The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 15, 1899 · Page 2
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 2

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1899
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 15, 1899. gate earnings of the railroads, not with THE 0EADW000 PIONEER standing rate cutting, have been unpre 'JtL,' J? He wanted me to go and take the sup-ermtenJetnoe of a mine that he thought might have a good stake in It He offered me a fair salary, which I accepted. I ran and jgot my things off the boat, and in a week was at work again in the mines. Before the year was out 1 "cedeated and the roada generally are In a beter condition financially than ESTABLISHED JUNE 8, 1871. THE BUCK.HLS TIMES. 1 r perhaps ever before. Art gaining favor rapidly.' fssava s) W' Business men and travel- ill lers carry them in vest It III O pocketi, ladlei carry them In purses, housekeepers keep them In medicine closets, frleuds recommend thein to friends. 25c. ri , . ) 'ST 1 ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. Look where one will the proofs or was a millionaire. ' All the results of my forgetfulness In leaving a piece of THE OAILY PIONEER-TIMES prosperity are clear and convincing and it is a gratifying fact that all the j waaA v tl IV Charter Oak, baggage and because I went up one i CONSOLIDATED MAY 14, 1897 conditions are favorable to its continuance for several years. There i every reason to expect that we shall go side of the street instead of the other o ANCIENT FIREMEN. PIONEER-TIMES PUBLISHING CO Quick Meal and I i Ttie Pioneer-Times is in rxwsession on increasing our exports of manufac of a neat and well preserved little li' I St. Claire. tures, wane tne wonu wui sim neeu gram of the "First Grand Ball of the Will open up their Reminiscences of The great commander And fight his battles o'er. The carnage will be awful It is awful now. Kind heaven, send us peace! Chicago Journal. TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY. Rix'hford and Bear Paw prosect or.s rerted rich finds in these dislrints. Caledonia .Mining Co. levied assess the surplus products of our farms. aAaj Iktadwood Eire Department," N da!1 i Tlx) chsipnsiH am! "abundance is printed on the program but the pre TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: DAILY Every Morning, Eioept Monday On Year 10 oo Six Months ; 5 oo One Month 1 00 WEEKLY Issued Every Thursday. One Year 2 00 Six Months 1 00 o server of the document, the lute Harry of capital innure ru investment Klynn, has laleled it 1877. in nroiltutive enurprit-.i nui The officers of the departmen: and will '-i-rnate an euiaiKi ue- mand fair labor. The vast unoima of i ment N". 2 of :'.." cents per share. Entered as Second-Class Matter at th Dead wood I'OBtoflke. I Special Discount for CasJ unemployed capital is not likely to remain much longer out of use and when Delegate-elect Bennett left Yankton for Washington. various compaiwes are given an i-lows: OFFICERS OF DEPART Mi: VI Seth Bullock, chief, engineer. H. B. Beainian, 1st assistant. Jaimes Fitzgerald, 2d assistant. James McP-herson, 'treasurer. L. F. Whit beck, secretary. HOOK AND LADDER. ithe period of investment begins there COME AND SEE US. While the Ireas only states a well Miss Sis Clinton gave a ball in fire will uudooibtodly be an almost unpre known fart regarding the normal con proof hall. celented material development. unuun oi me ranKton lar, It is not Frank Perkins ad ertised a benefit. I Ayres & arflman Hardware t This country has grown wonderfully in wealth during the past two years Deputy Sheriff Lynch returiled from charitable to advertise it. , o 1 The Yankton Press ays: "An epi Y'ankton. Bear tracks were discovered in the and it Is now practically independent, In a financial way, of the rest of the derate of Insanity Is sweeping over the snow near White Rxks. world. When Europe recenttly sent to -Z3 Black Hills counties." This la libelous. Out of a population of 20,000 only three The free muling room was a success. The Pleasant Hours club cloned the this country securities to the value of r persons have been adjudged insane dur season with a dance at the Welch PIONEER FURNITURE HOUs' a hundred millions they were absorbed with perfect ease and aa much more W. L. Kuykendall, foreman. Col. J. F. McKenna, 1st assistant. Jas. Fitzgerald, 2d assistant. James McPherson, treasurer. C. E. Hanrahan, secretary. DEADWOOD HOSE. John H. Burns, foreman. John Worth, 1st assistant. C. V. Gardmer, treasurer. Geo. V. Ay res, secretary. DEADWOOD ENGINE. Wm. H. Stdlwedl, Ifioremain. Michael Whalen, 1st assistant. H. Wyttenbaeh. 2d assistant. June H. Dix, treasurer. OF could have been taken without disturbing the financial situation. More money has been to circulation during the house. Oalrionia stock sold at $l.i5, Giant and Old Abe at $.75, Homestake at 30 Porter Warner returned from Washington. Travis, Iee and Smith were on trial ing the past twelve month. o A BOOZY DAK. Speaker Iteed is looking up a location for the practice of law. He is desirous of retiring from politics. There I SAM SCHWARZWA past year than ever before and the a AmerUian people as a whole are not for the murder of Fraukenlnirg on the only better off than the people of any Homesmko grade in January. Thirty-five t.ewms of the N. W. Trans. Co. unived from ISisiiKU'ck la no room for him in Yankton or we would end him one of our immigration circulars. The bar at this point is full to overflowing. Yankton Ires. a full line of VpJ load-ill with mi Tcha a idse. The trip was Litest lies; other country but than they themselves ever Iwfore were. The man who. in the face of such taots, says taere is no prosperity in the United Staites, discredits hi intelligence or his honesty. madfl in fifteen days. iikish Chairs. Bill Gay and a party left for the coal MERELY A SUGGESTION. Wm. H. Watt, secretary. FLOOR MANAGERS. James McPherson, Ed Whitehead. W. P. Tyler, Col J. F. McKenua. At the time of the fire of SeptemlKT. 1879, Dick Rjichards was chief. Hank Beaman, foreman of the Hook and lad der, John Worth foreman of Dead wood Hose, and Chais. Borchers foreman of the engine company. Of the men whose banks to lay out a town. ueiore a lawyer uecmos to move The paymaster airivtid at Ft. Meade from Rapid City. Hot Springs, or Stuir SENATOR JONES' LUCK. and the 1 line predicted the usual shooting matinee at Scoop. gis to Dead wood or from leadwood 'to Col and Mrs. Langrishe, Gross. Mar names appear on the programi of the tin, Griffith, Miss Anna Mahr and Miss Made Connors gave a show at Central. "First Grand Ball" only three are at present residents of Deadwood Seth Bullock, John H,. Burns and Geo. V. Ayres. Henry Wyttenbuch, who by Surveys of the Deiadwooa and Red water railroad were being made. l ne 1'ioneer and l imes were scrap the way, spelled it with an "i" in 1877, Denver, ibe may seek "light from above," but he Is not expected to comment publicly upon his search, and as the Milwaukee Sentinel puts it, it seems to us it there be no Impertinence In the suggestion ohat the time has come when a clergyman need not hesitate to be equally reticent. Whenever a clergyman 1s called (from one place to another he says publicly that hte decision, no matter what it is, has ping over who was the first Black Hills and new li' 11 ' Hff Re-Upholstering agitator D. D. Tallent, T. H. Russell J. J. Williams or Charley Collins. is a resident of Sturgiia and Oapt. C. V. Gardner lives at Piedmont. None of the others are even residents of the He Tells How He Came to be a Mining Millionaire. Major M. P. Handy, in the New York Mail and Express, gives a oonversaticr with a Texas Congressman, who maJies the following reference to John P. Jones : "Senator Jones," said t'he member f:om Texas, "while he is a man of great native ability and has a mind enriched by reading, travel and experience, had his wealth come to Ihim at first by a very slender chance. He was, by the way, although most people have forgotten it, the first of the multimillion startle. Prof. Dolph Edwards and Miss Eva Deffenbacher closed the winter term of school and each received handsome work to order. We re-cane chairs and do all kinds of furniture There were twenty-five numbers on presents from the scholars. To morrow will be Sunday. NOTES FROM LEAD. been made after an earnest a tempt to the program and the dances were quad rille, waltz, schottische, lancers, polka, mazourka fireman's dance, Vdrgiflia reel, Varsouvienne and gallop. That Smith, Pringle & Co. s mill started aires who came out of the Pacific Coast was before the advent of the Limber Jims; called "Professors," who put us up after an overhauling. SAM SCHWARZWALD, There was talk of putting up tene through our paces. Our dancing may ment houses in South Lead. 620 Main Street, DEADWOOD, SO, Set light from above. So nearly universal la this rule that Its observance might henceforth be taken Dor granted, that a clergyman who aaid "yea" or "no" to a call without going very deeply into bis reasons would be understood to have aoted deliberately, from (Che highest motives, and oat without prayer. - Harris, who was ihwt in the Home- have been a little crude then but it was none the less enjoyable. By reference to the files of the Times, stake, was improving. Judge Hill was seriously ill. it is learned tbat .the ball was held in mines to dazzle the east with their wealtD. The first time he came to New York after making his great struke in the Crown Point mine, I came with him, We went to the Grand Opera house on Twenty -third street to see Charles Fletcher play "Monte Ortsto,' It was a great preformance and Impressed Senator Jones very much. When I commented upon the audadoiis improbtlity of th e story of Bdmond Danites, he dhal The school furniture was removed to the large building back of Eaves stable. o ANOTHER CABINET OFFICER, May's ball, Lee street, Thursday, December 13, 1877. Supper was served at the Welch bouse emd Qondolfo's orchestra, six pieces, furnished the music. BAN Congress will soon be called upon to FIRST NATIONAL It was a swell affair. r- DENYING PRO&PHRirTY. Omaha Bee: The man who asserts pass a law creating a new cabinet port I folio. This official will probably be tanged the oomment by the only refer tbat there to no prosperity tn the Unit- DEADWOOD, 80UTH DAKOTA. United States Depository. known as secretary of the colooles. L will be bfis duty to look after .the wel fare of the ialamdB which were seized by the United States In our war with CASH PAID IN $100,000 - SURPLUS 8150,05 i d States invites doubt as to either his sanity T hi honeatfcr. ' ,The evidence of prosperity to on every band. it Is ? seen in the targe and growing exports I df rnanufaotures, in the activity of the Spain. While be is attending to his duties, HostottorW Stomach Bitters will DIRECTORS: continue to attend to tits duties of cur T flBtPP T m SPARKS P. A. GUSHCH ,t iron and steel dadustiry. in the large O. J. SALISBURY, T. W UAVlUlk) a t-r- ' ' d. a. Mcpherson. ing the sick of stomach, liver and kidney disorders, just as it has been do ing for fifity years. Its greatest virtues OFFICERS: President.... 0. J. SALISBURY Cashier ....D. A. Mcrnxg A color MsMpr'. . .J. S. DBSM Vice-president T. J. GRIER are in building up run-down systems; i' quieting amd toning unstrung nerves; n overcoming dyspepsia, indigestion akd constipation. Try a bottle if you feel "out of aorta," THIS CRUEL WAR. Oh, no, This cruel war is Not yet over, and Don't you deceive yourself. It still rages. Bead the magsxtnes. Those great thought mains That never freeze, but Plow on and on forever. Read them and see The marching men. The thunder laden ships, The wounded soldier boys, The battling heroes Draped tn glory's clouds. While here and there A can of government beef Blows up with deafening roar. Making a hundred Thumbs and fingers Grip as many noses, And causing panto In the ranks. Behold great Shafter Standing on the sinking end of Cuba, His vest half masted And his cheeks aglow With the heroic effort " To estermlnate COURT CALENDAR. f 1 railroad earnings, tn the improved cot- ' ton Industry, In (the demand for labor f svnd tn the advance of wages. These y 'i things, familiar to every '' one who J ' reads' the newspapers, attest that las ountry la prosperous and gives assur- ante of continued prosperity. v . , A The farmers of ua country as a whole are tn better financial condition than for many years. Mamy of them ; are free of debt and many other are v nearly so. Some havs become ktaners . - w- . ...... - r V of money Instead of borrowers, the de- i posits of the farming community te banks being undoubtedly .larger tbui ever beforew TMs Is Indicated by a a - statement of aNew. York banker that March 15th W. E. Williams, vs. James RIGHT AWAY No. 82. J. Beaky. No, 6L No. 62. Sender. No 3. City of Lead, vs. John Barr. City. of Lead vs. Thomas W. E. Adams Co., vs. Henry IS THE TIME TO BUY A ence to his own wealth which 1 ever beard him make. "Why," said be, "the story can be almost matched in my own career. Three years ago I was a miner with pick in band and a Davy temp on my bat, spending eighteen hours out of twenty-four tn the bowels of the earth. Now I am a United States Senator and the owner tjt $10,000,000. ' Neither Dumas nor the author el ' Arabian Ntgbte Entertainment' could invent a story more wildly improbable to the commonplace Imagination." "I won't say everythlnig," was the reed the member from Texas, "the very Question that we are considering how much luck had to do with his amassing such a fortonsv-' ; "I wont say everything' was the r-e ply, but you "may Judge tor yourself bow much when I tell .you that If 1 bad not taken a' certain side of the street one day I probably would bave been back at this moment on an Ohio farm,'ttntaJ the soil with my -own hafxta. It happened' in this way. I bad made some money during flush times In California, 'mt struck a bad streak tuck and lost it all. Worse man that I owed about (40,000 without any prosbect whatever of being able to pay. Being discouraged, I determined to go back to 'the States' and try- to make a quiet living In my -old borne. With that view I bought a ticket to 4 New Tork by the Pacific kfail tine and had actually gone aboard the vessel when I renwnnfoered tbast I bad left some of my luggage at the bote. 1 hurried back after it, and te doing soy V by ' . mere chance, perhaps because M was sunny on the other, took a side street upon whdcto I bad never walked before in my life. In my hurry I ran against an old friend. Alvknxa Hayward try name. , He asked me where Twas going. I told hlm and he begged me to reconsider. I was the very man be wanted to see. Q00D JHOE Ton gee March 16th ' No, 18. ; Troy Mining Co., tb. WI1-mot O. Whits. No. 19. Mount Terry Mining Co vs. Wllmot O. White. i toe the Arret Urns in his experience .of No S3. Security T. & L Insurance Co., ts. F. M. Vroman. No. 46. - C. W. Mather, vs. Challenge Mining Oa Na 'At. C W. Mather, vs. Chellenge Mining Co. .x No. 46. J. E. Sweet, va R. Z. Kldo. Tie next two months will require solid Footwear If you wish to keep shy of a doctor bill. We are selling our heavy and medium weight shoes big discount In order to cut down stock. If r00 good $5 00 SHOE FOR $400 , OR $4.00 SHOE FOR3 00. Orny other style or price. Call and let us fiit a pair on you at ; tnore than forty years the great west i baa more money than even the great ' needs of the west oan make use of and has actually been loaning millions In that flnsnolal center. To a conaWera- t ble extent ibis money comes from the agricultural prod ucers. Nerer In te our history was here. so much labor employed in Che maoaufacturtog Industries as at present ad, while ' wages xbav be blgher yet the Increase In the deposit of . ' savings ' banks bows that the earnings of labor re such as to enable the thrifty work- Jr.g people "of he eouatry" to sare eormiLtag. For a year past the aggre His country's food. See Miles smooth shaved ( And Sampson with tds beard,' Hobson in jail, and AH th women wasting For Mb release. See Dewey on the bridge (Which most grow tiresome). And all the other symptoms That the war . Has Just begun. : Wben will ft and? Who knows? The dvH war "T Is Just getting Its Second wind.. . ;v; K hundred years from now The body servants Of Gen. Shafter. THB CHICAOQ RESTAURANT. The beat eatng place la the elty of Deadwood. Nice tables are set and ar-erything In the way of eatablat Is provided, to th entire satisfaction oC the guests. Short orders serred at any time of day or sight. Open aH of the time. The proprietor would Uks to hare people ttf Htm a call and a, triaL . 1 ' C. E ZIPP'S. tm. . WONQ CHONQ. Pros.

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