The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 16, 1899 · Page 3
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 3

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1899
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

uailx PIONEER TIMES, THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 16, 1899; TIME TABLES. Bon Ton Restaurant ONE GENT A WORD Four nicely furnished rooms at 41 Lee St. Board If desired. Mrs. Maud K. Perkins. jNTON ROUTE. ..lUtrB' ' 1 To Rent Two furnished rooms suit tnfj .tB East. able for light housekeeping. Apply to Advertisements under this ' head ONE CENT a WORD each Insertion when run loss than one month. Three lines $l.oi p. r munth. 1'ayable in kJr, 2:30pm (La e the St. Louis.) TWO DOORS BELOW THE BULLOCK Will Serve the Best Meal in the City. Rates reasonable. 729A Main street, Deadwood, S. D. W .V".nt Sunday W .nrt Snear- fcunt"1 1:35 pm S2i t; diiiy except Sun: tm. Cu'r and For Rent 1 or 2 furnished rooms and privilege of bathroom. Apply to 56 PIECES ffZSb. .8:C0 a m WANTi;i-HEU'- 1 turv i no fake about ihisi amtd four suldr t aha. rM 57 Taylor Ave. WJ, i,a-,i at.6:00 a m L. .i follows: rip. nK'r. hally.l2:S0pm Wanted- M.-a to learn barber trad I7,i-V. -n-f. A-., ... houses 11. M. Stearn has two good for ratt. pwo Hiwrnnw thin advfrtlw oirot ran grt a HaodaomelT oraUl S..t, abaskiiitflj fre tv nao it. There ta do trick, tt jutriflinir "h DothiDtr hn what u botMwk Our ktf w is In hl, k ,t whiu., an tniireprtatntalimi 4 any rt; ewrrlwsly rm.a nc. vr X laV advntare of tt. we puivrly ail no g bev'k ii n ito Mitttr wlwt it eottu. W mh U put oiir (aapec on VM'.'t will do anrthuiK to r. I it in the lead qui llv It laoa or th.- .V ni.l i nte reat in 4i Kaahioa, Newii A St or? I'akfaha ilitai'f au proTe all we ay. the abwvlute truta. tf yta ill swttd ri c. ndv,-r or 1 f ptamuatoniver eiH-niM of paB aa- niHiltnir. addrMinir pa- lm, ,1 mm will ml you ta "i" cumpiotes. i wo years Pic"il".y:.eXlV.06am 'frelgM arrive.. 6.52 p FK.rh i rains. Rallwa For rein -Two front rooms on Williams street. Dr. Stanford. saved. Best sm. -on to begin. 300 positions to lil! in May. Students from distance assisted with transportation. Write today. Mokr Barter College. Minneapolis, Minn. " i"(ini"inT i w r. frrj uii" ran save ineir rnouvof flrwilifa!. hinn.-r or Tea St Kre. AU (Mi carefully boir4 A Bis Jim 4 Wong loo, Pi ops. Crane -Ciiurcliin Co., . . Manufacturers and Jobbers of... Steam, Gas and Water Supplies of all Kinds. Rew fork ( N. E. WOOD, A. M., M. D., President Chicago Medical and Surgical Institute, 017 LaSatte Avenue, Chicago, IN. t Established la ( 'hieaf-o Since Maj Ut, IH'tH.) Thr iflilott, larfcal, mtisit nlUble find UCfeMful tacdfcail ItiMtil ui Ion in ih.- N..rt vtui lrla room fur naitenU with ffllltle for inr baggag ft til U . I, tickets "l euU and I'll"11"8-, , nauTIJCY. Wanted Cheap One tubiilar or locomotive boiler about 40 horse powieT, rommerciaJ Agent. rnifrfenry. Nurificui optristtiios pcrftsrmcd In the in good oondltlon. Parties in Black KjRTSON. wM M'luntlD- inunnfr. Writ-It imai ,.n In-formitif s and Bracen.nub rt, rutartirf ..f tllP Si.Ink ltlH Ti n lst.-.r Wanted A team of heavy draft horses, must weigh 1,300 to 1.400 mS Cash deal. Address P. O. box Catarrh,,. Paraiv-is. Khileimv. Kuiiiev. HlaJ- ''th 1 " 'lull in Hills having such for sale send price and description to E. D., Inyan Kara, Wyoming. V V DEAD- 336, DeadwooL 6t LjjS BETWEEN i i'ii, 0H 0M Ag-ems lr. Kyt-. Kar. skin ami III I I '(-ease-, and all .Stinneal l-e ratii.n. h--t fft.-iln i.j.aratii(t and rfintHlies f"i rhr sii.-ces-.njl trulin nt ut evt-ry form of dtaeaae ifiuiriiiK tin- li al ! Mir-i. al treatment. abolut-l g-uarHiitev lj fr verr taae of ervou ItfMllty ttfuj tiistancK rf-ultinr from atmsen iht imli-, i.ti..ii m V. Mith and Manhood; Hp-rniat4r-rha-a Ht-mlnal WeiikDi'M in'-iht lo', linawlenoy . itf m.j-i,.,I i,.,tr-, . arlpocfle. M rdrm't le. rli- ml tf it fcoOD AND LEAD. LVE DEADWOOD. Wanted Your carpets to lay. also IIOLYOKE DEAN ND 4. ture, I'hlmosilm tc.. eU., 4'karrc Iteswtoaable-n aiit exifrlf it Hi, import nt N n merrui v or in jiirt- ni FOR MARSH STEAM PUMPS carpets cleaned on the floor. Household goods crated for shipment Harrison Phone No. 148. , .. 8:05 a m ... 9:30am ...10:30am uif.iiriiit-s n-f.i ., ttn- lost fnuuwoi k ir ItuHiat'Hs Sunday Esther Iodge No. 1, D. of H., A. O. U. W., meets la city hall building first and third Mondays of each month. Visiting members invited to meet with us. MARY MFLLINGER, C. of H. Kk.K DENNIS. Recorder. OMAHA and SIOUX CITY Ini-urablt' utM-i-ptd. So iiieiii -ine nt t i 1 1. f ail u ir i link n .w n i ,u-. we niM iin'iisaiulti an nun If v. U har l4-n t fi-'Uii, tf-tiiitohial letter on tilt- froni Kitetul (ittlient- .rrnltincrit 1 v .-iirei t. Wrlteij today, l'atu-nth it .n-iHii.-f iK-atf.1 lv iiijljI Multi-tut i It I l,-l,l,. J. S. FLETCHER, 43 Centennial. Wanted - A waiiti- g-irl at the Only restaurant. Main street. 1 Vrulwood. I MINING"nnrcc ii l.kii am' I .rni ff-t. ...... t i"iir I--.-. anM wen. I ill -n ltii ixii i w a ii 1 1 rim Id H-ii I jHl, t I Hit puff ItiM.L in all .ch r,id lUl IS, quralluaia fr. urtrul THIRTY-IT ITTTH TEAR. 12:13 p m 2:00 p m Sunday 3:15 pm t Sunday 4:20pm 5:30 p m pt Sunday 7:00 p m pt Sunday 8:00 p m 9:ou p m pi Sunday 10:30pm JAVJS LEAD CITY. DR. WELD Has returned from his eastern trip an his patients can now find him as his ofluo In the Smith block. 24 Pages : Weekly i Illustrated. INDISPENSABLE Any one m need of help or help iu need of eni loyinent will !ind just what they want a: iho employment bureau, !.- Sherman St. MRS. S. CONK UN, rlui l nml : i jry ' (Si) 8:35 a m I O.I. IT . ,1-.! N TO MINING MEN. $3 PER YEAR, POSTPAID. SEND Foil SAMPLE COPY. MINING Scientific PRESS 330 MARKET ST.. SAW FRANCISCO. CAL. Man, nn. Mi. COURT CALENDAR. -.March Win-No. 18. Troy Mining Co., vs. Wtl- mot C. White. No. lit. Mount Terry Mining Co. vs. Wilmot (J. White. No. .I.'!. S'liiritv T. A; I.. Insurance . wnh integrity, tact, large experience, . Ciiialile in" f i 1 ! i 1 1 tar any pi .- i I i i 1 1 Salary rati. -ii Vil li c. s Mr "ill' IV. I 1 ' ' . I ' 1 W i II I' I . business ability, wants win!, ;u i creditably a'nm-t secondary . j -r : -; 1 1 a WKon, ; i :i! . : in :!. ?t Sunday 9:55 a m 11:00 a m 12:50 p m ecu with Eastern 2:25 p m it Sunday 3:40 p iu ii Sunday 4:45 p m 5 : 55 p m n Sunday 7:22 p m t Sunday 8:22 p m I'n., vs. I-'. M. Yroiiiiin. No It;. C. W. Mather Mining; 'o. Clia llelige iPilF gciiei-:u W. Mather, vs CliellHiige f'iii girl ...:.v a; Mr Wanted .' house wi.ii. lin's resi H No. IT C. Maiing Co. No i." .1. Pianoforte Le I '' It. V.. Kiilu. E. Sweel. 9:22 p m (Sunday 10:55 p.m AND The Millanl, 13tli an I Douglass Sts. 'JMAJLA, NEBRASKA. !.K.W!.; liol KI. hf mi-: vi:st. S American PUu $2.Bu per day and up. European Plan 11.00 per day and up. 3trletly first -class In every respect J, E. MAR KEL & SON. M, H. LYON. , PUBLIC ASSAY EH SAMPL ER. DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA c Wanted- A good woman cool;. Apply at the Cold Edge office. op"ia house block. Wonted Work by the day, by a competent oinan, house cleaning? laundry work, cooking. $1.50 per day. iilijUlre of Mrs-S. Oonklin, r.-Sharman street. PMPETITP?? BOW THEIR HEADS. French masses Daily, ForU-nn-i ijh1 v at tiie BUck Ilili Steam Laundry, Dkadwood, -:- South Dakota JAMES P. WILSON Attorney-at-Law, t Olympic Club Building Corner Sherman and Deadwood Streets Wanted A girl for general housework. Enquire at Glenn Hart's employment office. Postoffloe block, Deadwood. I. 4 M. V. R .R. 3RTHWESTERN LINE, letween Dead wood and Tin y Arrives. Departs, ii to Omaha Ptul, Mln-I close con- tll points itk, at Fre- itat 11am 6pm iwer Main Street. Sturgls. Rap-ud Inter- l 16:45 am 8:25 an '3:35 am 11:00 a ra i T.30 a m 4:45 p m nay. ee !Y LOANED thing pertaining to Property. A large wredeemed pledges of lescriptions on hand. wb strictly conflden- rood Loan Office . mndsr Overland Hotel Lead Steam U1M COMPANY 17 South Gold St All Orders by Telephone will be Promptly Attend Wanted Man and wife, without children, too work on ranch. Enquire at South Dakota. DB DWOOD this office or Shoudy's ranch. Spring ORIGIN OF KALAMAZOO. Pretly l.eirnil That la It -ponalll Kur ttkm Ti'n' ame. The name of Kalamazoo, like Oshkosb and one ur two others, has come to be to foreigners a synonym of American absurdity. It is often chosen, for some occult rvunAii. to illustrate that form of Teruacular English known as ''United Status. " But all thought oi ridicule vanishes when its romantic origin is considered, for it is tlin echo still lingering about the memory ot two dusky lovers, who, in that long gone time when Michigan was the home niuinly of Indian tribes, lived and loved on the bonks of the riT-er which now bears their names. Kahla, the young warrior, was straight of limb and eagle eyed, while to Mahzoo had been given by the Groat Spirit the many graoes and virtues for which Indian maidens have become noted in song and legend. Life to these two possessed all the charm which true affection has ever granted to lovers, and the days, as they came and went, brought only abounding joy. Each summer evening, as the twilight deepened and the time drew near for her lover's return from the chase, the maiden watched from her bower in the swaying branches of a giant elm over-banging the river's edge for the first sign of bis coming. As the bow of bin oanoe shot round the curve away in the distance her clear musical voice called to bim, "Kahla, Kahla 1" and from the young warrior came in loving tones tbe response, "Mahzoo!" Obioago Creek, Meade Co. GO TO . . . FRANK SCHREYER, Fresh and Salt Meats, No. too Sherman St. 'V. H. MOORE Wanted Work by the day by a wo ed to man. Apply to room No. 16, Went worth. 4 Blacksmith ' ,4 i VI HARRISON TELEPHONE 254. Our Wagon will Call FOR SALE. on Deadwood. Customers Daily pOR A COMPLFTE CLEANUP Plunge, Turkiflh, Take a Hot r coid Bath and a Fine Shave at Iesirable building lots on Lincoln avenue, Ingleside. Lumber furnished to build. Edwin Van Clse. tf. All Work 6narinteid. C. ROBERTS, Manager ED. HART, Agent, Deadwood.. ED. HARTS. Main St. Deadwood, For Sale Two No. 5 common eense sleds, three No. 4 Common Sense sleos, two No. 3 Common Sense sleds, three good heavy teams and harness nearly lOt. new. 85 Sherman St. Wagon Maker. HORSESHOEING AN GENERAL REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. All Kinds of Carriage and Waaon Wood Work; also Carriage Furnishings. 11 and 13 Pine Street, Deadweod, 8. D. Call on the Blact Hills Liter Company, Before I3uyin; Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash Doors, and Moulding 138 Sherman St. 8. W. REEO. Mgr. FIRST ANNUAL BALL JEWETT, HITECT. 1 Syndicate Block, UWOOD, 8. D. I. DOWD, ACTICAL far, v Jewels OPTICIAN miry Mam to Ordu THE DERBY Is Headquarters For Wines, Liquors and Cigars, jwMdnatr h. CARTER Prop For Sale On reasonable terms, thu building and furniture of the Elkhorn Hotel. First ward, apply to Fish Hunter Co. A bargain in an elegant upright piano. Enquire at the Pioneer-Times office. NOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND BEFORE TAX DEED SHALL IS.SI E. To Rett water Land & Oana, Compuny, a corporation, &c You are hereby notified that' on the 5th day of Noveniler, A. D. 1K!4, the following described pie- or pircel of Real Estaite, taxei in the name of Red water Iand & Canal Company and situated in the county ot irenw, State of South Dakota, aw follows: Lots 2, 3, ami 4 and SW'4 oi NE't Sec. 5, Town. t;. Range 3 containing 103 45-100 . , , .u .' ., i l.ois I" -r Sale Howard's Addition, his addition to Deadwood, beautifully located on the Park bench, adjoining the Dudley Spring, in the First ward, is now open for settlement. Se plat and prices at office of Edwin Van Cise. acres, was siki lor uixe iiin ui ieliniient for the year 1893, at tax sale "ftertheF.E.. V R L,naJ will marantic ... and prtm PMtoffici. Dia.oui H The Henshaw . . European Hotel Late "The McTague." Oyster and Grill Room, J, J. O'BRIEN, Prop. Under the Auspices of the W. (V Ot. F., and A. 0. H., to be held in the opera house. March 17, 1899. Executive Committee. M. J. Donovan, Joo. Tierney, Jaa. Frawley, P. T. Kelley, Timothy Foley. Committee on Tickets, Jae. Cuslck, Jaa. Frawley. P. T. Kef-ley, Mrs. C. Sasse, Mrs. N. McDoaouga, Mrs. H. Mcdlll. Mrs. Munick. Reception Committee. Neil McDonough, Jaa Frawley, Matt Plunkett, John L. Sullivan, Miss B. Se-llg. Mra Jna Tierney, Mrs. J. P. Laf-fey, Henry McGlll. Floor Committee. J. P. Laffey, H. Donoran, J. J. Koee-ter, Mart Mc'Donough, Jamea Custfck, Timothy Foley, M. Katen, Darld Brown. Mpelc by the Trio Orchestra. Supper at Palace Cafe. Tickets $1.00. by the Treasurer of said tJounty to Lawrence County and was by said pur chaser duly aligned to Margaret Reil- FOR RENT. J. P. HYMER. Collections and Adjustments. Notary Public. General .Agent In Black Hills for U. S Fidelity and Guaranty Co All kinds of guarantee and judicial bonds written without delay. Please m? rate bfore asking your friends to sign your bond. Cash paid for life insurance policies. Olympic Block. Deadwood. 3. D. Telephones: Harrison 138. Black Hills 144- AndreeseD Bairf -Two eood room?, Terms X ji - - v reasonable. No. 549 Williams St. 1509 Parnam St. - Omaha, Neb For Rent Three rooms furnished for housekeeping at 62 Taylor avenue O. C. Lackous. ly, who in now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase. That said taxes then due and delinquent amounted to $20.74 and that prior taxes amounting to $38.13 and subsequent taxes to the amount of $48.15 have been paid, with interest, penalty, and costs aocrueo, $10.78 making total amount necessary to redeem $117.80 and in addition there-to, the cost of service of this notice, together with euch interest as may accrue after this date, must be paid and, that the right of redemption will expire and deed for said land be made within sixty days from the completed forvice of this notice. MARGARET RE ILLY, ffre Company. Hardware, w and 1S Good. - OMAHA CARSOM. Ahnt. HIM MANHOOD 8tSTuRtDEsp For Rent Three furnished rooms suitable for light housekeeping. 729 Main srtreet. .,, o1ir" (i the irenerative ormuia, aucb h Lost. T-Kis T1T..?ir, tt-k.8emlrl LiclMinin. Servant KrMilu liwiinHi i -r-v wirr. KltaMaJna DrtMt VarVwote w 1 r Mrr, rlicb ttDOtchVM irln to-pmritoTTli T FOR RENT A five room house on Taylor avenue. Enquire at Phillipi' drug store. BtrCAtl ITX R C j J th nrtnryOfrtnol ait UBpoium fT r S ftrengthens i NOTICE OP" LBASE. To whom It may concern Take Nptlcr" That the Survivor and Jumbo claims si uated on the east fork of Spruce sulc are being worked under lease and that tha, undersigned owners will not be .responsible for any labor performed or maUsrtsi furnished upon said premises, J. W. ALLEN, AARON DUNN, . (First Publication Dee. 10. ISM.) a!l :;. CCP1DKSKH Holder of Certificate of Sale. . Dated Deacnrood, 8. D., March 13, Nicely furnished roams at reasona ble ratesi Noble Mock. 721 Mala Street 1899. Mrs. Oarr. 1 (First Pub. Mar, 16. 1899.) UmVk Dakota K. BL rruBsi'i jV ' " t V!, :s. t1l'' i iii J r ? i I.

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