The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 18, 1899 · Page 6
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 6

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1899
Page 6
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 18, 1899. LEAD PIONEER-TIMES. 1899. LEAD, S. D. MARCH 18. . . WE INVITE . . Your Inspection of a VERY COMPLETE and Extensive Assortment of New WASii GOODS just ieceived The miners of Lead were given the day off in, order that they might properly celebrate the anniversary of Ire-laud's natron saint. In the afternoon the A. O. U. W. appeared on the streets and discoursed music for several hours for the benefit of a multitude of listeners. A runaway team furnished excitement on the strut yesterday moruinp. The horses were hiuJied to a sled load of VK)d and they got away from their driver on ur Main street. The infuriated animals ran almost the entire length of the street without doing any damage save sK-at teriiig the wood along I by us. Comprising in part. INSHAVOGUK. The Bittners put on th ulwv? play last night, a piece that smlte'l the big crowd exactly, it being very appropriate to the day. Ijead peopw will never weary of 'the RiUners a. they are daily growinK in popularity. They give H L. Holve-rsof) of Ies Moines is a sojourner in the city. ChloroUyne Cough Mixture will cure that cough, or we refund tho money. L. P. Jenkins, Druggist.. tl. Miss Lottie Harold has gone to Hill City to visit her parents for a few weeks. Mrs. H. P. Ivorey and mother, Mrs. Dickinson, visited their Lead relatives yesterday. A young son of Chas. Bather in Ter a matinee tnin arternoori ui i. .so anu will appear again this evenii- GRAND CONCERT. MADRAS. COKDS, wife's LINEXS. I'EKCALES. NAINSOOKS. I'KJUES. DIMITIES. CHEVIOTS. BATISTES. OALATEAS. OIKiANDIES. PIORETINES. - the way. A farewell reception was given Rev. II. C. Harmon and I'.iinily at the Methodist church last night. The event called out almost the eutire membership and a great many others who have been attending his church. For some j ways it was more like a funeral than! a reception for the good man's people j could not conceal their regrets for his i A small vocal cruras under :he h?i ry died yesterday of pneumonia. The funeral occurs tomorrow. Does your harness or saddle need repaying? If so, take it to "Mac" tne Saddler. 1-18-tf. leaving their midst and at a time, too, when they could more value his services. Mr. Harmon has done good work GINGHAMS. Fine Zephyr, Corded Novelties and Toil DeNord. S. R. Smith writes that" he is doing nciion of and assisted ly i'rof R. II. George and company will giv a i-on-cert in the M. E. uhuiTli on Monday nlghlt, March 20, at 8 p. m. The professor has received a good clans aiid lit 'is putting it under steady drill twice a day since he has been in the city. The program will be fine and will consist of solos, diu-t.s, quairtets and choruses, sacred, classical, sentimental and mirthful. An entertainment ot high order is guaranteed and the proceeds will be divided withthe church and the price of admission will net N; better at Hot Springs than he expected in his church and to use a western and is fast regaining his lost h. Oils and greases, the best on the mar phrase is a "hustler." The elegant new j parsonage on Prospect avenue is one of the monuments to his hustling ability, untiring energy and self sac-1 ..... t ket for 10 cents, at "Mac" the Saddler's. 1-18-tf. Entire New Lines of Laces and Embroid ries. All Coloring in Near Silks. Advance Showing ot New Dress Goods. New Novelties in Millinery. BIG BRiCK STORE "ie.ste.rday was Homestakc bullion day and the usual semi-monthly out put went out over the Fort. Pierre un rincing disposition. When he decide 1 to build a parsonage he did no: have the least idea that he and his estimahh' wife would ever . occupy it, but that made no difference, lie knew by experience that t lie' future Methodist preach der guard of It. Bullock. Two dozen Stamp Photon, in four positions for 2 cents, at Rodsroms &. iigimirsJMiii -- i bo high as to keep anybody away. ao Q- SOARLICT FKVER. ScarlC 'ti?x, . .Iiiuri. appeare-d ui Lead, but so far is confined to one li( The disease torokv out in the family of Robert Martin and carried away their 17 months old babe. The nature of the disease was not known until after the child had died, and even then the doc ers of Lead .should have a home and he has succeeded and the elegant dwelling is all ready for his .successor. Mr. Harmon goes next -week and will pe.r-h in his church at Altona, Pa., a wck Co.', Ijead City. Nick Mastrovich has his head in a bandage having had his scalp lacerated by a rock on its deoenfft) the floor in the mine where ho was working. Copies of tho Pioneer-Times (, will hereafter be on sale at L. IX Jacob's oazaar on Main street. (tf.) y-V s-a. "k rf-V -a. l W A "X. A . 1 from Sunday. At last night's recep? i.ri Mr. Harmon's iwople prcsent"i uaics KutK anuurc cruder with a well filled purse. wi re tin modest to ask the amount. tors failed to agree on ihe namre of the contagion, one holding that it was black diphtheria and others that it was scarlet, fever. It was supposed that the child had pneumonia. It is thought that the contagion was brought from o . GREATEST ORE CRUSHER ON EAR1H i : at Homestake M Co Wanted A horse, must wcih about 111(0 pousds, sound in every respect. Addre-ss, giving full particulars, in Fully Described in our No. 1, Catalogue. 8 1 Massachusetts where the family lost a child before coming to Lead. The place 1? under strict quarentine and every effort ia being made to stamp out the disease and keep it from spreading. ? Special Fine Crusher A GOOD INVESTMENT. Dead wood real estate has reached bed rock as low as it will ever go In any part of the city. From now on advances will be sharp, no where more so than in the First ward which will build up faster on account of the demand for residences near the reduction works and business houses to supply the family. H. B. Young hs for cale seven lots in a body on Main cluding lowest cash price to, box 7!:!, Lead. 3,17,3t. Johnnie Beenier is again alt his post of duty, but he looks as if he ought to be In charge of a nurse, but he is a nervy fellow and he must be pretty sick before he will knock off. The friends of Dan Morris, the ex Our New Design will interest you. jj . HARRY DANNER DEAD. Word twis received from Grand Island that H. J. Danner had died ait Gates' High Grade Rolls I press messenger on the Fort Pierre, paTP i " street, valuable for etiher residence or that place. Mr. Danner Is a son of Peter TianiMff. th Lead plasterer, and the NO O FIIERS EQUAL THEM- Gates' liMOved Vanners. They are the Stands business. These lots will be sold at a price that will Insure the purchaser vrtiina man formerly did business on have decided that his girl has given him the marble heart. He has had his chair painted a jet mourning black as an outward Indication of his In-ward Mill street, being an agent for an east an advance of 100 per cent In a year. Grates, fcJ3.0G IXJLCL uios n pto olothin firm. Twi news Is not a If you have a little money, investigate Adopted by the flomestake Mining Co It. surprise for Mr. Danners condition had Wen nrecarioua for some til me. The Tremain Steam Stamp Mill, The Prospector's Frrna. disease which 19 the cause of his pre mature death was consumption and it had been eating hlB life away for sev Fourteen catalogues describe our Mining Machinery. eral years, tout he exhibited wonderful sorrow. Beemer & Orton are now settled In their place of business. No. 16 Mill street, with t full line of watches. Jewelry and silverware. They want your ork, as watch repairing is their specialty. 1-4-tf. William John, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin died at the family residence in Lead yesterday morning of scarlet fever, aged 17 month TTlo-funeral occurs today under the direction of J. L. Marcoux. FRENCH CLASSES. The study of the French language forms a prominent part not only of a fashionable, but also of an ordinary English education, and an opportunity now presents Itself to those deslrou of acquiring Parisian French. Address Mrs. Helen Sachs, Black H11U Steam Laundry. Pine street. Dead wood. GATES IRON WORKS OTTO F. PURNELL Sofe Agt For fhe Black Hills. Office Opposite Bullock Hotel ELSTON AVE.. CHICAGO, ILLS, LIBRARY NOTICE. Services appropriate to 9t. Patricks day were held ia the St. Patrick church Until further notice the public library will be open on Tuesday and Saturday vfternoons and Saturday First Annual Ba! yesterday morning at 9 o'clock. There pluck toy remaining in business until tthe end was very near. The father has .gone to Grand Island to aiatend the funeral. L O FROM PORTUGAL.. Tony Lewtls. who left Lead far Portugal "has 'been heard from. The letter waa "written to- Mrsf Joseph. Treweek and contains news that will be of Interest to his friends ia'thls vicinity. He said tkait up to the time of the treaty of peaioe between Ithe United States and Spain there was a atrorog pro-Spaalan feeling In his co-mltry., but the treatv changed the sentiment quite materially an now about one half of ihe population are -wearing ..the stars and stripes 'to denote their, friendliness to the power that triumphed. He says was seledt music 'by a large choir and evenings, as heretofore. By order of High Mass was celeJb rated by Father OF THE Redmond. A large number were in at the board of directors. MRS. A. J. SIMMONS . -o- THE CHICAGO RESTAURANT. The beat eatng place In the city of tendance. ; EASTER IS COMING! J. J. Sehwawlg returned to Lead GOLDEN SUMr.1l Forum No. 1455 H. F. B. (j Dead wood. Nice tables are set, and ev See the bargains at erything In the way of eatablec la pro from Sioux City yesterday. He has been in that city 'With his family since Christmas, enjoying himself Immensely. He has extensive mining interests In all parts Of the Hills which require: vided, to the entire satisfaction of the guests. Short order served at any time of day or night. Open all of the Una Smith's Big Furniture him to reside here. Ss Opera Hod Lead, Sou'h Dakota. EASTER A numlber Of the memtoers of tin worn wen wear mottoes, which when Interpreted, mean "To H with Spain, Remember the l&lalne." Tony Is to the United States and though ha may remain In the land of his birth, NOiia Vill always, be the land of h.i choice. " y ' " i Lead Salvation army corps, including The proprietor would like to have people give' him a call and a trial. 1m. VnNO CHONO. Prr.p. O : . Alta Rebekah Lodge No. 8 meets sec the band wettt to Deaclwood Thursday CASH! nlg'ht to assist Captain Waldren in a House and meet nature halfway, by replacing the old with the new. We want to lower our stock before Invoicing and -will make special prices for grand rally. The meeting was conduct April Monday, ond and fourth Tuesdays of each month In third story of city hall building. Vla- -o ed by Captain Jeffrey and h made a TALKS WITH US. Robes, branketsrand all winter x profound impression on the hearts of Executive Committee. L. 8. I Oomo anrv s oo. P.'.n? members cordially invited to attend. KATHEJIINE PIERCE, N. O. HELEN BAXER. Sec. his listeners tooth on tthe. streets and In the barracks. The captain Informs us that a corps Is being established at A 1 oiiMncuviu, Frank Heitler. Robert Fratoer. Hot Springs under the leadership of goods going at a big discount at "Mac the Saddler's, Lead.; ; . y 1-18-tf. George Beemer had business in Dead-wood" yesterday. ' Andrew Pray, had a plain, drunk la bis fatherly grasp yesterday, waltzing him up tefore the austere judge to have sentence pronounced. " S. R. SMITH, LEAD. EMO'S FULL ORCHESI Captaio Osgood formerly of the Dead- wood army. Sunday is the beginning ot (he self denial 'week, whltJh Is generally observed in army circles. Fowler 'Cull ATTflRNFYS Which ffaris Thousands are Tijrlag It, In order to pro's th great merit of Ely's Cream Balm, the most effective euro for Catarrh and Cold in Head, we bave prepared a generous trial size for 10 cents. Get it of your druggist or send 10 cents to ELY BEOS., E Warren St, N. T. City. I suffered from catarrh of the wont kind ever sinoe a ttoy, and I never hoped for cure, but Ely' Cream Balm seems to do even that. kLtny acquaintances have need it with excellent results. Oscar Ostrum, 45 Warrsn Ate., Chicago, I1L ' Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledge.! earn for catarrh and oontoina no ooc&ine mercury nor any injurious drng. Price 60 eenU. . At druggists or y aiL ' ' AND CCUNSELORS AT LA T.pad. S. D. it r. BLACK HILLS Analytical lahratoiy ana Assay Office THE SHORTEST ROUTE TO SKI CITT. t - the Pacifl The liotuewifeV duties are harder., than men .realize. Cleaning alone' ir constant tax on her strength, a never-ended task. .More than half the work of cleaning she can have done for her, if ahe will, and the expense will be next to nothing. OF Une. ComnectlomB made w dally except Sunday No aavee uree nour - t HENRY SCHNITZEL, Eastern South Dakota maM n layorw prmnentlQaa,- avoiding Buy local tic rets w -Makes lowest fare. i : uoes uie Derter nau ot cleaning t aoea it Detter Cut Flowers furnished on twenty i four hours notice for all ceoaeions ' from the cradle to the grave. Special rates to wedding parties and funerals. ' ' Samples or bullion by mail or ex press will receive prompt attention. TeeU mad la the beet adapted p rocwa of ores. Laboratory and aanQnjjrorka In Faust Building , si Bleaker St r, j thau any other way known does it easily, quickly ana cneapiy. jargest package greatest economy. tt , trnr, hla eastert H THE N. Kl FA1RQANK COMPANY. I Chleaeo. fit. Loo IB. t Kaw York. Boato. PbUft4ittU, nnm reimuw " . . vim If 1,1a .atienht can do tod 1 LEAD CITY, i Black Hills r P ITVTrTfT Telephone 1126. U U. lUulllil, South Dakota. offlc4 la th Smith Wocfc it. -fc-

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