The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 10, 1899 · Page 7
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 7

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1899
Page 7
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T&E DAILY PIOfcEEB TBtES, FRIDAY MORNIXG, MARCH !10, 1899. NOTICES, Oil! ? performed or material (Martin & Mason; Attorneys.) ' SUMMONS RELIEF. State of South Dakota, Eighth Judicial Circus es. In the Circuit Court in and forLaw renoe County. Stearns Company, plaintiff, vs. John U. Bone and Elizabeth Bone, defendants. The State of South Dakota eende greeting; To the above named defendants: You are hereby summoned end re-qulred to answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to Ej upon r i W. ALLEN. AARON DUNN. cation Dec. M. NOTTC8 OP FORFEITURE. To Alex Peterson and John Wangtness: You are informed that we have expend.' ln labor and improvement, upon the Silver Queen, Ground Hog, Ground Hog Numbers 2, S, 4 and S lodes or mining claims situated ln Bear Butte mining district la Lawrence county. South Dakota, at least $100 per year upon each of said claim, for the year 1898. All of which was done fat the purpose of holding the said Claims or lodes under thep rovlslons or Section 2XM Revised Statrtea of the UnltedStatee, an acta amendatory thereto, for the period ending December 81st, 1898, and there If due from you thereon the sum of $33, SJ upon each of said claims, or $200.00 ln all You are hereby notified that if within ninety (90) days from service of thi notice you fall to contribute your portion of expenditure as co-owner with the undersigned during each of the years abort mentioned, your Interest In said claims will become the property of the subscriber your co-owner, who has made the require expenditures as required by said Section 2324. STEPHEN B. SHARPS, MARY E. SHARPS. (First Publication Jan. 8, 1899.) (R. C. Hayes, Attorney.) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In the County Court of the County of Lawrence, State of South Dal rta. In the Matter of the Estate Urban Gutting, Deceased. Notice la hereby given that Daniel Gutting has filed wkh the Cleik of tills Court, a petition, prayL g fcr Letters of Administration of the EetaU cf Urban Gutting, deceased, and that Saturday, the 25th day cf February, A. D. 1899, et 10 o'clock a. m., of said diy, bdns a day of a regular term cf this court, to-wtt: of the January tei m, 1899, at the Court Room theieaf, at the Court House in the City of Deadwood, ln the said County of Lawrence, has been Bet for hearing said petition, when and where any person interested may ap (R. C. Hayes, Atty.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Urban Gutting, 'deceased Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Daniel Gutting, administrator of the estate of Urban Gutting, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the salf deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within six months alter the first publication of this notice, to the said Daniel Gutting, at ths office of Robert C. Hayes, Lee street. City of Deadwood, ln the county of Law-;, South Dakota.' Dater at Deadwood, a D., Feb. 28, 1899. DANIEL GUTTING. Administrator of ttio Kstate 01 I rt;in Gut-ting, IVcca-sod, (First Pub. March 1, 1899.) n--. riven tBi (, J"- est torn. i "t" ro""- leased to W ' J,C material for u up serve a copy of your answer upon ths subscribers at their office ln Deadwood. arrU8el thst tne rr- S. D.. within thirty days after the ser Iff"", .-ill not t.e rcow---- fc, labor furnished at the In vice of this summons on you, exclusive Po''-Ta'SoN DUNN, of Jiie day of such service, and 11 you H A. TUKi Ai. nr 1 OA Tall to answer this complaint within pear and show cause why the said pet- that time, the plaintiff will apply to the ltion should not be granted. NOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND tiBr-FORE TAX DEED SHALL ISSUS.j To Wm. Flesh. Mary C. Hamilton, Samuel Rhodes, Wm. C. McClure and Anderson M. Hardin: You, and each of you, are hereby notified that on the fourth day bf November, A. D, 1895, the following described piece or parcel of real estate (one-fifth Interest each), taxed in the name, of Wul Flesh, Mary C. Hamilton, Samuel Rhodes, Wm. C. MtClure and Anderson M. Hardin, and situated in the county of Iawrence. stale of South Dakota, as follows: l-u'.v M.m.l lode. Mineral Lot No. . was sold f.n- taxes then due and del laiiii'iii for M.yea? ism, at fax sah' hy the Tr.-t -urcr of said county to Lawrence county and wa-s by said purchaser duly assigned to L. V. Ualx-ock who is now the lawful holder of the cert ideal e of purchase. That Mid taxes then due and delinquent amounted to $23.50. with interest, penalty, and costs accrued, $9. 40, making total amount necessary to redeem, $:12.90. and In addition thereto, the cost of service of this notice, together with such interest as may accrue after this date, must be paid, and, that the right of redemption will expire and deed of said land be made within sixty days from the completed service of this notice. Dated Deadwood, S.B., March 8, 1899. L. F. BABCOCK, Holder of Certificate of Sale. 0 (First Pub. March 8, 1899. NOTICE TO OWNER OF LAND BEIT) it E TAX DEED SHALL ISSUE. To Wm. Flesh, Mary C. Hamilton, Court for the relief demanded ln the -nTICB OF FORFEITURE. complaint Dated at Deadwood, S. D., this 16th Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, February lftth, A. D. 1899. FRANK J. WASHABAUGH. County Judge. (First Pub. Feb. 11, 1899.) M"?.. ne under them: day of January, A. D. 1899. MARTIN & MASON, cuu notified that we nave P ,n ubor and Improvements ft .Jf nlwlng mining claim.. Plaintiff's ' Attorneys. 10' .;., iwle and the rnronia NOTICE OF LEASE. Notice 's hereby given that the Dakot M-ld Mining company, a corporation, has leased unto several different parties th southerly one thousand (1,000) feet of th Dakota Maid lode mining claim ln Strawberry gulch, Lawrence county, South Dakota. All parties furnishing materials for UM upon said Dakota Maid Mining claim, performing labor thereon, are hereby notified that the owner of said mining claim will not be responsible for any tt" ferial o labor furnished at the instan of any el the leases. Dated Strawberry Gulch, Lawrence county. South Dakota, August 13th, 1898. DAKOTA MAID MINING CO., Owner. By Joseph King. Prea To the defendants above named: Tne tm' ", situated on the mlne8 being ; iu ln NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. Please take notice that the summon. and complaint in the above entitled rf0od qua" DakcU. for each of To Lucetta Hildreth and Leona Godfrey and to whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that I have ex- county. 1897 and 1898, in or case were filed ln the office of the clerk of the above entitled court on February I pended ln labor and Improvements the sum of one hundred ($100) upon the Blacktal - J ..m claims under section obo!" the, tutes of the United "'tleanfnfrequiredtohold ' 'the years ending December 31 Mh. aforesaid. You the tea sima Mesaner, have 8th, 1899, ln Deadwood, S. D. MARTIN & MASON, Attorney, for Plaintiff. w !.:; r share towards (First Pub. Feb. 9, 1899.) fraction lode claim altuated ln Blacktail gulch ln Whltewood mining district. Law rence county, S. D., ln order to hold said Blacktail fraction lode for the year 1898 under the provisions of section 2324 of ths Revised Statutes of the United States, being the amount required to hold said lode. If, within ninety (90) days of the servlcs of this notice, you fall or refuse to contri F T,Vre for the year ending De-ropendlture for ui i j Albert ASSESSMENT NOTICE. H tribute their .hare. U .xpendlture xor u Anna Gold Mining company, princi bute as co-owner your portion of said ex- LEASE OF SCHOOL LANDS. y Notice la hereby fflven that on March 22, 1899, all unleased school lands In Lawrence county will be offered for lease between 10 o'clock a. m. and 5 e'lock p. m. at the front door of the court house ln Bald courty. Pierre, 8. D., January 10, 1899. DAVID EASTMAN, Com. of School and Public Lands. pal place of business Deadwood, S. D.,l pendlture on said claim, your interest la ij7 and 1898. w, . . . IT XL 1 I 1 1 1 LI UlUbuj " said Blacktail fraction claim will become location of mines. Spruce gulch, Law K o this notice yon fail to the property of the subscriber, under said rence county, S. D. (Rke & I'olley, Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE BY ACTION. State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence. In t,he Circuit Court, Eighth Judicial Circuit. Harvey Babcock, Plaintiff, vs. John Walker, William Williams administrator of Thomas L. McKlnnon and John Nelson, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That by virtue of a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale in the above entitled action in the 25th day of February, A. D. 1899, and an execution lsued upon said Judgment ,the subscriber. Matt Plunkett, Sheriff of Lawrence County, State of South Dakota, for than, purpose ap-poinUMl, will sell at public auction at the front tloor at the Court House ln the City of lfcwlwood, County of Lawrence, and State of South Dakota, on Monday, the 3rd day of April, 1899, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the rJ estate and mortgaged premises situate in the County of Iawrence, and State of South Iakoitia, and directed in said Judgment and Execution to be sold, and therein described as follows: The Nkkle Plate group of mining claims, consisting of the Nlckle Plate Lodes No. One to Seven inclusive, situated in Two Bit Gulch Lawrence County, South Dakota and described as follows, to-wit: Commencing at the SW. Cor. of said Nickle Plate lode No. 4 which Is marked by a post and Is N. 58 deg. E. 1000 feet more or lee. from section 2324. ! .intent in said CHRISTIAN GODFREY, (First Publication Jan 17, 1893) : the orooerty of the sub Notice is hereby given that a of the board of directors of the f .Vcnon 2324 of said statutes under section CLANCY. above corporation held on the 9th day (mt Publication Jan. 12. 188H.) of January, 1899, and assessment (No. ) or one and one-fourth mills per em TTCAfilC Ermine labor or fur share w..s levied upon the capital Martin & Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. 1" v.r:ir nrk hrrn and stock of the corporation, payable Im kit h itm.riM.Kii kuiu, mediately to W. S. Elder, treasurer, at r r ,(i, n.kota Estate of William H. Gllcrest, Deceased. PJTSLSi That the said claims Notice Is hereby given by the undersign his office In Deadwood, S. D. Any John R. Wilson, Attorney.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In the matter of the estate of John Herrmann, deceased. All persons having claims against said John Herrmann, deceased, are re quired to exhibit the same, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned executor of said estate, at his office on Main street, in Deadwood, in the county of Lawrence. State of South Dakota, and that six months have been limited f"ZZ2 under lease t. D. H stock upon, which the assessment shall ed administrator of the estate of William H. Gllcrest, deceased, to.the creditors of, and all persons having claims against ths Lj th undersigned owner will not remain unpaid on the 4th day of Samuel Rhodes, Wm. C. McClure ana Anderson Hardin: You, and each of you, are hereby notified that on the fourth day of November, A. D. 1895, the following descrlbs'd1 piece or parcel of real estate (one-fifth Interest each), taxed ln the names of Wm. Flesh, Mary C. Hamilton, Samuel Rhodes, Wm. C. McClure and Anderson M. Hardin, and situated in the county of Lawrence, state of South Dakota, 8" follows: 0 K lode, Mineral Ixit No. 09, was sold for taxes' then due and delinquent for the year 1894, at tax sale by the Treasurer of said county to Lawrence county, and was by said purchaser duly assigned to L. said deceased to exhibit them with tn' nece::iry vouchers, within six months af March, 1899, will become delinquent and rnrnujieu Uiuu f J. B. LeBEAU. Owner. ter the first publication of this notice, to advertised for sale, unless payment - k kmbr Klven that the above the said administrator at the office of hi m tMnsferred to A. J. Simmon, on at'o.neys, Martin Mason, ln Dead wood H,Ca88l- T-TT A TT Asinan Lawrence County. 8. D. shall have been made before, will be sold at public auction on the 23d day of March, 1899 at the office of the treasurer in Deadwood, S. D., to pay as the time for creditors to present Dat.d at Deadwood. S. D., November 2 1898. ' CHARLES L. GILCREST. Administrator sTnmtf court of the county Of Law of the estate of Wm. H. Gllcrest. de satd delinquent assessment, togetHei their claims against said state. Dated the 4th day of February, 1899. - JOHN TREBER, Executor of the last will of John Andrew S( nauw of the estate of with the cost of advertising and ex ceased. Martin it Mason, Ills Attorneys. (First Publication Jan. IS, 1899 ' pense of sale. neil Mcdonough, sec. (First Pub. Jan. 10,-90.) S. quarter post, Sec. 30, T. 6 N. R. 4 E Herrmann, deceased. (First Pub. Feb. 7, 1899.) lotto ) "e b' the under rd Vr KwUna Sankson, admin lstra otl of Andrew Sanksen, de nai tt An Mwditora of. and all per B. H. M. Said Nkkle Plate No. 4 krlBi etoims against the said de- lode is bounded on the E. by said NOTICE OF LEASE. To whom It may concern: tkb NOTICE. That the Omaha lode UliaJuMt them wUh the necessary NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE tm wtthin tniir montns after tne nrst (Thos. E. Harvey, Attorney.) Two Bit district, has this day been leased tn nnrt H. Steven, and Ben H. Welch ilonaa at ihta notice, to the said Mrs. By Virtue of an order and decree of ORDER OF HEARING APPLICATION BMkiMi. administratrix, at her and that the undersigned owners will not the County Court of Lawrence County ttr MerrJrU pMtofflre, in Penning be responsible for any labor perrormeu or 1 set?) In ths county of La wren oe, F. Babcock, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase. TWat said taxes then due and delinquent amounted to $23.50, with Interest, penalty, and costs accrued, $9.40, making total amount necessary to redeem, $32.90, and ln addition thereto, the cost of service of this notice, together with such Interest as may accrue after this date, must he paid, and that the right of redemption will expire and deed for said land be made within sixty days from the completed FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRA TION. South Dakota, made on the petition of the undersigned, James P. Hymer, exe a QUota , n rstHrrltt.'fl. D.?J. 2. 1899. MRS. MAHJANA 8ANKSEN, material furnished upon saia lone. CHAS R. EVANS, CHAS. H. LEWI8.. P. J. WASHABAUGH, In the County Court of the County of cutor of the estate of Joshua P. Tay aiittatrlx a( Ch. etate of Andrew Lawrence, State of South Dakota. December 14. 1898. Owners. lor, deceased, for an order to sell the In the Matter of the Estate of Valen Real Eetate and Personal Property of oscsued. .ntHB, COLL 4 WHITFIELD. I attorneys for Administratrix. IfltfFibltctUon January. 7, 1899.) tine Zend, deceased. said deceased at the January Term, A, NOTICE OF LEASE. Nickle Plate No. 3 lode, said Nickle Plate No. 3 lode, is bounded on the E. by the Nickle Plate No. 2 lode, said Nickle Plate No. 2 lode is bounded on the N. end by the Nickle Plate No. 5 lode, thesaid Nickle Plate No. 5 lode is bounded on the E. side by the Nickle Plate lodes No. 6 and 7, the said Nickle Plate No. 1 lode is bounded on the N. end by the Nickle Plate No. 6 lode, the location certificates of said Lodes are recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds in and for Lawrence County, and reference is hereiby made to said records for a more particular deeerlptlora of said mlndng claims. or so mucn tnereor as may te sur-flclent to sattefy said Judgment and On reading and filing the petition of D. 1899, of said Court, to-wit: on the Notice Is hereby given that the Tin. Stephen J. Zerega, preying: for LettenUnlrteenti, day of b.. 1899, he shall Vmct OF FORFEITURE. nelda" Mining company, a corporation, ,wm inud nnto EL B. Van Horn, F. M-; Wall ot Aumnjxauon of tne iflstate or vai-i the elgtlUl day (rf March next, be- nri J.maa Brran. a oart Of the "AMM fc)tB0B and to whom it may con "Wkereer notified that I have ex entine Zeni, deceased- tween the hours of ten o'clock in Jfte Lode mining claim, Lot No. 138. situated la service of this notice. Dated Deadwood, S.D., March 8, 1899. U F. BABCOCK, Holder of Certificate of Sale. (First Pub. March 8. 1899. a labsr and Improvement., six IT 19 ORDERED, That Thursday, I forenoon and four o'clock in the aT Bear Butte mining autnet, uawrsnos ft UBm i6qp) on, each t ,tte fol th 16th day of March, A. D. 1819, at ternoon of said day, eell at Public Sale, County, 8- D. . ;,. Ail partis furnishing material forms niwa said claim or performing labor there f m. ciata and 'the Sandburg lode 10 o'clock a, m. of that day, being a at the front floor of the Court House in biftaite. ea Che divide botvoeo day of a regular term, to-wit: of the! Deadwood, ln said County, the Real Ee- on are hereby notified that the owner of aid mining claim will not be reepooelbM for any material or labor rurnlihed at ths Instance of any of the leases. March term, A. D. 1899, of this court, I tate and Personal Property described I la ni Deadwood ralch, in at the Court Room thereof, at the city as follows, to-wit: ""ml Qaartx Mining district, costs, amounting in all to Three Hundred and Forty-tliree (1343) Dollars of Deadwood, In the said County oft An undivided one-third interest ln Thusnelda Mining Company, owner. , , F. ft. CARPJBNTER, Prea Deadwood, & D., December 10. 189t w OtWBty, South. Dakota, in MdCtBJd claim, under DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. , Anna Gold Mining Company,' principal place of 'business, Dead wool, Lawrence Co., So. Dak., location of mine. Spruce Gulch, So. Dak. NOTICE. There is delinquent upoa Lawrence, be appointed for hearing end to the Vanderhilt Lode Mining and Eight (8) Cents, with interest thereon from the date of said Judg said petition; sad that - due notice I claim, situate in and near City Creek thereof be given according to law. 'J5!Sfc'f "ted SUtes'Selng about three fourths of a mile from City Hall, Deadwood. Subject to a mortgage ment, and all accruing costs of sale. NOTICE OF LEASB. Notice is hereby given that the Two Bear. Gold Mining Co.. a corporation, has for $100.00 and interest in favor of Z:Jr'mrea to "old the same for "M to im Inclusive. JlWtabi alaetr day. of the serrlo. "we you fall or refuse, to oontrl- FRANK J. WASHABAUGH, County Judge. Dated February 21st, 1899. (First Pub. Feb. 26.. 1899.) Morris Ellenberg and also subject to leased unto Cbas. O. Stokes, Sam Morrow, K. Shaw. W. S. Garrett and A. P. Garrett, the Golden Star fraction lode and a part of the taxes due. ' -or, your Interest in said besom, the property of the sub-m laid aedion Mil. Dated Deadwood, South Dakota, Mar. 1899. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. Rke & Policy, Plaintiff s Attorneys. (First Pub. March 3, 1899.) (Rice & Polly, Attys.) u Rush lode mining claims in strawDer- Also 18808 shares of stock of Home Mining Company, subject to assess ry gulch, Lawrence county, Scuth Dakota All parties furnishing material for use upon tri rial nut. or Derformlng labor there raMlcta., He-ll.a8tM a ments made on said stock. - (Martin ft Mason, Attorneys.) NOTICE) TO CREDITORS. on,'' are hereby notified that the owners of Jso household goods and all person- said mining claims win not oe rewpoonut for aar material or labor furnished at the Estate of William H. Gllcrest, De-1 ai property, in Lawrence County, South .Williams. aalrllstrator ceased. I Dakota, on the following terms, to-wit Instate, of any or tne lessees. uaaa u (HlUi,iiaiu !? woresentatlves and assigns MeKlnnon, deceased, and to Notice Is hereby given by ths under- Cash in hand on day of sale. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Henry C. Rice, deceased, TWO BEARS GOLD MININU Owner. F. R. CARPENTER, Vice Pres. Deadwood, S. D.. Not. 22. 1898. imri smtntatrator of the estate of I Dated, this 13th day of February, A jn asrtbr notified thii I have rr William H. Gllcrest, deceased, to t I D. 1899. Notice is hereby given by the under creditor, of. and all persons having I JAMBS P. HYMER, the following described stock on account of assessment No. 8 levied on the 9th day of January, 1899, the several amounts set opposite the names of respective shareholders, as follows: No. Names, Shares Amt 31 Felix Cfeaquette 500 S 63 ?18 Morris Llebmann .... 500 63 249 A Gulbrenson 1000 L25 222 John Apfield 600 6.1 L06 P. U. Bernard 500 63 227 Charles Knowlton ....1000 1.25 237 Charles Knowlton 1000 1.25 And in accordance with the law and an order of the board of directors ot the company made on the 9th day, ot January, 1899, so many shares of each parcel of such stock as may he necessary, will be sold at public auction at the office of W. S, Elder, treasurer, in Deadwood. So. Dak., at 2 o'clock p. m. on the 23rd of March, 1899, to pay said delinquent assessment .together; with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. NEIL McDONOCGH. Secretary. signed, Will iamE.Hooper, administrator IS?.t.w' 1898 on hundred aKll? toprovementt ii,if ..l PUu No. 4" lede and 5jJL hd ln Tw Bit Basin. claim, against the said deceased to ex-1 Executor of the Estate of Joshua P. of the estate of Henry C. Rke, deceas hibk them with the necessary vouch-1 Taylor, iMceased. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS. Deadwood, S. D., Feb. 2, 1899. At the regular meeting of the board ed, to the creditors of, and all nersonn - ithm Hi months after the firs (First Pub. Feb. 14. 1899.) having claims against the said deceased publication of this notice, to the said of county commissioner. January u, to exhibit them with the necessary administrator at the office of hi. attorneys, Martin t Mason, In Deadwood, vouchers within six months after the NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To Warrea Nelson, and to whom It may 899, the following resiiuiiou adopted: To Henry P. Lorey, county treasurer: 1" order to hold said Provisions of Motion ItU C?? 8utute of the United annual labor npon min-Sfthe Mnotttt required it nT? iy dlng De- fcir.iWS; aod w within ninety eA2Li?t WTto this noUoe. "JT M -ewner. roar el iSll 01 aim will become the Lawrence Co., E D, first publication of this notice, to the said William E. Hooper, at the office ot concern. Dated at Deadwood. 8. D.. Njt. if You are hereby notified that I nave ex Ton mav sell the delinquent real nenrlnJ In labor and improvements, tw Rice & Polly in Deadwood, ln the coun 1898. CHARLES L. GILCREST, property taxes due the county for the ty of Lawrence, South Dakota. AdmVaifctjator, hundred dollars ($200.00) upon the Squaw Hum per and Rubberneck lodex, claim., situated en the divide between UUcktatl ana Polo creek gulches, tn Whltewood mlnlni year 1895 and prior years, for me ac Dated at Deadwood S. D., Feb. "28, of the estate of Wm. H. Gllcrest, de value of the tax sale certificates. 1899. All property owners who pay -taxes ceased. Martin & Mason. Hi. Attorney.. (First Publication Jan 19, 1899.) ieiJlii Ii ezpendltre w asifl seetloa. ft. J5HN WALXXR. ' ... of Martia Maeom. . t ti i.I ,Pdwood' D- district, Lawrence county, Ssuth uskou. ln order to hold, one-fourth (1-4) Interest of said claim for the years of 1897 and 189 m 1100.0 for each rear) under the pre WILLIAM E. HOOPER. Administrator of the Estate of Henry C. kice, deceased. (First Publication Mar. 1, 1899.) visions of section 2324 Revised Statutes of United States, being the amount required to hold said one-fourth (1-4) Interest h. said claims for the above mentioned ears. tr, a if within nlnetr days of the servlcs due for 1895 and prior years on or pe-fore the first day of March, 1899, shall receive the foregoing reduction. This order cover, certificate, now held by Lawrence county. J. B. WELCH, Connty Auditor. By A. K. GarretBon, Deputy. NOTICE. NOTICE, OF LEASE. To Whom these Present may Concern. We the undersigned jave this day lease the Waggoner asd the Ore Bella lodes an mining claims sltnated on Hoodo gulch, 1 Ti- minlosr district. La wren c of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute as co-owner your part of said Interest in &ld claims, your Dart of Mid Interest la CEOF DISSOLUTION. ZZi . Mo0ire I C Law-r1 Moors and Cowl. The firtn of Sullivan, Kenny ft Flar- aid claims will become the property of th County. South Dakota, to John P. rTmakett J subscriber under said section 2S24 JOHN LINDBERQ. sheim has this day been dissolved by mutual consent, Daniel Sullivan and Sidney Flarsheim retiring. Ths busi BIDS WANTED. The Detroit ft Deadwood Gold Mining company wlH receive, until further notice in thi. paper, sealed proposals for excavating a tunnel tor th dis tance ot seven hundred (700) feet on their mining property ln Deadwood, known as the Barrett claims. Ths right to reject any and all bid. 1. hereby reserved. The term, of the eontrwt made known on application to J. EL LAWSON, y r Uaaifsr. - ' Gilmore HoasejTDeadwood, S, IX John Han re ana Junes mcmitbj, u notics Is iereby given that we will not be (First Publication Jan. . 1899.) Tbu dissolved-by nvoto.1 1 Nones of lease. . H. Moor- r , i To all parties performing Jabsror w- cwet responalble mr any ioor rarro"""'. ness will be continued by John Wilson, Esther Lodge No. 1, D. of IL, A. O. TJ. F. Kenny and J. E. Loncrcafl, un g from all ftrturs- 11- W., meets is city hall building first and der the firm name et Wilson, Kenny ft Co., who assume all obHgmtton cod third Monday, of each, moots. Visiting members invited to meet with as. t rials, tr stii ;mcw uruuu, debts eon tree ted b m d lessee. In 'he op .ration of said n-'itrj elauna. . - Dated Augjst K, 188; , -i, BAT PV WAGGONER FTt INK HAUIE, DEATJWOOD DELA WARE BMELTTNO CO EDWIN R. COLLINS. Dishing material upen the Mormon TAOKOmCKi That 13 cWf lj being worked order lease and that the una signed msrs will not be rrpcbl. ft Sliborperfortnod or mat 11 furn'ihed HENRY BEU8SENdAC1L P0"WIN 4 MOOBJB, , Y ; W. H. MOORE. ' collect all accounts due aald firm. MART MFLLINGER, a of & Deadwood. S. D Feb, 23,1899. - t FE-""V "ENNIS. Kecoraer.

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