The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 11, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 11, 1899
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The Daily - Pioneer-Times. 23d YEAR. DEADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), KATHiDAY MOKXIXU, MARCH 11, 1899. FIVE CENTS. SENATORIAL COURTESY diers 'by organizing a battalion of native troops in each command. If the experiment proves to be successful the three generals will toe instructed to the number. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'h 4 GEN. LAWTOH ARRIVES The Transport Grant and Troops Have Arrived At Their Destination.' Senator Pettigrew Attempts to Belittle Kyle Before His Constituents. 4 in having attempted bot:i to deceive one of ffTs constituents in order to cover up his own neglect, and at the same Mine to malign his eolleigu- 'nator Kyle's friends u3 laughing in their sleeves over the bad break made by. the "pickerel senx:ar," and inuju)se to give it wide publicity in or-'In ' ) prevent further imposition on o;btrs for whom similar bills are landing. Mr. Kyle wri'.es in a dignl Bed way that no request has ever been mail.' by Mr. Pettigrew that his bills he n t referred to him, and Mr. Kyle declares: "I have never allowed his infair and discourteous treatment of my bills to influence me in makiug re-ports upon bills involving ihe welfare of honorably discharged Union THE UP-TO-DATE DRY GOODS HOUSE. Has the Following Important Easter News About May Order Dewey Home. Chicago, Mar. 10. Special. A NYasff-ingtuu sptvial to t,hr Tribune sajs the president is seriously considering the advisability of ordering Admiral Dewey home. Reports of the condition ot the admiral's health have beer, coming in with such persistency as 'o cause the executive to regard the matter with considerable alarm, and it is believed that the least that can be done woulu he3 allow th admiral to return to the United 'States, where it is thought the climate might, enable tlm to regain his former vigorous health. His Efforts React Upon Him With the Effect of a Boomerang. It is Believed That This Means a Much More Vigorous Campaign. SILKS. Sioux Falls, .March 10. Special Ever since Senator Kyle has been a member of the senate, Senator Pettigrew has done all he could to discredit him in the eyen of South Dakota peo Fooling Roosevelt. New York, Mar. 10. It is freely stated that Gov. Roosevelt is being fooled. Wily politicians are said to be in the plot. The tempting 'bait of political honors in the national campaign of lilOO is the goal placed on the pinnacle Manila, Mar. 10.-pecial. The 1roop transport Grant arrived in Manila harbor this morulas, with Gener-,1 Lawton, a baitalion ef uhe Seventeenth infantry, and the entire Fourth regiment General Lawton came, ashore immediately. The troop are landing this afternoon. The arrival of this expedition means -the lnsthition of a vlg-mu campaign. General Lawtxm sup- The thought and care which we have bestowed upon the gathering of the new Silks are manifest. Our Silk buyers effortr have resultad in the exquisite collection of styles and weaves we have ever been able to show this early. You will accept our invitation to see them. Thanks! Three Millions in Cuba. Havana, Mar. 10. -Special. Tbe cash shipment of three million dollars, for the payxr.ent of the Cuban troop, arrived this morning on the steamer Vigilancia, with a detachment of twem-tyfive soldiers guarding the money. The distribution of the money will occur as soon as General Brooke and General Onmez can arrange t he of this political San Juan hill. Three separate reports as to what may be In store for Governor Roosevelt iif he ot irmAee GeneraJ Otis la command only will obey the organization's man ple, Mr. Pettigrew carried this so xar when Mr. Kyle vas sworn in, on his re election, that he refused to accoonpany Mr. Kyle to the vice president's desk, and his service was performed by a senator from another state. Since Mr. PetUga-ew has become a ppulist he has apparently grown more vicious toward the junior senator and of late it is - lalimed h has beec writing letters to old soldiers in South Dakon, for wiom Mr. Pettigre-w is trying to get Tensions, .t turning that he has fsii ed Mr. Kyle, who is a luemtwr of the committer on pension'-, ws holding them up One of 'hese letters has just become public, in a way that and tbe American forces on .the island naies, and bow his independent spirit lo the machine vnkfl arp hfaivl the foi- Mr exoectitd that to dexl with mr viil be letter able I t J General bas hau the situation than the Utter. ,, ; n Jifirn fiehUT. P nd SPECIAL ML THIS WEEK Yankton's Dilemma. Yankton. S. D., March 10 iSpecitl JHlKtt ii " tats of experience in J rid urn warfare 100 Different Lengths of silks at Exactly . . HALF PRICE. I The newly .arriveu a tremendous ova-that were already on the frontier, troops were given tion fcJ the troops the politicians. One is that the governor, with the Piatt machine of New York, and the influence of Henry Cabot Lodge in New England, may become a formidable candidate for the republican nomination for the presidency. Plausibility i.s added to that report with the statement that the continuance of military power in the Philippines and the consequent continuance of an aroused patriotic interest in our military forces, may make the nomin Tb1 action of the South Dakota legislature in fail ng to mak an appropriation of moxey for the payment , of ttate fair premiums leave-s a heavy responsibility upon the citizens ot Yankton. This is oa ly done to make room for more silks that are coming. here. The Spanish (General to MaJolos to i ndeavor Rios has gone to secure the does not put Mr Pettiigre in a credi-I table lisht. J On March 30, IK97, Mr. Pettigrew iiTi trod! a bill fcr the relief of Daniel Martin of Valley Springs, this county. ) releaaf of the Spanish y.riRonerc. an old soldier anfl a much respected ,.iHm On June !9. 1897. Mr. Martin f,1. J. DERTHHEIH t wrote Mr. Kyle about his Mil and on Julv 5. 1897, Mr. Kyle repli-"d saying that he Htood ready to do whatever ha , o.isi for the bill. Not hearing Tlw fair was secured from the state board of agriculture uwder contract that it should he held for nine consecutive years, a failure in fulfilling hhis woiLlli forfeit the right of holding the fair. For three years pat-t Yankttm city aal county have borne the expenses and work to a great extent, the state wntributliw nothing in the way of expenses and very few outside the county doing any great work. The first year's fair was a success, the second was lows in attendance, but, f -f- -f f f! ation of either an army or naval hero indispensable by the republican national convention. The second report is that if President McKinley should be renominated the party, for expediency's pake, In ail probability would ehoow a military man for v'w:e president. Governor Roosevelt, representing the eastern section of the United States, it is said, stands out oonspieiousry as the most natural selection under such cireum- Bijyan Cotfd Not b Kissed. Bonham, Tex,. March .10.-Sp-Mal.-WUUaa J. Bryan want it distinctly ufenttod that he diwprovo. - ot Hobmatom." "The distinguished Ne-kuku passed through here yester-4ar. He was greeted by a Urge crowd a pretfcy young worn efed up to the silver charojion .mi Hid. "Mr. Bryan, will you i iss jerTKuae me, my dear young o-mu, Bryan replied, "I am not Ht b- anything, of his bill Mr. Manin grew discontented, feeling that something was wrong, and cm February 10, 1899, he wrote to Mr. PettigTew complaining about his neglect of Ue bill and insisting on knowing what was the matter. On Feb. 17 Mr. Pettigrew sent bark tne following repHy: stances. still paid out, anil last lau ooin me attendance and exhibitors were eonspie uous for th?'ir absence, and as a result THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Tbe third ueport is that : Governor Roosevelt may be selected by the McKinley administration for secretary o 'tta for -Next Year. Washington, Mar. 10. Speeial.- -Sen- war to succeed secretary ' Alger, after all guarantors were called upon to help out. It is estimated that the fair grounds, buiMings and expenses of the three fairs have ouet Yankton people $12,000, and should the 'fair not be held iJhia vear that Amount will 'he a clear ittr Chandler of New Hampshire, has United States Benatt;. wasni. Feb 17, 1889. laniel Martin, Valley Springs, S. .-flear Sir: I have received yoi-r letter of 10th Inst., also the letter of Mr. Kyle on jhe same flub ject dated July 6, 1897. 'Mr. Kyle's letter is rather (interesting under the cir having completed his first year as gov wit tatar fiwmrnor Pi E tree Ol 1 ernor, and that he may accept that ap pointment, with the understanding that MtckisaD, congratulating him on his weit speech against de trusts. "Tne Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March lot, 1899, $642,815.00 the national republican ticket in 190D fWtest Issue next year" said Chand- will be McKinley and Roosevelt. cumstances. I totroduced your bill, it was referred to the committee on Levi P. Morton was baited with the loss, ft hos been stfgested that a petition be circulated among the taxpayers and property owners of Yankton praying that the city council appropriate $2,000 from uie general fund k in his letter, "win be the flgnt PiS the treats. If tVe repuMlcan frtTIOM not Hgn itaeK on the ide same hocfc when fee was governor. First or second place on the national ticket was to be his portion. If he only ft people and against these tuam- penslwne, of Whftco he is a memoir asked .to have your bill referred to some other senator than Senator Kyle, because I knew he never did any work and was never of any assistance to any n Mr Kvle. however, insisted that Hiations, it will fee in ftaaainent would close his eyes and be led Into this sum to be used exclusively for ,tne payment of premiums after receipts of the fair have been expended. the Jungle. All Branches of Banking Business Can Theodore Roosevelt be hoodwink Transacted, ed by the same tactics, which were an : f -.. . - . It Defeat Speaker Reed. Washington, March 10. Special. It all pension bills for South Dakota sol. diers should be turned over to him because he was from South Dakota, and alyzed early aad clearly by Morton and Black? ommonly reported that President i v, ha ruvwwvis to nocket the bills DRAFTS ItSUEO on China, Manila. Havana. Pari. ltu In Silver and Gold. Washington, Mar. 19 Preparations are betog quietly made at the war department to ship to Ouba the $3,000,000 for the payment of the Cuban troops. The distribution of the money will be under the direction of Gen. Brooke, but loiey and h'is friends will endeav- to defeat Thomas Reed for speaker next house. Reed's constant hos- Africa, England, Franca, Qarmany and all Parts of tha World, at ' lowast market ratos. and refuses to take action on them He is very seldom In the senate, never votes, and Is a disgrace to the state of South Dakota. His letter to ' towards the Rdiwin1t ration and COLLECTIONS mada carefully and accounted for promptly. "Mler have become obnoxious, and We are prepared to Furnish monev at Rnnnahia you was a hiprocritical falsehood. Yoifr "flmtalstratlon Is seeking a change, s rcates ot interest to any extent Warranted bv borrower o I responsiDiiiry or collaterals. Tilal Caen lilies to Date. I TTTTS Paymaster General Carey, accompanied by Maj. Rogers of the pay corps, will go to Cuba at the same time to take general charge of the matter and supervise the disbursement. The money will be shipped partly in silver and partly In gold, but the details of the shipment "Mningten. Mar. lO.-SneelaL Gen bill is in his hands and he can report it if he will, and If he will report it 1 could pass it through the senate at once; but as long as he Is on that committee he can prevent the passage ot any bill for any soldtter in the state, and he can secure the passage of ai7 "jCarbln has issued an official atate- OorUlHy In the army from all t"! lOT tlM Mr unAn or Uwh 1 It 'I JH ? Accounts are being carefully guarded by the de 'follows: Killed In action. 329: Mil hv makln a favorable report. You ot Banks, corporations and Individual Mef partment It probably will be aboard "mda. 125; died of disease and one of the regular army transports, ac solicited. OorrcBpond enoe Invited. causes, accidents, etc., 5,- are at liberty to use this letter if you choose and to publish it if you so desire. Yours truly. R, F. PeWigrew. But circumstances have arisen which do not make the publication of this let companied by a strong guard of regular soldiers. The date of sailing will An Excellent Combination. not be generally known, as it is con The pleasant "method and beneficial Aski Aid off England. DIRECTORS: W. E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. effects of the well known remedy, Strop of Figs, manufactured by the ter as desirable as its writ- sidered unwise to put any premium en interference with the shipment It is rjTT' 10. Special. IUly has er thought The letter uAnroKirjA ma syrup jo., illustrate an Italian colony on cnt fn Mr Kvin v W R Rnrk. tbe Talue of obtaining the liquid laxa , HARRIS FRANKLIN, Praildant. BEN BAER. Vlca Praaldant. not considered likely that any low, rakish craft" will try to intercept the . . r , J ltive Principles of plants known to ba holder of Valley Springs, who express- medicinaiiy laxative and . presenting mm. SELBIE, Cashier. v "r fa chang for British 1 tt Italian demand lor San 'wJ tf.CMiia.-it la not knourn government treasure ship, but the war department does not wish td furnish ed surprise that one senator snouia use i tnem in tne lorm mw.t rvf reshin(? to the taste and acceptable 'xj the system. It is the one perfect Rtrentrthenine laxa such a craft a scheauie on wuim vouchsafd to the !WTL?to 1104 'ed that Knj tive. cleaosinr? the s.stem effectually such language of another and who asked Senator Kyle for the facts. From Mr. Kyle's answer it appears that Mr. Pettigrew, in his letter, took a very run in case there are any adventurous dispelling colds, hendaebes and fevers lO De dnure In.. spirits who would like to emoarit ou gvntly yet promptly and enabling one Z! 'T- aaj other riaUon. such an undertaking. wide sweep into the field of fiction. to overcome habitual constipation permanently. Its pefrset freedom from every objectionable qnalit and sub o TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONE. and Wif. Suicide. The bill in" question Is not now, and never has been before the senate or committee on pensions, , of which Mr Kyle is a member, but Is before tbe Blow io Silverites. Dee Moines, March lO-Special-The ; kIk,1 "-Pecial.-Mrs. OL "Wded Wedneeda? stance, and its acting yn the kidneys, liver and bowels, without weakening or irritating' them, make it the ideal laxative. In the process of manufacturing fig are used, as they are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal dualities of the MONUMENTS democratic state central commu met this afternoon. Cato Sells of Vin- nIT sodjr to the committee to correct military records of which Mr. Kyle Is not a member mor- ann jat.a. - - ton was chosen lempoia.j ,J he convention, which U 4 decided . w last nlgSt. Although the bill has been in Mr. Pet . alamATlt P.oreign and American. tigrew a hands for nearly two years, victory for the conserTavo T Enlist Nltiv. T. on the money question. ro other can he has either paid, so little attention to it that he did not know before remeny are obtained from senna and other aromatic plants, by a method known to the Califobhia Fig Struf Co. only. Inorder to get its beneficial effects and to avoid imitations, please remember the full name of the Company printed on the front of every package. didate was suggested; as the uura i Marble and Granite. to 1 early discovered they were beaten. ' - ; BnjaHT-- 1,1 h" cabled Gen- a I- . - voM-i ... a which committee 31 was pending, though representing to Mr. Martin that he was working night and day for r.. ' van n., in. ta rvw moid a are CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. ait FBAjrcnco. CAX -..". , diao)wood, s. J. H, X ALE, Agent LOU18VI1XB. ST. HXW TOIX. M. T. JUenT m Henry la dates for the convention location Par a 2w 1k6 " perlmnt up- enpbrt having a strong committ, here CTottaanaUviiaaaol- The date will bo about August 16. I senator stands In an even worse light! For wte " Dnggif. Price soc. perbouit

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