The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 15, 1899 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1899
Page 4
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 15, 1899. " I - r MINING AND MILLING INDUSTRY' $4A s4V4 POSSIBILITIES OF AIR. One of Che most prrollfic fields of scientific research, and one that promises to yield vast practical benefit t3 'the world, is the atmosphere in which wr live. It seems that scientists aie bin beginning to understand some ol est degree ctf cold felt In the world, and it was for a long time ibelieved that it was not susceptible Co congelation. It only freezes at 202 below zero, a greater decree af'told than is ever attained naturally on the world. Hut it can be c on vi rteil into an icicle in a very few minutes if immersed in liquid air. Liq I : Shoes Witt nn mti usues to wmcn u ran oe put. Compressed air is befng utilized and lift,-. be'ii utilized for some time for nwuiv uid air is nearly as heavy as water, and i.-. almifst as clexir. although in order to he aide to see in in all its cl.wness it purposes, and is proving almost pensahle for the operation of to eight fet high, in the upper imrt about throe to four feet long by two wide; in the lower part a little smaller, corresponding to the bush of the w.rti-r pack ;... Tlie walls are made of adobe, lined inside with hard slone.-and clay, the rear being the wall of the building, it he two sided and the breast, which is removed after each campaign, ind machinery; ban liquid air prom,' QUARTZITE IN TWO BIT. The Detroit & Deadwood company's Bhaft In Two Bit gul:h has been down "to quartzkejur the last several days, and t!he company is now having a sump put In, preparatory to starting a drift The quartzlte level was found to be 240 feet deep, and the foreman, U. A. Murray, utatea that it is the cleanest kind of granulated quantziu- that has been found. A li-fom sump will be put in, a station out, and a drift will the greatest range of usefulness. It w.i a ipmparativeiy snort time ago taa Our Boys Seal Skin Seamless) scientists learned that air could be r duced to liquid. 'They knew it was is ne- '.tisary to place it in a vessel siir-:.iiiid'tl by a vacuum, as otherwise the ni'iisture in the atmosphere will form a coating of fr-wt around the iiisiu' of th'j vessel in which it is kept; and it can not be seen. It is not too much t,i say that in time liquified air will lie in use in every hospital, every packing In. ue, every hotel , and many private residences. It is the greatest means of r'-frigerating known. The machinery j SHOES! i vapor, in in li as steam is vapor tu uii'i luimiiK rus iioigin. from the rear wall, abiin one foot and half above the botituf. enters the blast, which is furnished by huge bellows. A shallow while tney Knew now to reduce stiam Ata nntftrl for f Vioiv, -. to a liquid form, it required no end o wcarinQuaiu: , be started for the west. It is the Intention Ui run this drift up under the Mil west of the shaft, as the outcrop pit. takes the place of a crucible, from whinh the slag is taped on one side tJictJiteut ior scnool wear. for its manufacture ts not expensive. the bullion, a little lower, on the other. ping along the Mil are very strong experiment to discover the muans o reducing air. Freezing was tried, am terrific pressure, but neither brough about the deisired result, although le.-. sons were derived from the experi an 1 can be set up in no time, while at una are regarded as favorable. There The cupel-furnace consists of a larger (ire place from which the flame passes the same time it occupies leiss than a L. C. VERPLAST ! through an opening into a smaller (s a large amount of waiter In the shaft and the pump Is throwing about 150 gallons a minute. It is expected that ments that have proven invaluable ' a tentn or tne space requires lor aii amonia ice machine. Liquid air would prove of incalculable value in hospit- KTo. eo liorman st tne worm, scientists subnn t'ted air to hearth, supplied with blast from good sized bellows. The li'iharge runs off through a small rill, and the bullion is the drift will have to run fully 300 feet pressure of thousands of pounds to tlie for it is absolutely pure, and the before encountering ore, Mr. Murray H inch, and they had tried heating it in revei-beratoiy furnaces; they submit proportion df oxygen leing large, u won Lll be a powerful factor in vitaliz uii-c uuiumu u.i ui i-wo an enart, is also In charge of the company's copper tea u to ,tne most intense cold known removed by inserting an iron hook before casti n. There is not a single piece of Iron used in tlie whole structure. Charcoal is used for fuel in jthe furnace workings on City creek. ing the surrounding atmosphere. As a ii. cneniisiiry. out it remained tne satin- Drifting 4s going an In the ChWgo a gas. But in 18 1 7 Paul Pietet submitted oxygen gas to an enornmu and small brush and woods in the test. Cook Remedy & Two Bit company's ground and th( drift Is now well up towards the hill There is neither asway office nor labor lisiiifectant it 'will excei anything else vtiowii. and many of the most malig-lant diease germs it kills outright. It is confidently indieved that in time iquid air will Iw used for a thousand pressure, at the same time applying on the wewt of the shaft, near the Mon atory connected with the establish intense -old. and he obtained a few riM& mt urMLT SURE CURFPnts arch. ment, a iKur of coarse scales Ix'ing 'the only scientific instrument. Considering nirposes. 1-or instance, it could lie used PHIMAHV. SBCOVnJ rxi T T a m t um ii mi Leu capacity, tlie works require iay arrived m the cr.y Sat TKKTIAKY BLOOD PoJ o)L00D POISOfJ quite a large force, if our men lxing nec n the warship as means of working lie propeller, in idling off tlie guns tier firing, m keeping the quar;c;'s ot k-manentlycureI essary to operate only 'the bellows. (inqs or clear, niuisn liquid, tliat s;m-mered and bubbled violently for a few minuter and then vanished in white mist. It was thus proven that oxysjen wa- dot a iiermanent gas, but merelv a vaixtr of a mineral, as steam is a vapor ' of ice. In IMC a Pole, named Olzowslvi, discovered that nitrogen pi-, the other constituent of air, could le liquified. At the same time Prof. James '' iu DAYS. You, tereated at home for tlie urday night on the late freight train from Rapid City. He had just returned from the Bast and hail stopped (ill at Rapid City to look over the chior-Jnaitiion plaint before coming on to hanging every hour. 0 he sick nven at a comfortable t'mner- rice under same GUARANTY. If V'Oll nrefer In , - r - - - lv ajuus nor CARBONATE MIXES AND MINERS ture .and above all. for tiring the guns s liquid air pronnoles rapid ronibu.-.-;on. Coui'iion oil was'te saturated in quid air has all the enersry of the I Mad wood. He state I he had cuiuraci to pay ranrinio laie auu uoiei outs and no charge If we fail tn If you have taken MEKCL'RY, IODINE POTASH, ami still have r,.ia Miirri:a patciipu it rirvnih onr.- Timn. reen In Chicago for the lat month, arid John I.. (Jilison, who repp 'sen is a ftiiuo, a i jwu xxxvi.tkj lii iuum, ouillj 1 J 1 1 , I IilPLEg fJQpj that he had returned prepare 1 to ' IV'war. (A Kngiand. w;us making cx;h ;i re- lost owit tii! gua p-tW'li .. H prupt i - onip.iny or easu-rn capitalists, i at work ilium the company's priierty on ' M.iiKr.u bi'oib, t.i.i . on any part of (tie hiwiy. HAIR or EYEBE KAI.I.IXt; Ol'T. it is tin.- lil.OOD I'OISON that we t;i 'aka.VTKe to iy mixing 'the liquid wiih gincotton. we soncix me uiosL ui.- i i.-. i i anil i 1 1 .V I .I.1..M ; jjg ! OK A ( ASK WE CAN NO i M UK. TliM disease h;ts always BFrJ sume operations on the (Jilt Edge and associated proper!. is o;i a goo 1 scale. Thomas G. Cook of Stnrgis parsed through tlhe city on Monday on his way back to Bald Mouuia'ii, where ne is the north side of Kubicm giilch, not far from Carlonaite Camp. Mr. Gibson is the company's suiwrintendeini. and has had it torce of iti ti :it work running tunnels nearly all winter, having TIIE SKILL OF THE MOST I.KNKNT IMIYSK I AN ineiits along the same line, and sin --(cileil in liquifying oxygen and nitrogen 'ombiind and prtwIiKd tiie iir.-i liquid air. He went further and actually froze the liquid, till he had a quantity of mushy ice. But. the lirst ounce that he produced cost him three thousand dollars. He afterwards reduced tlie liitiM-glycerin. '. u: In r exp. sive. me force of the explosive is multiplied immensely. And it, w. Mild l" as .-..if-- a-- so much water as long as kept away t'rem the lire, as any am mm of on i -siim would not put it off. Liquified air, it is said, can be u ,("! several or our most prominent ijitniic men Kiiik- ami Kmporers of IoiJ lands have succumbed to this disease even when uinler t h- ireatmato( working for .he Honanzi mino I. new. laii'iix uuiiiiiiieii v. "ai'. n aaiiuns could employ. Init vo have a 3 ilnven siiuliing like two hundred feeit (vf tunnels and drifts. 'The company has RET KI'MEDY known onl- . . irselves. During FOI'H'I'EKX YLUS us a large amount cf mineral git unl !n that vlcini'.y himslf, and he d-i-j,es in any engine as readily as steam. uii with as much safety. No water is re li.s time betwoai working for hiou-Mf our exisience no t..-.; tuan y different concerns have sta: ted up tt itate' our treatment, prompted by our unprecedented success; to-day not and tor other ruin'ns compap.cs. He quired and no heat. The action of the of them remains in business. five claims in the group, situated about 1500 feet from the Burlington railroad track, which runs down the Spearflsh canyon, by the mouth of the Rubicon. One of the incorporators of the company that Mt. Gibson represents is if t present .hvilciog 0f disposing of surrounding atmosphere has the same st to five hundred dollars a pint, and gcieniusts were astonished at what he had achieved. But the greatest application that has been made of these lessons has been by Charles E. Tripler of New York City, who has discovered a means of turning out liquid air at the rate of rili'y h.a ranch pro-.y near Sturgis, and effe. t upon the liquid as heat hii upon We Stand Alone Without A Single Successful CompetM moving up Incj tb.3 mountains to live water, and does all the work of expan THE COOK REMEDY CO. has pe rmanently cured thousands and J Hon. J. T. Hull, of the committee on sion. TDe machinery iu i unm iu-. its manufacture very frequently pro military of the late house of represen- ah oi me minmj; proper-le- in tne vicinity of Portland that were laid up duces it in the form of ice. that is, U tatlvies, and father of the famous Hull world-wide reputation for speedy cur es, honesty and integrity. NO DECEPTION. NO FREE SAMPLE CATCH NOR C. O. O. METHODS. gallons a day, and at a cast af not to j for a few weeks on account cf saow army bill. Mr. Hull and Mr. Gibson's reduces the air to a Lqnid ice. i nis ue exceed twenty a gali'jn. He makes c.'i'.iss trouble ,as the freezing rather are partners in various other it do the work of steam , and in his lab obstructs the pipes of the machinery enterprises, and have 'been for years. Advice and ABSOLUTE PROOFS OF CURES AND I'NBROKEN FLI GES sent sealed in plain packages on application. NO BRANCH OFTICI uiuviuouc, ouc U'jguinir.g to start up again, and it is thought thrt in a short 'lme they will all be running. The Portland and Clinton companies are oratory .he has rigged up a ten horse power engine that is operated with As a factor in deep mine exploration. The company is said to have excellent it would prove invariable. No matter to backing financially, and Is abundantly liquid air, and at HJhe same time manufactures the liquid air necessary to run Chipping from the Portland, Trojen, What deith. or what the temperature able to carry out its designs. In the ONE MILLION DOLLARS BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE Address COOK REMEDY COMPANY. 1928 Masonic Temple, Clm may be, the liquid air would overcome tunnels that have been driven during all the rfnle air. and the task of fore it. The surplusage is immense, that la. where three gallon of the liquid air is required to run the engine, ten gal the past few montihs there is a good body of ore, eald to be of good shipping be it down with pumps woum ing ADVERTISED LETTERS. avoided. It oould be manufactured on grade. The indications on the ground lons can be manufactured, so that t-mplre and other cla.ros of i hit g.-u:.p, the Horseshoe u shipping regulnisy fitnn the Uiien Sand, which is fit-pated aea? the Portland group. 0 MININO ON RAPID CREEK. J. C Sherman, the postmaster at Pac-tola, Is preparing to do some effective w inmiKsi luvol 'to which men have Aetna Powder are the most (favorable that could be The following la a list ot the letters remaining uncalled for In the poetofflce desired, although no depth has been reached so far. On the ground there Is a Deadwood, S. D., for the week end there are 7 gallons of the liquid thac cost's nothing, and can be used for other power. Liquid air produces all the efficient properties of steam. The vaipor that It generates produces all the force that the vapor generated from water the llmerock, at the base of which ing Saturday, March 11, 1899: reached In the earth, and when released it would have not only a vitalizing effect, but would reduce the temperature as much as desirable. All miming machinery could be operated with it and the power could 'be generated Dynamite and BlackPowdi does, and the d flerence merely lies in the relative degrees of heat and cold. riht where it was defftred to make use Fuse and Caps, Electric Batteries, battery Supplies, Waiter bolls and generates steam at 212 degrees above rro, fahrnheit. Liquid sir boils and steam at 312 degrees below zero, and the effect is W. E. ADAMS the bame. A gallon of liquid air in a receptacle, placed on a cake of ice bo.'.s and produces Steam with as much force as a gallon of water placed over an intense blaze. And liquid air placed H there is an ore bearing body. There ts also the upper ore contact in full, and In one portion of the ground there Is a icj.-ma.Uon containing ore that is identical with the one that is taken from the Dakota Maid and adjoining prop-eiUes-m Strawberry gulch. The company's ground Is conveniently situated as far as shipping facilities are concerned, and when there Is a body of ore developed of sufficient extent, the matter of getting it out will be nominal. Frank 'Bryant has been at work for some time past on the Old Ironsides group of claims, situated along Squaw creek, and he has been making a good showing on the claim. He has 'been working in a drift, and has driven it into the edde of the hill to where there Is ere on both sides. In the roof, and in the face, from which good assays are obtained. Grant H. Tod Is superintending work on his company's property situated a over the blaze will not boil much more development work on 'his mining property on Rapid Creek, etribarctag a large number of claims, this Tear. Among other improvements that he has In con-temtptabton is an additional hundred feet In one ot shU shafts. As scon as Chat to ccimpleiiod he La going i:o crosscut he lodge, which wiill mean a drift 21 the way from 40 to 100 feet in length. Mr. Shctrman te the owner of the Cold Duet claim, situa-ted a mile and a'natf north of Pactola, on Which he has developed a ledge of ore that "gives assays of from $4 to $8 to the ton right through. Adjoining the Gold Duet there Is a 'group ctf the claims belonging to L. Smith and associates of Rapid City. Mr. Smith has two ehafts of the group, the being toto the earth 80 feat, and equipped in first claes shape, with a good whim aad'a battery for blasting purposes. He 'baa a good elsed body of Iron pyrites, that comes as high as f 15 and $16 In gold to the ton. , On the American Eagle ground, the property of Ford A Duncan, there is a good looking ledge of free gold ore, from which splendid resuita are ob Gents. Atkinson, W. J. Cope, Theron. Carpenter, Ralph. Con tin , John. Caure, Harry. Crowhunt, A. Davis, C. G. Frank, I. K. Felt, S. M. Gregg, Wm. Hunter, W. H. Hangness, 0. L. Hamilton, J. R. Kunsler, Dave. . Miles, G. W. ' Manning, Wm. Pines, Leonard. Reid, Jatmee. Smith, W. H. Ladies. Adams, Miss May. Colvin, Miss Bessie. Ford, Mrs. Emdly. Spene, Mrs. F. Stewart, Mre. 0. P. (2) Williamson, Mrs. Annie. of i t. LTttle has been learned of it eo far out enough has been learned to warrant this conclusion. o BEST OP ALL To clense the system in a gontle and truly beneficial manner, when the apringtlme comes, use the true and perfect remedy. Syrup of r igs. Buy the genuine. Manufactured by the Caa-fornla Fig Syrup Co. only, and far sale by. all drugeists at 50 cents per bottle. o STENOGRAPHY AND TYPEWRITING. Miss C. E. Ilinley, public stenographer and typewriter at H. B. Young's office, will go anywhere to take dictations and will return the work promptly and in good shape. Telephone or Kail calls aniweri LEADING I MEAT MARKET Black Hills Telephonejoi Harrison Telephone No-1 violently than It will over the chunk of ice. Its energy is equal to ibhat of gteam In every way iw power. The use to hkh It can be plated ara manifold. In order to generate It coal and other fuel arc no ntctiiry. arid the saving that is made by this U at once apparent, ae the burdens of the ocean iteamer, and of the railroad locomotive which, under tlhe use of steam are terrific because of the immense amount of coal carried,- will hava been almost entirely obviated. The labors of the stoker on the one ,and the fireman on the Oiher will be entirely avoided. The properties of liquid air are varied and curious. No other substance In the world, except liquid hydrogen, is short distance Ifrom Whitney's "Half NO. 654 MAIN STREET. DEADWOOj Way" house, between Garden City, and Carbonate. TTTkD C4I.P TWO HOISTS. Persons calling for any ot the above tained w ith the montar and pan. There nrui mor,(i..hnrcH IMirtatilS please give date of advertising. Ed Balttngr, who has (or the past JOHN BAKER, Postmaster. engine and boiler, adjustable Ian4j break, with 300 feet steel cabK. few months been working In the mine A FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER. Will often cause a horrible burn. Scald, Cut er Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the be In the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal It. Cures Old Sores,' Fever Sores. Ulcere, Bolls, Fslons. .Corns. 8klr Eruptions. Best Pile cure o earth. Only t&c bos. Curs guaranteed. Sold by Phillips ft Steenten. Druggists. at Terry, left yesterday for Georgia, BIDS WANTED. ahera he has some copper property rola tlSul1 a-tT- Hydrogen is re- plete. J One lar blower, suitable W 1 duced to liquid at 440 degree below The Detroit ft Deadwood Gold Min that promises to make him rich. He tvn mHanUir urn Qi'(3 has received jxsne large offers (or the ground, of enough to keep him tn in ing company win receive, until farther notice In this paper, sealed proposals One" stationary friction drum ij dependence for the re ctf his life, and for excavating a tunnel for the dis AAmnlara " tance of seven hundred (700) feet on no expect to form his decfedjjn as to selling X during the present trrp.- Two filter presses for chlorinw tneir mining property In Deadwood, known as the Barrett claim. Ths right cyanide. Enquire of E. Faust, Le4 s- tea haft down on the ledge and the owners are working upon it, taking out small QuantatfeH of ore trom time to time!. It would maks a profitable proposition were there faculties at. , hand . for Creatine One ore and extracting the ' ; gold. .- '' .V J' - ' Wmiam ; Banks and aeBodatee own Borne ground (n tne same vicinity, ana are staking a ahafU-They nave reached a depth of nearly 60 feet. ' A number of other clalma lying near glre good prospects In free gold and a gentleman who was in Deadwood from that WctnJty a few datya ago stated thai he thought a movement r now being started would result thds year In the establishment of a plant for the benefit of the mine owners of that dtotrioL - ; o MEXICAN SMEXiTERS. A iTaxlcaa smelter Is a aueer affair. SPAIN'S GREATEST NEED. ; Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain spends .his winters at Aiken. 8. C. Weak nerves had caused severe paint In the back of his head. On using Electric Bftters, America's greatest Blood and Nerve Remedy, all pain soon left " The man wrtlh the mineral indicator s abroad ta UwlandV-rls-"getting there" if getting other teMow dollars for nothing conarACutes "gs&ting to reject any and all bids is hereby reserved. The terms of the contract made known on application to ORES. , ti .m.uii. eMI elve sp toro; nitrogen at 320 below and oxygen at 312 below. A man's hand may be dipped into' the liquid with tmmun-ky If ft ie removed instantly. Otherwise the flesh wit be found to be much as it would were the member immersed' in moKen Vead. It does not burn, however; it merely kilts .the flesh. U is therefore spelendidly adapted to surgical uses. In cauterising It will eat out the diseased flesh more quickly and with. firesAer safety that any. other caruetlc know. It has already proven ii-valaubta for curing cancer, and It 1& saM that Ms epray will klU the germs of almost' :.any known disease. . To iltastrske Ms intense cold, alcohol ts frozen to a solid cake by pouring It Into a tnmber of the liquid air, and alcohol 1e used for registering- the great there." But he never dlsooren any min him., He says this grand medicine Is 'try needs. All America this what his coirn i', 3. 8. LAWSON, Manager. Gllmore House, Deadwood, S. D. i o . NOTICB Or LEASE. ' To whom It mif eral The woman aetsologist who can tell all about where to dig to , find rldhes, Is alo about. She Is numerous. Her sign hangs out ta a large propor-tloo of the Voom4ng" blocks la the upon low graae -to of an especially "Dde6Ur' m acter. If the ore U lowing tf certain Carbonate Camp, knows that it cures liver and kidney trouble, partes the Wood, tones up the ... .i.. i I Mit nrea. we will B0 so tti That the Survivor and Jumbo claims situated on the tut fork oL " T.V . - mt city. She ts "gettln there" too. But pondingiy ww smoiuue t9tvi A m IID are being worked under lease and Uiat tbe she never finds anything- Chat te dlffl ores running but w H cotkslau of furrnace and a owpella- stomach. Wrengthena ths nerves, puts Tim, vigor and new Ufa Into every mas-cle, nerve and organ of the body, u weak, tired or afling you need it. Every bottle guaranteed, only SO cents. Sold by Kirk Q. Phillips, ixnUUL-; cult to discover. Sbs finds nothing brft -, - . vwners win not t respoasl- ble for aar tft iTT. b mined at a profit. Call at non harth. The former ts trom six furalshej iKm sid prei " a fool, and the country is full oi elm. ' ' 1 - ? . . ; I' ; . s 1 I ' i-' tor further toformaOon. ; - nLaNKLIN R. CABPE : - . WT ALLEN, . r. . . AARON DtTNN, enrst PuhUeaUoa Deo. . mtt-'- j Ota.

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