The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 19, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 19, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 19, 1899. BLACK HILLS DIGEST. ped to Ardmore ,and driven the rest of the way to the range. The F. E. & M. V. will charge Mr. Sheffield $165 a car from the point of shipping to A Wrong Notion i It if a mistake Rassle Deffebach was in Spearflsh last week, visiting 6omcs of his relatives. He had a big cla m against the government for Indian depredations, and has been in the Hills settling for the damages. He is an old-timer in the Black llills, and is a brother of 5ohn Deffclach, who was kilied on the upper Belle Four-h) river by Indians, io t4e tosuDDOsethat baby moi tjK Shoes With i come witB- great pain and 1 suffering. An expectant mother need early nays, lie is at pic.Mii. imni; Canada. a Reputation, only uso the wonderful liniment called MOTHER'S KEYSTONE. (From our special correspondent) ' Ml&s Winnie Dobson of Lead is here on a visit. Miss Nellie Marble returned from a visit to puster. Misa Nettie Uower haa taken a pot-tion at the Company store. The Georgians were well received here Tuesday and Wednesday night. Miss Maud Miller of ILayward spent Sunday -with her sister, Mrs. Frank Fay. School opened Monday after a week's vacation, with the new profe.inor in charge. Misses Maud Crampton and Al'iee BELLE FOURCHE. Miss Olla Geiti of Eothen, Wyoming, is organizing a mu.sic class in licile Fourche. The Times says W. E. Cunningham has-been arrested at Miles Oity on tin-charge of stealing some horses U'lon;-ing to W. 11. itass, of Pine creek, Wyoming. The arret was made on a tele gram from Sheriff Storm, of (.'rook county, Wyoming. The 'limes says Howard and Fred WHITEWOOO FRIEND I Our Boys Seal Skin Seamless to esoane the i dread, danger pain, distress and nervousness. Druggists Sell this liniment for $1 a bottle, wives are in- il-'i to wild for our fnv lllus.r'it. l lunik. It will tell the ru thiues they (uirM Ui know. Rev. W. D. Arv.u.T if Whitewii has been awarded a prize of a windmill by the Dakota r.ume;-. Will Hou.-e, win) -er.'cl wit1) (Jrij'.--by's rough riders, an ! who ins been working in Two Hit .-inc.- his hschargc is at present staying at his. home in Whitewood. Al Taddiken, fjr nnn for the Cros L- cattle outfit, pass.-d through White-wood a week ago yesterday, and in-fumed the Plaindeji ler that cattle were dcing finely on his co.npiuy ; raii;c. X Are noted lor their wearing quaiitie Durst have reached a depth of 200 fet t in the new artesian well at Aladdin. This well is being put down for the Tllfc DkAEriH-D Ri.i.ULA10R CO.. Ulmta. 0. Loom is left for Spearflsn to attend the excellent for school wear. Normal. I railroad company, and is intended to furnish water for the town and works. The drilling machine has a capacity of 1200 feet but the men who are running Luoia Gregg returned from Idaho to accept a position at the Holy Terror L. C. VERPLAST. it expect to get a flow of Water at 500 IJ"o. GO flia mill as amalgamator. A grand ball was given Friday even orman st. P. N'. Hanson of Squaw (reek spent the day in the city yesterday. He said he was still mining some ore" on his ground, and having it hauled to Crown Hill for shipment. The Elkhoru narrow gauge train reaches Crown Hill alKitit once every three days, and he says its coming is an infallible sign that a storm is approaching. tag, every body turning out to cele brate St. Patrick's day. Master Mechanic A. H. Pinder has re luroea 10 nis auues lor tne company feet Mrs. H. Skelton, one of the principal workers In the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, arrived in Belle FOurche week before last, and has organized a union, with the following officers: Mrs. Minnie Giles, " pres" ; Mrs. Van Horn, 1st vice pres.; Mrs. J. N. Buchanan, 2nd vice pres.; Mrs. Fred Butler, cor. sec.; Mrs. Reed, rec. sec. ; after a long seige of the rheumatism. northwest of the Hi'is. Abe Jones, Frank Uevk an i William Rumbaugh returned t) Whitewjod ihj first of the past week from Ohio, where they had been to ina'ktt some of their horses. They report a good demand, and prices away up. The i'laindealer says: "The DeKay case was set for bust Friday, but Dekay swore that the circuit judges avallabb were prejudiced. It then seemed doubt There is a wedding to take place this UOOK HEMEDY Co 1'. L. Baird is at work iiiku some property on Faaelvottoin, and is getting .-'nie good returns. M. K. Arnold is interested with him. He ha-, been doing some heavy work lately, driving a riAo irit tJiNLT SURE CURE FOR Mrs. Maude Slmmarlee, treas. The first PIUMAkV, secondary meeting will be held Tuesday, Ma- ;i ful if any other judc couldl be se o)LQ0D Pi ir-KUAKY BLOOD Pm 9 SON - o 21. PKR.M ANKNTLY CURED l,i '1 ( ) :.r,- ha vo v I $30.35 King & Edson, the proprietors of the $30.35 CUT RATES Via Burlington. " iou can "week and several more to follow in the near future. Let the good work go on. Prof. Lawrence has laid down his rules and says they are to be obeyed. He has nioaft of the vuen in lown to back him. W. D. Parker, assistant superintendent of the Keystone-Holy Terror company, roturned from Denver, where he he had been on business. Tom Hoy has gone nto business with Fred Graham in the p(Mt office store. They make a fine team and are doing a thriving buslnesa. mail route from Belle Fourche 'to u iei eateu at home for the i cured to try tne case, m winch even: it would have to lie continued until th. Octoler term. But the judge .set tK case for Thursday of this week, ami every effort is being made to have the case come to trial." Camp Crook, are building a stago rice under same (JL'ARANTY If you prefer to come hero ranch at the crossing of the Moreau. To Porll Seattle at The only slmn ,i u-k ih:-feast 1'oint.s. Call at It. ni!",ce for full pan ii u'.u -. tomiaci to pay raiiroau iare ami naiei mils ana no charge If we fall to If you have taken MKRCURY, IODINE POTASH, and still have ,!. C d TacoHiA. eiu'h line to - M. ticket I': a in leaver ATi'nrkira tati 1 1 ire n.n,,tt. ori7 Tiin.,,.n George Arbuckle of the old TL ranch, on the Little Missouri, was in Belle Fourohe the p;ust week, and stated tha: the winter was not going to be very , .ui,v.uud X . ii-.t in muum, OUIlli, rl.liLES COPP pain -i ,t ' 11 M'"l n. t " ' " m any part of the Im.iy II I R rr EYEBRO' TWK.NTY Y KAHS Add TODAY. Preparations were being made by the war department for a vigorous cam l.Mi H I. it Js :' mi son that vc ( i I 'A IIA.N'TKE to cji severe on ciuttle in his section or the li' : 'lie most ;.: Ml: I AM-.rf anil ( ' i i . 1 .1 .1 : w. M. Young, awompank! by h alwuys UAFFL3 THIv ' I N !: N his disea-e ims PHYSICIANS brother of Chicago, returned Wednesday wilth the concentrators for the new at .': :;u p. m. INClllATOIi. .The new departure i-jrg hatcher is inauiifac'Hired by an exiK i'ii ticed poultry rais'r and can gnarrantee his own make to be superior, cheaper and easier to operate than any incubator o'; the market. To be seen at F. and H country. Cattle were in such good condition on tho first of February, when the worst, weather set in, that they were able to stand it in good shape. HOT SPRINGS. : ' l'"bH'- men Ki:ig and ICtnporers of fore.i paign against tiie Indians to the northwest of the Hills. M. J. Werthheinnr. .las. McPherson, It. C. Ijake. W. S. Fanshaw and wife, E. Van Cise and J. P Helding arrived from the east. The departures were Iant at the Bismarck. If there Is no delay in getting water for which the li-.'i ''-t'vi'ii when under t le- t f-at men t of ; koi: CASK VK CAN N- Tin: skii i. of Tin-: mos , S.-verai of our mo;-t ptoni; lands have .succumbed to this ! ' ilcnt unlimited -vca: ' . Hi-.'1' I'KMKItY know-' of our exislence no i 'ha' itate our treatment, prompted of them reuains In business. company is at present digging, the mill :i.;i,es Ki'ilu employ, Imt v have a SEd .iirsc v - During J- nl U ', YEARS ty dirt' 'rent -.mcerns have s- ted up to i Hot Springs had the heaviest snow it will soon be ready for business. STURGIS. Nellie May and Andrew Johnson. ever knew during the past week, the Rev. E. K. Lessiel, the Episcopal liy our tittptecedented success; to-day not oJ lumber yard store. J. A. CUMMINCS, Mfg clergyman was seriously ill. Frank Weils and family left for the dtate of Washington, to snow falling to a depth of a foot on the level. State Engineer of Irrigation S. A. Considerable anxiety was felt as to We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful Competitor! who would be Che next postmaster ot remain. Mm. H. C. Ash, who has been vis DEADWOOD THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thousands and hai Cochrane has written to Col. Kellar and S. E. Wilson that he desires to hold an Institute in Hot Springs in August. Deadwood. The jury in the 'case of Clark, Tra vis and Smith charged with the mur mui utu uaugnier ai xanKton, in expected home In a few days. world-wide reputation for speedy cur es, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION, NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. W. E. Zollinger, who has for the last der of Frankeniburg at Ieaxl brought In a verdict of not guilty and were pub The Fort Meade social club gave a Opera House dance Wednesday evening of the past five years been in charge of tho Bur-llnglton train between Hot Springs and Minnekahta, has been transferred to Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND UNBROKEN PL licly censured by Judge Moody. A fifteen pound 'boy was born to Mr week. On April 14 It wttll give a mas GES sent sealed In plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFFICES. and Mrs. Treber. the Deadwood-Alliance passenger run, ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE. D. B. Cannoll was booming Cheyenne Special Return and has been succeeded by M. L. Mining stock; Guston & Shankland Wright. .Engagement . . At1 dress COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Masonic Temple. Chicago, 111 were selling Giant and Old Abe at $5; Sheriff Eastman of Fall River coun- Calendonia at $2.10; Golden Terra at tv has arrested William and August $9.75. Khordt, on the charge of stealing hors- NIGHTS and has them in the jail at Hot The lumbermen met and fixed the following prices: First clear, $40; sec 4 4 Iroquois Bicycles Slfi.TE h. fuou Iroquois Modal llUtt mUbMMaltlt.7tMah,Juta-UUrtMrnv L?L ' Springs. States Attorney S. E. Wilson, secured a requisition, allowing them ond, $35; third, $30; common green $25. LEAD OITY NOTES. to be brought from Nebraska for trial. IROQUOIS CYCLE WORKS FAILED AND Patrick Ferguson, who lived on a A whim was being built over the IM pMtol;talI, ud wa hm hosfkt lk nun lUU M MlMttOMtUM4Ur. Wllh it w. f l UN) Model I Infwt I. TailMd ind raipMa, Mad to Mil at 0. nrtiM aw bulMH wa hn aaBclUd to mU Um M at UT Mud u. ul uka tka umlial aTr al IROQUOlt BICVCLEU tie-llwUtoialaMj ranch about seven miles south of town. Saturday Matinee, querade ball. . The Black Hills Irrigating association la going to hold a meetlag in Stur-March 28, the meeting having been called by James Wood, president, and C. V. Gardner, secretary. ' Dr. Warrick, who recently arrived from the east, and associated hitnsei: , with Dr. W. O. Smith, (has gone to Chadron, where he wag offered a place In a hospital. " Dr. MvVG. Smith went out to Meyer's aiding Tuesday, to attend to Jacoo Hauber, who had run his band Into one of the. circular saws in a sawmill, ami K badly cut. The Record enters a complaint against allowing so many dogs to run around on the streets without collars on, and with nothing to indicate that the taxes luave.been paid on theru. The contract for sinking the artesian well at Fort Meade for the meat, has been awarded to J. F. McCarthy, of MInneapot s, and it is expected that he will commence work shaft of the Giant and Old Abe with a view to substituting horse for man was burned to death in a fire tlhat consumed "his cabin a week ago yesterday. artwnauyaiaiii,iaHnMaaTTwaaiiiwMwy a i . nrCftDIBTHM Tha Iroqooia Mo4al 1 1 Uw wall taMu.twiimnad tam-nawaa, araak. dawachab4a aaraakala, atak aawa. power In hoisting. wanal kafaw ud kanaw. Ik ul draw. Inaat iaal Dd anil ; aw The remains of Ferguson were found burned to a crisp. His cabin was pi The Dally Enterprise made its first I aadaoack rrwaw Onta' traawwa. B Kialllli Laliaa' tl Ul : baat"lawjfd, P"- m mm i 1 ' Uraw iaa hiah.MU ...n . .1 I . A U' . a.m.1m witk atail MfCw SEND 0 ll Pi) 01 I ID ( r" ajpraaaarat aajwnua for akarcoaa w;i aUaa wkar ,JJ frame, boarded up and down, about 12 xlS feet Tt is stated that an dron ket rak)aa to aaaMBai a.d apwroral. 11 Twa aVia't tod at'tkt Baawt wiawrfd llajata Off aawr sat), aaaa it kajkllawa-K"--1" TMV if an tn'l nMk ba taaMiiM. 0 wnta diacout tor ab ta fJI anlk ar. COMMENCING Wednesday, Mar. 22 Opening in Ed-win Milton's Royal's Great Society Comedy Dram ma WE HAVE BICYCLES wMiY.J V. in v.7 towBlt M-wTMfml tM. fludrvd wnw Umit bMTtU Imti mr This mu w orr wktwU t" tle was found completely melted oown. There is some suspicion of foul play. i. wnu ror appearance. Johnny Abt and "Old Pete, the Butcher," met with accidents. o A BENEFIT SUPPER. The children's home society, an auxiliary of state children home, has arranged to give a benefit supper and social in the basement of the M. E. as the last time Ferguson was in Hot Jt . ""' l"iT Bl7el. Bwwaw la Ua world and ara MrfawUr raUkLa: wa rata to mat baat ar inaiaaw aaaww ' ' ' wawiawwy aaw aa w v aaawaaara aaaiyaaia aar J. L. MEAD Or OLE OO., Ohlomgo, i- ""ww ia w. wra ii nam rwiaaaia saaal iiwfwaw Jiryalaa at J.7 ara wliuaral awiyaiaa ,-w-ww Springs he called upon Father Cartier and the latter testified that he had. 270 In money with him. The father noticed "FRIENDS. two five dollar gold pieces, and eleven Aetna Powder Go. THE POPULAR ORES. The smelter wMl give apecial rate ime. he should place the money in a bank, The expenses of taking children from the Black Hills to the home has great upon low grade ores where they are but the latter said he was able to take care of ft. The ashes of the burned cab BiTTNER THEATER ly exceeded the revenues and the fi nan-Hal affairs are in a bad shape. It is in were searched, but no money waa ro of an especially undesirable character. If the ore i low in silica like certain Carbonate Camp, Galena and 1 ead City ores, we will make a corres nTrnomifA on, DloPrtWllP.P LviidiniLn iiiiu uioitn. i w'"-m hoped that a rousing benefit will be given. The supper served, will be more than worth the price charged. COMPANY. And Thos. A Edison's Latest Mechanical Marvel. pondingly low smelting rate so that found, save one nltkle, and mere is a question as to wbal became of the rest of the money, al least the gold and silver. Ferguson was a man of about 50 years, of age. and the only relative known of St at Dominion City, Canada. crta running but 8.00 or $10.00 may ".e mined at a profit. Call at the works Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, Battery Supplies, The Waragrpha. lie had a ranch and several head of w further Information. FRANKLIN R. CARPENTER. Gen. Manager, stock. BIGGER, BETTER, GRANDER THAN v n? AnAM.Q nnMPANT BIDS WANTED. The Detroit & Deadwood Gold Mia V. nun I LI J WALL J. A -!.- - l I aaWS m4m m4Vm " Mtft EVfciR. Now Pictures. New Plays. New Specialties. Continuous Performance. No Waits Between Acta. lug company will receive, until further notice in this paper, sealed proposal (Lieutenant Henry Murray, whi was the quartermaster of the First regiment of South Dakota volunteers, and who got back from' the Philippine islands a couple or three weeks ago, has recently been to Washington, D. C. He returned to Sturgts Monday. He has been offered hla old place as chief clerk la the o.uartermaster office at Fort 1 Meade, and will probably accept tu The auditor of Meade county has advertised for bids for services and a great,, many suppMes to be furnished the county for the year. Among other things advertised for are fuel, piling, for bridges, etc, road plows and other implements, stationery, steel furniture for the county offices, a cistern of 150 gallons capacity, for medical and surgical attendance, for running the pile driver, and building bridges, for printing, for a Janitor for the court house. (Payment for these la to be made in county general fund "warrants. Sam G. Sheffield, the cattleman, recently returned from a trip to Arizona, wtere he had been to purchase some cattle. He got '4,600 head for the Fly-in S.V outfit, and contracted for 1500 tcul more. They will be shipped from a nation in Arizona, near the line of MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY, li is certain y gratifying to the public know of one concern In the land who are tot afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. Kiug's New Discovery for consumption, cough and colds, have given away over ten million trial bottles of this great medicine; and have the satisfaction ot knowing It has absolute! cured' thousands ot hopeless cases. Asthma, bronchitis, horseness and all diseases ot the throeX, chest and longs are surely cored by St, Call on Phillips ftSteensen, druggiata, and get a free trial bottle. Regular stse 50 cents and 11.00. Every bottle guaranteed or price refunded. FOR SALE. TWO HOISTS. for excavating a tunnel tot the distance of seven hundred (700) feet oa friction J 1 11 .J4.ife hla hand fOOt weir mining property la Deadwood, engine uu uuiwr, sujuouwv break, with 300 .eet steel c&Die, Dlete. known as the Barrett claims. The rlgbt to reject any and all bids Is hereby rs Wednesday, March 22 ; SPEARFI3H. W: H. Todd. ex-po3truaster of Spear-f(3hTi3 reebverins fro!A- recent illness. " A carnival of trade was held In the opera bouse la Spearfi-th last Friday night. , ; . The state normal school will close next Friday Maroh 24. an 1 will remain closed (or a week, tor tba Easter vacation. School -will then open again on April Lr v; V '; The Daughters of Rebekah of Spear-fish are going to give a dance In Lawn's hall next Friday evening, as the normal school trill be out at that time for the spring vtacatian. '. The Register has changed hands, and Bert EJlswick is now the editor and a a. ..IoKla fO fifty -srrea. ne terms ot the contract JO!9 ULTgV DIOWer, aiii"'" ton mi el tins; furnace. ' Ladiee wlll b free under th follow r x u awtlrrt r!rUTn hoist. ing condition: One Laa? Free vtvM- JUm aYLSLlUIUiXT Ll WWW" . . ilfl . an1 DUUiai ed me Ib mcxxtmvtjited by a Udy or ren- made known oa application to J. a IiAWBON, Manager. Glim ore House, Deadwood, & D. ' o . NOTICE. nneeu norse power ous""" oomnlata. tleman who baa one paid Ftfty-Oent " . .a.tnatlA Of Ticket, GOOD ONLY WEDNESTiAV Two niter presses iot cun"" MARCH 22Na FOR SALE CHEAP. . Two hundred acres ot land, one mile from Storgis, Cares mOes from - Fort cyanide. Enquire of E, Faust, Lead. S. D, TraaOTrer-s Office, Lewrenoe OwSSZy. O a- wv - NVIICETo mxun the benefit ot iauuui uuoxa. ueaae, Meaae county, s, D. A good J ,rrft Ma ticket, the person us! bouse, 16x20, L" 14x16, DM3wood. S. D., March 15. 1899 STENOGRAPHY AND Tiro"" red at.fSijtrin'. Tniat keaJihjilaefcBi I will pay on presentation at thta tt. ma. ' C fXffrX Coram, who Is going to movs back Into c f tout 3,000 head, la due at the uni.-irk b-a bn uio. r m niaW miblio tore before 7:30 p. m., on Wedneeday, Man 22nd, u titer the doors open, fuillrieee irtil be ihargrf' flee Bridge Fond warrants of Law- rence County, nv to and includdnir ft,. I ifciim v " Mir stories high, with'ceD-M' and wood abed, tftabki and other -bofldiaga. Enough. uncoUed timber tor 600 cords of Wood, two springs, good waiter; 120 res trader fence; 40 acres ' broke. ,T:tswood pens May 12, although If . .Tttf ..naawMw it B. & Tn ' assisting In getting oat th paper for ... . raVa diet tstered Number J76. " a ijrungn win make it an obiectl nnaa 1 1 wra w n w w i mi as the vast 'week, and will take charge ot innm auial TWrrm the WO prOfBpt MATINEB PEICES: ;r. C'-ieMd win have Che cattle shlp- K the first of this w;k. . anaBkynlnaflsTlaaal Iff V H. P. laOBET. 1 - Tnaavnt of Lawrence County, 8. D. marlB-St. Terms ear. T. 0. OOX)K, Terry, 8JX, it and in oooa anase. OilldPen, 10 cemov Ailt. 25 want. tosil esJls aasw-rad. 7".

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