The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 12, 1899 · Page 5
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 5

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 12, 1899
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER TIMES, SUNDAY MORN ING, MAKCU 12," 1899. BLACK HILLS DIGEST, Hess & Moore, has been transferred to I ian. padd respectful attemi n Sioux City. whr hi ., m abteDtpon- By some iJDAY -. utiuujr win now incongruity tneir ntnri -v,. - Jj've i w suiroea to that pest that torments alike the BELLE FOURCHE m r The Mail says that Sergeant Rob- ys tne loss by flre to the n a. Ross, of the First South Dakota AT uluso iu lno vvv ranch has been adjusted. pieoe ana itncian; that shows no favors to prince or pauper; infesting the budoir of the stately as w, M cabin of tie- prospector, unless over who was wounded at Manila hist week, miss i.ucy I,yttc,n has beon HAT HONESTY! -"..sua at Spearflsh last spring as a Private, and had been promoted to fifth engaged E. LOWE'S school for aii- iu ieacn me inwrsoll other term. wgeant. He was attending the normal come oy suiH-r:,,,- uVtics. namelv, the bed-bug. Aft,,- glvillK varkms anUJatM far the lel-i,g ,j.v u,Kan U) u,n of company was en The Bee says Curley o u,u-y is coll school at the time listed for the war. Tl... ii i.o.aung sinking an arteMan u .komi says a great many appli the prowess tht, ,.rviture. Said one Mnlrk a (Xlony of bugA onoe that l,w,., ln,-e iMg,.miitv than most men was ,. . on m.s Hunan creek rancn. A petition is Mug circulated dm Wflng made for a(lmission ;"" tl"' Black Hills Horesinen s asso OUR- nu.iue to nave ih.- leavine time vey, and my ,Kiny wa.s eaught in a 01 tne tamp Crook mail chancel ciation. The next niwtng will be heid on April 4, and at that time final arrangements will be made for the rainaiorm up m the hills. ItatJier than Thomas foeO'umisey, who left .. get soaked we i,mk ltllo a uunr s .hraiJeries - 6 Fourche last f:iii f,.. v..i ,. aoin anu e.pai., smnd the niirht spi ing round-up f horsvs. This will be Miller Stiff Hats And Stetson Hats ""i" ooku, na.s re JtJU- A We found a aI1(1 lwa (f lls t turned with his familv u. i he first horsic round-up ever held in i he Black Hills. l"l. 'Pi..,, . lideries 8 . ... rviys iramc arranirement that. We had inn lKvn in Uie lied uji hour when the t liinS seemed to Iweathe have been made whereby incomin -mi inquiry was sent in a short time We struck a light and saw about three ago to Senator Pettigrew, to ascertain freight for Aladdin will not be delavei broideries W- regiments of Im ,I bugs on the cover. We how soon the $;h,000 appropriation for at lielle 1-ourche. bin win righ tort Meade would Income avaihhia h rough. got up, tok the bed apart, made the bugs find places in uhe cracks of the walls, then set the bedstead up with mil the following reply has been re fill mfti-i n t fit, .1 nt. tj e .. .. ... , ul iidi nh oi irie Wyom ceived irom the quartermaster gtmeral ng & Missouri River rail mail ts posts in basins and lard pails filled New Spring Styles Now Opened at Washington, I). C. to whom Senator ued a circular prohibitng the carrv J'ettigivw referred the inquiry witn Kerosene. we thought we had them fixed then, and went back to li. leccs of Scotch and epliyr Gingham all lor Your Inspestlon. UK ol packages in the coach, as they I he Record says: Folkhanl & Bierer are in the way of the jKissengers. In an other hour we iieard a peculiar md Max (Uetze of Alkali, I., M. Bit Til t f I.',, I, . , 1 ! ........ , ,,.-, iiu v arric .m osier zip, zip," that reminded us of the way . .1 hellerx. K Snririir..r U' U were married in Belle Koiirche M,m the grasslMK-is pounced down on us 'base. Jacob Ros-ob, Henry Karrels i.iy. .Miss M osier ha.s Un-n leaching in Kansas. My partner lit another Are Top Notch of flat Excellence. md M M. Cooper of Hear Butte valley match, ami what we saw was a (rk- school in Butte county for some inn. Mr. Fuhs is a well-to-iio inn i,, i iave agiv'l to take some of the quail ers. The bug,-, had too much, sense to try hat. will le "planted" this spring, and ear Mitinesola. to ford the coal oil. so they were climbing the walls, then getting out on the iave vowed to shcKut, on sight, anybody who appears on their land with a gun. cumuli (reoi'ge Hair, one ol ilie oops i-i.iiinianiler.V of the (Jrigshv ceiling, faking iheir b rings. and Iropping down onto us from above. I'p Graceful and Wonderful Wearing Powers Make them the best Hat Investments Obtainable. 1 he Press says: City Attorney has Keen investigating city tax the walls ilny were going in a regular rough riili , arrived in Belle jii ivh. the fure pan of tin ueek. hum I'i.u. where he had been holding a committee clerkship iiuring the legi.-iativt session. :c Patterns, ire sold everywhere Monday your choice PER YARD. ALSO FOR i "i'l since his appoiniim ni, and inds that the county h,i, I'm' the last procession, three and four abreast. When tlie would gi-t for enough out our years, been collecting and retaili on the they would dive down into our t k. We hauled our I ng a count y rwid tax from residents Jloin.-r Wl .'Oliib died al In inmie f the city, for whic h there is no au- blankets off the bed ami went out and l'crnv. The matter wilt ivmbahlv lie We Are Sole Agents for the in I la rii iiii. , i , i -1 1 a day. lie w;is an i,, t MILLER DERBY lept in 111.' ram We left the held to .ICO Ve--)er-otlim 111,111 I 1c the bugs. Tie- other members of the and hail within tie tablished a ivputa; a.-i l'i vv year.-, e.-. -in for his abilitv puny sleC ,.n He- floor al the larther- st corner from the bed and I don t J i ' d at ihe Apr,: . -.-.-ion of the ,il!lll. -.- !.ll.-'l s (it i-g. .lack-on. superintendent of lie. hi r Placer c impaiiy. t tune ilown oiu i lii re Thursday, and wi' h bun i'1'e Joe Bush. Frank CtLi'ienier and He was a sncp grower, and ln wool crops had made him well off tinate iallv know tha' : In 1 v were di.s: iii ImmL that's no; lung remarkable for lcd- HOUR uigs, viiii-iisaleii allot her menilxM" ot the group. 'Those bugs were simply I Sin herland. engineer and miners The Pioneers of 1876. ZOELLNER BROS. CO. irk was shut down for the white going through ihe liigh dive act localise it was i hat or go hungry with Ilee: .liiilgn .M II iletiger sent thi-weeli a unique lllik to the M. K. Inc.- pital. at Brooklyn. N. Y. i lie quilt was made by the Judge while on board a British man of war in lS.W, and contains about 7.K00 separate pieces. It is sent to the hospital for the purpose of lncsday. The tunnel from the shaf :30 to 10:30 a. m. them. 1 ve seen IxMlbugs that go Ui lieil rock was run about ;joo feet, ai'id through that sort of thing every night. go.l prospects are obtained in several re you 4 cakes of and It is not on account of kerosene) places. Mr. Jackson will now recom either. They do it just for recreaction. 64? Main Street. mend to the owners that the ground be assisting in endowing a child's cot that institution. I've swn em climb out on the ceiling! opened up in the spuing. Croorge G. Mortimer, of Deep Greek Sir: In reply to your letter of the hop off, feel of themselves, then climb up and hop off again. They seemed to Wyoming, died at his home a week ago 27th ultimo, inquiring what steps had 5 Cents like It. and some of 'em were expert yesterday, and was buried in Belle been taken towards the erection of per tumblers, and they were not so of nec Fou re to last Monday. Mr. Mortimer rrnent buildings at Fori. Meade, S. D. came to the Black Hills in 1876, among for which $30,000 were appropriated the first invadiers of this region. H AT essity, either." "That's a pretty good one," spoke the third gentleman of the story tellers, "butTknew a family of bugs out last year, you are respectfully inform had come west to Colorado in 1860, go ed that plans are nearly completed for DEMOUTH'S "ARK" ing to Montana in 1863. After leaving stone barracks for two troops, and on the B. 4 M. when I was hoboln' that will be sent out for bids a soon as pos E. LOWE'S would knock 'em all omt. I don't know the Hills he settled at Snonra, where to remained for a time, then moved sible. Work tms been delayed on ac how thry acted after dark, I was al his family into the Bear Lodge moun count of the uncertainty as to the num ways too badly fagged to set up and watch em; but I was the cook in the! tains in Wyoming. He left a wife ana ber of men in a troop which would be several children. fixed by congress. cabin where 'they lived for about three i 1PERA HOUSE months, and I've seen 'em give con- HOT SPRINGS. STURGIS. b nuous ring perroriua .. j Dr. R. D. Jennings and wide are in Frank J. Oschner is nreparing to Sioux Falls, where the former is going move his family to Dead wood to live, Those bugs go so they knew the old dinner cowbell as well as I did', and when the fellars was called in the bugs would be up on the rafters making ug to atitiend the regular meeting of the A. Cruickshank. of Two Bit, is sitay state board of health, of which he is Can be relied npon to Furnish you anything in the house Furnishing Line Stoves, Furniture, Glassware iccial Return Rement . . its Commencing ing in Spearsh for a few days for bis president. ly faces at 'em. health. Joseph B. Hull, formerly of Huron Miss Nellie Thornburg has just fin died Wednesday night at the soldiers EIKHORN HOTEL. Ished a six months term of school at Aome of paralysis. He was the fath George Wilson, an experienced noted Hay Greek. er-in-law of Representative Wilmarth man, has leased and will reopen the 1399 Maurice Flavin arrived at home this who was the leading republican mem Elkhorn hotel, First ward, tomorrow. ii V. last week from Pierre, where he had ber of the lower house of the last legislature at Pierre. Mr. Hull had been at The hotel has been renovated and refurnished and will be kept up in first been bill clerk in the senate. About thirty young men of Spear the home but a few weeks, coming ov lass shape. It wilf be nun more as a ! POPULAR I THEATER er at about the time Dr. E. E. Clough fish have organized a dancing class boarding house for the accommoda returned Irom his trip 'to the capital. and will meet every Tuesday night tion of the mem of the First ward, who I f Crockery. Hot Springs will have to wait anoth have no families and to whom the. Elk- Mies Jennie Duke arrived at home vtorrlav from Lincoln, NelrasKa horn will offer a home. er year ror tne national saniuu-iuui, whic h it w-as hoped would be put up tIPANY. A. EDISON'S LAT-WOAL MAIRVEL, this year, but which was shut off by where she has been attending school She will teach this year on lower Alkali creek. K. OF P. UNIFORM RANK. ongiress. Everything is favorable for Ieadwood company No. 5, Uniform the passage of the bill establishing Rank. Knights of Pytnias. will attend S. G. Sheffield, who is in Arizona buying cattle ,to his wife in Sturgis, he funeral of Mrs. Franc Abt at Lead his afternoon, in a body. All members the institution at the ' next session of congress. Hot Springs is to be beautified this year by the planting of a large number of trees. The city will set Paragraph. BR. GRANDER THAN EVER. states that the weather is very warm where he is, and the peach trees are in of the company who can go are re full blossom. quested to meet at the armory hall in some out .and a numoer win au-o ue put out at the soldiers home. Dead wood at 11:30. rh-ey will go to Iad on the D. C. train that leaves at A number of KnighU of Pythias of Spearflsh are organizing a lodge at that SECOND HAND GOODS ;S Always on Hand at Bargain Prices. Some Special Bargain Stoves to Cut Down : 12:13 p. m. The funeral will be held WHITEWOOD. place and the Mail says they are meeting with good success. n the Catholic church In Iyad at 2 Mrs. George Beard is Just recovering irformance, 'en Acts. i a ciirnn Vrirwrlv with the o'clock. The three companies of the Black Hills hatttalloh are to meet at the from an attack of la grippe. in. o. i i j " Eighth cavalry band at rrt Meade has received his discharge from the Iyad armory hall at 1 o'clock. Fatigue The Plaindealer says P. M. Bonni- dress will be worn. well has returned after a trip through regular army, and will be able to take his appointment, as saddler at the Sis- THE BEAUTIFUL DRAMA ....... the south., He was In Ukianoma, ana Stock. GOODS DELIVERED. says that everything down there is looking nicely. While there he pur seton Indian agency. The Meade county commissioners made a trip out to the Belle Fourche -, T,ftdav to look for a favorable chased two hundred head of cattle, and PERIL leased three thousand acres of land 67 Call and See. the Indians on which to run them. Program and ipec- DeMouth's "Ark." 'A 70 Sherman Street. .m alto for the location of the proposed bridge across the river. As soon as the i.o.t u decided on and the cost of H Virginia 'Mothers Friend, beginning six monthi-before confinement. She felt perfectly well up to a few hours before the baby was born, and was in labor less than two hours. She had no morning sickness, no headache, no distressing tightness, no swollen or rising breasts. Her baby was strong and the pic CIMEX LDCTULARIUS. They were telling of various exper the bridge estimated, bids will be ad- t..t..t..t..t, f ; t.,t.,t. y..M 1 1 1 1 1 .y... iences in different parts of the country Indian fights, hair-breadth escapes and sundry blood curdling incidents, of vertlsed for. Mall: SDearfish valley is now sup dangers by fire, water and plague, and plying the Hills towns with the necees-.mmoditv. 'potatoes. O. T. Rl CO TO Dr. Iiouia How. Dr. J. A. Paddpok, he mysterious destiny that permits a l 1 1 i Vvuw 1 n era ture cf health. Mather's Friend is the only rem. man to live enrougn an w "w and Jack Welch each shrpped a carload to Dead wood Saturday, and W. P- hey were all Black Hills men, ana i March 13. k4 ndr tlx follow-h Udy Free proTW-by a lady or or paid Fifty-1 only Monday, March th benefit of hi n ubc It must bar hak"a' Dre 8tor j a Monday, March open full prices edv known which relieves the expectant mothers It is a liniment to be applied ex-ternary. Nothing but harm can come from Lindley sent a car to Pluma modu-,. takir.e medicine internally at such times. over the B. & M. mosi of their tales , related to evmu, that had occerml in these mountains. Each was vying with the rest to make u fact i mnn &DDear creditably. PADDOCK & HOWE PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, OffieM Kol, i anp BjwSksto Block, Flnt Jloor Bxt door Waster Unloa TU oflto. Offie EonnTromO .xn.to0.p. au Pabst Headquarters For a Fine Lunch, Fine Drinks, Best in the City. -: CHAS. C. BOHL, Prop. All internal preparations said to relieve coming mothers arev not only humbugs. -hut T. G. Daggett, formerly of Spear- 0..;ncr ol Vor- flsh. but who nas peou - and the conversation -waeXfinally con positively oangerous, MrtWiPrtendcwtstl atwttto dmfglsts, ar ywi cam ami to fined to three men of the group, to folk. Nebraska, for the last yeara. and traveling on the road for the wholesale dru firm' of Hon. Ic jradflcU Regulator Co., AtUntt, C& I whom the rest, IncludPhig the blstor- J Both TUokaewatofiM m4jm(I ' V- i

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