The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 18, 1899 · Page 8
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 8

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 18; 1899. ; Kodak supplies at Wilcox Pharmacy. .. 4. .. .fr ,, FRESH GOODS AT THE LOWEST For frost bltee. barns, indolent sores, eczema, skin disease, and especially piles, De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve stands first and best. Look out for dis Calumet tTRICTli ( HIGH ) V GRADf J PRICES. PROMPT SERVICE AWLI DELIVERY AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE, SHERMAN ST. THAT honest people who try to imitate and IS THE PLACE TO GET YOUR M0N-. counterfeit It. It's their endorsement of a good arUcle. Worthless goods are EY'S WORTH, Baldng Dr. Oantz, dentist, over Rosenthal's CJerk wanted for Clothing and Furnishing Goods. Enquire at Bloom's. Everything new and neat at tb Boixner. There's a difference In soap. You're safe when you buy Diamond "C" Soap. Are 75c and they are worth it. You will find a new stock at Verplasts. lw. "Give me a liver regulator and I can regulate the world," said a genius. The druggist handed him a boL.le of DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills. For sale by K--' G. Phillips. L. O. Verplas't received yesterday a clothing store, CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK. TRAMP piano tuners, wonderful fellows, all of them. Thirty-thre? (33) Powder none SO I V COOD J years experience in a wagon shop and not imitated. Get DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Sold by Kirk O. Phillips. Gold plated Cabinet Picture Frame with an easel back free for 100 Diamond "C" Soap wrappers. Before the discovery of One Minute Cough Cure ministers were greatly dia turbed by coughing congregation-;. No excuse for it now. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH GROCERY, SHERMAN ST., YOU ARE LOSING MONEY. THE NEW CUSTOMERS ARE INCREAS boiler factory; but you don't KNOW consignment of BOSTON RUBBERS. The lot consists princiially of STORM Rl'HBEKS, in the latest toes, for ladies THE CITY. that they are any better than any body else. Keep your money at home. HAPPY BILL IS COMING. WATCH FOR HIM. Soap thats all soap Diamond "C" Soap. What ARK? DeMouth's ARK. Well, what of De.Mouth's ARK? and gentlemen. WHAT PEOPLE SAY about Hood's' Sarsaparilla is that it cures when a I.- ING DAILY. One trial will convince you that Diamond "C" Soap is best for laundry use. other remedies fail. Therefore you shoulld take Hood's Sarsaparilla in preference to all others. Can t you see the point? Some do, why not you? Hood's Pills cure biliousness. Mailea Zlpp'a for One shoes. Booms to let at the Holzner. For elegant slippers go to Zipp's. COMING! COMING! ! HiPPV BILL. WAIT FOR HIM. Tour washing la early on the line If you use Diamond "C" Soap. Zipp can fit any root to perfection. The Fountain City Social club will Furnished rooms at reasonable rates for 25 cents by C. I. Hood & Co., Low by the day, week or month, at the Hoi zner. ell, Mass. While there's life there's Soap Dia I. E. Albright, the Black Hills piano mond "C" Soap. GIGANTIC SALE! Tremendous Reductions! FOR THIS WEEK. 30 in. Novelty Dress Goods, former price 20c , onw 12. 34 in. Checked Drdss Goods, former price 20c, now 12ft- 36 In. Dress Flannel, former price 50c now 35c. 100 Pieces Dress Calico (10 yd pieces) 50c. 100 doz. Ladies Black Hose, 75c doz. 50 doz. Turkish Towels, worth $6,00, i per doz. Home Made Comforts, to close, at $1.50 Jersey Ribbed Union" Suite, 55c t suit. The very latest Brocade Novelty Silks in Black and Colors, 77c. Call and see them at M. LIEBMANN. Willis C. Bower, chief clerk of the lower house of the legislature Is on bis Oh! What a what? Why what a chance for bargains at THE ARK. ; From.Jan. 8 until April 1 Miss U M. Lyon will do all kind of dressmaking cheap as well as first-class. Prices according to work on the garment. Her work guarantees Itself, having worked here eight years with W. E. Lawe and J. C. Haines, in charge of their dressmaking departments. She will now be found at 55 Sherman at, room 4, over Red Anvil, Adams block. COMING SOON, COMING SURE. HAPPY BILL, HAPPY BILL. Six fine silver plated knives free to users of Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your way to the Hills. He will remain at Keystone with has family until he completes t he report of the work done by the house and will then make his home in Deadwood, having secured the agency for the Black Hills of two fire tuner, can be had by telephoning 1044 old line, 221 new line, at S. R. Smith's Furniture Store. Has had 22 years experience. P. 0. Box 416, Lead S. D. 900 pairs of elegant quality shoes worth up to $4.50 per pair, all go at $1.00 per pair at Chase's. Diamond "C" Soap la a high grade Laundry soap that can be used in hard or soft water. BY SAVINu THE NICKLES AND DIMES YOU ARE EARNING DOL insurance companies. A force of men Is at work, fitting the first floor of the Horace Clark building for the occupancy of A. F. Seehlck, wUh his millinery parlors, and it is LARS DURING THE YnJAR. YOU i i .N DO THIS BY BUYING AT THE STANDARD CASH STORE, SHER-MA I STREET. Call on Charlie, the Tailor, Iee street grocer. Not one hild dies where ten formerly died from croep. People have lea' ned the value of One Minute Cough Cine and use it for severe lung aim throat troubles. It immediately stops coughing. It never fails. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. Sire Its next dance Tuesday night, March 21st. J. J. Feldhaneen, the transfer man, bas moved to Nos. 7. 11 and 13 Main street, old McOlll stand, where his customers may find him hereafter. We believe we have the beet $35.00 Team Harness In the Hills. L. C. VER-PLAST, No. 60 Sherman St A marriage license was issued yesterday so J. L Pel to and Miss Ida S. Juuso, of Lead. Now Is the tflme to take advantage of (the out rates offered by the Burlington Route t Portland, Seattle and Taco-ma. You can purchase through tickets from Deadwood 'to the above points at the rate of $30.35. If you want a bargailn in rubbers, or the latest and areshest goods go to. VBRPLAI3TS, No. 60 Sherman St. I (W. H. SaBsam-m, the "Happy Bill" after whom the famous cigars are ' named, is in the Black Hills . from Philadelphia, getting acquainted with the smokers at his cigars. He left yesterday for Spearflah and Belle Fourehe. He 1a a happy individual, sure enough, and is well named. He is a pleasant individual to meet, and is making a great number of friends In the Black Hills. Mrs. Pearl Ijockle yesterday received a draft for $2,000 from the Union Central Life Insurance company in payment of her late husband's life insurance policy. Mr. Lockie died January 28, 1899, and the company has certainly been prompt. Rapid Olty Journal. ' I thought that he will be located during the coming week. The walls have been 1 papered and decorated, and panel partitions are being put in to divide the work rooms off from the sales rooms and reception rooms. Mr. Seebick pur-' aliased the furniture for his room while on his recent trip to Chicago and he will have an elegant place when it is finished. James Holler feels aggrieved over an' item reflecting on the character of his house and lunoh counter. He says that during the 13 months he has run the place there has been but two distur Rev. E. Edwards, pastor of the English Baptist Church at Minersville, Pa., when suffering with rheumatism, was advljed to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. He says: "A few applications of this linament proved of great service to me. It subdued the inflammation and relieved the pain. Should any for prices before ordering elsewhere. Save the wrappers around Diamond "C" Soap. They are worth money. If you want a nice lunch at anytime, stop in and see Caey, at the Bodega, Coffee and rolls for a light lunch in ths morning, 15c. J. H. Granam, D. D. S., dentil parlors over First National bank, Deadnood. Crown and bridge work a specialty. 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism for fourteen years and nothing seemed to give any relief. I was able to be around all the time but constantly suffering, j? had tried everything 1 could hear of and at last was toid to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which 1 did, and was Immediately relieved and bances and the officeraJiave never been". sufferer profit by giving Pain Balm a trial it will please me." For sale by all druggists. Wart for the opening of the Ladies e -f f Bazaar As the season of the year when pneu monla, la grippe, sore throat, coughs, called In. The manEngle had been allowed to sleep In his place for two months because he had no money to pay for lodging but when he got a little money he wanted to run the place The patrons of the house bear out Holler's statement. They say the 15c lunch counter is well patronized by those who find lit a great convenience when short of funds. The discovery was made about two years ago that ahout a third of the co'n'y ail in this city stood on ground colds, catarrh, bronchitis and lung 3 troubles are to be guarded against, nothing "is a fine substitute," will "an swer the purpose," or is "just as good Surprise Dollar Sale as One Minute Cough Cure. That is the in a short' time cured. I am happy to say that it has not since returned. Josh Edgar, Oermantown, Cal. For gale by all druggists. Arf open face nickel watch free to users of Diamond "C" Soap. Ask your grocer. W. L. Neil, D. D. S.. All kinds of dental workVarefully done by the lat MEN'S BOSTON STORM RUBBERS belonging in the Fish & Hunter com Jacob Ludwlg Peloo and Miss Sophie Junson of Lead, were married last nigh at tne Faptlst parsonage in this It by Rev. 1. L. Kirk. Mr. Pelto is a pany, and tho county commissioners one Infallible remedy. for all lung, throat or bronchial troubles. Insist vigorously upon having It if Vome-thlng else" Is offered you. For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. For Hot Springs Kidney Springs and Piedmont Springs water, delivered In ear-boys, fresh, telephone Keith. 140 or 99. are Just now figuring upon what is to It. The county In 1886 liner la the employ of the Homestake be done about est methods. 1 Office and residence orer Phillips' drug store. Open evenings and his bride recently arrived from purchased ground upon which to erect until 9 o'clock. Xoiaay. They will make their home in a Jl of Oliver Dotson, but it has been found that by some mistake in making O USB TALKING That new In N out the deed not all of the ground in strument at Hawleys Piano Store In order to make room for our immense spring purchases, we will, commencing Saturday, February 25 th, oiler the greatest bargains ever shown in Deadwood, consisting of Dry Goods, Notions, Underwear, Clothing, Hati and 8hoes. tended to be conveyed was actually takes the whole cake. It is for YOU conveyed, and the deed really transfer no trifling people can now make their red some land that was already In the possession of the county. There U no danger of any controversy in the mat Wash i niton addition to Lead. Judge Early was three score and Twelve years old yesterday and yet he Is younger in appearance flhan either of his sons. Considering the hard knocks he hae bad, his preservation ft something wonderful. He has done xuore physical labor since he has been "'in Deadwood than most men do In a life lime. He has a comfortable' position now and one in which he La giving good satisfaction and the Pioneer- JTlmes trust that be will hold it for at least twenty years yet. BEST OF ALL Tb c lease the system in a gentle and truly beneficial manner, when the springtime comes, use the true and perfect remedy. Syrup of 1ga Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, and far sale by all druggists at 50 cents per bottle. AN OLYMPIC MUSICALE. The entertainment committee of the Olympic asBQrteJtldn Is arranging to give a muaieale on the night of aMrch 24, that promises to be the chief event ter, but it ia rather a unique and delicate situation, and one thaft has been thrust upon 'the commissioners rather adruptly. Fred M. Brown of this city, has re f Hore Goods For One DoM cently been ooramissionett-' a' mem ber of the state board of charities and corredHiana. . and will, leave tomorrow Than you ever dreamed possible -Th ladles of the Catholic Order of nj-h. for PUnklnton. this state, to at of the season. It flll start at 8:30, and Forests, .and the Ancient Order of HI- tend the first meeting of the board as ternlana gave a dance last ndgbrt In lt preseat constituted. It is ex- after an Interesting program has been rendered there will be a dance for a cople of hours. Among the soloets who cne opera nouse, in observance at c petted that there will be a large Patrick's day. The house was filled, and amount of business on hand to be dis- own musk) and real music too. No. 29, by the Postofflce. The newest and most comfortable rooms in the city are at the Holzner The official vote of the county printed in tabulated form can be had at the Pioneer-Times. PIANOS TUNED by C. Andrews of the Trio orchestra, 41 Lee street. Miller block. Mall orders promptly answered, Harrison Phone 150. lm. J. W. Curran, the loan and insurance agent, has money to loan in small or large amounts, and no delay to get Telephone 1145 old line. Lead. S. D. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST WILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOK IT. Capt Thomas H. Russell, ex-regls&sr of deeds of Lawrence county, returned to Deadwood yesterday, after 'an absence of nearly four months, during which he has visited Denver and other western cities, and bis old borne at Pittsburg, Penn. He came from Pittsburg direct to Deadwood. He has been having poor health for some time past, 900 PAIRS, have agreed to assist at the mueicale are Mr. Jack Tegarty, Mr. Flint erman, It turned out to be a most delightful posed of at this meeting, and among Affair. The music was furnished by the the most Important wflll be the invest! Mrs. J. W. Westpbeling, Mrs. George V. Ayres, and Miss Van Kuran. Mrs. Deadwood Trki orchestra, supplement- gatlon of the recent fire at the insane d by Charles Coffee, with a comet. aayium at Yankton. There will be some Supper was eaten alt the Palace Caie. buildings to be put tip, one of -: OF Helen Sachs will render piano solos, and MIsb Florence Keats of SpearfWh t midnight, and the dance then con- which will Ibe the deaf and dumb asr win appear in readings. The trio Or hrm at Aberdeen. In addition to this chestra has been engaged, and will give tinued until after X o'clock this morn- i ,111 there will be a large amount of other a number of selections and overtures. new business before the board. Prof. Beere of the orchestra will give Men's Womens and Children's Shoes. . a violin solo, accompanied by Mrs. "One man said tt was ridiculous to Sachs, on the piano. think the Illinois Central Railroad 4 would bulM to the Black Hills." Some WILL OPEN TODAY, The Ladies Bazaar in the Smith & - pigeon llvered individual, name not 'given, is reported to have given voice J to be above while discussing a report Ithalt the Illinois Central Is makltg a Whealan building will open for busi and has run down quite badly in ness Saturday, the 18th. Not all of the weight although he is now Improving. lines to be carried have arrived but the Values Up to He was bothered with bis stomach, and $1 Per Pai ( survey through Clay and Charles Mix counties to the Black Hills. There Is was under treatment at Pittsburg for stock 1s complete ia dress goods, hosiery, lacings, embroidery, lace curtains $4.50 at several weeks, from which he derived v. no question ahout a survey being made by Illinois Central engineers, neither and draperies. A specialty in the goods a great benefit. While he has been were bought for caah and will be sold ' I is there any doubt but that a road from away he has been attending to mining for cash on a small margin of profit. Chicago to the Black Hills, through thus making tt an object for cash buy South Dakota instead of Nebraska Come and See what $1 Will Buy. and other business, and at work upon a railroad proposition with which every one in the. Black Hills Is familiar era. The goods came direct from New would be the best paying road In the York and are the latest west. The Illinois Central has, the most now. and that is, to triiifinaillrGad IJIfUirDl dual Deliver. He has also been at work kinds e fresh cat flowers on hand npon a mining deal that will prove ot CHASE'S SELL CHEAR wide-spread benefit to this country. at Mrs. H. LUbmann'j DR. A. FT. rULTEIJS, PHYSICIAN, SURGEON AND GYNAECOLOGIST. Over Goldberg's Store, Main Street The captain baa shaved off his moustache since he left the Black Hills, and state to Chicago and ahouldl ft extend ins Una through Union, Clay, Yankton, Bonhammfie and Charles Mix counties to the Black Hills lt -would have a decided advantage over other roads and there would be ; notning ridiculous bout it.'.. : - - ; Carr & Berry Block, Deadwood. it gives him rather an unfamiliar ap The King Pin c? ti:i:i ALL 13 cc:.:i!!G, pearance, although there la no mistak Dr. Oltxthe's Celebrated ing hi figure. v aakd. . - ----- ;

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