The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on March 9, 1899 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1899
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The Daily Pioneer-Times. DKADWOOD, S. D. (BLACK HILLS), THUKKHAY MOKNINC, MAKCII 9, 1899. FIVE CENTS. V?5 Scott fever DENIED TO ITALY HAYWARD IS ELECTED was taken down with typhoid t short time before Cbrlsimis. ami wa. admitted to St. oseph's hospi 4 4 r2 4 4 4 4 4 4 ter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudyard Kipling, was incinerated yesterday at Fresh Pond cemetery. The ceremonies were private. The intelligence of his daughter's death is still kepi from Mr. Kipling. The latter is now completely out of danger. I t 4f United States Declines to The Nebraska Senatorial Deadlock Was Finally Broken Yesterday. tal, wht re h.- remained for nine weeks. The typhoid, with complications resulted in his death. itt Not tley wa-s exceedingly popular w ih those wir-h whom he was ac-tjnaiUfd, and nrany expressions of sorrow t r heard in Deadwood yesterday at t:i- int.-lligence mf his deatu. II.' had ben in the enudov of .1 W Mien for Support Italy Against China. I'll Telegraph Line to Dawson. Ottawa, On!., .V:,t s Six Canadian governnit nt has den build a tel .-4 ; .h lr;, , coiui, THE UP-TO-DATE DRY GOODS HOUSE. Has the Following Important Easter News Abput H i.i th Xukoii t.r'i-. ry vnh l::-jti-h Clan; Formal Request Was Made A Republican Caucus Tuesday uia. i ne n-se win I. ,n.- f,-. .;,ke Lieimett to I l:i x : y ;n r)ir c. fuir yi-ar-. and hail proven li.s genuine honcMy anil worth. Of a genia' nature and e,,)ii,injonal)le. g(xMl hearted and. quick to help those whom h thought were in ne'd. he was a young man who made friends everywhere. For the Aid of This Government. Night Decided Upon Hayward. SILKS. John Hawgood Gets Back. Tiaiington, Mar. o. opt ii , uC ft 4i .jm government presented a form- John, Hawgood. the well known Pope Depressed By Illness, Rome, Mai 8. Special -The pope is gradually improving, lu he is nevertheless depressed by iilnrss and ftars that he will be una'de to withstand another attack. lie in ant o is to create "a numler of new cadi'ia!"- s:xm. o Prize Fights Vetoed. Helena, Mar. 8. Special. Governor MIMSt today for the support or tne mining man from Nevada gulch, and a ulted States in the demand of Italy member of the house of representatives of the last state legislature, (trm this L,&inafor San-Mun bay as a nav- Kjtion. Secretary llay reaponue 1 in brief unequivocal note, davlinlng to county, was an arrival on the Elkhorn train yesterday morning, on his way home from Pierre. He came nn n far L my part in the controversy. The thought and care which we have bestowed upon the gathering of the new Silks are manifest. Our Silk buyers effort have resul tad in the exquisite collection of styles and weaves we have ever been able to show this early. Tou will accept our invitation to see them. Thanks! Smith today vetoed the bill legalizing Lincoln, Mar. 8. Special. The Nebraska. .senatorial' deadlock was broken today, by the election of Judge M. L. Hayward of Nebraska City, to succeed Senator Allen. Judge Hayward was nominated last nigh' nt a republican caucus, and a joint ballot today confirmed the choice of the caucus. The deciding ballot resulted: Hayward, 74; Allen 58. Judge Hayward is one of tne solid republicans of Nebraska, and is regarded as the best m.i:i that could have been elected. He is a man of unquestioned integrity and of r,u abili'y He was the republican candidate f r the jjinM, Mar. 8. Special. Admiral twenty-round glove contests. Ineit has been ordered by the Iul- Lpiierainent to leave March 15 with a Rapid City Monday and stopped off there for a couple of days, attending to some business and visiting. Mr. Hawgood came back from the capital looking finely, and weighing . o Five Killed By Dynamite. Bluefield, W. Va., Mar. 8. Special. Hiadron of six warships to enforce jelulian demand for the cession ot 'iu-Mun bay and it appears as if a some fifteen or twenty pounds heavier Five men were killed here today while thawing out dynamite. Mel were certain. than When he left the Hills, dunnir the Win. Mar. 8. Seclal. Hignor . o holidays an evidence that a lower al SPECIAL AIL THIS WEEK- amino, the Italian minister, has de- office of governor last fall. agsinst HALE ORDERED TO WITHDRAW Umi to hold direct cornmunK ation 'oynter. rtl the Tsung-U-Yamen, on account titude was beneficial in his case. He feels well satisfied -with the treatment he received at Pierre and with the work accomplished by the body of which he was a member. It was a liar- i The Position Taken By the Brigade 100 Different Lengths of Silks at Exactly . . HALF PRICE. iiiit insulting manner in whicn the f 4 She Knew Lafayette. I'leacanton. Kai; , Mar 8. Sp i - '2hm government has met the de- mod of Italy for a lease of San-Muu (jiaiidnia W.ioopcr died V'; iaft night The marines who have been This is only done to make room for more silks that are coming. monious session throughout, in both houses, and neither body was Interfered with in any way by the executive. Many members of the house-5 were in agi d one htndn.J and yi-.irs. -he Tuesday Too Dangerous. Manila, Mar. 8. Special. 1 he position gained by General Hale's brigade yesterday was deemed unnecessarily hazardous, and the troops of the brigade were trderel Uf withdraw t.) thir former position. While reining tne (urding the L'nited States legation aw I.aFayette in Philadelphia in 1814, M received orders to leave. The Ss'iB and French embassies have and laid down her shawl for him to clined to nelieve at the beginning of the walk on. ii notified the Chinese goveramen besslon that there would b a coutin o . J. IVERTIIHEICIER. itiar intention to withdrawing 'hei uous row oetween the go ernor and '. ..s attacked A Unique Lawsuit. the legislature, but the former main (mil from their respective legation '":rst Nebraski v,i i, ; from thn rear by th Americans tired abut na'ivrt. Tl ladoojlar. 8. SpeoiaJ The corres tained a respectful attitude at all times Fort Scott, Kan. Mar. 8. Special. ami drove :h -ntat of tee Times says from Pekin Frank Cottle, representative from There was a unique lawsuit here to rebels back, killing several dzeiu Two r "J-1 Tk Tumi-Li-Yamen's rejection o day. The parties to the suit were both Meade county, came up as far as Slur-gfs on the same train with Mr. Hnw- men were killed In Che Nebraska regi meat, and six were wounded. Wl demands was couched irn stu colored, and the jurors were all colored except a Chinaman, -Sam Wab. who good yesterday miming. Maurice Flav us; contemptuous and minatory 1 he heat has grown intense, and a number of Americans have been pros lie Russian minister a font ), also of Sturgis, who was bill clerk was the foreman of the jury. o 1 In the senate, Was another arrival at SPW warned the Taung-LiYamen Wr raa about to present a de his home town from the capital. VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR. trated within the last few days. o Perished In a Fire. Im, ud counseled 1U rejection. George E. Hair, late captain of C. Wdajton, Mar. 8. SpecdaJ. The troop, or lingstiy s rough rldera, came fTlir innminill iiitiaiiii nam House Bill 171 Was Knocked Out By Montgomery, Ala., Mar. 8. Special. up as far as Whitewood, and went from Governor Lee Yesterday. A colored woman, eighty years old there to Belle Fourche. This is the Mai States has remained absolutely throughout the execution of Mu project to secure an "open "oi the Chinese coast through the Pierre, Mar. 8. Special. Governor first time he has been back to the MtMltmUAN HAIIUNALBAIW Deadwood, South Dakota. RESOURCES: was burned to death last night. She lived in a shack near the capitol build Lee today vetoed house bill No. 171 Black Hills since his troop left last wbdeh provided depositories for the ing. Her shack caught fire and al spring (for Chicamauga Park, and he is "Wwm of San-Mun bay and outly state funds, and provided further that the last of the rough riders to return (istiife The state department was though there were a number of men on hand within a few minutes, in their all interests on daily balances should ac He has been a committee clerk In the Vmi with the fact some day; hurry to save her goods they forgot state senate during the recent session Italy bad requested of China crue to the state. This bill was Introduced with the governor's endorsement her, and being crippled, she was unable of the legislature. He stated that Maj March 5th, 1895, $256,199.69 March 1st, 1899, $642,815.00 and passed both houses of the state leg to escape alone, and pcrinshed in the or Stewart of Pierre, who was one of "uof the au,tlon by United Blister Conger, at Pekin. but ' tow has not made a report to ifcptnnent since then. Tremendous fire. the regimental officers with Grlgsby's islature unanimously. It was calculated to remove the posslbtllty of the state treasurer's appropriating the interest .rough riders, expected to leave Pierre "Watt been brought to hear nn yesterday for Washington, D. C, to do o First South Dakota Promotions. First Sergeant Amos Patriouin, of on the dally balances, and was con what he could towards having the regi ceived by the governor himself. ment mustered into the seryice again Cnited States to participate in tarkwa powers upon the a line, but this Influence All Branches of Banking Business: Company L. First South Dakota volun teers, has been promoted to the rank Transacted, Death of Scott Nottley. James W. Allen received a telegram of second lieutenant toy Governor Lee. A marriage license was issued yester iateted, and the United W determined definitely to day to Austin F. Brocket t and Annie Mr. Patriqudn is one of the old time Ridgley, both of Lead. Black iHilla boys, and was for a long yesterday morning from Vlcksburg, Michigan, announcing the death of w sands off. The desire to pro W ttonnoua Com mere! nl Inter. DRAFTS ISSUED n China, Manila, Havana, Porto Rio, Oarmany and all Porta of tha World, at 'Chinese empire couM be the Africa, England, Frear lowasl market rt la . Scott Nottley, well known in Dead-wood and the surrounding country. time in the photography business in Lead, Spearflsh and Sturgis. Just before his departure with tfhe company cf militia for Sioux Falls he was In the 'ww to indu.-j this government" that policy, a majority ot i!able paru along the Chinese His death occurred at 10 o'clock Tuesday nfght. The telegram received by COLLECTIONS maao carofully and accountoti for nromptly. We are prepared to Furnish money at Reasonable employ of J. E. Meddaugh, of Lead, Have any value as road and it will bemembered that he had' fciod beans of communication Sates of Interest to any extent Warranted by borrowers isponsibillty or collaterals. a tent set up in Deadwood, opposite tne Mr. Allen was sent by Scott's brother, John, who came to Deadwood about three weeks ago and took Scott east with him, in the hopes that the change Ilkl.,. . old ice rink on Sherman street, a year ago last summer, where he was taking TTTTS IS PISTJJVUT1 V J3XjY 3L photographs. He is an excellent young man, and deserved the promotion, as he had labored as hard as any of them to keep his company together when it would improve his health and save his life. Mr. Allen had heard from Mr. Nottley several times after he had arrived at home with Scott, and in the last letter that was written stated that Scott was doing finely, and seemed more like himeeif than he had seen him n. ho inn taken ill ThA writer con- Accounts and Individuals1 of Banks, Corporations solicited. was a part of the state militia. When recruits were called for from Spearflsh Correspond once InirltocaL. Sergeant Patriquin opened a recruiting office In Lead, and secured about for- """manor are now in the hands Powers. The foreigi en-ctB npon the empire has been England is in possession Vr Wet. Russia of Port Ar-"W of Anam and Tonuuin, V t K'ao Chau, and England wng and Singapore, bo that "nr little left In the -way ot I10 n theooast direct holding of the Unit- at Shanghai. That port is ln the control of Che Cbin-jTHttent, but is , coa. y "werM treaty nations, aaof" flTntagea In their W tbe Chinese govern- United States isone Wty DOWATS mnA It. kMl.. ftvt h hen idem some An Excellent Combination. ' T!i moflifvt nnrt Henpfifinl Liuurva, svw - 0 tndav. and I believe he will came out ty members. inis cobuusmi DIRECTORS: E. ADAMS. JOHN TREBER. through Deadwood during the latxer effects of the well known remedy. all ngnt. 1 toia aim 1 wo wi.u.u i m,f( reH bv the days of last April, on tneir way i you, and asked him what I should tell Califohhia F10 Syrup .. illustrate you for him. He says 'tell him to give the value of obtaining the 1 -mid laxa- Spoarflsh, wfth flags waving auu ii- HARRIS FRANKLIN, Proaidont. BEN BAER, Vleo Proaldont. riotic veils and songs as tney paseu mv regards to all of the boys, and any ve principles 01 pi.w ... my regarun iv ui "-" ' meH1c.1na.llv laxative am Dresentmtr DM. SELBIE, Caahior. other old thing you think of.' " The let- thpm in the (ornj mt(M n.ireshint' tothe along Deadwood's thoroughfare. None of those boys have been back since, ex cept those who faiiea in iu cu.. w ( or-Mrflsh and Sioux Falls. U dlatlncUy an The only large ports of the Chlneee pa, cho Dj NIng ter stated that Scott was under the taste and acceptable 1 . the system. It best medical treatment, and two doc- is the one perfect Mrenhenin laxa- iksl iircuivo.. i.e.. t)ve ceaoRlnjj. tnt, system effectually. tors were waiting on him. dispelling colds, headnehes and fevers Scott Nottley was one of the bett gently yet prompt lv and enabling one known young men of Deadwood, hav to overcome habitual constipation per- Known " rnanently. Its pe-f?ct freedom from ing been here tfor some eight or ten erery objectionable qualit.- and sub years He had been in the Black Hills' stance, and its acting- onrie kidneys, for two or three years before he came liw and I bowels, without weak, nin ror ura J or rtinjf them, make it the ideal to Deadwood. and was located at laxati,e. Brownyille, where he was in partner- in the process of manufacturing fisrs - A . U .... i .,.'. . ,! I . , thn First Lieutenant Young, of Company M. of Rapid City, a son of S. E. Young, the well known mining man. has been promoted to the office of taiutan: of the regiment. George D. Jennings,, of the same company, has been promoted' from second1 to fyt lieutenant So far . im worthv&'romotions '.hat nave ship with John Tierney ror apoui a " r l' " i- ,'" r. i .C wi . ' . taste, but the medicinal qualities of the He was a splendid specimen 01 medv are obtained from senna and been made from fas. line and ranks of . uwu " r.: . -ri uDOn fyear. TOMBSTONES. BUILDING STONE. MONUMENTS Foreign and American. Marble and Granite. diadwood, b. x. J. Ht)C ALE, ' Agent. the regiment nave oeeu 1 manhooA Dhy8lcally. tall, well proper- other aromatic plants, by a method UH, well proper I that f r'are 111 th ulf i JrJ to be Tery deair- intimated that the Unlt-Utl"r n interest there at OiBmamhennent of but entrance to this CSr1 by Port Ar- so. nowerer. makes this eon-jfttle Importance. f 3'i Dauber Cremiitet Black Hills boys. J u . handsome figure and ap- known to the California r 10 hvni-p Jonas Lien of the 1 pearance, and It is hard to believe that pffect- Jnd nvoid t., pase been the regimental aajuui , dea(L He was born and reared in remember the full name of the Company rank of first Ueutenant, has tn MicbJgan. and was about 35 years of printed on the front of every parage, oted to th Bk-e. HTpanentaUveat Vicksburg and CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. toeen given we " ,eft vacant 4re among the most eminent "mines JjommyT 7.w"tou h t. of Custer, to take the jMace I that vortton of the state of Michigan For b, u DroR-Prtc. soc. p botir. alar. f Jrv., . special. rue hy the iwignatJon ol cap ' ' . " Spring, the dauh.

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