The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 13, 1991 · Page 1
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 1

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1991
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A: ' I II VII V I 4- - v- J -i j y ,v j-i J J u J 'A V A 1- I Floyd end mo Columnist meets new guide dogE-i 0 Enquirer's endorsements 1-2 Airport 'hubs' no bargain g-i UC 30, CIcnt State 19 3 Miami 10, Central Michigan 10 Notre Dame 42, Pittsburgh 7 3 Thomas More 48, Earlham 16 Mississippi St. 31, Kentucky 6 Illinois 10, Ohio St. 7 Details: SportsC-1, 16-17 Tributes a'plosity Cole's 'Unforgettable' a trendsetter 0 Networks make October 'special' Edward Albee: Actor's director Section D Ai Columnist Kendrick and Floyd Natalie Cole Cincinnati enq 11 II II 11 14 FINAUSingle-copy price $1 .50 EFIAI 1 i nomas CM&rges racis i Am?:?; Senators attack accuser ENQUIRER NEWS SERVICES WASHINGTON - Supreme! wmmm mm " ) .uu'iimi i mtmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsimm,..m iniii..gJjjnujiu'i...n .uii,hu.hi.. ji i u nj m i mi. i ! .' n i iihi.iiiiW.ih .u ji 1. 1 1. . n iMimu mn immmmmmmmmmmmmmrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwm ' ' ; " r-; . '', ' ' ):':':!:' vV V "H'ij'V.i'rff i ' , ' ' ' ' ... 1 ir . : .,. . ii::"'Ml;'MV'fi-' S ' " i 'V:; . ; ' ')' ilJ: U i,,k 'i i " V' ': (( x. " S- -r --'T'r- ' ' r.- " - X ,' ', " v -i -. 1 ( ,;t'f' , " r ' . ' , " l ' ' ' - ; ! J The Associated PressErik S. Lesser Braves players celebrate a homer. NATIONAL LEAGUE Braves take 2-1 edge The Pittsburgh Pirates fell, 10-3, against the Atlanta Braves on Saturday in Game 3. They play again at 8:40 p.m. today in Atlanta. TV: Channels 9, 7. Radio: WCKY-AM (1530). AMERICAN LEAGUE Twins lead Jays, 3-1 The Minnesota Twins beat the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday in Toronto, 9-3, to take a 3-1 lead in the series. Game 5 is 4:1 2 p.m. today in Toronto. TV: Channels 9, 7. Radio: WCKY-AM (1530). StoriesC-1, 4. The Associated PressJohn Durtcka Judge Clarence Thomas said Saturday that charges against him played on the "worst stereotypes about black men." I J3 mm BENGALS GAME DAY il I'm fitii Hi i&Jb trni iiimi' t ill ' idi 1 1 t'ifi'l i i iiiU'itiimiiii nf I t' it i iii i (fill rl' 'i i ilh I ii n 'ii ii i ii in miiti I fT '-""-l "t-1 TODAY Court nominee Clarence Thomas; vowed Saturday that he would "rather die than withdraw" as his! confirmation battle escalated into! a no-holds-barred attack on his accuser, Professor Anita Hill, and open warfare broke out among Judiciary Committee members. ! Thomas returned to the committee Saturday morning doing what had seemed impossible after his indignant testimony Friday night, sounding even more defiant about the "inquisition" he was forced to endure and even more explicitly charging opponents with racism. He stunned the room when he said that Hill's charges that he bragged about his sexual endowment and prowess played "into the most bigoted, racist stereotypes that any black man might face." Thomas, at times appearing to be near tears or almost shaking with rage, said outside groups opposed to his nomination had helped Hill "concoct" allegations that he had sexually harassed her when she was his assistant in the early 1980s. "I would have preferred an assassin's bullet than this kind of living hell that they have put me and my family through," he said near the start of a full day of testimony. At another point, he said he expected to be a "sitting duck for the interest groups." "I expected them to attempt to kill me. And yes, I even expected, personally, attempts on my life. ... I expected people to do anything, but not this." The second day of the hearings exposed increasing tension on the committee. Republicans attacked Hill outright, with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, suggesting that Hill fabricated her charges of sexual harassment. Democrats, angry and defensive about continued charges that they leaked the allegations, defended Hill and criticized Thomas for not watching her testimony Friday. In a furious outburst toward the end of the day, panel chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., criticized Thomas and "pontificating" lawmakers for their repeated attacks on the integrity of the confirmation process and defended the fairness of the proceeding over which he presided. Biden described Hill as an "incredibly credible witness," and (Please see THOMAS, Page A-5) On A-4 SATURDAY " Continuing his rebuttal of Friday's testimony by accuser Anita Hill, nominee Clarence Thomas: m Accused Hill of labeling him with the "worst stereotypes about black men." Said another possible accuser, Angela Wright, had motivation for lying because he had once fired her. Said "I believe . . . this story was developed or concocted to destroy me." Vowed to continue his quest for confirmation: "I'd rather die than withdraw. If they're going to kill me they're going to kill me." 0-5 Bengals face Cowboys in Dallas The Bengals look for that elusive first victory at 1 p.m. today when they meet the Cowboys (4-2) in Dallas. If they fail, the Bengals fall to 0-6, which would match the franchise's worst start since 1979. Dallas is a 612-point favorite. TV: Channels 5, 22. Radio: WKRC-AM (550) andWIOK-FM (95.3). StoriesC-1, 6-7. I When: Hearings resume at noon. I Who: Panel to hear eight witnesses for both sides, including Angela Wright, who may charge Thomas with improper conduct. I TV: C-SPAN, CNN, PBS and Court TV plan live coverage. ABC, NBC to cover as events warrant. CBS plans live coverage until 8:40 p.m., when NL playoff game begins. H A wounded process. D "Lynching" charge recalls ugly past. D Conspiracy theory. On A-5 B Tristate callers believe Thomas, a Workplace harassment a murky issue. D Quiz: What is harassment? Senate stuck in no-win situation 'Clones back on ice The Cincinnati Cyclones, who And so, the dilemma before the Senate centers on a few basic truths. The Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings will produce no pronouncements of innocence or guilt. Thus, concedes panel member Herbert Kohl, D-Wis., "Public perception is ultimately going to play a big part in how senators vote." That being the case, one Democratic pollster summarized the Senate's problem this way: "Who would you rather alienate? Blacks or women?" The dilemma promises to be most excruciating for the handful of "swing" sena- (Please see SENATE, Page A-5) John Danforth, R-Mo. "No matter what, the public will be outraged by what they see and what we've done." Put another way, the Senate will demonstrate anew that it can't please all of the people all of the time. Even as many women rallied to Professor Anita Hill's painful, arresting story of sexual harassment, a number of lawmakers expressed a quiet fear that recent events also fed suspicions among many black Americans that, in the words of Harvard psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint, "there's a conspiracy at work to keep blacks from high office." BY PETER OSTERLUND The Baltimore Sun WASHINGTON For two days, the Senate Caucus Room has reverberated with tales of sleaze and sex and countercharges of lies and betrayal. Now, as the Senate reckons with Tuesday's impending vote on Judge Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court nomination, it finds itself forced to choose not just between the contradictory stories of Thomas and his accuser, but, in effect, between competing blocs of voters. "It's lose-lose for everyone," said Sen. broke East Coast Hockey League attendance records in their first season last year, drew 200 fans to their first practice of the season Saturday. The players began their competition for roster spots 42 will vie for 1 6 jobs. And the fans began their preparations for the Oct. 25 season opener, lustily booing the lone official working Saturday's scrimmages. Story C-5. i Twins born to their grandma South Dakotan first in U.S. to have babies for daughter . 1 JtMk. Politics prepared Blackwell J W Business NYSE G-4-5 NASDAQ G-6-7 Mutual funds G-9 Q Forum Endorsements 1-2 Columnists -1-3 Travel 1-5-10 Home Price guide H-2 Transfers H-o Classified........ H-6-44 J. Kenneth Blackwell, the former Cincinnati mayor and councilman, has been serv ight sections ilst year, No. 187 opyright, 1991 he Cincinnati Enquirer NationWorld ation A-6, 10 ealthsclence A-10 orld A-ll-14 Sports coreboard C-2 'igest C-3 Metro otterles B-2 bituarles B-ll Arts & Leisure op records D-2 ooks D-5 The twins were born five weeks early but were healthy with mature lungs, said obstetrician Dr. Gregg Carlson. "It was an honor really," said Carlson, who delivered the twins by Caesarean section under a spinal anesthetic. "When the first baby was born it was very unique. I can't describe it. I really can't. All the family and all the support people were cheering." Arlette Schweitzer was awake and her daughter was at her side, tears dripping down her cheeks as she watched her children arrive,' the grandfather said. The children's birth certificates will list Kevin and Christa Uchytil as the parents. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ABERDEEN, S.D. Twins were born Saturday to Arlette Schweitzer, the first American woman to bear her own grandchildren as a surrogate for her daughter. "They are really sweet," said Dan Schweitzer, grandfather of Chad Daniel and Chelsea Arlette. "I can't describe it. They're just like two little miracles." Arlette Schweitzer, 42, carried the babies for her daughter, Christa Uchytil, and son-in-law, Kevin. Christa Uchytil, 22, was born without a uterus, which made it impossible for her to have children. Eggs were taken from Christa Uchytil's ovaries, fertilized with her husband's sperm and implanted in Arlette Schweitzer's womb. ing as the U.S. representative to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights since January. He travels throughout the world and is America's leading voice in the organization charged with establishing, promoting and protecting basic individual rights. He says the skills he developed as a local politician serve him well in the new job. Blackwell and the people who work with him talk about his new role, Page B-1 . Q Tempo Advice E-2 Social scene E-3 Dave Barry E-4 feather: Sunny. High 62; low 40. Details, A-2. m i li lilall I lilwT Ii MwnHMMMir i mltn Ii wtii iMmmbm mi mTtmm wliilirtoii iilUXfcMWf iimwl I t h

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