The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 18, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 18, 1899. nrlth hla own hands 12.000 sersons. He and misdemeanors of the military es- i - """""-- Dyspepsia ordained a great number . of priests. tabllsmment from General Alger down to Private Smith. Perhaps it was with -0 W and blessed many Monks and nuns THE DEADWOOO PIONEER ESTABLISHES JCNS 4, 176.. THE BUCK HILLS TIMES. ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. After being in Ireland twenty years he established his see at Armagh, and se this and 1n view that Bagan was invlt ed to go beyond seas for reet and rec reatlon.' cured the ordination o.' several of his Rnnnrl fair 1 I sl I 0 converts as bisliops, he holding several Is weakness of the stomach. It is the source of untold misery. It may be cured by toning and strengthening the stomach and enriching and purifying the blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Many thousands have been cured by this medicine and write that now they "can eat anything they wish without distress." Hood's Sarsaparilla Is prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES synods. His great suc.vss is aitribul- Cfiarter Oak. CONSOLIDATED MAY 14, 1897. ed to the way he had of harmonizing the customs he found in practice W PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO among the tribes with Christianity. Quick Meal and M Sold by drucK'its. $1. s x foi"5. Get Ileum's. SETTLING IN THE PHILIPPINES. Maj. Sternberg of the I'nited States army is quoted as favoring the discharge of volunteer soldiers in the Phil ippine islands if Ithey wish to remain. There does not seem to be any reason why they should not be mujtere.l out Instead of striving to pervert the clan Si O j - a Hood's Pills CLU-e ail liver ills. 25 cents. nish spirit, he encourage! it, and Iih rV )f - V1UU ti TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Except Monday One Year $10 00 teachings are felt to the present day. 3 4cL' IP That he attained a remarkable ag. Six Months 5 00 One Month 1 00 there if they so prefer. Hut Mai. btern lf'.u o , certain, isy some autcorinei n WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. leiK recommends that they be pa ii the One Year 2 00 411 111 itlncei at lib vars. DV otnors l-'i vcai. Six Months 1 00 amount, that would be required to take Ithem to their homes, so that they followed the efforts to purchase with money or place seats mi the nights; i' iflalive lKdy of the laud. Th" whole iew l of olit.icnl aclivi'y has lie-'U lowered, and the neglect of publi" bu-ine.-s lue to thes prolotige I cotiii'-'-i ni'i.-t t ear heavily upon the .ntc rests of cacti state during the next two year- the relief being in siweial sesion, al-uays undesirable and costly. would have that sum as a small cap r at th kOB' Enterrd as iiwoncl-T'lass Mat I t-ud wood I'ustuflit t. I Special Discount for Cal lal wim which to start life in the new The date of his death is fixed at all the way from 460 to 490. Hi died at, near Downpatrick, an.i many of Ins relics were kept at Downpatrick niinl the time of the reformation. Al'i that remains of his literary production- are his confession, and a le'.ler written by possessions of the United State-.;. J COIWE AND SEE US. it is not probable that the amount w Ice sells in some (rf the Cuban cities at three cents a pnond. y: 'lie utian politicians don't cut any. that would lw due the men for "travel ITTn vi rl w n 1 trnnrt 0 The whole thing is so scandalous as allowance" would suffice to start them mm iff aruiiiiiu naruware to revive with new toive !he proposi in any business or enable them to buy icel himself to a Welch chieftain, Con;i. u-both in crude latin, but valued !x caiir-e a productive piece of ground. It would eee44HHHJ tion for a constitutional amendment providing for the election of senators Kudyard Kipling returns from the brink of the grave with mental wwers unimpaired. The first reading he has moat likely lw just about enough to in of their great historic interest. He had served a great purpose, and it by popular vote. We doubt seriously, duce many ex-soldiers to hang around however, whether this '.vouid supply a Manila until 'their "travel allowance seems remarkable that he should have been preserved until such advanced . , AAAAA; sure remedy and safeguard. There was spent. It is universally reported from Manila llhat there is no place PIONEER FURNITURE HOUSe age that he might more nearly carry would probably be only a transfer of out his enterprise of reclaim ini; Die essayed was that of the New York daily newspapers. o Hon. David B. Hill's announcement that he will have nothing to do with moras back politics is highly significant. If it is sincere, it means that Mr. Hill Is about to break into the republican party. island. undue influence from the state capitoi to local political organizations whicn. under such pressure, could secure I he :OF ; SAM SCHWARZWALt o election of unfit I'nited State senators there for the man without capital, ahu that small capital is nearly as bad as none When our soldiers had spent tne money paid them for "travel allowance" they would be stranded". I't would s;em 'bo be wiser, therefore, to muster out such meai as may appiy to be discharged in tlvf- Philippine is SKNATORUL FORFEIT LitC. Thils far, in the four legislate c diad ocks which remained after Nebraka almowt as easily as they now secir the election of until men in ballot fo.- these l-d selectetl an able repul.licai. in Mor Advices from Manila report that Admiral Deiwey has bought; 3 addition row I.. Hayward for I'nited Slate.- s"n- f'arrii l'uriiii : Coiiclies itor, the legislatures of two states - - i full line of Tpho: l.a;--t (ItSigCS ill ami Tuki-h Chairs. al tugs. It is fair to assume that they are of the famous type known as the I'tah and iJelaware -have adjourned senators. ,nd it may Ik- said tha' vacancies are bi-;ter than punha.-cl --ats at Washington. We till susw ! that the btter way is to wait, in e-a. !i i ase. for liali re;i!e-seiitation to so popular in lig-nation in UiesAate thai the in ui re.-po l sible f(H- it will be hurled ftiuu power rfine die without having made a choice. tug-of-war, which the admira. has use'i BO successfully in his business. lands and withhold the "travel allowance" until a year after their discharge. If they apply to le sent home during that year the government will have retained the money necessary to send them. If. however, they have so suc In other words, these two common wealths, with biennial sessions. have ,'oluntarily deprived theniselvi - for two years of one-half their constitu in uns way not only none.,-: nit ceeded as to make it apparent that they will not become a charge on the J States senators, but honest legislatures tional representation in the upper hoitse of congress. Pennsylvania and as well, -may be secured. government their "travel allowance' might then be paid to Ahem. o DISCOVERY OF THE PHILIPPINES American builders now have ordtrs for nearly five hundred locomotives for railroads in foreign countries This is one form' of expansion to which not even the most fluent enemies of "imperialism" offer the slightest objection. o Perhaps the impeachment of Gen. Maximo Gomez by the so-called Cubaa assembly is bad enough, but think of the humiliation that the old hero would have suffered if that preposterous body had indorsed him! The general has escape! with toy far the of With an expidltion splendidly furnished by Emperor Charles V., Magellan set sail on August 10, 1519. He crossed the Atlantic, touched at the Re-Upholstering and new work to order. We re-cane chairs and do all kinds of furniture SAINT PATRICK. Every loyal Irishman venerates Saint Patrick, the apostle of Ireland, and the patron saint of the Irish race, but much of ihis lite and many of his deeds are observed by Urn-perfect history. It is known that he was born In the fourth century, and that he was one of Bay of Rio de Janeiro, made his way Carifornia remain dead locked while in April the legislature of Florida will-fa1 the last to meet of those upon each of whom haa devolved this year the duty o' choosing one new senator. Fortunately the result in Utah and Delaware will have no practical effect upon the senate in the Fifty-sixth congress, since one failure is democratic and the other republican. In fact, so far as the reputation of the senate is concerned, two vacant chairs will be less objectionable than would be one filled by a poligamist in either creed or southward, repressed savagely a dan gerous mutiny, and on October 21 en ksz wit tered the strait which bears his name. On November 28 he passed out of it witth only three of his five vessels left SAM SCHWARZWALD, 620 Main Street DEADWOOD, SO. d; and found himself and his rejoicing crews In (the PaeSflc. He felt that he had succeeded, but he had miscalculat t ed the vast extent of the new ocean; practice and the other by an A-ddick?. Even should Pennsylvania and California, both also biennial stares, fail to elect, and Florida choose a democrat as she will do, the senate will still be and sailing on far days and days, in some fashion missing the countless s-lands of the Pacific, and did not see two vile. ' o If the present arrangement is caried out, the Filipinos are about to be taught more about tine binding force of American influence in a single week Khan they have ever learned before. They will probably discover within a fortnight that Gen. Otis will stan no mora of theif pernlicloua nonsense. o There 1 accumulating evidence that young Aguflaaldo, the leade of the PTWllppinB liisurrectkm, is in the bust-Mas for revenue only. If this government were not morally opposed to brib cry aa a measure of war policy, It could u doubtless overcome Agn'natdo's resis- V ii FIRST NATIONAL safely repubFioan, with Its membership land until he reached the little group which he called the Ladrones, because tbe Inhabitants stole a boat from him. There he lingered a short time, either at Rota or in the curious harbor of DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. divided as follows: Republicans, 51, democrats, 26; populists and ai' verites, 8; Independent (Kyle of South Dakota) 1; vacancies, 4. combination of anti CASH PAID IN AIOO.OOO - SURPLUS $156,000. republican streneth, If we inolule Kyle wouM 'thus be (but 35 against 51 nd DIRECTORS: Guadian. From he Ladrones, which were discovered Mardh 6, 1621, the weary voyage was continued until a new archipelago -was leacoed, on the fifth Sunday of Lent Gradually the magnitude of this new discovery became apparent, and Magellan named r RAT.iftmTPv t t nRTinn p m SPARKS. P. A. GUSHOI tanoe to American lnJun a-tth a Kyle la to be counted upon as a republi can supporter 1n nearly all Important matters save financial legislation. D. A. McPHElRSON. the most distinguished missionaries of th fifth, but tlhe datte of tuis birth and the date of his dearth can not be arrived at with any degree of authenticity. Some authorMee fix the Chne of hie birth ait 377, others at 308. There is also a dispute as In the place of his WrCR but according to bis own confession, bis fattier had a farm near Bonavem Talberndae, and in one of the ancient lire it is recorded that he was born ac Nemthur. Some writers have accord-1ngly fixed hla birth place at what la now Boulogne-eur-MuT, and others to a place in the estuary of Clyde, called from hdxn Kllpatrtek, near the IXtm-barton of the present day. His father was a deacon of the name of CaJpu rains, and Ida mother's name was Conch -essay said to ibe a Hjcer of St Martin of Tours. 3 Patrick was named Sucoat, tout be was called by the Romans Pat-rtoiuH. He wan the medium through which the people of' Ireland ..were chrtattanii-ed, and Cor hla berate service be has been given a place to the catalogue of saints of the Roman CaitihoMc cburch. When eixten years old lie was taken by a band of pirates and with others was carried tw Ireland and sold "as a stare ta a petty chief, die remained m Ids eerrlce until six years later, when he escaped. , He then went ta France, ami became a Monk at Tours, and f-terwurds at the moaastry of. Lerlua, omparaUvely small sppiicatlon of Tan kee gold of Kibe legal standard of jKetght aad CneneBS. - the new group in honor of St Lazarus, OFFICERS: But It might towa 1eou otherwise. n a. MePHEB9 on whose day It was discovered. They Cashier u J. SALISBURY ...T. J. GRIKK President 0. Vice-president. 'v t J - landed on Mindanao, made their way Full repreaentaittion frm Delaware might hare been essential to a republi ahlor ..J. S. DEN' can majority, ertrtiher iwtth or without a to Cebu, flattered themselves thalt they had converted and subdued the inhabitants and then becoming involved In a tribal war, Ma Choice by dermocrattc Utih. In that event would the corrupt and selfish in en gellan, was kilted, and his chos en successor, Serrano, was toft behind to death and torture. Two ships escaped fluences wtotefi? hare novr robbed the Untie commonwealth of a senator have i stood aside In the Interest of the national party T .Would moral suasion RIGHT AWAY one going east add one, the Victoria, under Elcano, which left Timor Febru From the preBent outlook all the re-aponslbiruy for the canned roast beef tmainess will be comfortably unloaded upon 3agan, everybody else -will be e giren a clean Mil of liealth and the : Jnddeot will be considered closed. II will thus be seen that Bagan is a boon to the admtfndacraftian. Bagan who Is reported to be on the bomndlng bUlow em route to Honolulu, recks not of the 'Proceedings, and (he hasn't any reason to reck,'airyhowV For Eag&n is in the enjoyment of a ' weU-easmed facatlon. His Income Is assured. His Unes'are ast to pleasant piacea. Oratfltnde, ary 11, sailing still to the westward. On by the national leaders have overcome those Inxmpral influences which have September 6, 1522. after many hardships and perils, the Victoria reached Spain, and a great voyage, the first which circled he globe, second to that made of Gas Addfeks the man responsible for Delaware's forfeiture? it may well be doubted, since Addicks counts of Ooiumbus In conception, and beyond IS THE TIME TO BUY A QOOD J HOE CHEAP. The next two months will require solid Footwear if you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. car notning jin the party's national ail in the daring displayed and the distance traversed, came to an end. M a J i. . wwbcib, ana mm oniy power in nls state is based upon dollars and cents. therefore, will .insure Eagan's ellence wlwr8 'emainea until 3i. when he -when the administration flads occasion ' Rome. He had already shown And had he had been amendable to rea bis great aJbittty, and th pope, Ce let- son and tne appeal of common honesty. In eudh case, the adrnlnlatrailnt. We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes a big discount tn order, to cut down stock. If ru want would bare been seriously embarrassed ' ANOTHER CABINET OFFICEr! ConsresH will soon be called upon to Pees a law creating a new cabinet portfolio. This official will probably be known as secretary of the colonies, 1. will be hda duty to look after the welters of the islands which were seized by the United States ta our war with Spain. While he Is attending to his du-tle. Hoatettort Stomach ratters will eontlnne to attend to Its duties of cur- J nor K fJl. Ak . and untold trouble In federal business would hare been precipitated, by one tine, sent him to preach in Ireland. The mlaaionary. Pallodlua, Who. had been sent to Ireland before him, had Just tted. He was accordingly ordained In Prance, and reached Ireland In 432. He found the country occupied by a great number of findvfBxed tribes, good $5 00 SHOE FOR $400 OE $4.00 SHOE FOR 3 00. to utilize him as a scapegoat for all tne fihortcomings of Che-war (tepartment during the ute war. " Heacefoulh all charges will be disposed of by fixing the biame upon Eagan. .. Were leaky transports purchased at the highest enarket prtoe? Eagan did i It Ware camps located la swamps and hospitals in malarial holes? 1 Eagan iaTreeponal- elf -seeking politician In a minor state. iBut though no pern at Washington is now Involved, the disgusting exhi- Or any othet-Mylp or prirp. Call 3ndJgLHL each under' ks chief, and set' about to fiit a pair on you at yi1 y rjVjLSad ' HriMtiiwnjjtijitiiilffanl t2M sad of chrlstianita prlmari wiaxures arts year in Pennsylvania. ally by reclaiming ttoe chieftains. ; His , appointed to commissioned rank? aa agala. In- short, Eagan, '" during work succeeded beyond any ' parallel. C. F. ZIPP'S. Ing.fot fifty years. Its greatest virtues are.ln buUdlng up run-down systems; ia quieting nd toning unstrung ner-ves; n orercommg dyepepeia, fadi-eestion and constlpaUcjn.TTy. bottle If you feel "out of sorts.' Deknmre and Oanfcniia-are burdened wWi serious cost, material ai well as moral, to the states concerned. Gen-eral demoraaxatlon k official life has Us absence tromT the country, will be a and It Is recorded of him that he es- ffrnpra omniDutor all the - ortaes tabliShedSW ohorohee, and baptised . .aaWW Mil..,,... fHH-

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