The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 15, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DEADWOOD, 8. D. (BLACK HILLS), WEDNESDAY MoiINIXti, MAKCII 15 1S!). FIVE CENTS. I I ARMY DIVIDED NEW BLACK HILLS ROAD tasted a drop of liquor in his entire life Ho is the father of fourteen children, seventy grand children, ami seventy great grand children. 3- 4 4. 4. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'l 4 wood A iiM i. assurel of reixiiving due noil,,- ,,f jti ami tnojr prtsen would In- a. Miicerely desired as if they were l..u, At the meeting Sunday :uon HaUenbtu-.h w;ts calhnl to the p::in, and some music was fur-niihis ;,, f,.w niinutes. A numUT of the (rcrin, in-. iM-esent .aiiMnor whom THE UP-TO-DATE Stated That the Illinois Central Will Build In This Year. American Aggressive War Continued At Manila Yesterday. Gold Strike In Alaska. Victoria, I!. (V, Mar. II. Special. A rich strike nf guid iM.,, Iua)( i the Sea -ve mountains near Ketclie-kan. in soul ln-a.s!ern Alaska. Specimens ...F ..1 . I. ... l. i was M. K Arnold of 1 leailvrooil. joimyl in Siiii;,!,y ,i t iennan hymn. lief ore n ljic .ic iniiL nave im--ii iiri'iiulii i( this city assay sixty thousand dollars-to the ion. siariiim ; ir imme one ol the visitors from 1 'MiiwiHul fhaiikiil the inemtH'rs of the ciuii for the kindness shown and atwUT.-d iii-m i hat it should not lx Brilliant datnrfi Was a Engineers Clay DRY GOODS HOUSE. The New DRESS GOODS The Company Has At Work In County. Charge By the Fourth Cavalry. I To Better the Institutes. Yankton, Mar. 14. --State Superintendent of Schools K. 1C. Collins is con- Fire Department Meeting. The IV.uHvood Fire depjirtnn nt held its regular monthly niieting in the parlors Monday night, and disposal of the usual business. Among other mat ters that ramie up was thait concerning fhe profane and vulgar language that iia. Mar. H- .special. wik i... f i n ii..,l f hi ;iirirreMi- WOO lOUaj lIMH-m " CO & inaugural1 ' by itie aumspksui r yw(-day and Petterson and Tan-wre captured. The rebels resist-abtomly. but were furred to re-t, Ksing keavily in killed and was heard ul the fire in t'he Oerland hotel, that destroyed W. J. Mori i s meat market. It seems that a number of the I Millwood hose romixany, one of the bost firemen in the city, had to i N'ennillion, S. I)., Mar. 14. The Illinois Central Radlroad com pony has a 'orps of engineers at work in this oountry and it has been clearly established that tne company intends to extend its system 'to the Black Hille. While no surveying for the line has been done in Iowa ,the impression obtains that, this Black Hills extension will be built from IMars. which i about due east fivm Vermillion, and is the, point from which the lllinoits Central starts upon its long course through Iowa. Yankton. S. I)., Mar. 14. F. S D-an-fopth. one of the proprn-tors of the Wed. he failure of tnl;iy"s engagement 4f brilliant charge of the t ourLh leiniilating an mtiovation in education al work n South Dakota, it being that of holding di.strict meetings of county supeiinteiidents and county institute conductors, to prepare and outline institute work for the summer. Hereto fore program's have not been arranged jwior to liie meeting of iJie itutes, the conduct'M- g(ng to his work without a knowlwlge of whaj. the superin-'lendent rti nired of him. ami as a result iitst itutes have nol lietti (us iro-diietiv(. nf good as they inigilit have been. Sn i h rintendmt Collins says that the law proviiles for f.his nieeiiing 'if condiicLor.-. and siierinlendcn! s. and If will tiUie advantage of that of the t.tiv for the benefit of the schools. Conventions will in ll probability tc held at Yankton, Sioux KalK Aberdeen, Wa.i'i'iuwn (uid ei'ihcr Mitchell Huron. The state will be di v nled 'inu distuicls compO'.seKl of twljacent counties to that in which the comeiiiion will lie held. Lby. The inua-Knt army i now di-Lindtteend of tfce rebellion is Every worthy sort, every proper style of Dress material for spiing wear is here, . or on the way here. Those on the way will be here soon, and then this Dress Goods Stock will be the most complete that you or we have ever known. If you would be posted on Dress Goods newness you must see this showing. As for prices, we will fell them to you at the same price as you will be able to purchase the same quality of goods any place in the Land. Call and See for Yourselves. ii sight, fieneral Anderson has KlMd to lead tliejntack on Ma- kPreparatKns to mat enn are now kway The President In Georgia. Vermillion Republican, was in this city and spoke of the railroad survey being made through Clay counry. lie claims to have wsi;ive assuiMnci-s thait it is 'iJie 111 inois Cent ral that is making toasrille. C.a.. Mr 14 Sjiecml. &e pre&idt'ntia.I party arrived in the to afternoon. A.I the request of suffer for the promiscuous ue of tiad language, and ho was not altogether to blame for it. It was stilted at Monday night's meeting 'thait insults had tHen administered to the members yf the Dead wood hose conumny on the night of that tire, from disinterested sihs-Ui-tor. Tin- result of this li.siussion was a resolution that hereafter every one hmrd using ininiMr language a-t a tire, whether n fireman or nO would he placed under arrest and maxle to an swer for it in the courts of the city. Chief Engineer Frawley stated 'that an apology was due the miem'bers of the Deaidwooil hose omiany for the -taunt they had endured at the fire in question, and he ao-ordingly tendered an apology to thai, company, not that he or 'the Othw companies of the department had been 'the cause of fhc offense, but for the fact of the offense having art-sen and been permitted to go urn punished as it had. He assured the members of that company that hereaf-effoirt would lie made to ore- the survey, and that its objective point psdtbt there waf no formal de- The party was driven to is Wheeler, Charles Mix county, via. Yankton, Talxr and Tydull; rhat at Wheeler the, road will cross the Mis la's raidenr? immediately from A Serious Mistake. kpot The cky is gaily bedecked ifepind bunding and the on.onu- f,l. J, 17 RTHHEIM, t: ptkmilat was erected in honor 5, Coelederate ditd" is dervorated souri river and extend as nearly an airline as possible to the Biaik Hills. The grounds for a station in Vermillion have Ix'en surveyed and staked out and right of way is t'ing secured. Mr. Danfortb personally knows of four or five property owners who have either sold or donated right of way. blue. (red, white and kuy As An ( 4 f fr fr- Attraction. Mttfui, Mar. 14 Special. A To call it by a harsher name, nb o police have made a serious blunilc; ui tin arrest anil incarceration ot three Ming bo.v.s well known to be the mast manly and inoffeiisive in the city. The l'ioneer-'l tines had not iuU'iided i.i sue tie- affair publicity but. a duty U made ne essiii y by the misleading report, winch appeaivd in las't evenings lndepeudiul, no doubt unintentional. The fai.ts, as gathered from all tbe .souroeti of inl'orniat nxi aiv Chese: The good iiatured jailor, who is the friend of all good loys. had bantefing- USe 01 HOUSe Wagons. a of the affair. Pierre. Mar. 14. Several stock own- Aa a way of thanking the firemen for ers on the range country went of here n0 excellent service they had render- anted prominent citizens ls mak tea efforts to have Admiral f til Washington during the w Wrists in May. The president to punt a leave of absence frowsl, and it is believed tiat ( tVu f the committee will be are sending out House wagon ror me at tne Sherman street nre, ano sav f Tiir a niirnirk sti ii itiah i use of their men to trawl over the jng their proiierty, R. W. Iewis, Harry I Ht AlVltltlUAN NAMUKAL BANK range in and keep headquarters in the iuLrav. r. A. Griffith, Friedman & ly offered these loys a trickle for every vicinity of their herds at all nimes for winslnyw and Mrs. Reynolds, whoe itime they would hiit, with a snow ball, o the convenience of the men. This plan piavs of trustiness were 'threatened is lieiug pi-incipally adopted by stwep pr0v-ided the members of the depart- the gilded ball on 'the iuop of the flag WILL APPEAL pole in the jail yard. One of the boys men. but soma of ithe eattlemen are ment two kega of beer, a box of good had won and received ihe prize once hltt to the Powers Against adopting it. A. Mullen, tne New Ulna (jgars and a lunch at Monday night's Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 On their way to school Monday the boys halted long enough to tire five banker, who is a member o the Min- meeting, accompanied with their nesota and Dakota Cattle company, tnanir. After lunch and refreshments says he Intends to live for the most tne meeting was enlivened by recita- , taenl Otis' Orders. 14.-Hecial.-Tlu fwerajnent is preparl hg an to towers against the or- (la. . . shots at the target and as .usual the spent balls landed in the jail yard or on of the coming summer in this manner, I .ions, short addresses and music, from irjhe sheds, disturbing no one. They pro- f"wmiWMs forbidding far- simply driving about over the range ra,rjOU8 firemen. Taken altogether it rwuntry. changing camp as often as he m oueof ehe most enthualastk: me!-desires and looking after a cattle in- jn.g8 tbe jepartmenit has held during ! eeeded qiiietly on thetr way to sehooi tut had not gone far before they were terests at the name time. He expects oo (h1 year All accosted by a policeman who ordered tlMim to go with him Co the police :ourt. They wanted to know what for thoroughly enjoy ihis summer vacation Branches of Banking Business Transacted. Ptttstkms on the mvrt of the MUwrWeB for the -release of I"1 Prisoners held by the Ik protest wlll aUo be sent "Mutton. There Is great excite- border and Inte indig-Prwwi over H. Old Speargsh Resident Dead in -tthis waiy. o- and were told for throwing snow balls ajid distuo-bin.? the peace. They protest Oliver E. Franklin, one of the early set: lers in 'Spearfish valley, died at his borne in the city of Spearfish very sud The Germania Club. A num'ber ot the Knights of Pythias from Dead'wood who had been in at denly Monday night of heart failure. He had been out and aboiK. the street tendance at the funeral of Mrs. Frank drafts issued on China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rico, Africa, England, Franco, Germany and all Parts of tha World, af lowest market rates. COW.E.QTldM made carefully and accounted for promptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable Rates of interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers Abt in Lead Sunday ,and had an hour various times during the day in ap ed innocence of doing or iatent to do wnong but were forced 'to go. While the officer and the city Justice were looking up a law to oover the case the marshal came in and on being told what the boys had been doing, ordered them locked up. One xf the boya asked to see bJi fait her before Udng lorketf up and another protected, suggesting that the officers should Jiot be too hasty but or two bo dispose of while waiting for oantly We usual health, not suspect- Mlott Than a Year. k J0, Mar. 14. Special. LM" te Rirrag evidence of '6JDm trance that has laat-( ttaa a year. The girt re-"17 man chosen for her and attempted suWde, the train, were taken in charge by tbe jng any more tnan jjd ithe friend's that Germania club of Lead, the new Orer- me, him tnat death's fatal forties were man organization, and were shown thn at yk. The funeral arrange- responsibility or collaterals. THIS IS DISTINCTIVELY what true hopiUlHy means. They lmenls have not been perfected at pres-were taken Into the club rooms, where M a message has been sent to Mr. B. The attempt was a the marshal peremptorily ordered them V dropped ff ivfoo a drT they wore .introduced to a number of pYankiin'e mother and to Frank Welch thrwsrt into the fouJ dungeon called a ;i ami 'tihe citv justice, vho Mch she has not shown ?akening untrdl yesterdar Accounts of Banks. Corporations and Individuals should have known better, permitted tba outrage before 'the officer had sworn to a warrant df aires. The boys re solicited. Correspond ence Invited. . am wru iTBOOYer. MttCY'l Trial PostMnPrt the members, and were made to feel a jther of Mrs. Franklin, living in as much ait home as if they had been in Mj0i1igan wbo, it 'is thought, will en- the habit of frequenting the club all Hw,VOT to get there, their lives. The Germania club ;s com- r praukijn left a wife and a da.igh- posed of person of German extraction, (er in Spearn6h, the latter being Mrs. and that is a requitlte to membership. oharleA pierson, wife of one of the It is immaterial whether they speak prin.ipai merchants of the place. German or not ,as all of the member Mr ppankun settled In Spearfish val- speak English, although they use tie . y -n 1877 made that his mained 1n the den tjiirty minutes or lp)H, Orm, more before their fathers could be no ""Dr. Nancy GtSsford for tified and get 'to them. Finally the of DIRECTORS: Ooer swore out a warrant charging the Emma Gill baa again ."OMKanoe'-iatooiU W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. HARRIS FRANKLIN, Presided. BEN BAER, Vice President, boya wtth disorderly conduct and hear-i w w Tiiesidav aftemon. The father tongue largely -in the club room. home eontinually since, with the excep " wort UK n no ,i v. - - ti, einh iwkwis among its members i . , . . ha,, hp snent on Sana v. I LWJU V.1 J " r city attorney instigated and ordered m V 1 I. . ... nnA J" - in fill Afl WM. SELBIE, Cashier. nam L' Tl Ii4L above Beulah, Wyoming, " .Btllalh Germany. the cast (ttsnrifsed. a-here he had a ranch. He wa-s born manys ot ueoa s.u u hjw ,..r...v.. tial citizens, and it by-Urws will admit members from Deadwood who pos- OtlrfaW 4'WJ IKHit " alli O'g , i ilrtMlrvUrWalWaaa' Had the boys committed an offense J- Special The Ana In Michigan and at the outbreak of the for which tbey would in an d) . i.ti nll-frl as a ihe other aualinoationn. In fact. war ol tie reunnuu ,M.M to the law, their parent . . l aa r .kA.n.i w. would be the last to protest, or ha thep "esident-ot -ne ciuo, .wr. wouoiu, in a brief address Sunday, presented w cTmmitted an offense against so JTrtia Derailed an jnviiaiuou w j.ur.. volimteer and went to the front. He was an active member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and that order will probably have charge of his funeral. Hia mother is still living in Michigan, and Mr. Franklin paid "r ciety the parents would have corrected ok1 to become members, through the them, but in this case an visitors from ueauwwuu wuu e' tmin de" near El Paw and TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONE.1 MONUMENTS nt. Deadxxd and Lead, he said, weye outrage seem to have been coramitteu. The parents deeply feel thi outrage one town, ana pe inwugui. 11. w. and It is well far those who are respon- a VI.-.H last IJU1. With her. During a part of that time that people were appreciating this fact. He feft sure that the Germania his Wi! WES VISlUUg iiwrnuj in . Hjble for it that the parents are noi revengeful. The officers should make lub would cement a friendly feeling 1 1 T .1 nnnrtla Jert Fainting Spells, '" BaTr "P611" la nfight, and Jftel gram afl the reparation in their power ana between Deaowoou tum iwi ie" . do it as publicly as tney ui Foreign arid American. Marble and Granite. The Pioneer-Times regrets tbe om- thfitkPi bois ana wood. Mr. Franklin was or.c of the host citizens of Spearfish, and his death deeply mourned in that city, as well as elsevrhere in the Black Hills. : 0 Rtv. TV. H. Pond of Spearfish passed through the city Monday on nia way home from Hill City, -where he had been holding Episcopal services. ni6 CVI1W11J U LtJ wyw" - It also and '-he people of one place would b assured. of equal treatment with those of another. It Is Uie purpose of the club to give entertainments and mu&i-cales every two weeks or such a matter, and the president tifod those - wbo . . . . ' .Kami fmm nparl- the feelings of their parents. in hfl unDletsant ahuaUon I -wT-uou w bun- VhJoh the officers have placed tHemsel-T but It will insist the they make all J. H, CALE. Agent. DEADWOOD, 8. D. trtttliday renterdar. might oeoomio ujwuiw the reparation possible.

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