The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 16, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 16, 1899, i YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. am UA 11 went 10 Central 83 Ae 1 I "Index." The plant was craved to DIED AT THE HOME. Hot Springs, Mar. , 15. J. B. Hull, Who recently entered the soldiers" home from Huron, died of paralysis He is the father-in-law of Representative Wilmarth. who was one of the leading r.-pablii-an members of the last legksla: ire at lVrre. 'CLIPSE (e of all sales, at" SOl i II DAKOTA GAME LAW. ! . 1.".. - Sioux City Sioii City. sport siin-ii m uiiih'ri.ike to test the HAT HOMESTYI lillLLER STIFF HATS And Stetson hats E. LOWE'S n.iliiy ot t lie South Dakota :iie neu one enaeU'd at the (x)tis: ;'u game ia J. P. Hymer went to Custer. Miss Theresa O'Neill wen't(u Kirk for a short visit. H. T. Cooper, state senator, came up from Wtiitewood and spent the day. John Holding, deputy I'liiied States marshal, left for Rosebud Indian agency. F. C. Tucker returned from Omaha. Miss ICsndline Bennett went do.n the Klkhoru. Miss Julia Whealan of U-ud, passed through the city on her way homo from a visit at Sturgis. The Chicago I,ady quartet, arriveu from Ilapid City and went on to Spcir fish, wheiv a coiwert w;ls given in the normal hull last, night Miss Ida Kohr and Miss C- orgia Meade left for Dumont, to visit Mrs. Tim Coleman, sisiter of Lhj f 'inner and mother of the laJtter youn lady. Ed Kohr, a sheep man, from Casper. Wyoming, who has been visiting in thv" -ity for several days, left for Dumont. for a visit witth his sister, Mrs Tim Coleman. i .,,ii further notice J"1"0 .. wi....s ond OhuW- Ladies. .' . -.. ., ' i hat formerly $1.50 u " w pick f r L OUR- New Spring Styles Now Opened Embroideries lor Your Inspeation. last .sesam (if tie. ure a! Pierre. I'ndcr the present law a non-resident of the Mate must product' a state license befur,. he or she may shoot gam wit h l ii ;li" liiin.lani-s of tiie state. This will cost $lu for each license, and there i Mime feeling of rebellion among thoti residing outside of the slate who in ytvLis gone by have enjoyed the privilege of shooting in South Dakota. The sportsmen of Sioux City naturally are interested. Yetir after -year a large number of these men go to South Dakota for the hunting season, and they should U' oblige! to take out. a license for such provileges. Some of them banding together and fight-ting the law on the theory that it is un-consMitutioual. and discriminating against the citizens residing in another state. The men of Smux City do not like to Monk they cannot go to Mc-Cook lake and enjoy ilie game without haviu - i pay $1" for a season ticket in lie' hunting doma in ot t lie state. ii IN rri'.I.H' I'l.U'LS Itapid City about fifteen years ago and becurne so badly stranded that it has never been able to move on. It is now a part of the Rapid City Republican. The plant has hoodooed every paper chat w;ts printed on it and every publisher who had anything to do with it. o Till: l'KIStl.NKK 1HSMISSEU Ike Hainia. wh i was arre.ste 1 Tuesday on the charge of hitting a man with a pair of brass knuckles in J. Holler's place on lower Main .street, Monday night, was given a hearing lie-fore lustieo Early yesterday, and was dismissed for lack of evidence, il ap- f are.l from the testimony t'Xiat Engel, the man who claimed to have bMn hit, had Ix-ioni-e boisterous in the saloon, and when Holler reimo nitrated with h,iu he iHi-amc helligeranl, putting up a show of tight. Holler knocked him down, and in falling he dtruck among some furniture in a corner of the room in whiHi the dislturbancti was le-ing raised. Engei's partner was also mixed ii'p in the row with Holler, and the latter put him out of the saloon. It s.'ems Manna, the negro, started to where Holler wrus sen tiling with the "wo men. presumably for The puros? of b'liding him some assistant', hut it wa.- not shown that he tinik any part in t he affair further than this. o MILLIONS C1VEN AWAY It is eoriainly gratifying to the pub-la- know of one concern in the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The proprietors or Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, have given away over ten million trial bottles of this gnat medicine; and have 'he s;,ti f."'!j.i!i of knowing i: I'as absolute! i ured ;ho!.-an !.- of hopi less ca-;es. A --li:r,a, bronchitis, and all diea- .. of the tl.iou.. ( best a:.d 'iings ai'e surely cun .1 by it. Call on I'hillips KSteeiisen. druggists, and get a free trial bottle. Regular size, 50 cents and $1.00. Every bottle guaranteed or price refunded. CIRCUIT COURT. Embroideries 121 Embroideries - -o Are Tod id of Hat Excellence. the II'" MARK1ICI) LIKK. I.a.t night's pel form. lie-'-above play was one 'of (he lie best . ye.l t urned mil ! i In-Theai re ( 'o M r Wuldron am h pieces of Scotch and I Mis.. iU la Graceful and Wonderful Wearing Powers Make them the boat Hat Investments Obtainable. C! 1.11. tti'lc I'M -pl I'lH.l I i -! V Zepnyr liingnam an and- a ml I a ir . i V e aei ion ir'ad i i:er a.-. ' In- Iiuii. e h.ine. anil foilow i.r two I he rlilnl' hfin make ii i 'a yi1!' riii! p' a In- i-epiiiai ion a t, U a;.i e A le Kill ; 1 1 1 1 - .I....I oice Patterns, It i- t heat I'. ak' I p in. I MILLER DERBY We Are Sole Agents for the M I eoinm a ( ome a. w hisp- : . Io t li ' ' po j.siiit i.sii'i K to go to the iid ;.; ' a ! ' r t he play has ,. Iijic till or 11 ft en people ;,,',. u.Lj;e and tine-, and ., io -A. .il. d I i i . ! I 'amp in r ri, .-a -din ladv w ill be- ;. ,i :. 11 . oiiiiinioti wha' lies., I hi or Ul.l1 tlelress on (c i isiide young one iat are sold everywhere !0c. Monday your choice i,. v . . :i, le-il tie- Hill i,: , t. i M r. K. ll. 1 i,ii''. In., t'.e !hi,.: ,i - a le; . ; - 1 1 1 1 J -1 am ! . an. I a ;'. .in t a "s'ac i I. has o:. laugh I a nd some grownup will b . . ....'in.. .,p PER YARD. The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. young ones tool right in i tie nmnoc ..i plainh il w 1 1 1 1 1 ' wa... .intiol lie w i'il1 gle si mil' 1,1 h 1 - i. lilies hot ween acts. Mi so slevens was in her vein in the character of t li an atT'ciing siviii'. while the Toml pa- v- Il.l ppie.-l mot her. itii and mamma, look fondly at their distui'tiiug progeny and murmur to Mr. Mcl,cllan is always a warm fav- each otln-r "how u'ie. or pen-naps so the retft of this week we will oriU' iLIld. night was no ex.-eptioii. 647 Main Street. Judge Joseph B. MOOfe. of Thin eir- snnt two leggeal bng relative, of the mule fwls called up (o make nm, Jtuwow clothing sale of those eie- Mr. Fredericks and Mr. Ioyle were iti i,-,m lnt iw.rformoil in their Mtin toned mens' emits for $12.T0. cuit, I'residing. n it he case of Thompson vs. Collins ..lev remarks, and all the while a con tinual tramping 'in the gallery and all a verdict was rendered for the plaintiff AT for $a."p. the amount asked for in the this- hapiens while the play go on. Of course (there are a few hundred people who have paid 'their money to hear omplaint. Case of Rosenthal vs. Rasmussen, a i E. LOWE'S, the players and nothing ele. but tnen, verdict was returned for the defemlant. iiiui n '. i iisual e;usy manner. In many rv.sects last nights play wa.s ierliaps the prettiest of all those given by this company, full of simple pathos and af-lertion, not too hmvy, and with Mr. WaliR-on and 'Miss Choate in their res-pective parts and the support they received, well one oould not help liking the play. The (XMnpany have Ihvmi hidm-i-d to return and will open their next engagement next "VVextaesday nig!ht. what' the use? Some people are no ob The court instruitel the jury to tuse, and will be to the end of time. bring in a verdict for the plaintiff in the of C. K. Seitz vs. Clara Kim DEMOUTH'S "ARK" Can be relied upon to Furnish you anything in the house Furnishing Line ir fc Hairdresser ball. This suit was brought to mover $::ih) that had been iaid by the plaintiff for a set of albstra-t books that had never lieon delivered. o " Court 'adjourned until Friday of this CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMED. iiressing, week, and the jurymen were etfcused until April 3. The court calendar will This remedy is Intended especially KAILROAD FIGHT PREDICTED. The Sioux City Journal says the people of that city do not take kindly to the idea of the Illinois Central building to the Black Hills, for the reaaou that they cannot see where Sioux City is go ing to come in. The Journal also says snob a move would precipitate the Illinois Central into a fight with other roads. That paper says: ' News of tlhe snirvey being made by the Illinois Central In Clay county, south Dakota, towards Charles Mix be called and eases assigned Friday, for coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough and influenza It has become fa Shampooing, Manicuring. and all attorneys should be preseht- ! Stoves, mous for iU cures of Uiese aiseasw, ovt r a large part of the ci rilizod world. REMARKABLE RESCUE. Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plalnfleld, 111.. Th most flattering tes-ir-e-its nav Oifltoo'i hair cutting a spec- makes the statement, that she caught cold, which settled od her lungs; she was treat been received, giving accounts of It good works; of the aggravating and persistent coughs it has cured; of se county arcl the Black Hills, caused un- ed for a month by her family physician, but Furniture, Glassware vere colds that have yielded prompt rrew worse. He told her she was a hope- HAIR GOODS... tusual comment in the railroad offices. The general unprejudiced opinion was that if the Illinois Central attempts tn invade the Hills territory it will tr, it soothing effects, and of the dan leas victim of consumption and that no gerous attacks of croup It has cured, ot- medicine could cure her. Her druggist ten saving the life of the cnuu. n suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption; she bought a bottle and io have the fight of its life' in the fierce contest which it would invite with the extensive use of it for Whooping cougn hM Khown that it robs that disease of iP than you can buy East All Hair Work made to order. 1 Introduce Klrk'e Guaranteed Dan-Cnw, I guarantee It to do its money refunded. her delleht found herself benefitted fnui v-tHureern Some thought th first dose. She continued its use and arte' all dangerous consequences. Sold by movement was only a bluff -aued by a z La kin a six hottlei, found herself sound and Crockery. all druggists. I:'. .ii. r,w Arum hr own housework and t unfriendly movements of 'Che North wesiern in another quarter, line man who en.tertain-d this opiu U as well as she ever was. Free trll bot VVTCHTS OF KHORASSAN tles of this Great Discover? KI O a u, will lie heb. at the Castle "H-LER, THE HAIRDRESSER. 'W. 8. Lowe's Millinery Department. Dead wood and Omaha. w a orders for Hair Goods. t lllTTTe' ion said it was ridiculous to think that th- Illinois Central would build to the Phillips Drug Store, large bottles Ui "nu hall of Marco Bozzarris lodge next Monday night for the purpose of tak- mack Hills. Another thought The re- and $1.00. : O 1 TAKING CP THE HONDS ,,.,-t must lie incorre.l and thai th t-i,0 mviiminarv steps to the organ- i,Q,tir,n of a temple of the Dramatic rvevine party Udonged to the Mil The. county treasurer yesterday took OECKLER BROS- Order Knights of Khorassan. While SECOND HAND GQ0DS waukee, in Which eveji' the movement .....,l,l .warded as more logical, for 'o,iz has been exp te,1 that thb LEAniMR it is not a branch or skie degree or imt Knight-s of Pythias, only Pythian in good sunding are eligible to memlcr- t t .... I would build across from its Sioux Always on Hand at Bargain Prices, ft MARKET. r,.Lw line to Yankton. In the fax' of ..Kir, ThP Mvstw brnue r . i...- thfl ,!- talk are the po-iiive reports that 1 : 44 i tVkT TTt Wll.l. onry, in a rani' 1 . . - V. , i u-K-n is to Pythianism. ex-i th- corps of engineers is uuue. l.., -, ci ion of the Illinois Cent ral and that Some Special Bargain Stoves to Cut Down that the Khoran Is much older than Illinois Central agents have' purchased .u- u-i Qr,.l its workings less rrno- llckHi!laTAAnkrnANn Q right of way and lots at Vermillion U1W OU1 liir lous. A Temple cannot be organized MOCK. - - w far w w W W lrrion Telephone No. 3. ,han 100 charter memwrs. up three thousand dollars worth of the ten per cent bonds, that will become due July 1 of this year. The tre-.-up ; expects to make up in all about $;o,uo of ithes bonds between this 'time am! the first of Julv, the time of their ma turi.y when there will , be $166,000 in bonds due, but it will b newssary to refund all but about $60,000 of them, as the treasurer will have but about that amour, of money at his disposal to work with. The- county commissioners are calling for bids for the bonds of the new Issue, tx be made July 1. for the purpose of refunding tlhe ten percent bonds. The new issue will be for twenty years, but the county will be permttted to take them up at option. At the rate the county has been paying off- its obligations and taking tn taxes this year it will not be many when all obligations will have n rho K P. lotlges of the Hills k a.oin from. The memoes 1 e l4 KASS STREET, DEADWOOD Modest Women t.-i Central and Lead lodg- me i""' - ... win tolntlr become respond. u,e . I GOODS DELIVERED. Call and See. DeMOUth'S "ArL" 70 Sherman Street. T the success of the, now iemp.. .KEW8 FOR BLACK HILLS PEOPLBL TWaNTTEARSAGOTODAY - - ao ournngxon ivouxe ,.. c..av nnd ithe Daily Western T twtoe-Kw line of Witt) OUimaj 7 j Enterprise moved from Modesty in women ia no jess a charm than beauty and wit. Is it any wonder that women afflicted with physical disorders peculiar to their sex shrink from per-aoual examinations by male Hwper. Edgetnont to Kan- . it hnrame cn more Hut ia bound to be Knterortee. The plan which he Wi Black Hllla travelers. It Rnterorise was printed wa i avLtaj! in th cost of an Dr. J. A. Paddock, D. Lon' Bowa. . CO TO - .ofatramp in Hs day. R w"as A JnoWof these WSfiTEt A DOLLAR A NIGHT. .MOBOClL&JllWi u ago. Some thirty r been wiped out. The tax receipts of the treasurer's office for the month of Feh- $22,0QO more hn that of any previous year. The largest tax payer eff the county is the Homefstake Mining company, which paid in about one third Pabst Headquarters t:ivsiciii3r ' - ueaknessea and irregularities of women may be recognized " by certain unfailing '... ui,l,e tiMdache. beanng- BWnogton train' leaving Black 7.? WedwwJayi or Sundays. was moved to a Kansas w v r . . tour of the state went PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, Offlo-!, 4 87ltoa Block, IW Floor ast door Mmttn Csloa T., eBoa. "VIULM-Vmo. ' , ;own pains, irritability and extreme .nervousness indicate derangement ot tne navius . ijira- to Colorado, and from there to Lara enwnt you g aboard yTham to Uaoola, St of this amount; the Horseshoe mutus mie, Wyoming. hore .r" nsaa ; City vrithdut delicate female organism- male Regulator is the standard remedy tor . . . 3 ' mn For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. : CHAS. C. BOHL, Frop. Office Hours Prom O a. m. to 9. p. m characteristic aiscm . ... Chronicle for a year or two, tience t , fe the largeflt contri Cheyenne where it the or with the Golden Reward anc Gaxetts for a brief .P" " 7 ' Dead wood k Delaware Smeklng com vflgtlbnled train tor Omaha, bo La oy arugguM ' t . " I THE BRAOftELB MBUUTOt CO, I - mjo and St Lonl. """"ftB. A it B. E. R. ticket act,

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