that it robs that disease ot all dangerous consequences. Sold by all druggists. Mpoomg, Mr Burton saw no ODjecuou w appropriation of $210,000 made by the bill for the repair of reservoirs at the head of the Mississippi river, nor to the building of levees on the Missouri for flood protection, nor to the ex-,,,i.itiire otf millions of dollars for OLYMPIC MUSICALB PROGRAM. The following program has been pre Manicuring. pared for the .musical to be given at the Olympic parlors Friday night of this week: SOMETHING NEW IN THE BLACK HILLS! ELECTRO-PLATING ESTABLISHMENT. We do Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper Brass and Bronze Plating. First-class work guaranteed at a reasonable cost TABLEWARE A SPECIALTY. Why buy new silverware when you can have your old knives, forks, spoons p'l hair cutting a spec- thio purpose on the Mississippi river which saved the Mississippi valley farmer from destruction by flood; but 1. Overture, Trio orchestra- Stoves, Furniture, Glassware Vocal solo, Mrs. J. W. Wesftphal- 2. AIR emm ing. he objected bitterly to removing vue cause of these great evils, to control f- w M-t Recitation, Miss Florence Keats. 3. .k.k iiiir.ns are expended annuaiiy. millions are expeu" the noou- etc., replated equal to new? ftmyoacan buy East All which j3Iork nude to order. He objected to reservoiring r"Brk' Guaranteed Dan- waters at the head of the Mlssouri in Mis 4. Pibna solo, Mrs. Helen Sachs. 5. vocal solo, Mr. Flinterman. 6. Vocal solo. Mise Van Kuran. 7., Violin solo, Mr. Beere. S Vocal solo. Mrs. O. V. Ayres. kllonmft a u.Lvnmimr. because, perchance, some Come and visit ub on the lower noor of the Black Hills Steam Laundry. MESSRS. MULLEN & BEERS. Managers. . . . nf the west t-i remnaea. i drou'tn-sLncneu -I . .o vnflt from it by usmg -a z A TUB fflTgnpg5rtfy"'M t th waters to. irrigate Tns Crockery 10. Selection, Trie arches'tra. The following ladies have been ap r' Millinery Department parched fields cipm senators made a great pointed on committees for reception. A IDd Omaha hirt the reservoir appropriat- ,ioritnni pte .: Mrs. Mason, Mrs. fk tor Hair Goods. FOR SALE CHEAP. Two hundred acres Of land, one mile from Stcirgis, three miles from Fort Meade. Meade counity, S. D. A good ,,c, ittx'O. "L" 14x16, all one and a- 1 Porter Mrs. Remer. Mrs. Westphaling Hill i i ion. consuming nearly the whole of the last niffht of the session, and had it ihonrmv and navy ap- Mrs Cook. Mrs. A. D. Wilson, Mrs. T,, Mra V I. McUUltniin, aim v,if Jmrips hish. with cellar and wood l'6' - noi umu iuov. in; hills came after the river PUER BROS- Misses Bullock, Flower. Grace Clougn. ,i stable and other buildings. O'Keefe, Wringrose and Louise Black- and Harbor bill, and that time had to Enough uneulled timber for 500 cords crrwl water: 120 LEADING stone. be given to pass tihem in order to avu.y an extra session, the senators from the OI WOOU. l"V njri tuft.-, o nder fence: 40 acres broke. JJ MARKET. w,M have forced the commit . o HOSPITAL PATIENTS. p. E Johnson, an employe of the w easv. T. G. COOK, Terry. S.D. from the house to yield. There i no . o ADVERTISED LETTERS. Golden Reward Reduction works, was dobt that the fight so spienun.., - ... t, in another session crated on at St. Joseph's hospital . ( gun cau i; "f"- ti, snowing Is a 11H of the letters Ml n this citv vesterday for the removal .4iir uncalled for in the postofflce rf a tumor from his leg, by Dr. Allen T.i- . - . ,r aenators and congiw- II BRItH. mm I J4IIX1IKI1 L Ui i.. I ciumio at Dead wood. S. D., for the weekend t "Knvne ran. 3. " i.tip to the west ShUJINU H AINU (jUUUd Always on Hand at Bargain Prices. Some Special Bargain Stoves to Cut Down Stock. . GOODS DELIVEREO. Call and See. DeMOUtll'S "Ark." 70 Sherman Street. and Dr. ZerflOg. The operation was at- - I . InolflT lllMtll 1 11.. ' . men to ius , . ing Saturday, March 18. 1899: .int nr river auu tAnded bv the best of results, ana me t Hn the appori.iuu'""- frPPwiii.. I nrmrrmrlations. patient is getting along in good shape. , .wiwooa of Wyonttng. took Nick Bieenius was brought aown from Englewood last Friday by Ed ' the burden of the contest and spoke for , fan tr - He showed by - Hanschka. with a broken leg, ana is staying at the hospital, where he is Oents. Coniey. John. Dukes. H. M. Gorden, J. S. Guer. J C. (2) Gordon. William. Harding. J- O-McCulK-y- M. B. (2) Monroe. Marion. vinff surgical attendance. He naa " uuoui over iuui --- . , . PISOPLB. gineers" reporte and surveys the im- lBnrttoftoa Routa portance of the treasure and how far-t lln8 lnt 8 benefits " ;-ir U, of reaching ";;";,kMh the been working for M. Hansctoka to his rock quarry at Englewood, and his leg k 8Bnt to Kaa- moTlng the cause or n. -r:in 'orittrf i. , . T . t rrvoirs, and bring- beonard. Pines, m uouna xo Dei oonsiru-.u'iu Bm traveled r C the waters back into the streams ? m In ' T fr navigation, saving was broken by a rock rolling aown tu slope and catchtag blm before he could get out of the way. He will probably be in the hospital for about a A. L. Potvln, Rumsey, A. B. m 1 1. WJ" an wu(" urou'o- - a,.. Stevens feo. i , fSTllickl lous devices for contrtfTtorW x W. !7. AlwavB to be allowed ..o discharged from the hospital ,! naet few weeks, and there -mfiwm-i 11 - Taylor. Wm. L. Wilson. Chaa. Ladles. Jacobscn, Fannie. Ragen, Mollie. cstanktv Miss Emma U) are at the present time several patient nootJ M ' I . nh was a splen- . PAfDOCK & HOWE PHYSICilNS & SURGEONS, Oflor Nou a, t op 8y"tort Block, Fin ; Floor t Wwtern VbSoM TtL, tttm. Offle Honrt From 0 a,, m. to 9. p. Pads) Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Frop. ucoui, at. i senator wan i- SEi5 '"" confined there who are receiving meu. cai treatment. In addition to the smrgi mentioned. Pereorn caJlmg for any of the aboY ,'wwirwn" "aoola and clearly snoweu i -O ably aided by Senators Carter and Man-i?101- tl. of Montana, Wlteo olWasWnKton. n m.w f Honda, WW J vr- The work of enlarging the operating M twtrun. and It will be fitted pleaae gl7 Mv"1 JOHN BAKER, PostaaaUr. o uw iw OWw- r.r. up !n a manner thoroughly In keeping In closing Ma rennrw

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