The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 22, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 22, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS),- WEDNESDAY MOKNINC, MAKCII 22, 1899. FIVE CENTS.. J PAULSON IS SET FREE SHERMAN DEAD . .j. j. $. c$. 4 rfr 4. 4. .. 4. 4. v.'as frequently called upon ti assist in the solution of some contingency. He preserved his mental vigor well during the last ten or fifteen years of his life, although physically he had been infirm and almosrt i.nable at tines to attend to his duties. THE UP-TO-DATE i, Famous Statesman Died J! one of the snow storms last week, a loy who was herding sheep for the Stewart Brothers, was caught out about a mile from t)he camp, and as the sheep would not face the storm to get home tho herder drifted along with them all night, and siu-reeded in keeping tie tn together until daylight, only losing -ix out of the flix k of three thousand. When found by the other herders in the iu irinng. his hands and feet were 'i.ully frozen, anil heroic treat-men' was resorted to. He was kept The Viburg Farmer Cleared of the Charge of Murder Against Him. DRY GOODS HOUSE. Joseph Med ill's Funeral. ('hi ago. March 21. Spe.-ial -The ie-mains of Joseph Medill, late editor of the Chicago Tri'bune, w.v laid U rest today with elalorau cer 'monies. All of the public buildings of th city closed during the funeral. l the west mmes Yesterday. End of a Career Marked By Brilliance and Usefulness. For This Week We Offer. au.ty from a tire.... and the hands and feci keoi buried in the snow until the Was Arrested For K l ing His Former Hired Man in October 1892. fro-- was drawn out. and i't is hoped to sa e his limbs. It is reported that Father Craft, who organized the order of American Sis ters on the reservation northwest of Lonsdale and Fruit of the Loom Muslin at here, and who was compelled to leave the reservation by order of the agent, Washington, D. C. March 21 Spec -A dlspauh revived at the Whit mll 3:15 from Kingston. Jamaica, s again under orders 'to move on, in Lounwd the death of John Sher-CIl the noted statesman and ex-secre-i .... ivm the executive man Cuba. When driven off the reservation he. came to Fort Pierre, with several membei-s of his order, who are Indians, and at the outbreak of trouble in Refuse American Mail. San Francisco, March 21. Special Skaguay advices sta'te that the Canadian postal coniirai'tors refim to carry the Inked Stales mail from Skaguay. to Dawson, bemuse it does not bear Canadian postage. Several tons of mail haa accumulated at Skaguay and the authorities are unable to forward it. The situation has been n ported at Washington. o Roosevelt For Vice-President. New York, March 21. Special The boom of Governor Theodore Roosevelt fur the vice presidency hs been f.n-mally launched. pjai suuc- 5 Cents Per Yard, f ion the information was quicKty telexed to tlie sui'te, war, navy, and Culm, took them to the front, and they 4 1 Joined the army at Santiago, where tin y worked among 'the soldiers as departments, and the flags of all lie government buildings were imme-ytely ordered to half mast. The par- niirs.w. The Catholic Archbishop, who has boon delegated to investigate the 500 -35 jdlare of Mr. Sherman s death are sot riven, hut it is supposed he died Sioux Falls. Mar. 21. Judge H. H. Keith of this city haa returned from Viburg, where he defended Iver Paul-sjoii at a preliminary hearing. Paulson was charged wi'th murder, but at the completion of tlhe heating he was discharged, there being no evidence against him. In October, 1892. Chris Nekion was found in a dying condition near the home of Paulson, wi'th his throat cut, deep gashes in Iwrth wrists and several cuts across the breast. A conorner's inquest was held and after the evidence was submitted a verdict of suicide was brought in. Siice that time Paulson has had onsi Urable trouble wiUi relatives 01 wife, and recently an uncle named Kaumback tmade complain't and had Paulson arrested for murder. It was claimed that Nelson had $S00 at the time of his death, which bad disappeared.. It was 'further claimed that shouly after Nelsons d-aih Paulson raised a mortgage of $600 from his board the steamship Hans. He had to cruisins m U"' vv muies lor lis health, and was suddenly taken 4 Ijun with pneumonia the latter part W week. Br. Sherman was serretary of stut Pieces of Embroideries from 3c Per Yard on and up. In Addition we will ofler a Line of Novelty Dress Goods at 25c per yard, which have been sold from 35 to 50c per yard. 1 To Pardon the Youngers. St. Paul. March 21. S;-vial The senate committee has aihancid the bill paroling 'the Younger b. others to the calendar recommending its pa -sage The Younger brothers are serv in life sentences in the Minnesota penitcnii ary frr complicity with KraiiK and J James in murder ami highway robbery, they having been eelelnaK'd accomplices of the Jam"; boy.i. affairs of the Catholic church in Cuba, ha.- ordered them to lesive the island, p. seems that "Father Craft" was years ago. some cause, ex-communicated, and Ins present 'trouble is probably on that account. S.uue time ago a post office was established out on the range. country, and given the n.ime of Manila. 'Hie resident.- of eastern Sully county, on th. ea.-t side of the river, are now petitioning for 'an office 'to Im? given the name of Dewey. The people of Dakota show by their actions and desires what their sentiment is in regard the pres-(iit difficulty in the Philippines. Congressman Bulge has appointed as his private secretary lt'.:iard l.'nder-wood, a brotiht r-in-law ot the late W. li. Sterling, and who "held the position as court stenographer under Judge Fuller and later under Judge Gaffey. o ,Mr. MfKmley's cabinet at this time is year, and as forced to resign on wount of his years. It'ing succeeded If William K. Day. He would have ten 16 years old had he lived until his wt birthday, May 10. being bom in jtaster, Ohio, in 1823. At the time rfiie birth his father was judge of the site of Ohio, but the father died when nn 1 lAirnTiiiirinnrn t 1 t 1 place and built a new house. It was .shown before the justice of the peace .lim Paulson had borrowed $1,400 of a ill. Ji wtuirmtiutn. 1 son was but 6 years old, and the h aceounted for t 4 titer was taken by his uncle, John ikerman, to live at Mount Vernon. He Railroad Strike Settled. Seattle., Mareh 21. Special The steamer lt(jaMne brings 'the news that the railroad strike on the White Pass road has been settled by the. restoration of the wages formerly paid, and .work has leen resumed on the ik sent to the, academy of I in caster this money, and it was further shown thai Nelson could not have had to exceed $10, and there wa J8.50 on Ms person when he was found. i n 1835. He entered upon a classical mm, but when in his sopbmore year k changed bis mind and became jun-r rod man in a body of engineers at a: toe engaged in his state. In 1838 kru IntruBted with om important CLAIM WORTH MUCH MONEY A Klondike Miner Refuses $100,000 Olympic By-Laws Adopted. The board of directors of the Olym pie. association held a meeting las niirhr and adooted the new by-laws THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Labor Law Killed. Linooln. Neb.. March 21. Special The house today killed the bill providing that laborers should not work more than eight hours. that had lieen draughted by the com mittee anDoinited last spring for that purpose. A copy of the proposed new laws has been posted in the club rooms for the past ten days, and members have been jnvited to submit their sug Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st. 1899, $642,815.00 eestions as to any alterations or amendments to the laws as they stood to the secretary- Accordingly several amendment;) were submitted to the board last night, in one instrument signed by a large number of the mem tot his amtoftions were higher, and k left engineering to take up the. study tw, In 1S44 he was admitted to fctarinOhio, and went into partner M) with one of his brcVLhers in Mans-W, ttt utate. His long and remark -potftlcaJ career wag begun in 1848, a he asrved as a delegate to the f cwnwillon that nominated Zacto-" Tartar for the presidency. In the jMtrhe was married. Three MjKer he was elected a member tflalwuseaf representatives at faUnfta. In 18S6 he was active in tapport of John C. Fremont, and imamlber of the Thirty-fifth ana-MrtMlith congresses, he 'became Kalnont among the public men of the In March, 1861, he todk the at Salmon P. Chase to the United mate. He was elected to suc- bars of the association, and they were All Branches of Banking Business For His Gold Claim. Chadron. Neb.. Mar. 21. -Fifteen years ago J. W. Finnegan of this city and George Johansen of Dawson City, Alaska, were ralilroad men employed on an Illinois railway. Yesterday they met in this city for the first time in fifteen years and compared notes togeth er. Mr. Finnegan is at present a pas senger conductor on the Elkhorn railroad in this city, and Mr. Johansen is ehe owner of a claim in the heart of the Klondike region, for wuJch he has refused fi offer of $100,000, and is interested in several other mines in that rich gold-bearing district. Mr. Johansen wentt to Alaska five years ago am? was freighting through the adjacun to the now famous Klondike regHon when gold was first discovered there He was one of Che first locators and secured two valuable claims, on ....of which he has already sold at a hjfh figure? I ast spring Mr. Johansen lefl the Klondike and arrived in the United StaJtes for the purpose of securing medical treatment, his health was impaired by the hard Dife of five years spent in the frozenliorth. and he was not dis- , . a looks H has silli adopted. The amendments for one thing abolish the proposed temporary member of the association, and the pro Pope Gradually Sinking. Berlin, March 21 . Special. A telegram from Rome says the pope is grad ually growing weaker, and that all efforts to arrest the wane of his strength have proven of no avail. o More Victims of the Windsor. New York. March 21 Special Thrc-s more charred bodies were removed today from the ruins of the Windsor hotel. They were so badly burned that recognitionwas impossible. The work of clearing away the debris Is progressing slowly. o Nancy Guilford On Trial. " Bridgeport;' Coan... March 3mS$f&z. tal-r-The trial of Dr. Guilford, familiarly known here as "Old Nancy," for the murder of Miss Gill, was begun today. Transacted, posed new method of choosing omctrs of the association was also altered. It was the nninose of the commi'tee on DRAFTS ISSUED om China, Manila, Havana, Porlo Rica, by-laws to elect four directors, a presi Africa, England, Franca, Germany and all Parta ot lha World, at dert. a secretary, and a vice president. lowosl maraai raias. The association has been ejecting sev- COLLECTIONS mada carefully and accounted tor promptly. ttomtf 4f?rftmJ agate lTrim M..iBnrtrll and t hv in turn have Ul. ..o'nVa'narail Plirl-lifth IDAtlPV fit ReBSOnablfl chosen their own officers, ai a subse the earlier period of the war Rebellion he dletlnKuiehed hlm- Rates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers quent meeting. Under the amendments responsibility or collaterals. submitted last night at the meeting of the board the association will, at the annual meeting and election, elect sev THIS IS DISTINOTIVEIiT -A. en directors, and will then proceed to nmea to roiiuu j regained his health, however, and ha refused an offer of $100,000 for his mine Accounts of Banks. Corporations and Individuals elect from the directors chosen the officers. The method of election of direc:-ors and officers decided upon by the committee on by-laws, namely, the Australian ballot, stands just as orig inally draughted. The plan of appoint ing a board to receive nominations two weeks before the regular election, and solicited. Oorre spond enoe Invited. ltb debate on the financial ques-tad Chat treasury notes were Iflgal tender was due largely to Mnenoe. In 1867 he proposed the """n act that was passed by con-1870. In March, 1877, he be-?lnp of the treasury, under Hayes. Toe resumption of f.Wroent, January I; 1879, was wthleoiameinoraled his great eTeont in fimnoe. J8 WBumed his seat in the Statei senate, at the thne Fres -P took Us seat. Mr. Sher- ftm 'en VKttnlimit candidate . presidency 'before the. repub-rVwtion, and Mr. Garfield was -J"t th Ohio delegation pledg DIRECTORS: W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. an election board, also stands. I nder one of the amendments submitted last HARRIS FRANKLIN, Praaidant. BEN BAER, Vice Preaidont. Died of the Hiccoughs. Norfolk, Va. March 21. Specia'-Dedford Deale died here yesterd ;y from hiccoughing. He commenced to hiccough fifteen days ago, and contin ued Intermtttently until Ma death. o Stirring Up a Rebellion. Havana. March 21. Special. Man-lanlllo advices today stabee that Jose Mirro, a general of the Cuba a army. Is 'making trouble. He has gathered a thousand men near San Lulr and is inviting the other chiefs to Join him in revolution' against the United States. Much apprehension is felt among the business men of Manzanillo. Mirro Is a Spaniard by birth. o Gold Mine Proves a Myth, Carrollton, O..Mar. 21 The smelters and tools at the alleged gold mine at Malvern are In the hands of the sheriff of Carroll county, who levied on them to satisfy a judgment of S300 obtained 0)y Meredith & Co. of Bant Liv- night, each committee appointed shall have for its chairman a member of the board of directors. WM. SELBIE, Caahlor. c which price he placed upon the sar..e last spring when toe thought he woulf never return (there. SOME STATE CAPITAL GOSSIP Interesting News From the Range and Reservation. Pierre, March 21. Special Albert Fairbanks and Harold Sweet, pupils of the Pierre Indian Industrial school, who submitted samples of their phop work to the Manuel Training Department of the Tranamississlppl Exposition, in competition wSth similar works from other manuel training schools both while and Indian, have received diplomas awarding them second and third places in the contest. The sam-Dles Dreseoted were of lathe work, con- The board has in.struc.ei the secre tary to have five hundred oopies ot me btKrman, t the Chicago con-Zr,L Garfield made a speech r 0 name of Mr. Sherman in new by-laws printed and he will prou-ibly have this done at once. BUILDING STONE. TOMBSTONES. -0 : ' Circuit Court. There was litJtle business in court lx. but Mr. Sherman was not JTttd Mr. Garfield "was. At Pnaaid6nt Oarfleld. by aa-Mr. Sherman , succeeded t tra"u' M ProBident of the wy Cm'tinuad ln the senate upon to accept the state . wander President McKtaley, yesterday. The case of the Ban 01 Spearfish against the Ragged Top Mln- n mmnaiiT was settled by tne auui- MONUMENTS Foreign and American. slttding of wooden oup and napkin ring. B?y of both sides getting together and agreeing on a Judgment. erpool against the company recenuv These boys were pupils of Professor J -P-H-"". teacher manuel training at The case of Joseph Ramsdeu agu Ko 7td 1a Dy ll governor. the City of Spearnsh, which waa To have been tried yesterday, was continued, owing to the inability of the plaint 'canTieTrawtep thea1n?gW deposits. It was recently announced that the development company would have a capital stock of $500,000, but so far as known none of the stock has been sold. The strike of gold bearing quaxti has proved to be a myth. Marble and Granite. DEADWOOD, 8. D.J J. H, CALE, Agent. the school at this city. Parties in from the range country report a tar heavier fall of snow west of here than there was at this . city. Some of them report snow over twenty Inches deep over the whole country after getting ten miles west. During iff to be present on account 01 ui health. This ia a case arising out of reoettt years has f.?!!8 fartor In matters of -His was an-3,to fu brilliancy, nitt nnwlor wW adylce wa coaelana of moment, nateeman and diplomat who what to alleged to be excessive taxa tion.

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