The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 22, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCII 22, 1899. PRAISE FOR COLONEL FROST. bare their claims confiscated by tbu government The free miners' license issued to foreignare clearly states that .AAAAAAAaaAaaaaaaaaaa AAA.. . MINING AND MILLING INDUSTRY - wwwww 4e41 they will be protected, and it gives L them the right to locate placer ground for a period of one year from date. Scores of foreigners, the majority of South Dakota Boys Change Their Minds as to His Quality. "Our colonel was among the men on the advancing line, cheering as louo-l a any of them. His bravery gained for him a hearty cheer, from among his men, while before the battle it would have b(n imposible to raise ore for him," stated Lew R. Sharpe in AN EXCELLENT COAL whom were citizens of the United" I Shoes With I a Reputation. '.bis time of the year. Mr. Uhler desired it understood that his company was in shape to fill all or States, availed themselves of the in ducements offered by the British Col- The Hay Creek Product Gives a Splen did Analysis. ders for coal that came in, and it is the umbia government early in December and up to the time of the passage of a recent letter from the Philippines, the act communicated to Skaguay the' J. C. Uhler, one of the stock holders in the Wyoming & Missouri River rail speaking of the first battle with the in last week in January. These miners Intention to supply the Black Hills market with all it demands. By next fall the coal ground will be fully developed, and wiil probably be equipped with modern machinery for the extraction erf coal, so that work can !e car road, and in the Black Hills Coal com I Our Boys Seal Skin Seamless surgents, on the night of February 4. The letter continued, "We have all pany, wbJose mines are Bl'tuated on Hay ! taken Iwiek the hard words we had said 1 1-bout tbe colonel previous to the tight '' i SHOES ried on along lines in keeping with Following is the letter in full: "Ma what the market Justifies. o nila, February 6, 1899. The monotony I Are noted lor their wearing qualities t of camp life has been broken at last. MONTEZUMA AND ADJOINING acted in good faith and were sledding their t a over the trail, contending with innumerable hardships. "Kor the province of British Columbia to suddenly repudiate the written contracts with foreign miners, without giving them a reasonable notice, has re suited in causing them heavy losses. The American miners, under these circumstances, will be Justifiable in demanding heavy damages, which claims will soon be placed in the hands of the United States for collection. excellent for school wear. and we have been permitted a tate of what we enlisted for. We were all cal creek. In Wyoming, and Da Id J. Lloyd superintendent of the mines, arrived In Deadwood Monday afternoon, and remained over night. Mr. l'hler stated that lila coal company waa working teadlly and was taking out some coal right along, although, m thii-s is about it the end of the season when there Will 'be a demand for coal, the opera-11 one will probably not be of a very extensive order before next fall. The principal aim of ' the company at CLAIMS. A gentleman who was in the city yes led out ou the evening of February 1th terday from Nahant, stated that Char to our outpost. All that night we were L. C. VERPLAST. les Cadmus, who has recently taken the on the firing line, but we did not ad bond and lease on the Montezuma No GO Sherman st. vance until daybreak. At about 8 group of claims, near Rochford, has shipped a carload of the ore to Chicago j'clock a charge was ordered all along "In an article written by W. M. Brew present Is to develop lte grtound, and er in the 'Engineering and Mining Jour determine something of the extent of nal' of February 4th, I notice that he the line, which was fully twenty miles long. The insurgents were almost in our teeth. They had possession of the blockhouses around the city. We now states that by the recent legislation it lis not intended that hydraulic mining shall be interfered with. On the face and expects to give it a thorough test. This was taken from a large quantity of ore that had been lying on the dump for some time, and a portion was con. centrales that had been saved from the pulverizer. Mr. Oadmos, ho stated, is starting some extensive work or. the ground, and if It develops satisfactorily he announces that he will pui up a plant for treating rt ou the ground. of this bill to those who have not been Cook Remedy Co HAS THE ONLY SURE CURE FOR in the country where the law ia to be applied it might seem reasonable that their intentions were as represented. have block house No. 4. The First South Dakota regime n't charged and captured this, under a heavy cross lire. Not one of our men was hit, although the bullets were as thick as hailstones are at times in SpearnVh valley. regiment lost two men killed md ttiree wounded later during -t li : day. We wounded four Filipinos and killed one during the first charge. PRIMARY SPcm.n.- the coal deposit. Two carloads of coal were brought out as far as Belle Fourche on the trail n that left Hay creek Monday and the shipments will average about that every day. Work la being pushed In the main alope, and the foreman of the mine, Lee Cannaday, has been given the contract by 'the company to drive this elope 1500 feet, and Is now at work on lie contract. This 'is the new slope, that '"' started last faj., several hundred feet around the hill from the mouth of the old tunnel. It has reached a distance of 625 feet under the hill at the As a matter of fact they have a cinch glLOOD POISON or the hydraulic tuiuing Loo, for in the TERTIARY BLOOD POISON PERMANENTLY CURED 15 IX) 35 DAYS. You can bi places where the dumps of tailings must be the now law clearly gives only 0 This informant stated tba'. the Montezuma was undoubtedly the richest piece of ground in that part of the country, and has been the most exploited. There is one tunnel 300 feet in length and another 70) feet long, be- lornrtwi at li,.- uume lur me sum rice under same GUARANTY. If you prefer to come here we mi .jiraci 10 pay ranroau tare aua noiei outs ana no charge if we fall to cui If vnn havp taUpn MHIJfKHV IfiniVK POTASH DnH mi i .sidcn a shaft sixty feet deep. .. . u olJ11 uav atn(JS British subjects the right of ownership on locations made in the future. By this method the creek claims in a new district can be held indefinitely, so that foreigners would lie obliged to pay enormous sums to acquire certain tracts of land they would need." There is an excellent body of free mil pains, AiutJUUS rA n il r.s in moutn, SOKE THROAT, PIMPLES, COPPER " M.nrm SPOT?!. Pl.r on anv part of the body. IIURor EYEBROWS "There was not a cooler lot of men along the line than he South Dakota boys. Every man and every officer was there, and they were almost in ecstasies over the prosH'-; of a libr. '),: colonel was amonx the men on the advancing line, cheering a.s loudly as any of them. His bravery Rained for l,:!ii a hearty cheer from among his i n ,i. while lH'foro the battle it would hnv" ling ore on the ground, that has been opened, assaying from $2 to $14 to the 1 I.I,IM, Ul.T, it is tin.. M.-MMJ POISON that we GI'AUAN'I to curt. .' .-oiicit tho most Oils I I I !; CAS ICS and CH.-U.HN;i T1IK WORLD present time. Mr. l'hler status that as It gets under the hill, and the pressure becomes greater overhead, the coai 'becomes denser, and of a better quality. Where the vein was perhaps five and a half feet tthick, farther out in the elope, or where It was first reached, It has now 'been compressed to about four ton. It in said to be a good concentrating proposition, and the concentrates a! ways BAFFLED I 1 Oil A ( ASK WE CAN NOT i T RE. Thiri disease Ihis Till' SKILL OP THE MOST EMINENT PHYSICIANS. HE FOOLED THE SURGEONS. All doctors told Renick Hamilton, of run away up in the hundreds of dollars. Mr. Oadmos has a force of men at work on the ground, and is taking hold of the property as only a man who under West Jefferson, 0., after suffering li Several of our most promin i ;'! lands have succumbed to this dis i best talent Unlimited wealth of RET REMEDY known onh o :rse' bile men King's ami L'mporers of foreign -even when under the trcatnu-nt of the : ; coulo employ, but wp b;u-e a SEC '. During KOI R I ICKN YEAHS of months from octal Fistula, he would been impossible to raiso one for hini. We have all taken back the hard words we had said albout the colonel bvi iv the fight. We are proud of him. .in 1 every man is his friend. It seenis strange feet thick, although there Is fully as much coal as there was at first, it having simply been condensed by the intense pressure. An analysis of this coal gives the fol 'oncerns hac st i odented success; ! ''(1 Up tO 111 to-day not on die unless a costly operation was performed; but hec ured himself with Ave roxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve iu the World. 25 cents a box. Sold by Phillips Steensen, Druggists. our existence no le- than if di.T -v itate our treatment, prompted by our m.; of them remains in business. that 'there .should be such an absolute lowing results: first sample, carbon, 1 stands his business and appreciates a good proposition, can. Thomas Blair is at work on his ground, lying near Rochford, taking out ore and getting ready to run it through the Montezuma mill, at Rochford. They had a bond on the Montezuma raining ground, and one of the conditions of the bond Was that they should put up the mill. If they failed to take up the bond the ground was to revert back to the original owners, together with the improvements they had placed an It, Including the mill, which, while not on the ground, had been We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Co:r.:etitort THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thousands and has t world wide reputation for speedy cur es, honesty and Integrity. MO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. A : ice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND T'NBROKEN PLKD-OES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. reverse of sentiment towards h:m. bik his behavior in battle was an inspiration to the men. "About 1 o'clock in the afternoon we advanced aain on a :--mall villat which we captured after a hard flgt. killing aLouL thirty inurgf rt and lo.-ing one man killed and two wounded. The artillery and fleet took an Important part in the engagement. The fleet opened fire on a body of "niggers' in columns of fours, and killed aibout 44.14 per cent; Volatile matter 45.27 per cent; ash, 8.35; per cent; Water, 4.84 per cent A second sample gives: carbon, 45.86 per cent; volatile matter, 41.49 per cent;! atih. 6 per cent; and the rest water. Thus It will be seen that the carbon and volatile matter, or gaa, comprise about 85 per cent of the Thole, which Is an excellent showing. Owing to the predominance of the TOlatlle matter there tias been somp trouble with chimneys and stove pipes FILED FOR RECORD. The following instruments were filed yesterday in the office of Che register of deeds: An order of the county court confirming the sale of real estate and personal property of the estate of Joshua P. Taylor, deceased. The United SCates to Savery Bradley, as receiver for the Edgmont & Union ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. '-MS rcREHEOY COMPANY. 1928 itomc , Ctei, 111. really put up in connection with the ground. The men dtid not take up the Hill Smelting company, patent for tbe Marion, Marion No 1, and the Marion three thousand of them. It U claimed that there were five or six thousand in No. 2 m-iniing claims, in Bear Butte Iroquois Bicycles $lfi.75 ti tt. tmmm Iroguola Modal S B fj t inuyuui blbLK WUKM TMV -k-i. t niWulj Mil, u4 w kT kmkt lk nttr UU t fcnri M mf mm thm iUr. WIUnHWMIINak 74m. iiM mm Mad to sail at M0. manthilMivftanMHlaMuallAM W0 MaM riud aa u4 auka tk aaarTdavu aaar at I IROOUOIS BICYCLE tl. IUikvlrt. TWakHk that had been put up for wood stoves, iU It waa found that they were not Ijtffe entoigh, or were not properly put up. for the use of the coal. They would consequently become clogged a,nd obstructed -with oot, and would Jave to bej:!eared out frequently. Bu". wliere ithe pipes and chimneys have been put up with a view to tho use of the coal, lit ta fewnd to give excellent satisfaction. The company ban nad an experience along this line itself. There V several old houses on the iaji pound,' 'where the chimneys had been buflt tor the use or wood, aud it 4a been found thai; theue must be constructed on a different line. But in the bond on the ground and the mill was among the improvements that passed Into the hands of the original owners of the property. The Montezuma mine is looking finely and is at present undergoing soma developments on a large scale. A drift la being run from Che deep shaft and la crosscuttting some fine looking ore. On Friday gulch, Joe Sharp and assiciates are opening up a vein of free milling ore that gives good tests in the pan, and they have a large amount of the ore in sight. They have been at work on their claims all winter and have made remarkable headway with n rtfDIDTnil Tlx lroM axl,l I K too nil km a Mai ukawniriwn I aaampkoa. Ulr lit k. aatatkablt wpntktu, ink aaar.fUia. ,m inail BjckalaDaaBaMiaaMI, Oaau' tnmt, n, M aa4 Mia., LasW H la.. k "i ' Mat tkiaafkoat. Omr Wrttlaa BaraatM witk mn ank. -- - . . . . ....... lut.' m MaM'.coiarawi Hun AhcTtni i nSWmlZJ . fc. . . " whmo, aaa w win snip v.. u. tf. nrlaf aajaaai ajia. f aaa aaaiaM ' CTaTaa? a . kJLi,JTjtm l"aad W ante d tanxat far auk ,. Nil wn, arar. haw ihniMus 'that the company . has aiw-a HtTlm Haaaa la tka world ul an aarfatUr rallaiC ; wa rafai h aa baak ot kaauaa al aaf axpraaa aaaipaay aaa aa aw avatoaBrra avarvwkara surgents killed during that day's f.ghting. The Nebraska boys captured the waterworks, thus solving the water question. The Washington troops suffered more than any of th" other American regiments, one compauy being literally cut to pieces, although it held its own. "You may be Interested in the sensation of being under Are. I was not afraid, and in fact, never thought of It; but at first when a bullet passed near me I involuntarily dodged. That was the tale of all the men. I could see them ducking all along the line. But this soon wore off, and we paid no more attention to the bullets, although some of them passed so near our faces that we could feel them. I paid no at- but some who witnessed it say that we kept a good tine, in the face Of one of the fiercest cross fires. Company L is still In good shape, not a man being hurt during the engagemenlt We expect to advance on Malolos (before long. Our shelter tenita are pitched at the block house that we captured In the first engagement, and our headquarters are in the block house. We are a different set of (boys from what we were a week ago. This thing takes out all the old sore spots, and makes a fellow feel I " H raaaaia aJ ragaaai aitflm a ara wmmTHl I Duttt within tine' last few months, and where the chimneys were built In full knowledge of the quality of :he c-oal. there has been absolutely no trouble OANADIAN ALIEN ACT. mining district. The United States to the Edgmont & Union Hfll Smelting company, patent to the Green Jacket, Union Mine, Orient fraction, Alexandria, AJax and Col-etta mining claims in Dear Buitte district. H. F. Robinson to the Milton Trust company, mining deed conveying the Pearl No. 2 and Pearl No 3 mining claims, in Bear Butte district. George A. Fletcher, trustee to the Milton Trust company, the Lila nnining claim, Bear Butte district. George A. Fletcher, trustee to W. F. Robinson, the Pearl No 2 and Pearl No. 3, Bear Butte district. Martin Chapman to Robert McShane,-a three-eighth interest in the St Paul, Wjtlfrwoort district. William Zoeckler, Matilda Zoeckler, Peter Zoeckler, Charles Sasse and J. W. Higbie, lots 1 ajid 2, block 3, Spruce gulch addition the city of Dead-wood; $500. Barney Garvey to Robert C. McShane a lnreresii in the Franklin, Hamilton snd Tallahasse mining claims! in WhA'twood district. Ada E, Burns and William S. Burns to Joan Kingsley, lot 8, subdivision of the southeast quarter of the southeast Quarter of section 4, towushlp 6, . north of range 2, eadt, together with five miners' Inches of water taken from the George B. Munn water ditch; $250. George B. Munn to Ada E. Burns, it RATE ON LOW GRADE In a recent letter, wrfttenjbJJfrl Brook: at Skaguay and published in the ORES. demonstrate-tHhat -it has no superior The smelter wWi give special rates upon low grade ores where they are ro of an especially undesirable char ecler. If the ore is low Iu silica like ctrtaln Carbonate Camp, Galena and 1 end City ores, we will make a corres- Engineering and Mining Journal, the full effect of the new alien law, recently adopted by the legislature of British Columbia, together with some comment on the measure Is given. The following is the letter: "The new alien bill recently passed In British Columbia la now in full force at the Atlin recording office. The news did not reach there un'til the Gold Com ttij slater's special messenger arrived on the afternoon of February 3d. . "A great many American miners It la easily Ignited, and 'turm with an tnteneti hca't which makes it invaluable.0'?"' ,' '" ' " - ' ' Mr.; Uhler atkea that tho . , artesta i well that Is" being put down at th , mine has reached,' the depth of, about 225 feet, and work is going on steadily. It Is expected thai It wttl have to go at leas'; 00 or 600 Jeet br-'ore striking the artesian basin. The hole that is being put dcn 13 a trifle more than art Inches in dimeter, and it la estimated that the well .will iSirniahjralv l,naiugLy low gnwlUng rate no that :Tts running but $8.00 or $10.00 may e mined at a profit. Call at the works or further information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER, Gen. Manager. Aetna Powder Co, Dynamite and Black Powder, Fuse and Gaps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, W. E. ADAMS COMPAK The Blitasdeft Typewriter Received the only Gold Medal. Awarded any Writing Machine at the Omaha Exposition in 1898. Can be seen at the office of better towards his Uncle Samuel ana towards his superior officers. There is i wfr union the new creeks that were BIDS WANTED. The Detroit & Dead wood Gold Min no homeslcknecs In our company now. lor all purpose la the town. There t j wereA ta.s winter, thawing out ! already largeamouni wier frcwp m ' propertif s xovJ ing company will receive, until further and we are all anxious to stay here un till the "niggers" are willing to ac knowledge that they are whipped, "LEW R. SHARPS." notice In this paper, sealed prupoeala with a view to locating." - Hot 8, subdivision of the southeast "We 'brough In ecane locations for nuarter of section 4, township 6, north, record on February 10th at a great ex- of range 3, east, together with five mm- for excavating a tunnel for the distance of aeren hundred (700) feet on i ra' inche at water: 1750. tneir mining property In Dead wood, known aa the Barrett claim, The right penea of (hue and labor, hut ' on our way to Atlln learned of the new . law. The recorded, Mr.: W. H. Vlcker, refus Marvin C Hillock to J. 'E. Corcoran, a fourth Interest in the Chieftain No. I,1 Chieftain Na 2. Chieftain No. 3 and ed to accept our applications In accord $30.35 CUT RATES $30.35 Via Burlington, T Portland. Seattle and Taooxna. The only abort "quick through line to Const . Points. Call at B. ft H. ticket ance with the instructions from his eu Chieftain No. 4 mining claims, a fourth berior officers.' On January 28th f Wof a mile iaat of Garden City, oa Polo M. H. LYON, Deadwood, S.D. MM bole, but it doe apt acurry For the present Una railroad trahj, . making its funs, from the . Belle Fourths end of the line, aa there la not enough water at the Aladdin end 'to upply the engmev There la an engine house up, and as soon aa water to reach ed in sufficient quantities the train will lie over at the .western end ot the-ru.o The mail route over the railroad baa not yet been eetblished, and probably will not be for several weeks. The company has "been having Urge amount of troublo with snow, which ilea much, deeper oa Hay creek, and at Aladdin than in Dead wood, and St waa necess-, y s . ,cae.limflJajaSle'fc-iffl to to reject any and all bids la hereby reserved. The terms of the contract made known on Application to J. & IaAWSON. Manager. Gilmore House, Dead wood, g. d. . -o- - . - i- NOTICE. office for full particulars. Train leares creek, Ida Gray mining district; $1,000. Samuel Whrtfng to Lizxte Keeler, lota 1L 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, block 10, town of Preston; $100. at $30 p. m. ' , FOR SALE, TWO HOISTS. One twenty-horse portable frictJo" . - j i hand fOOt purchased some : unrecorded ' claims, went to the recorder, who received the money for application of record and IeavYof absence.' In conversation with Hon. J. D. Graham who to gold commissioner tor the Atlin district, tie said engine ana Doner, aajiciuio j-break. with -300 feet steel cable, com- INCUBATOR. STENOGRAPHY' "AND TxTEWRIT- plete. : ' rt egf hatcher' Ta that he could not guarantee that , we One large blower, suitable for nw njalufactrired by aa experienced poultry .raiser and can riarrantea hla own male to be fwperkr, cheaper and eae-ler to operate than any Incubator on Treasurer's Office, Lawrence CwSTr Deadwood, a D., March 15, 1899. I will- pay on presentation at this office Bridge Fund warrants of LaW. rence County, try to and Inclndlmx Reg-btered Number 17t . H. p. LORET. ' Tteaararer of Lawrenoe Oonntr. B. Dl , marlS-K. " . I'.e Fourcna for one of the Klknorn :;-:r.y'a snow plows, in ordfef . to a 4 the line. It 1 something unus- 1 r so much snow in that section. VciTdoldlhlain7ix)va mentioned. In four or live weeks that might expect an answer. , "If thla aew law la to stand aa now Interpreted In the Lake Atlin jcoun try, a very large number of Americans w"TT Mm Kneiuug iuroaw.-a. One stattonary feriotlcra drum how. fifteen horse power engine and boil, complete. . . , Two.tlter presses for chlorlnatlai or Was C. TBI Hlnley, public stenographer and typewriter at H. B. Young's office, will go anywhere to take dictations sod will return ths irork promptly and in eood sbspa. Telepheos or scall calls answered. . , the market. To be aeen itr.uda i .1 g rie rally gee a off entirely before lunW yard atore. evanlde. J. A. CUMMING3. Mfg. , Enquliw of B. roat. Lead. 8. D. I )

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